Saturday, February 8, 2014

Breakfast Saturday

Today Bob and I will go up to Eggberts for breakfast and later we plan to go to Bartlesville and have lunch there.  It's been awhile since we've been out of town what with this terrible weather and all.  They are forecasting snow for tomorrow so if we don't go today we will be stuck in again for another long spell.

Bob came over for awhile last evening and we had a little wine and watched TV. Shields and Brooks is on PBS on Friday evenings with their analysis of the news and I like to listen to them. They usually make good sense.  Brooks is the easiest to listen to but Shields has one of those great memories for statistics I admire so much. They are both "up" on everything. Brooks is a Republican (I believe) ad Shields is a Democrat but they are great friends it seems.  Too bad Congress can't be like that. PBS is the one station I can listen to for news and commentary because I believe they all have integrity.

Anyhow, I slept terrible last night. My arms hurt and Missy got the great idea at 3:00 AM to climb up on top of my chest and purr.  She weighs 18 pounds so you can only imagine what that feels like. Then when she finally got down, she gave herself a bath. I wasn't able to sleep anyhow. I finally got up at 5:15, my usual time.

Missy has developed some arthritis. She cries out when she jumps down off my lap or off the bed or chair. And when she lays down, it's very very slowly. She will be 11 years old in March.  I have not been so attached to an animal since Moxie.  Moxie was a dog we owned when the kids were in grade school and junior high. When we moved to Caney in 1969, soon afterward someone hit her and ran over her. We were all devastated ....especially Leslie, my daughter. She gave her a funeral. We buried her in our backyard. I know I will be just as devastated when I lose Missy.  She has been a lot of company since my Bob died.

More later....

We did go to Bartlesville today and while we were there I bought a new pair of Clark's shoes for 90% off the regular price. I am delighted with that sale.

He came over this evening and we watched The Big Bang Theory. again.  I then worked at saving everything on My Documents to a thumb drive.  Just in case this laptop dies today, I will have all the important stuff saved.  I put a new lithium battery in it and I am not sure I can get the thing to charge after it discharges. I believe the XP operating system may not support charging it since I cannot change the battery settings  by changing it to Energy Saver. That setting doesn't seem to exist on this system.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Out At Last on Friday!

I made my trip to Independence for my hair appointment this morning. It was very cold but the roads were clear. I then went out to Wal mart there to get some Dryel. That stuff really works at freshening up my knit shirts and sweaters.  I will get that done this afternoon.

Bob and I are going to go get a fish sandwich and curly fries at Arby's. Every once in a while one has to have something that is not healthy to eat. :)

I slept well last night. I had only a cup of yogurt to eat but that was enough. Bob came over and we had a small glass of wine too.  He appears to have whipped his cold. He had no symptoms at all today. We celebrated by going to Utopia after the exercise class. I had a cinnamon roll with my flavored coffee. It was so good.

More later....

We ate at Arby's this noon and we tried their fish sandwich and curly fries. Very good. And we had their raspberry tea with it.

And I dry cleaned all my knit shirts this afternoon. I used the Dryel kit. Everything is so clean and fresh and certainly not shrunken.  I have used that product for  years. I never wash a knit shirt. I always dry clean them.

I also got a short nap.

It's 6:00 and I have not yet given Missy her treats. She wil be in here complaining if I don't get that done.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cold, Cold Thursday

It's 7 degrees here again. Brrr.

My brother-in-law came over for the cornbread and beans yesterday. He had a cold...was just developing it.  I gave him my Cold Ease. I believe Cold Ease really helps prevent a cold from fully developing. I keep it on hand and have ever since ten years or so ago I saw a segment on 60 Minutes that featured those zinc lozenges as a pretty good preventive of a cold.  Later I saw a segment on 20/20 featuring the same thing. I became a believer.

I have only had one cold since that day and that was the one I had last winter just before the erysipelas developed in February.  I don't know why it didn't work that time. Anyhow..he also had a runny nose so I gave him some allergy tablets I had here that was to dry up a runny nose and I told him to stay in last night and I would bring the wine and cookies and come over to his place. I did that.   

