Saturday, September 5, 2020

Saturday and Dusting

I slept completely through the night last night. I got up at 5:45AM and dressed and got ready for the day. I opened the door to five cats/kittens and got them fed.

I had my oatmeal and meds and a breakfast bar this morning and a cup of coffee and am working on a cup of Chai.

I tried to check my e-mail with the desktop computer (which is still holding the signal overnight) but Outlook would not open at all on that computer. I had to use the laptop which is running Windows 7, and the notebook, which is running Windows 10...a disaster operating system.  I will contact Cox Complete Care later and see if they can fix that. I will do that after the CBS news goes off.

David, Nancy's son and his family, will be coming to Nancy's for two weeks for a visit. I hope he is not going to try to put her in a nursing home again. Those are death traps. She will refuse again. If they try to put her in against her will, that is Elder Abuse and she can file a complaint to keep that from happening.

I will get my dusting done today and also check with Krystal to see if any of her girls will mow for me this weekend. I have just enough cash to pay them.

So, more later....



This one of the puppies in my daughter and son in law's kennel. 


Here's another photo of Ace.. 


And a second puppy.

Here's another one of him.

Aren't they cute!!!

Leslie, my daughter, was reading my blog and saw that I was going to ask Krystal if one of her daughters could mow for me and she contacted me to volunteer to mow for me. I had started to mow the back yard myself and ran out of steam.  As soon as the weather cools down I am going to start walking again. Six months of sitting around reading has eliminated my stamina. I will have to build it back up again by walking. She brought me a new gas can too. I did some trimming after she mowed and then we went down to Bartlesville and had lunch at McCalisters there by the mall. Afterward she washed her car. Then we came back home and she left me to go back home. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to visit with her and really appreciated the mowing. That saved me $ last $25.00 in fact. That should hod me until Wednesday when my social security comes in.

I did go to the Dollar General store and bought a few groceries. I needed juice and I bought another bag of cat food...just in case.

I put away my groceries and watched a little Forensic Files on Amazon Prime. It is 5:15PM now and I want to watch the news before I take my bath at 7:00PM. So...more later...

I watched some news and then Amazon Prime and then took my bath at 7:00PM. I went on to bed at 9:00PM.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Friday and Finish Cleaning

I slept well again last night and without Melatonin too. I got up at 5:00AM and got myself ready for the day. Then I had my breakfast and coffee and looked out to see how many cats/kittens were out there. There were only two. Both were yellow cats...well, one was the yellow kitten. I don't know where the others are..Scruffie and the black kitten and Big Yellow Tom. Maybe they will be along later.

I will vacuum the dining room today and dust too. That will finish my cleaning for the week. Right now I am just having my coffee and will after this I will have my Chai.

More later....
I have been having a terrible time connecting to the internet with this desktop computer. I have had problems ever since I moved here with the desktops I have had. They seem to have problems finding the router in the living room. I wonder if I could get a router of my own that would work on it in here or if I could use a USB like I have to do with the laptop.  I really need the desktop computer because it is the one connected to the printer. I will ask Leslie about that...or Cox Complete Care.

I had Cox Complete Care make my desktop computer printer share with the laptop computer in the den. That way if I have problems with the desktop I can use the laptop to print as long as I have some sort of signal to the desktop. Also had her download Zoom on the laptop too. I may need it if I lose the signal on the desktop computer again.

More later...

Dean is coming for a visit September 24th and staying until September 26th when he will go back home to be with Rod, his paralyzed son. It will be good to see Dean again. He is the classmate that began our 1953 Class newsletter back in the late 50's. Four of us have done it. He had it for 15 years and a classmate from Oklahoma City had it for 15 years and one from Missouri had it for 15 years. This will be my 22nd year doing it. He wants to see John and Leslie's Cowboy Corgi puppies while he is here too. He loves dogs and cats.

More later... I want to see if I still have a signal on the desktop computer.

So far, so good. I still have a signal.

Here's the latest Montgomery County Kansas count on the virus.
 So far all have recovered except those 5. But we continue to get new cases.

I still have the dusting to do but everything else is clean. I will do that this afternoon.

So far the router is holding my signal. It may be that all I needed to do all along was to pull the router out in front of that large screen TV.

I watched some Amazon Prime TV before eating my lunch. Now I will play some FreeCell. Anything to pass some time.

