Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Hot Saturday

It will be another scorcher today. It got to be 101 yesterday. I will go have breakfast with my brother in law later this morning. I don't know what the rest of the day will bring. I want to go back out to see Phyllis again. No telling how long I will have her.

I want to go buy my mulch today so when the heat finally breaks I can get it spread in the flowerbeds. I will mow again on Monday evening. Next Wednesday is the 4th and Leslie has invited me and also Bob out for a bar b q. I will take potato salad and baked beans. Bob will take a salad. She is also going to have homemade ice cream. We will not have fireworks. Jeromy has evidently invited some of his friends to his house for the fireworks. They are vegetarians and not interested in meat.

More later...

I went over to Karan and Bobby's this morning to take Bobby his candy and ended up staying for lunch. Also got their laptop working. Got their mail working too. In fact, I worked on their computers until nearly 4:00. I never could get their laptop to print from the network printer though. That turned out to be a mystery. I got mine to do that and did the same thing for theirs.

Oh well...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Again

This morning after I got my hair done I went to the nursing home to see my sister. She was asleep again but they had managed to get her mouth guard in by heating it. She had bit her lower lip through yesterday. Now she can't talk with the mouth guard in. But she was asleep so I talked to Debby, the physical therapist, and then left. I dropped by my cousin's and retrieved my dish. I had taken a chicken casserole to her when her husband died a few weeks back. I have another dinner to contribute to on Monday.

Then Bobby came by to install my water filter behind my frig. It drips just a bit. I'm hoping it will stop so I won't have to ask him to come back and redo it. I hate to ask my friend's husbands to do things for me but Bobby has been a lifesaver.

Bob and I then went to Cherryvale to Just Us for lunch. It's always a great meal...very "home cooked". When we got back I took him home for his nap. I found the paper towel I put under the drip was wet so it hasn't stopped dripping yet.

This evening I made peanut clusters for Bobby. He loves them and that is one thing I can do for Karan and him.

This evening, I will just watch TV or read. It's very hard to find anything on TV worth watching.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday at Last

This is the last day this week I work. I was fairly busy yesterday at work but I ran out of labels for my project of labeling every file folder. So today, unless Gary has squirreled some away, I will not have a project.

My sister was a little better yesterday. She ate a little food. It's still just one day at a time with her though. I will see her tomorrow morning.

It has been terribly hot here lately and there is no relief in sight. It's only June and this entire week has been 100 degree weather. Anything I do outside must be done either in early morning or late evening. I can't handle that kind of heat.

Tomorrow, I want to clean up the shed flowerbed. It still has a few blooming lilies but most are gone. Then I need to get some more mulch to mulch both those beds. I really need to get the grass out of the new flowerbed where my new clematis is still blooming...even though the bed has been neglected. Maybe I can get to that too. And I still need to trim. I mowed Monday evening but I did not trim. It was entirely too hot. I am having to water some of my hanging plants twice a day.

More later....

I got out there about 6:00 and started working on that flowerbed. I worked and hour and a quarter and am just soaked again. It's 90 degrees on my patio and my back yard is in the shade but it's still horribly hot out. I will need to spruce it up a bit more before I can put mulch in it. But not tonight! It's 101 out there!

It will wait another few days until Monday when I will mow again. I still have to get another couple of bags of mulch too.

I talked to my brother in law this evening and he said my sister slept most of the day. He was there early this morning and she didn't wake up. His daughter went in just before noon and combed her hair and straightened her up a bit but she still didn't wake up. I will see her in the morning.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Again

Another Wednesday....I guess I don't like Wednesday because it's the middle of the week and I still have a full day to work on Thursday before my long weekend. There's just not much for me to do at the office. It's been a very slow year. I have been typing labels for old files. To me that is real "make work".

At least I will get to stay home this evening with nothing much to do. If there's nothing to see on TV, I will read. Monday evening I mowed and weeded. Tuesday evening I had that invocation to do.

I guess nothing changed with Phyllis yesterday. She is still shutting down according to the Hospice nurse.

I see on Facebook that someone crashed into my son's car. They broadsided it. I hope they had insurance. He loves his sports car.

More later....

My brother in law called today to say Phyllis was a little better. She has eaten a little today after not eating since Saturday. But it is all downhill from now on. I will work tomorrow and then Friday I will go see her again. It is hard seeing her failing like this.

Both my sons called me tonight. The older one had someone crash into his car Tuesday but the man had insurance and so it will get fixed. He takes it in tomorrow to start the process. My younger son also called. His new Mustang convertible is in now and he will be picking it up pretty soon this week. In October he will go back to Hawaii for the rest of his enlistment. His girlfriend is coming over for three weeks in July so he is pretty happy about that.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nervous Tuesday

This is a strange day. I went out to Windsor to see Phyllis this morning before I took the cakes to Independence. At first she was talkable but then she went back to sleep. They tried but were unable to get her to eat or drink anything. We're basically right back to where we were when she was in the hospital. I took a look at her leg and it was badly swollen. The sore was in the crook of her leg behind the knee. It was still bandaged.

