Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday and Another Two Trips

I slept pretty well last night although I got up early again. I have had my breakfast and got myself ready for the day. So far, it hasn't snowed. It was forecast for last night but so far it has missed us.

It will be daylight at 7:30AM and even though we are under a wind advisory, I will make another trip to Caney to unload my car and put away what I can. I am down to the stuff I will store now, except for decorative accessories but I can't do anything with them until the furniture comes on Thursday. I will just stack the boxes in the summer closet and wait to get settled until Friday and all next weekend. Cox will come to hook up my internet and cable on Friday. I hope that goes smoothly. I will spend the next weekend putting the stuff back in the curio cabinets and hanging pictures, mirrors and decorative accessories. I am sure to be very busy. Besides, I have the sermon on Sunday next week.

When I get back here after 10:00AM, I will go over to Steve's and try to get some more of his boxes. The 30 file boxes I have are all used until I unload them after the furniture comes on Thursday.

So, more later...

I went back over at 7:30AM and got there at 8:00AM and did what I could and came back home and loaded up the rest of them...all but the Christmas decorations, and went back over. I did what I could there too. Then I met Nancy for lunch at Eggberts and then after I took her home, I came back home and loaded up the Christmas decorations. I will take those over in the morning. I hope there is space in the attic to store them. I am out of space in the apartment.

They have cancelled church tomorrow due to the exceedingly cold weather. It was 21 degrees this morning and has not warmed up all day. It tried to spit snow this morning but so far, it has not succeeded this time.

I will go over to Steve's now and see about more boxes.

More later...

I couldn't do that. I had my car full of boxes to take to Caney tomorrow. Steve will be open on Sunday and I will go by tomorrow afternoon. I still need to pack the stuff in that little container on the carport. The kids will bring over that container as well as my lawn chairs and the little cart Keith and Esther bought me for Christmas. I gave Betty my flower containers and the racks they set in.  She will take them to the lake house and plant some flowers in them.

Right now, it is after 8:00AM. I will work here awhile and then go on to bed about 9:00PM. I am very tired.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday and a Different Day

I slept well last night. I got up early an got around because I knew it would be huge day.  I made a trip to Caney with 10 boxes full of stuff at 7:30AM this morning...just as soon as the sun came up. We are forecast for snow after midnight tonight and I may not be able to get over to Caney tomorrow and I still have some boxes to take over.  I got there at 8:00AM, worked for two hours putting away what I could put away and then made another trip back for the rest of those eight boxes.

That was mainly the groceries. I got them into the pantry and the shoes into a closet and everything I could put away, put away. What is left is something that will have to wait until the move and the furniture is here to unpack. I will go over to Steve's and try to get some more boxes. Hopefully when I get back tomorrow (if I can go tomorrow) he will be open. He opens at 10:00AM. Maybe then I can finish all the packing. I am working on that dining room closet. Then I will take my fall and winter clothing over...minus what I will wear next week.

I met Gay at 12:00Noon and we had lunch at Ane Maes in Independence and then she followed me back to Caney to see the apartment. She was very impressed. Of course, it will look even better when the furniture is in and the pictures and the decorative accessories are up. It will be even better when I can get the Roman blinds. I believe I will try to buy them one room at a time. I will do the living room first and then when those are paid for I will do the dining room. Last, I will do the bedroom. It may take a few months to get them all.

I got back to Coffeyville at about 3:30PM and spent the rest of the afternoon packing the empty boxes I brought home. By then it was too late to go back again and it had begun sprinkling anyhow. I went with Marilyn for dinner at Eggberts. We had their chicken salad with fruit. It was very good.

We just got home. My car was loaded with boxes so we took hers.

Now it's going on 7:00PM and I will take my bath and watch some TV until time to go to bed. I only have until Thursday to get all this done. Sunday, we have a basket dinner after church and I will need to remember to bring back my casserole dish from Caney for my corn casserole.  When I get home I will do my newsletters and if there is snow on the ground, I may not go back to Caney until it begins to melt.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thursday and the Bloodmobile

I slept well last night. I got up early and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I had my oatmeal,  juice and Chai. I feel pretty good this morning. It rained last night but I got my car packed before it began. I will be so glad to be able to work from a garage when I get moved. I am so tried of wading through water every time it rains. And I am so tired of tons of leaves every fall.

