Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day Out Of Town

Today, I will go to Bartlesville with my daughter. She is going to buy some storm doors for the doors of her new home. I will help her load and unload them. Then we will go to the mall. She also wants to go to Hobby Lobby. I haven't been there since I stopped scrapbooking. It should be a fun day.

Bob is going to be in Tulsa taking a Red Cross course. Red Cross is not deploying any volunteers around here right now for some reason. For one thing, there haven't been many destructive hurricanes this season. That's a good thing. But he will be prepared if they do.

I have noticed something about Bob's diabetes. We aren't eating potatoes or much bread and he has steadily lost weight. I eat the same foods he eats and yet I don't drop a pound. I wonder why that is? In the afternoons he snacks on ham and cheese and nuts and is still losing weight. He doesn't need to lose another pound. The last I checked, he weighed 148. He's 5' 10" so that's very thin. I notice the new jeans we just bought him a couple of months ago are beginning to hang on him now. He is getting very fragile. He will be 80 in May. That is worrisome.

Tomorrow we will have a guest minister at church. It is Terry M from Joplin. There will be a cookout afterward. I will take baked beans and a dump cake dessert. I also have the meat here and must not forget to take it. It should be a good time. If it rains we will cook in the church's kitchen.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Worked Hard Yesterday

It was a lovely day yesterday so I decided to do some light tree trimming. The weeping willow was weeping so badly I was having trouble getting under it to mow so I trimmed a bunch of it away.

Then I was on a roll. I decided to trim up the rose of sharon as well. Bob had trimmed it all on one side and it was out of balance so I evened it up. The oldest rose of sharon was clear to the ground and I couldn't mow at all under it so I took all the lower branches off it too. Finally I weeded the front flower bed and mowed.

I was really tired last night. I hope the trash haulers will pick up all those branches. I crammed them into an old trash barrel.

My brother-in-law came by last evening and borrowed a table. He is having a garage sale today and tomorrow. I am so proud of him for the way he is taking care of my sister.

We will go by their place this morning and see what all they are getting rid of. My sister does not like to get rid of anything so he will have to argue with her about that. He wants a new TV and I see by their ad in the paper that he is selling the old one. It dates back to the early eighties.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cyndi's Doctor Appointment

I drove Cyndi to Wichita yesterday and the trip and doctor's visit took all day. She didn't learn anything new from him though. They did infuse her there and the doctor looked in on her to see if her neck and arm were swelling. Personally, I could not see any swelling but she insists it does. At least she got to see the doctor instead of a PA this time. We left at 9:00 AM We got home at 5:30 PM, picked up Bob and Jeff and went to Sirloin Stockade for dinner. Bob and I just had the salad bar. Neither of us was very hungry.

This morning I weeded the flower beds and mowed. Bob trimmed. Then we had lunch and now I am doing this. I hope this will be a slower day.

Bob A came by this morning. He had managed to get a carpenter to go out to church and repair the damage on the door of the smaller shed. Bob and I will have to go out there later this week and paint the new boards he put on and Bob A will spray for termites. It seems the damage was caused by termites. Always something!

Tonight we will stay home, eat our leftover beans and cornbread and watch "This Old House"...Bob's favorite TV show.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sister Sitting

I sat with my sister a couple of hours this morning as usual and she is really getting bad with her Alzheimer's Disease. I must have answered a dozen questions a half dozen times. What a tragedy!

My brother-in-law gave me his Cultural Arts tickets for this evening. My sister just isn't up to going any more She cannot get away from her walker because she won't take her strength training physical therapy. He had hoped that buying the season tickets would be incentive enough to get her to do that. He has even promised to take her to Branson if she can walk again without the walker. Nothing is going to convince her to do that through. She is frightened that the other hip will break and she will fall again. Fear is a terrible thing.

We went to Independence and took Leslie to lunch there. I have fixed beans and we will have cornbread and beans for supper. Then we will go to the concert.

Tomorrow, I will take Cyndi to Wichita to the doctor. She has an infection in the bone where the Pit Bull bit her. We will see the specialist there.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Misty Day

Well, once again it has misted all day.

We cleaned house this morning.

It is John's birthday. John is our daughter, Leslie's, husband. He is 55 today. We bought him a "fish" thermometer for outside his garage and gave him a check to pick up one of those rockers at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Joplin. He was delighted with that. We intend to buy one for our daughter for her Christmas. Now that they have a porch..they can sit out there and rock.

Then Bob and I came home and ate lunch and went to the market. We are having a cook out at church after the services Sunday and I bought the meat and buns.

Wednesday, I will pick up Cyndi at 9:00 and we will go to Wichita back to see her doctor. She has an infection in the bone where the pit bull dog bit her in May. They are infusing her intravenously with an antibiotic to combat it. What a mess. And the people who owned the dog's insurance company is fighting paying her medical bills.

Tomorrow, I will go sit with my sister while her husband goes to eat breakfast with his friends.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday At Home

This has been a rather quiet Sunday. Bob and I picked up Gerry for church this morning and then after an excellent sermon by Karan, Bob and I went out for lunch at Sirloin Stockade. Phyllis F. took Gerry home. We had this "printed off the computer" coupon that Bob received. It was a "buy one buffet and two drinks and get the second buffet for .99". A heck of a deal! Furthermore, the food was very good.

I spent the afternoon doing my letters. We had 22 at church today. Eight were not there. We have a tiny congregation...more like a family then a congregation.

I worked on the church's web page and got it up to date. Then I sent out the material to the newspaper for Friday's church page.

Tonight we have "Living the Questions" as soon as "Sixty Minutes" is over. It will be held at Keith and Joyce's home.

Scott e-mailed me this photo his new girl friend took of him. He looks very happy. He called before church this morning and told me how wonderful his weekend was. That's great! Maybe I can quit worrying about him now and concentrate on our son, Keith, who is in an even worse position then Scott was suffering earlier on. I try not to worry about my kids because I can do absolutely nothing about their lives to help them. I just pray for them every single day.