Saturday, June 11, 2022

Saturday and No Particular Plan

I slept fairly well last night but woke up once again with leg cramps,I took my usual med but it took longer to work. I don't have a plan for today. The apartment and the yard are both done for the week. I will do some laundry on Monday. But I don't have enough to do it today. It would have to be a small load. That would be a waste of water and detergent. I will do underwear, pajamas and towels on Monday. I may do some tops today with Dryel. It's been awhile since I have done that and they probably need it.

I was up this morning at 5:00AM as usual. It's almost 6:00AM now. I will go turn on the weather and check out the cats and get back to this later.

The cats were out there waiting for me to bring their food out to them and the weather was on just as soon as I got back in the living room.

Today is forecast for 92 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 97 degrees and mostly sunny, Monday is to be 97 degrees and mostly sunny, Tuesday 98 degrees and sunny, Wednesday is to be 92 degrees and thunderstorms, Thursday 93 degrees and mostly sunny, and Friday 95 degrees and mostly sunny. That's the week mostly hot and sunny  except for hair day.

By the time I got the weather, the cats were finished with their breakfast and I brought the cat food in the garage and covered it.

 May be an image of flower and outdoors 

Even more lilies this morning. It's 9:45AM now and I have been reading this morning...again.

I am bored but if I am going to Dryel some tops I had better get to it.

More later....
it's 10:04AM and I have four tops in the dryer on medium heat for 5 minutes. After that, I will take them out and put four more in the bag with a new dry cleaning cloth.. I will get 15 to 25 dry cleaned this morning that way.

I have five more tops in the dryer with Dryel cleaning them again. It is 10:28AM now and at 10:33AM I will take them out and hang them up again in the closet and put four or five more in there. That should take care of most of the three quarter length sleeved tops. No sense now doing the long sleeved tops. I won't be wearing them this summer.

It's 10:45AM now and I will take the latest five tops out of the Dryel and dryer at 10:50AM. I have five more picked out now. 

I have the next five in the dryer and Dryel now and it's 10:56AM. I will take them out at  11:01 and hang them back in the closet to air out.

It's 11:10AM now and I just put another 5 tops in the dryer with a Dryel sheet. I will take these out at 11:15 and hang therm up in the closet to air out. I hung the long sleeved shirts in the summer closet where there was room for them.

So far that is 24 fall or Spring tops I have cleaned and I still have ten more to put in there five at a time. I have accumulated these tops over a 10 or 15 year span. But they don't wear out because I rotate them regularly.

It's 11:25AM now and I will take the latest batch of tops out of the dryer at 11:30AM  I have one more batch of five to do after this one. And that will be all of the fall tops. There were 39 of them in total. I will do the winter ones next Spring. There are a lot fewer of them.

I got the last batch of five in the dryer at 11:32AM.I will take them out at 11:37AM and then I will eat lunch.

I will warm up yesterday's chicken, potatoes and fried okra that I saved for today. I ate half of it for lunch yesterday. I got it at the Caney Market's deli yesterday noon.

I had my leftover lunch from yesterday for lunch today. The chicken had a little bit too much pepper on it but overall it was O.K. It was better then a frozen meal. I probably should have gone to Copan Restaurant for my small chef salad and ice tea.. I just hated to waste that lunch I paid $8.20 for just yesterday. So eating it just cost me $4.10 each day.

It's 12:42PM now and I have been busy all morning with the dry cleaning.

I guess I will read now. 

I read awhile and then I went to the Caney Market to get some bottled water. I was completely out.

I may download a couple of more books now. I have read the last three I had downloaded.

More even later... It's 1:50PM now.

I have been reading until 4:15PM and then I decided to go up to the market and get water. I was completely out of it. When I got home I heard on the radio that it was 4:00PM. I looked at the clock on my car and it said 7:00PM . I turned off the ignition and then started the car again and started to put the car in reverse but it wouldn't go into any gear and there was a battery icon on my dash along with what I thought to be an oil change icon. I turned off the ignition and got the manual out of the glove box.and went in to get my readers and see how to change the clock. I turned the ignition on again and everything was back to normal except the clock. I reset it to 4:08PM and went up to Main Street Auto to have it checked out and they were closed. So while there I started the car again and everything worked strange icons and it went in gear and I. was able to drive home and into the garage just fine.