When it gets light I will take off for Caney. I want to get these boxes over there and even unpacked if possible, before I have to leave to come back to Coffeyville to work at the Bloodmobile. I will have to leave Caney at 11:15AM to be back to Coffeyville by 11:45PM. My shift is until 3:00PM.

Then I will come back here to this apartment and pack some more. I have saved all the Viva paper towels I used to pack the fragile stuff and will use them over time. I still have the rest of the luggage and that dining room closet to do. Of course, I still have the clothes from the fall/winter closet too. This morning I also want to unload the bathroom boxes in the new apartment. All I have left here are the things I am using every day. I do still have the little bit of stuff I am leaving here to do my cake next Monday....a mixing bowl, measuring cup, the mixer, oil, the eggs in the frig and I need to get a cake pan before then. I will probably have to buy icing for the cake. I think I am out.

I also will move the food in the frig and freezer and the canned goods in the lazy Susan before the last minute. I will get that moved on Monday. The big move is Thursday. They open at 8:00AM at the U Haul place so I hope the kids will begin early. It's $75. a day for the van alone.

More later....

I got over to Caney by the time it got light and stayed until  10:15AM and put things away. Then I brought all those empty boxes home.

I found out what happened to my mail. The have a central processing system that automatically sorts the mail now and it takes a week or so before they get that change made.  They processed the change on the 10th, the postmaster here said but it takes a week to 10 days for that to happen. That's why I have not had any mail since the 10th. That means no newspapers except the Chronicle, which is online or I wouldn't have it.

I got back here in time to do the bloodmobile and just got home when Bob came and asked me for my key to his apartment. He had locked his door key in his apartment when he left this morning. He just called and said he got in and he will give that key to Joanne. I will be in Caney and Joanne will have a key and Denise has a key so he can reach someone local if he needs help sometime.

I saw one of my classmates at the Bloodmobile and she had given her son her computer and did not receive the newsletter. So I will print one off for her and get it in the mail.

So more later...

I did that and then I packed another 16 boxes of stuff. I still have that closet in the dining room. I may donate some of that to the Presbyterian church. They have a thrift shop on Thursdays. I should have done that today because next Thursday is my move.

I have packed the groceries and all I have left in food here is in the frig and freezer. I will do that at the last minute. I left my oatmeal and breakfast bars. So mainly, it is my dining room closet and the fall and winter clothing in the den. Saturday I will finish the dining room closet and perhaps move most of the fall and winter clothing over to the new place.

Tuesday we have cakes to take to Independence and I left my cake mix, bowl, icing and mixer here to bake mine on Monday. Then I still have eggs in the frig. I kept the oil and the measuring stuff here too. Phyllis and Bob and Karan can bring me the cakes this next week.  I will still be here.

It's after 6:00PM and I want to take my bath and watch TV. I am very tired. I emptied 12 boxes this morning and filled 16 this evening.  I am making good progress! I will go to bed at 9:00PM for sure. I hope I can stay awake while I watch TV this evening. :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wednesday and More Packing

I slept pretty well last night. I went to bed at 8:00PM. I simply could not stay awake. It had been a huge day. I was up early this morning and finally rested after having put away much of the kitchen stuff over there. And of course John and Leslie had bought me a new washer and dryer ( 👌) and Lowe's delivered that half way through the afternoon. I came home after that and started repacking those boxes and worked until bedtime.  I have had my breakfast and coffee and Chai this morning and packed 14 boxes in all. I will take some of them over there today and the rest tomorrow early. I had promised to help at the Red Cross Bloodmobile on (tomorrow) Thursday from 11:15AM until 3:15PM so I must get something done tomorrow morning. I will have to go over to the apartment very early.

On Friday, Gay is coming if the weather holds up. We will meet at Anna Mae's in Independence and have lunch and afterward go over to Caney to see the apartment.

Last night while I was mulling all this over, I made a decision. Leslie checked on the cost of a bamboo shade for that den room and we will order that at Home Depot. I have decided to use some of that money Dean sent me to order Roman blinds for that apartment. It only has six other windows and yesterday Suzanne told me she will have to replace one of the living room blinds that is broken.  Instead, I will buy Roman blinds and ask Leslie to help me install them. They are simple to install and I could do it myself if I didn't have to climb on a ladder to do it. I will measure the windows today when I take another 10 of those boxes over and tomorrow morning put away the rest of the kitchen and all of the bathroom stuff.