I just called him. He is feeling pretty good but is still fighting the cold. He only has one Cold Ease left. I tried to get him to stay in out of this cold, cold weather and let me go get more but he is to go into the doctors office for his protine blood test so I couldn't convince him.. They are still trying to get his medication adjusted to avoid a pacemaker.  At his age, the doctor doesn't want him to have surgery even just to put in a pacemaker.

We will have tuna noodle(with peas) casserole  for lunch today. I intend to give Karan's Bobby the rest of the cornbread and beans. When I get out to get my cream of celery soup, I'll take them by their house.  Karan is dieting with Nutrasystem and is eating only their food.  (she has lost 12 1/2 pounds so far). She cooks some for Bobby...but as we all know, cooking for one is not easy.

More later....

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cold Wednesday!

It's 9 degrees out there this morning and the house is very nice and cozy inside even though I haven't turned up the heat yet. It's still on 65.  I don't know whether we will have exercise class this morning or not. It is very cold for us old folks to be out and especially on slick streets.

I had a very good night's sleep. I went to bed at 9:00 and woke up at 6:00. I did have some strange dreams but anyhow I feel very rested this morning.

I put my beans on in the slow cooker last night. I tasted them awhile ago and I think they're going to be just fine. Later this morning I will make some cornbread. I think cornbread and beans will be plenty. We ate leftover meatloaf yesterday with fried potatoes and corn. Bob brought a relish plate and I also used the rest of the cottage cheese and pineapple. We had hot tea to drink. He had a cupcake for dessert and I had the fruit. I had the rest of the fruit for my supper. Last night he came over and we watched TV until 8:00. 

I missed my hair appointment yesterday so I stepped into the shower and washed my own hair this morning. I blew it dry. It doesn't look bad but nothing as nice as Carol makes it look when I have it done. I may miss Friday too because of this weather.....snow and ice. If so, I will just step back into the shower again.

I had my biscuit and coffee for breakfast this morning. I will eat a banana in a minute. I need the potassium, I know.

Here's the snow on my patio:

More later....

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Snowy Tuesday?

I can't figure out whether it's going to snow today or not. It was to have started around 3:00 AM but 3:00 AM  has come and gone and so snow. We are to get 3 to 6 inches of the white stuff.. I got all my running around done yesterday..fearing the worst. I even had an opportunity to wash my car. It "warmed" up to 34 degrees and the one car wash with the doors was open so I spent $5.00 of my last money to get the car cleaned least on the outside. The next warm day I will clean up the inside too. I will put the upholstery tool on my old upright vacuum sweeper and sweep it out.  I like a clean car. 

I'm not sure at this point what we will have for lunch. It may just be warmed up meatloaf and some more potatoes and veggies. Bob came over last evening and we watched some TV but then when it finished, he went home to read and I read too until I got sleepy. I took my bath and went to bed at 9:00. I awoke at 2:30 to a text message from my younger son. Then I couldn't get back to sleep even though I got up and drank some warm milk. That usually does the trick...but not this time. I will need a nap this afternoon, I imagine.

I gave up and got up at 3:45. I imagine I will make the trip to Independence if we miss the snow. Somehow I doubt we will miss it though.  The chance was 100%.  I got my two cakes iced this morning so that's done. If I don't go to Independence, we will freeze them. I have Phyllis' here and Bob has one too. Karan will freeze hers this morning if we get the snow. I don't know what the two from Neodesha and the three from rural Independence will do. Leslie has to come on to work in Independence so she may be able to take hers in. She drives an SUV. 

More later...

Well it began snowing about 8:00 and it looks like we may get the 3 to 6 inches alright. I called the church in Independence and they are cancelling tonight's dinner so we will freeze the cakes and use them next time. I also cancelled my hair appointment.

I am fixing leftovers for dinner today. Bob liked that meatloaf so we will have it again. .I have potatoes boiling now and we will have veggies and what's left of the cottage cheese and pineapple. I have the fruit from yesterday and cookies and also cup cakes so we have a variety of desserts.  

I guess I will read this afternoon and take a nap if I can. I also want to vacuum the house now that I have my vacuum back..