More later..

I went over to Nancy's this afternoon  and to get out of the house we took a drive in the country. That was so nice! Dean will be here in a couple of weeks and Nancy wants to go with us to see the puppies. I think that can be worked out just fine.

David, her son and his wife and family will be here tomorrow to visit her for two weeks. I just hope he doesn't try to talk her into going into a nursing home again. She is determined to be in her own home.

I will read for a couple of hours and try to finish the book I have started on my Kindle. It':s 7:30PM and I have had my bath already. I will try to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual,

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning Day

I slept really well last night and did not get up until 6:50AM which in my case is almost unbelievable. I almost always am up at 5:00AM. UI made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I had my oatmeal and then looked outside to see how may cats/kittens were waiting for their breakfast. Sure enough, there were five of them. I put out all the bowls and they dug in. When they finished I brought in all the bowls but the double dish. I left it out there for any late comers.

I balanced my checkbook and checked my balances. After I ate my oatmeal I took my antibiotic. It is supposed to be taken with food.

It's almost 8:30AM now and time for the CBS news. I will get back to this later.

I am doing my cleaning/ floor scrubbing and vacuuming at the time that the commercials  are on. I hate commercials. They are mostly ignorance but I guess they appeal to the ignorant masses. It is frightening that so many people can't tell ignorance from fact. After selling commercials for 18 years, I know actual truth in advertising from propaganda. Most of it is propaganda.

I got every room except the dining room vacuumed and the floors washed too. I will vacuum the dining room tomorrow or possibly this afternoon. It will depend on how much energy I have left after lunch.  It's just now 10:00AM so I have some time to recuperate.

I spent the afternoon watching several episodes of Forensic Files on Amazon Prime and reading the church periodical "The Herald".  One article especially reminded me of an experience Bob and I had in the middle sixties when we lived in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. I wrote about our experience and sent the article to "The Herald". I doubt they will use it but anyhow I shared it.

More later...

I came in to watch the CBS news and stayed for Channel 6 news too. In another 40 minutes, I will take my bath. I have had three cats/kittens come for supper so far. I have nothing left to read so I will probably play a FreeCell card game online until it's time to go to bed at 9:00PM or so.

I went to get a turtle pecan flurry. Unfortunately an elderly woman made it and she made a mess out of it. It was hard to eat it was such a mess. That's the last time I will get one there.

More later....

I watched a couple of episodes of Forensic Files and played some FreeCell until time for my bath at 7:00PM. I will read in my Kindle until bedtime. I started a book there several weeks ago but got distracted with another book on Trump. I finished that last week. I went on to bed at 9:00PM.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Wednesday and A Busy Day

I woke up really early this morning and that was a surprise since I stayed up late reading and finishing the book last night.

I also checked to see if there were any cats/kittens out front waiting for their breakfast. There were four and later Scruffie joined them too. When I was ready to go to Coffeyville I just left the food out there for them and went on to Coffeyville.

I had texted Bob and asked him if he wanted to go to breakfast with me. He wanted to do that. I went over in the rain and picked him up and we ate breakfast and visited. After I took him home I went out to Woodshed and filled my gas tank up. Then I went out to Walmart there to get some more groceries. Then I went on to my hair appointment.

After that, I went to the Doctor's office and had them to examine me to see why I had been getting so unstable and feeling like I might fall.  They had me have a urine test and sure enough I had my first ever Urinary Track infection.  They called in a prescription to the Medicine Shoppe for an antibiotic. I picked that up at their drive through. I stopped at Sonic and bought some Tator Tots because the med was supposed to be taken with food. .I was still full from breakfast but needed to put something on my stomach to take that med. I am to take it twice a day with food.

Then I went up to the senior center and sat in the car and read until time for Bunco. I played Bunco until 3:30PM when we finished. I won the most lost games prize and the bag had quite a bit of good stuff in it. After we finished I came on back home.

Suzanne called me and asked me to go next door and pick up their rent from their mailbox. She will be by later this evening to pick it up from me.

I got my mail and looked everything over. I had several  health newsletters and after I read them I put them in the car for Bob.

He called me at the senior center and told me his girl friend had fallen in her living room and broken her arm. She was in the hospital here now. They are hoping it will heal by itself without surgery. She has some serious health problems and is 86 years old. If at all possible they would rather not do surgery.