If I am going to load my car again, I have better get with it.

I got all but three boxes in the car and also took my spring/summer clothing.  I have a little bit in the kitchen yet to pack.  Then I will need to start on my luggage in the bedroom closet and the fall/winter clothing in the den closet. The the big job begins. That dining room closet! It is full of Christmas decorations and other odds and ends I have collected. I may have to just de-junk it. I will see how much storage I will have after I put everything away in the new apartment. It's too dark to leave now at 7:05 AM so I will just watch the news until it gets light.

More later this afternoon....

I went over as soon as it got light and starting putting everything away. About 9:00AM or so, Nancy came by to see if I wanted to go to Eggberts for breakfast. She was better today and she was hungry. Her stomach was upset again yesterday. I am concerned that she seems to periodically have either an upset stomach or diarrhea.  Anyhow we had breakfast. I wasn't going to have lunch and I figured breakfast would be better for me anyhow. While we were on our way home, John called and before I could get to the phone he hung up and left me a message. He was at the apartment and was going to install the washer and dryer. When we got back to the apartment he was waiting for us. I continued to put stuff away while he worked and later Steve and Suzanne came and did a little more touching up on the paint behind the bathroom door.  John finished installing the washer and dryer.

I came home about 1:00PM and repacked some more stuff in the boxes I brought home. Then I decided to take a break and go to Bunco out at Asbury Village. I won "most losses". Then at 3:30PM, I came home from there. I will pack some more and load the boxes I pack back into my car.

I will take those boxes over to Caney as soon as it is light out tomorrow. I go to Independence on Friday at 11:30AM to meet Gay for lunch at Anna Mae's and then we will drive back to Caney because she wants to see the apartment.

Hopefully, Leslie will be home sometime after 6:00PM and can order my blinds. I will charge them on my Amazon card and then pay it off after the move. In the meantime, I will pack some more.

So, more later....

Leslie called when she got home from work at 6:30PM. She figured the cost of all the blinds from Home Depot and they came to a lot more then the ones from Penney's that I bought for this apartment...primarily because those windows are strange sizes and these are standard. So I probably will just keep the mini blinds that are up now and perhaps put valances over them. Dean just gave me $400. for Christmas and I would need $300. more to buy the Roman blinds I want for the rest of the apartment windows. I thought about charging them on my Amazon Credit card and paying them out and I may do that yet after I am in the apartment for a month and see what my actual expenses are. But for now, we only ordered the large bamboo shade for the den room. It doesn't have anything covering that large window.  The bamboo shade won't be in until the middle of February either. But Leslie will help me install it then.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Tuesday and My Hair Appointment

I slept poorly last night after 2:00AM. I was thinking about too many things. I think, for instance, that I had better have the water turned on today over at the new apartment. The kids are coming this afternoon to hook up my new washer and dryer and the city of Caney wants to be there when they turn the water on to check that there are no water leaks. This might be the correct time to do that. Also, as I was packing the china yesterday evening, I noticed it has a fine film of dust on it and I should rinse it off and dry it as I put it away. I will check that out.

Then I have received no mail since I turned in the change of address over at Caney, last week. I haven't even received my newspapers...let alone any bills. I have a notion they disregarded that I was to wait until the 24th for the mail to be changed. I made a point of telling the clerk that but there's a glitch somewhere...that's for sure. I will check out the mailbox over at Caney and see if my mail is there. I went up to the Journal last evening at 4:00PM and picked up a Journal but I didn't get the Reporter either. Strange! So I had that on my mind.

I will take the china over there today after my hair appointment and also my summer crops. While I am there, I want to go through the summer clothes in that closet and weed out the stuff I am not wearing. No sense storing it.  I also want to make a list of several things that need taking care of at that apartment. I noticed several of the door stops...the ones with the little rubber longer have the little rubber heads. Then there needs to be carpet strips put down in the doorways or someone is going to trip on that carpet in those doorways. Nancy and Leslie noticed that yesterday. Also I need to see if Steve will change the direction of the refrigerator doors so they open toward the kitchen and not toward the dining area. He may not know how to do that but I will ask.

