Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Wedding

The wedding went off like clockwork. There were about 70-75 people there. Our sanctuary holds 64 so we put up some folding chairs. Some guests were relatives of the groom but many were friends of the bride. Karan has a lot of friends. But everything went fine. Howard, the Methodist minister and I did the ceremony. One son of the bride was there. Her other son and daughter could not make it. All three children of the groom were there.

There was a huge meal afterward. The guests all brought a dish and all had plenty to eat. There were three cakes. When I get some pictures, I'll post one of them.

Tomorrow now, we have the baptismal service and another basket dinner afterward. Then we will need to clean up after that service. Our daughter and son-in-law are going to the church this evening to check the water level of the baptistery and decorate for tomorrow's service. They will move the pulpit back and put the communion table where it belongs and put the offering table back in it's place. They will decorate for the eight year old boy, Jon, who is being baptized. He will later receive a certificate of baptism from the church. He will be confirmed following the service.

The Wedding Day

We went to the church last evening and practiced the wedding ceremony. Then afterward Bob and Karan took us all to dinner at the Tavern on the Plaza. Bob and I were bushed afterward and came home and took our baths and went to bed at 9:00. Our age is showing, I guess.

I got up at 6:00 this morning to feed the dog and cat, make coffee and start my casserole dish for lunch at the church following the ceremony. It's in the oven now.

Bob took care of his own breakfast after checking his sugar. It is down to 176 this morning. Slowly but surely, it's coming down.

This afternoon, I imagine we will spend cleaning up after the wedding dinner and preparing the church for the baptismal service tomorrow. While we are cleaning, we will begin filling the font. The water we tested in there Thursday night did not drain out.

Tomorrow following the baptism, we have another basket dinner planned.

Then Sunday evening at 7:00 we have our "Living the Questions" group at Lively's.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Another Busy Day

Yesterday afternoon Bob and I went out to the church and cleaned. While I cleaned he tried to fill the baptistery for the service Sunday. It held while we were there. There has been a problem with the drain leaking the water out. After this service Sunday, we will call a plumber to come fix it.

Meanwhile, Bob had a doctor's appointment this morning to get his sugar checked out again. It was up to 344 yesterday evening. Evidently he ate too many carbs yesterday. But this morning before breakfast it was 244. He tested two hours after breakfast and found it down to 196. The doctor gave him a blood pressure med to protect his kidneys. She said it was really not actually for his blood pressure. His blood pressure is 98/68.

We will go to Independence later this afternoon to visit a member in a nursing home there and then stop at the church and check out that water again. It will have to hold overnight Saturday.

This afternoon at 4:00 we have the rehearsal for the wedding we are having there tomorrow at 11:00. Afterward we are going to eat out. That will be a challenge for Bob with his diabetes. In fact, there is a basket dinner planned for after both the wedding and the baptismal service and he will have to be careful then too. I can see this is going to be real fun for both of us.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Busy Thursday

This will be a busy day. Bob has a dental appointment this morning and then afterward we have our ministerial alliance meeting. I spent yesterday afternoon getting the agenda done and running it off and I stopped at the church on the way home from Independence yesterday morning and copied the minutes for everyone. Windsor Place will serve our lunch. I will just have a light supper this evening.

Scott and Jerod left yesterday morning. The American Airlines had lost Jerod's luggage last Saturday with all his uniforms and as of yesterday, they had not found the luggage. He goes on to California tomorrow to his school and will have to report without uniforms and luggage.

Bob's sugar is slowly going down. It is taking awhile. I believe he said it was down to 210 last evening after dinner. He still has over 100 points to continue to go down. It's very hard for him not to have his sweets and he has always required dessert after dinner. It's hard to find anything he can have without either sugar or carbs in it and nearly everything has high fructose corn syrup.

It rained..actually stormed..yesterday evening and last night. Slinky, the dog, spent the night in the garage. Storms scare him just as they do the cat, Missy. She stayed in on my feet until the rains past and then she wanted out so I put her out.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Historic Election

Well...we did it! We elected the nation's very first black president! We stayed up last night and watched the entire thing..start to finish! Obama had a wonderful acceptance speech and, I must say, I was proud of McCain. His speech was just wonderful. Now I hope this country can pull together and get back on it's feet.

The crowds poured in to Grant Park in Chicago and into the streets all over America including Times Square in jubilation. Many people never thought they'd ever live to see a black president elected.

Obama has some very smart people to advise him and I am sure he will put a lot of thought and planning into the makeup of his cabinet.

"By electing Obama, the American people have emphatically rejected the selfishness, masquerading as freedom and rugged individualism, that has been the calling card of the American right wing since Barry Goldwater. In its place, they are calling not just for a new and expanded vision of government's role in American life but for a new vision of American society." Salon

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Well, it's election day and we are all very interested in what will happen when the results come in. We will be watching PBS tonight to follow the results. Jerod, our grandson, did not vote...did not get registered to vote while he was out on the Arctic Circle with the Coast Guard. But the rest of us even voted early to avoid any lines.

This afternoon, we will go to see how our son-in-law and daughter's house is coming along. They are both interested in seeing it.

Last week I applied for a part time job at the library. They won't begin their interviews until next week but I probably won't get it anyhow. They have a way of hiding age discrimination.

But...nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Our son and grandson are leaving in the morning. They will go back to Ft. Leonard Wood to rest up a day before he takes Jerod back to catch his plane in St. Louis.

Jerod will be going to California for his school.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy Monday

We are expecting our son, Scott, and grandson, Jerod, at lunchtime. They were supposed to have come over the weekend but American Airlines lost Jerod's luggage so they sat around all weekend and waited for it to be found. It still isn't found but American Airlines says there is a 98% chance they will find it. We will see. All Jerod's uniforms are in that luggage.

I fixed chili for lunch. That's what Scott wanted.

They are about 30 miles away right now and will be coming in by noon, I figure.

It will be interesting to see Jerod now. I haven't seen him since Christmas. I wonder if the Coast Guard is making him keep his hair short?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Health Problem

This has been a busy Sunday as usual. We went out to church a little early just to check if it was clean and neat. It was. After church we went to Sirloin Stockade for lunch. Bob has to be very careful what he eats. We are trying to get his sugar down. Friday he was diagnosed with diabetes. He had a reading of 400. It is down to 267 this evening. We are trying to get it below 100. It may take awhile.

After lunch, I did my notes. Then we went to the market to find some things Bob can eat. I have a lot to learn about diabetes. I have no experience with it at all. Until my sister was diagnosed with it last fall, we had no one in our family with it and for that matter, Bob has had no one in his family with it either. And this is a man 5 foot 10 inches tall who weighs 153. Go figure!

I still think our use in this country of high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar in nearly everything on the grocery shelves is the culprit. Our pancreas cannot process high fructose corn syrup. It does not cause that organ to produce insulin.

Neither Mexico nor Canada uses high fructose corn syrup. There is a message in that.

How long do you think it will it be until our government figures this out?