Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday and Breakfast Out

Bob will be by about 7:20 and we will go have breakfast at Sirloin Stockade. That's our Saturday morning routine.

I slept through the night again and awoke rested. Today, if it doesn't rain, I want to get my little miniature rose bush planted.  I don't have anything else on the schedule except to go out to church and print off the bulletin for tomorrow. I would like to go out of town but it will depend on the weather. It's supposed to rain all next week.

I don't know what we will have for lunch. We always have a late lunch when we have a big Saturday morning breakfast. I haven't got that far yet. We may just have a sandwich at Braums. 

Missy is patiently waiting for her breakfast and so I should continue this later....

I have had my Chai and Missy has had her breakfast.  She is wanting to go outside but I want to wait until it warms up a bit.

So more later...

I found this photo on my son's facebook page.

He is the middle one at the bottom row. This was his junior year in high school.

Isn't that a hoot? Look at all that hair all of them sport! They are:

Randy Nitz, Jim Henderson, Chris McGinnis,Keith Lovelace, Danny Daniels, Scott Miller, Doug Romig. My Best Friends! — at Caney Valley High in Caney, Kansas.

This is the latest photo  of the house. The yard is being prepped for a lawn.

Well, I took Missy out on the patio and gave her a good combing. She likes to be combed and always looks a lot better after she's combed.

My neighbor, Maureen, called this morning and asked me to take one of her hummingbird feeders and a large hook to help her feed the orioles.  She has nine feeding at her hummingbird feeders and they quarrel. She thought if I would put one up, she would have less cantankerous fighting over hers. We will see. I put it up but now we will have to see if they come up to mine.

More later....

Bob went to the church with me to print off the bulletins.  Then we went on up to Independence and he bought my lunch at Big Cheese.  He will not be going with me to Independence on Tuesday when I get my hair done. He has the funeral of his good friend, Bill, that morning at graveside here in Coffeyville..

I haven't seen a sign of the orioles.  They must still all be going to Maureen's feeders.

The lawn got mowed this afternoon...thank goodness! he did a better job then he usually does but still far from neat. I took Bob's trimmer out and trimmed the rest of everything he missed.  Bob came over..bringing ice cream. I was still full so I just fixed him a dish. I had a cookie. He left at 7:00 and I tried to access Keith's no avail. I cleaned out my caches on both computers but still could not access the website.  I don't know what the problem is since he can access it even with his phone.
Oh well, maybe he can figure it out.  It's late and I'm going to bed.

I will have a big day tomorrow. Bob and I will be hosting our guest speaker for dinner and afterward I always do my congregational newsletters. Leslie forgot to tell me I would also need to go by the skating rink to pay for the youth skating party at 2:00. She and John have gone camping this weekend. Then tomorrow evening I pick up Gary at 6:40 for Living the Questions group at Marilyn L's at 7:00.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday and Rain

It's raining again this morning. In fact, we have rain forecast for all next week and the weather has changed. It's warming along with the storms and that means violent weather. ...perhaps hail or even tornadoes. It's Kansas...let's face it.

I slept wonderfully last night....completely through the night without waking up once.  I got up shortly after 5:00.

Missy is giving me a hard time this morning..wanting to go outside. She loves the outside but I never take her out in the dark.  Maybe after it gets light I can take her out for awhile before Bob comes to take me to exercises.  It will have to be under the carport since it is raining again.

I've had my oatmeal and trimmed and re-arranged my roses that Leslie gave me for Mother's Day. Amazingly, they are still alive.  It's been awhile since Mother's Day. The miniature rose bush Scott and Ginger sent me can be planted as soon as the rains subsist.  I want to put it in my raised flowerbed  when I am able. I had a lovely one over on Catalina when I had my own home and I really missed the beautiful little bush when I moved here. It bloomed constantly and was lovely. I hope the new one can live and flourish like that other one.

Today is Wayne's 96th birthday. (Wayne is our former landlord. He lives two doors over to the west.) Those of us in the fourplex are going over to his house at 2:00 to take him a strawberry birthday cake and a card from the three of us. His son, Merrill, will be there too. The apartment where Bob lived is vacant right now but there is an older couple moving in there the first of the month.  I hope they are better renters then the last ones. 

We will have our stew again today for lunch. It turned out pretty good and we have enough for another lunch. I will cut the biscuits in two, butter them, and brown them in the skillet.  I still have the last two cupcakes for dessert.

My son. Keith, called me last night and talked quite awhile.  I always enjoy visiting with him. I also heard from Scott and Ginger. They received the duplicate marriage licenses I sent them on Monday. I'm glad they got there so quickly. Now they need to put them in a safe place.

More later....

We had our stew for lunch and it was good. We finished it and the cupcakes up.  Afternoon, in the middle of the afternoon, we went to take the cake and the card to Wayne. His niece and her husband, Jim, were there from Colorado Springs and his daughter was also there.  Merrill was mowing and didn't come over.