I need to get over to Pittsburg and Home Depot and check out a bamboo blind for that den window. I want to get that up before we move on the 24th. Maybe I can go Saturday if the weather holds and it doesn't snow again. . Gay is coming Friday if the weather allows that.

More later....

I have spent the past hour and a half packing in the kitchen and I am far from finished.  I still need to go over to Dollar General and get a few things. I need more labels for one thing and also at least three rolls of those soft Viva paper towels to pack the rest of the crystal in. And as soon as Steve opens just after 9:00AM I want to get some more bigger boxes if he has any. But my hair appointment is at 9:00AM and I will go there first! Dollar General should be open now and I will go there first! I have eight more boxes ready to go now. I doubt I can take them all. I will put the china and crystal in the back seat and the Corning Ware and odds and ends in the trunk.

So more even later....I'd better load the car.

I got over to Caney and unloaded my car and starting putting things away.  That's what I did after I got there at 10:00AM. I had all those kitchen  boxes unloaded and put away by 1:30PM.I went out to Sonic Drive In and bought a Wacky Pack (child's order) and ate that. It was after 1:30PM and I was very hungry. I had eaten breakfast at 5:00AM.  Then I stayed and waited for Lowe's to come with the washer and dryer. They got there about halfway through the afternoon. It is really nice! Steve and Suzanne came too and they painted the bathroom. Steve also lit the hot water tank. I had the water turned on because I thought John and Leslie intended to come later that afternoon and set up the washer and dryer. I guess I misunderstood. Anyhow,  I stayed an hour or so and visited with Steve and Suzanne and watched them paint. Then I came on home.

When I got home I started packing again. I had brought those ten boxes home so I repacked and relabeled them. I packed 3 boxes of  my everyday dishes, 2 shoe boxes of spices and couple of shoe boxes of wine glasses, some glass bowls,  and two boxes of Corning Ware. I will take those over tomorrow and unpack them and put them away. Also I will get the bathroom stuff unpacked and in those cabinets.

Leslie checked on the price of the bamboo shade I want to put in the den. I can get it at Owasso at Home Depot. It will be a little expensive but that's what I want in the den. I will move the valance in the den here to the bathroom there and the one over my bamboo shade in the living room here over the one I will put in the den there. I also need to get a shower curtain.

We have a week and two days before the actual move! And then Cox will come out that next day and hook up my internet and my TV.

I am going to watch a little TV and then take my bath and go to bed at 9:00PM. I am very tired.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Monday and More Packing

I slept well again last night and didn't wake up until 4:45AM. I lay there awhile until 5:00AM and then got up and dressed and got myself ready for the day and will have breakfast soon.  I was so tired last night that I slept like the dead. :)

Now this morning, I find I have a very sore finger on my right hand and it is swelled. I will take some Aleve and maybe it will clear up. This is not time to have a problem with my hand. My fingers on that hand are very stiff this morning.

I plan to go back to Independence this morning after I load up the car. I want to get some more bankers boxes at their Walmart. I will hope they still have some. Then from there I will go over to Caney and unload. I will put these boxes that I am taking over, in the clothes closet. The shelf closet is full right now.

I'd better get my breakfast. So more later...

Some of you have asked about a photo. Here it is.

Image may contain: sky, house and outdoor

I am to be on the right side. My daughter and her husband brought the boxes of books.... 23 of them over this afternoon while Nancy and I were working in the apartment. I will go back tomorrow with my china and crystal and put it away after my hair appointment in the morning at 9:00AM.  My daughter and son-in-law have bought me a washer and dryer from Lowe's and they are delivering it tomorrow afternoon. Then my son-in-law and daughter will come and hook everything thing up.

I packed all morning this morning and went out to the blind and drapery place to see if they could do a bamboo blind for me but at 10:00AM they still were not open so I went on up to Independence and bought some more banker boxes to put my china in. then went on over to Caney and took my six boxes in and the spring and summer tops. I hung up the tops in the smaller closet. Tomorrow when I go, I will take my crops and hang them in the closet under the tops.

Nancy and I went to lunch at Eggberts and afterward, we unloaded to the boxes of cleaning supplies and put them away in the cabinets over where the washer and dryer will go.