I left about 10:00 to take the cakes to Independence and came right back. Nothing had changed. I called Bob and the Hospice nurse had not come back. They tried to put the mouth guard in her mouth but could not get that accomplished. They were afraid to use the smaller one for fear she might swallow it and choke.

I guess I will go on to work this afternoon. I also have the invocation at the city commission meeting downtown this evening at 6:30. I will have my cell phone on me so Bob can call me if there's any new development. I will put it on vibrate.

I did get my lawn mowed last evening and also went ahead and finished weeding that bulb bed. I still have to spread the mulch but will have to have at least one more bag of mulch to do that. When I came in I was soaked with sweat. But I did sleep well last night. I was exhausted. I still have to trim sometime.

I went to look for Missy, my cat. She wasn't in her usual place (under my jewelry amour. I looked in my closet and she was way back in the back....sleeping on my furry house slippers. Darn cat!

More later.....

I got home from work in time to answer three phone messages and return them and then I had to leave for City hall. It was my time to give the invocation at the City Commission meeting. I stayed an hour and a half and then left just as it was about over. I had not eaten anything but a small carton of yogurt at lunchtime and had not had dinner. When I got home I made myself a bowl of cereal and I feel better now.

A church member that had moved away had called my daughter about our congregation doing a dinner for her family after the celebration service for her son who had died earlier in the month. Leslie called me and gave me her number to call her back. After I got the details, I called Karan and turned it over to her as the social/family life chairperson. I e-mailed the remainder of the congregation the news and the need and then I rushed off to the commission meeting.

I didn't hear anymore about my sister from my brother in law so I guess she's still holding her own. She hasn't eaten since Saturday.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Monday

It's another Monday and I hope I have enough work at work to keep me busy. I will be very busy outside of work. When I get home from work, I'll need to bake my two cakes for the trip to Independence tomorrow. Then I will have to mow. Tomorrow while I'm in Independence, I will get my hair done too. After I mow it's always a mess.

It's supposed to be very hot today...actually 101. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 102 or even hotter. And the humidity is horrendous. There's no wind today so it will be oppressive.

The office will be air conditioned like my house but when I go outside to mow, there will be no relief.

The meeting last night went well and my dessert was a hit.

More later....I'd better water my plants right now.

I bought a new book for my kindle today and could not get it to download. Also, I could not get my kindle to charge. I finally called Amazon and they walked me through troubleshooting. As it turned out, I had forgotten about my new router. It was not programmed to recognize it. As soon as I put the password in, it downloaded my new book and began to charge.

I have my two cakes in the oven and when I get them out I will mow. It's very hot out right now. I will have to be careful. I have the butter cake out now and the chocolate one is now ready to come out.


My brother-in-law, Bob, just called me. My sister Phyllis is beginning to shut down. Her kidneys are beginning to fail. It must have just been a temporary rally the past two weeks. She is chewing her lips so badly now that they are bleeding and he went out to get a mouth guard to get her to stop doing that. And there is blood and other sediment in her urine. They had to change her catheter today. The hospice nurse says that's one of the signs too. She quit eating again Sunday and has not eaten since Saturday evening.

I am going to cancel my hair appointment in the morning and go out there to see her. I can take the cakes up later in the morning.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Very Busy Sunday

This will be a very busy Sunday. I will have Church School and Church later this morning and then will go to lunch with whoever is there to lunch with. Then I will come home and do the letters and get them out on the mailbox. After that, I will bake my dessert for tonight. I will have the Living the Questions group here tonight.

So I will be scurrying around that's for sure. I will have to go out to Wal Mart too and get a black ink cartridge, some computer paper and some eggs for tomorrow night's cakes. This is the week we take cakes to Independence on Tuesday.

It will be a long day. I was awake at 3:30 this morning and unable to get back to sleep.

Tomorrow after work, I will mow and if I have enough energy left, I will finish cleaning out that flower bed and mulch. I will get my hair done again after I deliver the cakes on Tuesday. By then it will really need it.

More later....

Sure enough it was a long day and it's not over yet. I got my letters finished after lunch and baked my dessert for tonight. I got it iced with a glaze. Then Judy called to say it would be Keith's birthday on Thursday. So, I needed to go buy a birthday card for him. I did that and while I was at it, I bought some small paper plates and napkins to keep me from having to wash dishes.

Now I am trying to watch Sixty Minutes and I am really disappointed in it. It isn't the same program it used to be.

The study group will be coming around 6:45. It won't bother me to turn off the program.