Saturday, July 28, 2018

Saturday and a Trip to Bartlesville

I slept fairly well last night although I did wake up at 2:00 AM and go to the bathroom and later got up shortly after 4:00AM. Then I dressed and got myself ready for the day.

Missy is wanting to go outside but it's still dark and the Saturday morning CBS news is still on. I want to see any new news.

I have to run the sweeper on the dining room carpet sometime this morning or maybe this afternoon after Karan and I get back from Bartlesville and I also need to run it in the bedroom and den. I combed Missy a few days ago but she still sheds badly. It has something to do with her advanced age.

More later....

Karan and I went to McCalisters for lunch. I brought half my sandwich home for later...Karan did some extensive shopping since everything was 50% off. 

I didn't get the vacuuming done after all. When we got home from Bartlesville I was very tired. I watched the news until it began breaking up and then I changed to Amazon Prime and  Missy and I watched an episode of 48 Hours on TV and then we went on to bed.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday and Exercises Again

I woke up before 2:00AM and had a hard time getting back to sleep. My right shoulder hurt a lot. I had taken an Aleve before bed but it didn't seem to work as well as usual.  I finally did though and slept until almost 5:00AM. Then I got up, made the bed and got myself ready for the day. Then I fed Missy and myself. She is lying here at my feet waiting for daylight so she can go outside. It's almost 6:00AM now.

I will go on to exercise class but will be careful of the right arm and shoulder.

I will have some of my tomato basil soup for lunch. I will have it with cheese and crackers. I may take some of it to Marilyn. She likes it too.

I need to dust today and check the filter in the air conditioner. And I need to do some laundry this morning.  I need to wash my towels too.

I got the watering finished too and put the laundry in the dryer. So, more later...

I went on to exercise class and gave Karan a birthday card while there. Today is her 76th birthday. She wants to go to Bartlesville tomorrow to shop for herself. She asked me to go along too. We will leave at 9:15 or so.

I folded out my laundry and also took Missy out for awhile again. It was a constant battle of the wills to keep her in the carport area. There is nothing but hot sunshine around on the patio. Finally, after running her back four or five times, I made her come back into the apartment.

I have a discussion with the husband of a friend going.. about the tapes Cohen made of Trump's phone conversation. It has been independently attested by an expert now.

An independent analysis of the Cohen tape was provided by audio forensics expert Ed Primeau. He has worked in the industry for over 30 years and has provided testimony as an expert witness in hundreds of cases. Primeau says he has performed thousands of audio enhancements throughout his career.

Primeau was not provided a transcript and was asked to create one based on what he heard in his analysis.

In the tape, Cohen said "we'll have to pay" to purchase the rights to McDougal's story. The audio forensics expert concluded that Trump then responded with, "I'll pay with cash," to which Cohen immediately replied, "no, no, no," several times, appearing to reject the idea of paying with cash.

Primeau said his analysis was completed with tools that enhance volume, isolate dialogue and examine sound waves on a screen. He said he asked another expert at his firm to weigh in and they reached the same conclusion.

"I was in the room all day today. I enhanced the recording," Primeau said on Wednesday. "I listened to the words and I typed them as I heard them. I didn't know anything about this story prior to starting. So remaining unbiased was a key into the work that I did. And I stand behind what I've transcribed and presented tonight."

Primeau also noted that the conversation, as broadcast for the first time Tuesday night was clearly cut off at the end of the tape. The conversation about the potential payment appears to have been interrupted in the middle of Trump saying what sounds like "check," and abruptly cuts to a different person for a few seconds.

Primeau said he doesn't regularly follow the news so he can "stay unbiased" in his work. He hasn't given money to political candidates, according to Federal Election Commission records.

I did finally get to take Missy out and she behaved pretty well. We stayed out as long as she was interested. Finally she needed to come in and eat something and have some water.