Scott called when I took Missy outside and we talked nearly an hour.  It had been awhile since we had had a good visit. I had to charge my phone when he hung up. 

Bob came back this evening and we watched the news, Brooks and Shields, and then after an episode of Big Bang Theory, Bob left. I took my bath and Missy andI watched Jazz on PBS.

About 9:30, we went to bed. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday and Resting

This will be a more laid back day. I slept well and dressed and got myself ready for the day and I have fed myself and Missy.  I am having my coffee and chia latte and am going to get this blog started.

I have nothing going today except to fix the stew we are having for lunch. The meat is already thawed this morning. I will do it in the slow cooker.

I want to get the living room vacuumed too today and that should not take long. I also have a birthday card and two "get well" cards to send off. I need to buy the "get well" cards. I also want to go out to church and print off the bulletins and get that done before Sunday. I am presiding on Sunday. We will have three gone on Sunday.  My daughter and son-in-law are going camping in their new camper.  John loves to fish. Leslie can just use the rest. She has such a demanding job.

In a couple of weeks, on June 4th, Leslie and I will be leaving for  Independence, Missouri, for our church's world conference. We are both delegates. It is a week long event. I have not missed one in years. I have been a delegate every time but one. Once, years ago, I went as a visitor.  Bob will take care of Missy while I am gone.

More later....

Well, I went to the market again this morning to get four things including some biscuits for the stew we are having for lunch.  I will take some of it to Marilyn R. who lives across the way in this fourplex. She has been sick with her allergies for two weeks. It sounds more like bronchitis to me but she insists it's allergies.

I got three "get well" cards in the mail and one birthday card. The birthday card is from our congregation for the husband of one of our members.

I also got the living room vacuumed at last. Tomorrow I will do a small load of laundry. I did my large load on Monday.

This afternoon, after lunch, I will go over to the antique mall and look around. I am looking for another oval Pyrex dish for my meatloaf.  I sent some food in it to a friend and she evidently forgot to bring it back and I really don't want to embarrass her by asking her about it.

Missy has been a "pill" today. She is determined she wants to go out and it's too chilly for me out there today. Besides, I took her out for about twenty minutes earlier and she did not want to come back in when I needed to go in. She hissed and spit at me when I insisted. That, of course, made me determined not to take her back out until it's my idea.

More even later...

It rained this afternoon so I stayed in. I got the paper shortly after 4:00 and read it. Bob is here now and he is reading the paper too.  There's nothing on TV to watch this evening so he probably will not stay.  He came earlier this afternoon and did a couple of small loads of laundry.

More later...

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Busy Wednesday

This has been a very busy day! It started 5:00. I worked on the bulletin for Sunday when I preside at church.  I also worked on the PINCH meeting agenda.

I fed myself breakfast and also fed Missy. I never did get the living room vacuumed.

I slept well last night. I took Missy out for awhile as soon as the day got light. Then I brought her back in when I got ready to go to exercises.  Bob picked me up and we went on to exercises. While there, he learned from my daughter, who works with his daughter, that his best friend died this morning. We don't know any of the details yet since they were out at the funeral home when he went to call on them. He bought a card and left it in their door. He will go back later..after things slow down a bit.

Marilyn R, and I began to plan for Wayne's birthday party on Friday. I took a strawberry cake mix to Jeannie, who is going to bake his cake. Wayne will be 96 on Friday.  We will go over there about 2:00 Friday afternoon and take the cake and a card to him. We will all sign the card.

Then I came home and fixed the pork chops for our lunch. We had boiled potatoes and green beans and salad and cupcakes for dessert.

Later in the afternoon I went out to Asbury Village for a Bunco party. While there, Vic called to say Wayne had fallen on Monday evening and was in pain with his arm. Merrill, his son finally got him to go to the hospital emergency room this afternoon. He has broken his shoulder. All they can do is put it in a sling. It's a crack that will have to heal in time. Marilyn called him and Merrill thinks we should go ahead with the party. He thinks it may be good for him.

After that, I went to my PINCH meeting and got home about 6:45, just in time to take my bath and get this done this evening before bedtime. 

I found this latest photo on my son's website.  It's the staircase all stained.

Pretty, isn't it?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Rainy Tuesday

It continues to rain today as it did all night and most of yesterday. There is a flood warning for parts of the area...including Coffeyville's low lying areas.

I slept well through the rain though. I am dressed and ready for my day. Missy is waiting patiently for her breakfast so I may finish this after I've had mine.

So..more later..

O.K. We're both fed and I have the cakes loaded into my trunk.

Bob and I will take the cakes to Independence in about two hours. Because of the rain, I will leave a little early. I want to take the Sunflower Road  detour and avoid  the slick and muddy detour straight up 10th street road.  There may be flooding there on Sunflower so that's why I'm leaving early.