Then I came home and began packing again. I am working on the kitchen now. I still have the closets  to do. I have ten days until I move and they move the furniture. It is 7:30PM and I haven't stopped yet but I am going to take my bath and watch some TV. At 9:00PM, I will go on to bed. I am very tired. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday and Church

I slept really well again last night and was up at 5:00AM.  I put a load of laundry in this morning and it is in the dryer now. I have dressed and got myself ready for my day and even had my breakfast. There was about four inches of snow out there yesterday and I doubt there will be many if any at church. Today is also our congregation's budget business meeting and we probably won't have a quorum. Several come from Neodesha and are widows. They won't be there.

Bob should be driving today. The parking lot will be full of snow and I hope no one gets stuck. In my opinion, we should have cancelled services. We are in the country and the driveway will be full of snow. I waded around in it here trying to get together the boxes for my move. Oh well, I am no longer making those decisions.

I don't know where we will eat today. It depends on how much snow there still is out there. We may just come home and eat. I have one more frozen dinner.I also have some soup though so I won't starve.

I lack the bathroom and the kitchen and the storage closets in the dining room and bedroom.  If I get to go over there this week and the snow melts, I will take the luggage and the clothing from my spring/summer closet. Most of what is left, including the 20 some boxes of books that should be picked up by John and Leslie in their SUV. They will take up a lot of room in that large van. I can't lift them so John and Leslie will have to handle them. Cyndi had planned to have Jeff and herself bring their pickups and take stuff over. That would be a good plan for all those boxes.

I finally have this bookcase packed.

And here are the boxes. There are over twenty of them.

No photo description available.  

More later...the news is on.

Not much news except the Tulsa news, and of course, more killings and violence. You couldn't give me life in a city as a precious gift!

Bob texted me he is driving but he wants to come back home after church. After I see how things are looking, I may ask Phyllis if she wants to go out to El Pueblito. Otherwise I will eat my last frozen dinner here.

I went to my car to get the phone directory this morning and it appears to be melting some. Still I doubt the Neodesha widows will be out in it. And they may have more then we did since they are further north.

More later...

We had a nice service today and also had the business meeting. Rick and Carmen were there!  It was so good to see those kids again! Afterward, they went up to Just Us but Phyllis and I went to El Pueblito. Bob had driven and wanted to go home So we let Bob leave Phyllis at my apartment here and we went out in my car. Bob wanted to go to Joanne's.

We had a good lunch and I took Phyllis home afterward. Then I got my last two boxes out and began packing the bathroom. I left Suzanne a message and asked her if she and Steve got  the bathroom finished. If so, I want to take my boxes from the bathroom over tomorrow afternoon. I would like to take my spring/summer clothing too. I would go by way of Independence and pick up some more bank boxes. I want to use them to pack the kitchen next.

So, more later. I'd better get my minutes done and sent off to Leslie.

I got the minutes finished and sent to Leslie and also the newsletters and I have four out on the mailbox. Betty, my present landlady, came this evening and paid for my appliances. She also took some photos of the rooms of the apartment that are not filled with boxes. People are wanting to see the apartment and rent it but they need to be able to see it.

I heard from Suzanne and they did not get the bathroom painted. Steve is just not feeling well. They will try to get it done by Wednesday.  But she said I could still bring the boxes over..just not put the stuff in the bathroom. I could just store it in one of the closets. And I will still take my spring/summer clothing over tomorrow too. I will try to get everything over there but the things I will be using the next week and a half and those 23 boxes of books. I cannot lift those. They weigh too much..

Hopefully Leslie and Cyndi and perhaps Jeff, Cyndi's husband, will soon be able to take all those boxes of books over and put them next to the south wall of the den. John is still sick with that sinus infection. He was not at church today. I need to get the boxes over there and out of the dining room. They would take up way too much room in the van we are renting,

I worked all evening until 7:00PM, packing the bathroom. I got it done. All I really need to do now is the kitchen. I will try to get some more boxes at Walmart in Independence tomorrow and do the kitchen with those. If I run out, I will get some more boxes at Steve's. They won't be as easy to handle without handles but I could at least get the kitchen finished.  I did buy some foam packing material to put between the plates, etc the last time I was in Independence's Walmart. 

I took my bath at 7:00PM and lay down on the sofa to watch TV. I fell asleep almost immediately.  When I woke up it was 8:30PM. It's  9:30PM  now and I will go on to bed. But I am making progress. All I have left to pack is that kitchen and that closet in the dining room and the one in the bedroom.