Monday, February 3, 2014

Doctor's Appointment This Morning

I almost forgot my doctor's appointment this morning. In order to get my thyroid med renewed, I have to see him.  I called Bob and told him I would not be going to exercise class this morning.  He will still come for lunch. I have my meatloaf all finished except for baking it.  I will peel my potatoes and get them browned after I get back home. We will have a veggie and cottage cheese with pineapple on it for a salad. I have frozen fruit already in a dish to thaw and we will have that for dessert with some more of the cookies.

We are expecting a lot of snow tonight and tomorrow.  Tulsa, 70 miles south of us, got four inches yesterday. It missed us but we can't depend on the snow missing us again. I must go to the market this afternoon. I need a lot of stuff and I don't want to get out in the snow and perhaps ice. I had enough of that this past weekend.

More later...I need to get to my doctor's appointment. .

Our lunch was very good and I spent the afternoon doing the newsletters for my church.  I took them up to the post office to get them sent off.  I ran out of ink for my printer so I went back out to Wal Mart and bought a twin pack. I had been there once today after my doctor's appointment and bought groceries. We are supposed to have snow and sleet tonight and tomorrow. I washed my car after the temperature got up to 34 this afternoon. It was filthy after my weekend excursion.

I baked my two cakes this afternoon too but I don't know if I will be able to take them up to Independence.  If we get the storm we are forecast, I will not risk it. I will just wash my hair myself and we will freeze the cakes in Bob's freezer.   If they have that dinner, they will have to do without dessert. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Home Sunday Evening

You may have wondered what happened to me this weekend. Two of my friends from Kansas City contacted me and assured me that the weather would not be that bad. So after lunch on Friday, I packed hurriedly and took off for Kansas City. Things went pretty well the first hour and a half but then I encountered freezing mist. After fifty miles or so (and witnessing a half dozen major accidents), I pulled off the road and scraped the ice off my windshield. My windshield wipers were not able to handle the ice that formed. I also slowed down to 40 miles an hour. Another fifty miles passed (I was past the point of no return and had seen another three or four accidents), I pulled off again and scraped the windshield again.  What a mess! I finally got to Highway I-35 and was pleasantly surprised to find the drivers were actually being sane and polite.

Finally I reached Bypass 435 and started around Kansas City. Again, everyone seemed to be driving cautiously and allowing others to change lanes. Finally I got to US I-70  and was able to get on and off without incident. I reached Stoner's home and called Jo to find out which street it was. The landmark I had always used was gone. She directed me to the correct street and I finally arrived.  Reg went out and hung plastic over my windshield, catching it in the doors. The weather had suddenly changed that afternoon and we got a freezing mist.   I attended my evening meeting although I have to admit I got lost temporarily and had to stop at a convenience store to ask directions. This time I drove straight there. I was 15 minutes late for the first session but they had learned I was coming and had been worried when I hadn't shown up. Anyhow I got in on most of that lecture and cautiously drove back to Stoner's after the  reception.

The next morning,  I went out to find ice and snow all over the surface of my car. Under the snow there was a lot more ice. I scraped all my windows this time except the one in front with the plastic over it. It was fine. I gingerly made my way down to Truman Boulevard and to the Saturday meetings....this time in daylight. It cleared off during the day and the car windshield was clear after the afternoon meetings.

I encountered the girlfriend of an old friend at the meeting and she took me to her home for dinner so I could visit with Bruce. I avoided going back for the evening meeting. The topic was nothing I was interested in anyhow. Bruce took me back to my car after our visit and I drove back to Stoner's again.  This morning instead of going to the early worship, I started home. I had a great time but after the way that weather moved in, I decided not to risk the predicted Tuesday storm moving in early.  My car was covered in snow and ice (except for the windows) and looked like a strange sight to Kansas folks..

I called Leslie to tell her.  I asked her to call Bob. I took five hours to get there with all that weather but it only took me three and a half hours to get home. Some of the roads were still frozen and when I encountered them, I just slowed way down. I got back in time to go straight to church at my own congregation. After church, six of us ate at Great China in Independence (Kansas). As usual, it was very good.

That's my story...