More later....Right now I will watch the news. It is almost 5:30PM and time for CBS news.

I turned off the TV and took my bath at 7:00PM and then read the paper back book I got from the senior center. I stayed up until 10:00PM to finish the story.

Then I went on to bed.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Tuesday and Cake Deliveries

I slept well again last night without Melatonin. I am happy to be able to get to sleep without any type of medication.

I got up about 5:00AM, dressed and had my breakfast.  I opened the front door to find several cats/kittens waiting for their breakfast too. I took it out through the garage. They are all eating now although I don't see Scruffie yet.

I will go over to Coffeyville later this morning and pick up Bob and Karan's cakes at Karan's house and also go by Phyllis' to get hers. Then I will go up to Independence to the First Christian Church using CR 3900 since they are finished with the repairs on it...finally.

There is so much road work going on all this last year. If the government would do some of it from time to time, it would not be such a huge job for them to try to catch up all of it every twenty years. I hope the rain will hold off until I get the cakes delivered.

The problem with the roads is semi trucks. They are so heavy they constantly tear up the roads. Ordinary cars and pick ups do not do that kind of damage.

Scott said in Germany they are still using the same roads Hitler had built to accommodate the heavy war equipment back in the 1940s. They are 12 inches thick instead of six/eight inches. They can accommodate the heavy equipment.

More later....

I had a hard time getting the desktop computer connected to the internet. I had to reboot three times. It has a hard time finding the router from time to time. We had a storm last night and that may have been part of the problem  but the other two computers didn't lose the signal. The laptop however is connected through a USB. The notebook is in the dining room and closer to the router. But I am not impressed with their router. My old one that I had in Coffeyville was clear at the other end of my apartment and I never had any trouble getting connected. Cox's IT had me throw that one away. They said it was obsolete. Baloney!  It worked.

I went out and brought in the extra dishes and just left the double dish out there for Scruffie if she ever comes to eat. She looks very fat...or pregnant...I have no idea which but I figure when she delivers...if that is a will be awhile before she can get away to come eat.

I stayed up late last night reading my latest book.

More later...

I got the cakes picked up at Coffeyville and took them to Independence to the First Christian Church. It was good to see Barbara again. She's the secretary there.

I read awhile this afternoon in my new book and then went out to Dollar General to get two things I really needed. One was milk and the other was another cake mix. It will be two weeks before I need the other cake mix but I went ahead and bought it while I was there. I figured I might forget I was out of them in two weeks.

It's 2:10PM now. I called Nancy awhile ago at 1:25PM but she didn't answer. I started to go by but I did that yesterday and she was in the bath when I rang the doorbell. So I didn't trouble her again. I am trying to talk myself out of going to Mr. G's and buying a flurry. They are loaded with calories. I just lost a little weight and I sure don't want to put it back on.

More later...

I read all afternoon in my latest book. Then the news came on so I turned it on and put down the book.

Scruffie finally came for supper and she is just as fat (pregnant?) as ever. I don't know where she was this morning.

They are promoting a new children's book called "The Wonky Donkey". I may buy that for Jerod's daughter's first birthday. I wonder if I can get it on Amazon. Her birthday is the 18th of this month

Yes, I can. I ordered it.

I read some of the evening and then watched a couple of episodes of Forensic Files and popped some popcorn. Then I took my bath and am just filling time with this until I decide to go to bed. It's almost 9:30PM. so I guess I will go to bed.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Monday and Laundry

I slept well last night without Melatonin. I got up at 5:00AM as usual and made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I was a little dizzy again this morning but my blood pressure was not as high..though it was higher then usual. It was 151/79 and my heart rate was 80. which was higher then usual too. After I have been up awhile I will take it again. I am going over to Coffeyville Wednesday, as usual, and I may stop at the Urgent Care there on 11th and see what they think.

I am going to do some laundry this morning. I am out of clean underwear now. I am wearing the last of it today. I may also wash my PJs while I am at it and I will do the towels too.

Tomorrow I will go over to Coffeyville to pick up the cakes and take them to Independence to the First Christian Church there. They have started their dinners again on Tuesday evenings. Bob usually does that but he has a doctor's appointment to set up his physical therapy schedule so I will do it this week.