This evening we watched an episode of 48 hours. Then at 8:30, we just went on to bed. I was very tired.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thursday and Lunch With Gay and Friends

I slept fairly well last night. I ended up getting up shortly before 5:00. I got myself ready for the day and fed myself and Missy. Then we went outside and while there, Missy saw a stray cat and we had to come back in because Missy had a hissy fit.

She wants to go back out now but I am watching the CBS news from last night on my Amazon Prime. I couldn't get it with my antenna last night. It kept tearing when I could even get a picture. Evelyn, my neighbor here, was telling me yesterday that Cox raised their fees again. Theirs is up to over $170. now. Then they wonder why I cancelled my Cox cable.

Bob dropped over awhile ago. Joanne has a group that meets with her Bible study and  they are having lunch today so he is on his own for lunch. He is going to Independence to see Betty, his sister.

I will run the vacuum this morning before I leave for Independence to meet Gay and friends. I always get a lot of cat hair. Poor Missy loses a lot of hair. I did take Missy out awhile ago and combed her and got a lot of hair out. Maybe if I do that regularly, it will keep the hair down in the carpet.

I got the Cox Services to fix this notebook so I don't have to establish a pin number.  I have a password and that's all I need.

I got the living room vacuumed and I think I will do one room a day instead of trying to do everything in one day. On Saturdays I could do the two bare floors. I'll see how that works out.

More later...

I left about 11:00 for Independence and to meet  Gay and the girls. We had a good lunch at Ana Mae's there and a long visit.

When I got home, I took Missy out again. It had been sprinkling and had cooled off. She was very good...just aid in the grass. I combed her to make her look better.

Later that afternoon we laid on the sofa and watched several TV shows. I found PBS on Amazon Prime and watched a program there on Robert E. Lee from American Experience. At 9:00 Missy and I went to bed.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A Busy Wednesday

I slept well last last. I woke up before 5:00AM but felt rested so just went ahead and got up. I have myself dressed and ready for the day and fed both Missy and myself.

I will go to exercise class this morning and then meet Chuck at the bank at 11:00 to sign the signature card for the Alliance checking account.

After lunch, I will go back to the senior center for game day.

It will be a busy day.

By the time I met Chuck at the bank and we took care of that business, it was too late to go back home and fix something for lunch so I just went to Long John Silver's and had their fish...way too much coating on the fish. I won't do that again.

I got a drink and went on to the senior center.  We played Skip Bo until 3:00 and had a good time. I got back home after that.

Missy and I watched yesterday's evening news on Amazon Prime.  I will watch tonight's in the morning.  The picture...when I can get it at all in the evening, tears continually.

I took my bath at 7:00 .

We watched until 9:00 when we finally just went on to bed.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tuesday and a New Hairdresser

I slept pretty well last night and didn't get up until 5:00AM. So I feel better today. The only thing I have going today is that hair appointment this afternoon at 3:00PM.  Toni says she will try to eventually get me a standing appointment in the early morning.

I have nothing going tomorrow at all except for exercise class and game day.

I have got myself ready for the day and we have both had our breakfasts. I guess I am ready for the day.

I am watching the news now. Strange, I have good reception with the antenna in the mornings but hardly any reception in the evening.  Luckily, I can watch today's CBS evening news the morning after on Amazon Prime.

I am a little apprehensive about the new hairdresser. They usually want to give me a fancy  hairdo. I am not a "fancy" person. I like it to be clean but still simple.

It is just 68 degrees out so I took Missy out but she began hissing and spitting almost immediately. Then I saw a large stray cat across the street so I brought her back in. When he is gone, I will try again. I will still need to water my plants.

I managed to get her out and he was gone so I watered my flowers and deadheaded the petunias. But we're back in now.

I am hoping to see the CBS news while the picture is stable.

We need to carefully vet this nominee. Judge Kavanaugh was directly involved in some of the most politically charged moments of our recent history. The Senate owes the American people an unsparing examination of his nomination, which could affect their lives for a generation. We should urge Senate Republicans to live up to the bipartisan standard of transparency we set for Justice Kagan and demand his full record. That means all of it. This should be interesting.