After we leave the cakes,  I will have my hair done.  Then Bob will try to get his driver's license renewed. Mine doesn't expire until next year. Then we will check to see if Great China is open again. That's where we hope to have lunch.

When I get back home, I will vacuum my living room. That's the only area I didn't get vacuumed yesterday.

More later....

I ended up driving over to the Tyro road to get to Independence. Sunflower Road is probably flooded.

Well, I didn't get the living  room vacuumed. At least not yet. We did eat at Great China and it was terrific! Then when I got home I dropped Bob off at his home and went home to get my grocery list. I went out to Walmart and spent a small fortune.  Then I went to the Health Food Store and bought my pecans and later went to Country Mart to buy pork chops and stew meat and sale cake mixes.  I spent a lot of money this afternoon on food!

Then I came home and baked cake mix cookies.  Missy and I went out for a little while but it was too chilly and windy for me. I brought her back in and she is asleep in the recliner right now.

I finished reading the Reader's Digest and will send it home with Bob this evening.

My ankles swelled up again this afternoon. I guess I was on my feet too long today. Anyhow I have them elevated now on a folding chair. It's almost time for the newspaper so I'll sign off for this time.

More later...

Bob left about the news and I took my bath and watched TV with Missy until 9:00 when we went to bed.

Monday, May 16, 2016

A Busy Monday

Today will be busy. As soon as the courthouse opens I will go up there and get a copy of Scott and Ginger's marriage license.  They have mislaid the original.

Leslie is to come this morning after her hair appointment about 11:00. I will give her and John one of those sausage and pasta casserole dishes for their dinner this evening. I am doing my laundry right now and will re-make my bed before I leave for the courthouse. It's in the dryer now.

I will get some hamburger patties out for lunch. I think we will just have hamburgers and french fries.  I will need something simple since I don't know how long it will take to finish at the courthouse. I will not go to exercise class this morning either. The morning time is too uncertain.

This afternoon I will bake my cake for the Independence First Christian Church's dinner tomorrow evening. After it cools, I will ice it.  I will also have my hair done tomorrow while I'm up there.

More later...

This is the latest scene of the house my son and daughter-in-law are building.

Slowly but surely..they are getting there. This is going to be a lovely home.

I went to the City Hall this morning and got copies of Scott and Ginger's marriage license.  I got to visit with one of my favorite people old boss, Bonnie. She is a charmer! She made the copies and would not charge me anything.  I got them in the mail to the kids this morning before lunch.

Lunch was fine. It was homemade hamburgers and french fries. We had pound cake and fruit for dessert.

After lunch...and after Bob left, I made my cake for tomorrow. After it cooled, I iced it. Now I can relax. Everything I had to do including my cleaning, is finished.

I have been reading this afternoon. I am waiting for the mailman.

More even later...

The driveway is finished in this photo from yesterday.

Bob came over for the news and read the Sunday Reporter newspaper.  When he left I took my bath and Missy and I sat in the recliner and watched TV until 9:00 when we went to bed.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday and Church

I did not sleep well last night! I was awake for a couple of hours. I just couldn't get back to sleep after waking up to go to the bathroom. Finally. I did get back to sleep after a couple of hours and when I got up I made the bed, dressed, made up my face and fixed my oatmeal and fed Missy.

Then I realized I was out of pecans and it is my time to fix coffee cake for church. So...I made a fast trip to the market and paid a premium for the pecans.  But now the coffeecake is in the oven. Many of the Church School group look forward to the coffeecake...especially my greats.  They usually have some with my son-in-law.  He likes it too. And I have the message today.

We may go over to Cherryvale for "Just Us" for lunch again today. Karan may go with us. Phyllis is out of town.  She probably went to Kansas City to see her older daughter and grandchildren.

Tomorrow I have to remember to go to the courthouse and get a copy of Scott and Ginger's marriage license. They have mislaid the original. Scott is usually so organized he knows exactly where all his important papers are. But this is the exception to the rule. So tomorrow I will go up to the courthouse and see if I can get a copy. Poor guy. He was so upset with himself.

More later....I'd better fix the icing for the coffeecake.

The coffeecake was  fine and mostly eaten. Church School went well too. The church service was only o.k. It wasn't one of my best efforts.

I preside next Sunday for a guest minister we are having.

We could have lunch at "Just Us". Jim has having surgery tomorrow so they were closed.  We ended up going to El Pueblo.  My lunch was cold so I wasn't all that happy with it.

I came home and did the congregational newsletter with the news from the congregation.  Afterward, I just read my book.

Bob came a little after 5:00 and stayed to watch the news with me and then went home at 7:00. I watched TV with Missy after I had my bath. We went to bed at 9:00.