Wednesday is my hair day and also Bunco in the afternoon.  I will have some free time after my hair appointment and that's when I will stop in at the Urgent Care. I hope there are not a lot of people in there. I will wear my mask.

More later....I will go watch the 6:00AM news now.

It's 6:30AM now and I just took my blood pressure again and it is normal now. 126/69 and my heart rate is 69. It's good to keep track of those things especially when something unusual is happening.

I opened the door to five cats/kittens who were very hungry since none of them came for supper last night. I put out five bowls so everyone would have plenty. They are gone now....full and gone.

I got the laundry started and watered and deadheaded the flowers in the back. The yellow kitten came back for more breakfast after the others were gone so I will do the flowers in the front a little later.

I got the flowers in the front watered and deadheaded after the kitten left. I am now waiting for the laundry to dry so I can fold it and put it away.

I got the laundry finished and dried and folded and put away. Now I think I am caught up for least until Thursday which is cleaning day.

More later again...

I finally finished watching the CBS news and came back into the den to play some FreeCell. When I finished that I thought I might go trim the yard.I will need to change my shoes first.

More later,..

I got the yard trimmed and it's probably a good thing since it's supposed to storm tonight and the next two days.  I had to charge the trimmer since it was nearly run down. I came back in to watch the news but because of the coming storm, the Channel 6 newscaster just takes over the channel.  He annoys me because he is so self absorbed. The other channels weather forecasters don't completely dominate the time like he does.

Big Yellow Tom came by for supper so I fed him and he is gone now. I brought in the cat food dish.

It is after 6:00PM now and I will take my bath at 7:00PM and try to get to bed by 9:00PM.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sunday and a Strange Night

Last night was a strange night. I couldn't stay asleep. I kept waking up and when I would go to the bathroom, I would be very dizzy and have to be careful not to fall.

Finally about 5:00AM, I just gave up and got up. When I tried to make my bed I noticed I was still dizzy and light headed. But I got it done. The symptoms were so strange that I took my blood pressure thinking that might be why I was so light headed and dizzy.

My blood pressure stays about 122/66 and my heart rate about 60  but this morning it was 167/80 and the heart rate was 81. Weird...I don't know if the lack of sleep could cause that or if the higher blood pressure could cause the lack of sleep.  That has never happened before. Anyhow I took it again after I had my breakfast and coffee and it was more normal...128/64 and the heart rate was 69. Very strange.

Anyhow, it appears to be more normal now. And I feel more like myself now. I guess when you are 84, strange things happen. I just have such good health generally that this incident was really strange.

Bob called me last night and asked me to pick up the cakes on Tuesday and take them to Independence to the First Christian Church for him. He has a doctor's appointment to work out the schedule for the physical therapy his heart doctor and his GP want him to take. So I will do that on Tuesday. I baked my cake yesterday afternoon and froze it. So that is done. I still need to organize my car's trunk so I will have room for the four cakes.

More later.. I need to get dressed so I can feed the cats/kittens..

It's 6:25AM and I got dressed and looked outside but so far no cats are out there. Strange.....

The cats finally showed up...all five of them. I took food out to them and they ate and left. I brought the bowls back in. They tend to draw ants and I don't need ants.

I went in and worked on the computer after I finished watching my regular Sunday morning program. For one thing, I re-did my budget. Some things have changed.

It is a little after 9:30AM now and I feel perfectly normal again. ...whatever that is.

At 11:00AM I will watch the church service from Toronto, Canada. That's still a ways off.

So, More later...

I watched the church service ad then made a quick trip to the Dollar General Store and bought the six things I needed. Then I came back home in time for Krystal's daughter and her stepfather, John, to get here and she began mowing.

When she finished mowing, John dumped the black grass bag into the trash container for me and the daughter swept up the mess and I paid her the $25.00 for mowing. I had blown out the garage before they came to get grass, etc. cleaned up. I am glad to get the mowing done since we are forecast for more rain this week.

I watched another episode of Dr. G's more spectacular noted cases. These are cases another medical examiner did but she reports on their findings.

Then I came back in the den to finish working on this blog. It is now 3:35PM I will play some FreeCell until time to watch 60 Minutes.

So more later...

I haven't seen any cats or kittens for supper. Sometimes they don't come for supper.... especially if it's hot.

It's almost time for 60 Minutes. It is 5:55PM. I will watch that and then take my bath and get my pjs on. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.