I searched the apartment for my calculator but never did find it. I can't imagine what I did with it. I have looked everywhere. 

I went up to Independence and balanced Juanita's checkbook.I used the calculator on my smart phone.Then I came back home and microwaved a meatloaf dish for my lunch. At about 2:45, I will go to the beauty shop. My appointment is at 3:00PM.


I was happy with my new hairdresser. She did it just like I like it....nothing fancy just neat.

I called Nancy and she had been to the doctor at Labette Health clinic. They did a battery of tests but she doesn't know anything yet...until her tests are back. Then they will send the results to her nurse practitioner over at Caney. Why they would do that is beyond me. Whatever they learn, she will have to see a doctor for any treatment.

More even later...

Missy and I watched some Amazon Prime this evening after the Schwan's man came before going on to bed at 9:00PM. 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Monday and Exercise Class

I slept until almost 5:00AM this morning. Then I got myself ready for the day and took Missy out for a little while after we had our breakfasts. Then, for some strange  reason, she wanted to come back in.  Now she is back in on the bed sleeping again.

I will go to exercise class this morning and then I don't have a plan for the rest of the day.

The rest of the week is pretty busy. Tomorrow afternoon I will get my hair done at 3:00 by the new hairdresser. Wednesday is free except for the exercise class and game day at the senior center but Thursday I will  balance Juanita's checkbook and later go meet Gay and friends at Ana Mae's in Independence for lunch.  Friday at 11:00, I will take Juanita to her doctor's appointment so I will be going back to Independence again.

More later...

We had ice cream and cake at the senior center to celebrate the July birthdays. Afterward I came back home to find the photos I had requested from Jennifer at the Journal. I printed them off for Bob and Joanne.

Now it is lunch time and I will warm up the rest of my cashew chicken from yesterday. So...more even later...

I called Nancy after lunch to see if she ever got to feeling better. She hadn't. I urged her to get a doctor's appointment but especially to go to the emergency room at Labette Health to see Melissa. I told her I would come take her. She said one of her church members, Jesse, had come by and offered to take her so I urged her to call him and ask him to take her  She did the next best thing,. She got an appointment with another doctor there who could see her tomorrow.I t would have been two weeks before Melissa could see her. That's too bad because if she has to go to a hospital, Labette Health is 60 miles away. But at least she is going to see a doctor.

Bob dropped by this afternoon to pick up the photos I printed off of Joanne.

I went out to Walmart to get my cranberry/grape juice and some trail mix.  I stopped at Sonic on the way back and bought a medium cherry limeade slush. That seemed very refreshing on a hot day. But  I know it's a lot of sugar too.

I watched Sunday's "60 Minutes" on Amazon Prime and also last night's CBS news. I can't get them until the next night but at least I can get them there.

Then Missy and I watched "Cheers" episodes until  9:00, when we went on to bed.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday and Church

I slept a little better last night although I tossed and turned enough to keep Missy off the bed a good deal. I still got up a little before 5:00AM.

I reviewed my sermon again. I am not too confident of it even yet. But our people are tolerant of my efforts since I am "so old".

We did have a good crowd today and 15 of us went to Great China in Independence for lunch afterward.

I came home and did the newsletters for the congregation.  The one I have to send out is out on the mailbox now.

I want to go out to Walmart and buy some photo printing paper. I am completely out now.  Then later, at 6:00, I want to try to get good enough reception to watch 60 Minutes. It depends on the weather how good my reception is.

More later...

I got my few needs at Walmart and Brahms and am back home now. I just sent Mike, one of our congregation, a get well card from the congregation. He has a very serious health problem right now.

Bob will be over sometime this evening to pick up the Wednesday newspaper. It has a photo of Joanne in it and he wants to send it to his daughter, Diana, in Wisconsin. I got it back from Marilyn this afternoon.


He wants me to just bring it to exercise class in the morning.

I went ahead and took my bath and Missy and I watched some "Cheers" episodes until bedtime. We went to bed at 9:00.