I called Leslie to tell her about it just in case she had to come pick me up for church tomorrow. 

When I go down to Bartlesville to Nancy's on Monday I may have to stop by Tate Boys and see what they think about that situation. When I bought my new tires, they balanced them and aligned the car too and changed my oil. So the oil and everything should have been fine. While Keith and Esther were here they even bought me a new battery so that should have also been fine.

A mystery..I hope it's just a one time thing. It's 4:39PM now. I sure no longer feel confident about my car.

More even later...

Friday, June 10, 2022

Friday and Rain Again

I slept pretty well last night and was only up once in the night. Thunder woke me up and I waited for it to begin raining. I got up about 5:00AM, made my bed and got myself ready for the day. 

I am having my breakfast here in the den. I don't look for the cats to be out there for their breakfast if it's raining. I will check in a little while. First I want to finish my breakfast. All I had at lunch  time was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I couldn't face another frozen meal. Peanut butter has plenty of protein in it. 

I guess I will go turn on the weather and check on the cats.I just finished my breakfast.

It took me awhile to get the weather but Scruff was out there waiting for her breakfast. I took it out to her and she ate awhile and left. When I went out to take it in, she came back and wanted more so I left it out there and she ate some more. About the time I thought she was finished, Blondie came over too so he ate and she joined him and ate even more.

About the time they both filled up and left, I took the food in the garage and covered it and the weather came on so I grabbed my phone and took a picture of the forecast.

Today is to be 85 degrees and cloudy,  Saturday is to be 91 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday 98 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday 95 degrees and sunny, Tuesday is to be 91 degrees and sunny, Wednesday 90 degrees and partly cloudy, and Thursday 77 degrees and isolated thunderstorms, 

At least we will have a few days without rain and Krystal can mow Sunday afternoon or evening.

I have been watching the CBS news. 

I see there has been a first case of Monkey Pox identified in Oklahoma...Tulsa, I think they said. Always something going on in Oklahoma.

More later 

 May be an image of flower and nature 

More lilies blooming this morning! Still more to go too.

Keith called this afternoon to tell  me he bad ordered me a new microwave is 1,000 watts and should be here on Monday according to Amazon.

That is very nice of him.The one I have is 750 watts and I always have to cook most frozen dinners a little longer since they usually call for a microwave with more wattage then I have.

Leslie called me this afternoon to ask if I wanted to go with her Sunday after church to take the little girls to Junior Camp for the week. I asked Krystal if she could mow a different day than Sunday afternoon. She suggested this afternoon so I gassed up the mower and cleaned it up a bit and told her that would be good. I checked and the grass was dry. It has been very hot today. She came right over and got it done. I wanted to go with Leslie after church on Sunday to take the little girls to camp. That took care of my dilemma. 

It is 4:27PM now and I am charging the trimmer again. I got most of it done before the battery went down again. I have a little along the curb in front and the back yard next to the fence. I will get that finished as soon as the battery is charged.

I went to the Caney Market and bought a chicken meal from their Deli. It was very good but I saved half of it for tomorrow. It was way too much food for me for one meal.

I went out back and watered the flowers and picked off the dead blooms. The battery is still charging so it may be awhile  before I get that finished. It's 4:39PM now. It won't hurt my feelings if it's this evening before it's charged. It's 86 degrees out there but it feels much hotter. No longer than I was out there, it was still very hot.

More later...

Keith and Esther  leave for Rome tomorrow. They will be gone two weeks. Esther is very excited to be seeing all the historic places in Rome...the Vatican and every thing else.

I got the trimmer charged and took it out to finish the trimming job. It is 6:25PM now and I am glad that is finished. It is really hot out there...88 degrees here now. and very humid.

I will take my bath at 7:00PM and read until bedtime at 9:00PM or so. I am really tired now.


Thursday, June 9, 2022

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept off and on last night and finally got up at 4:45AM. Some of the congregation kept texting into the night. Most had to do with Kim having her baby by Cesarean section. It was a boy..cute as can be. But the comments just kept coming. I finally just had to turn the phone off so I could sleep.

Both cats came for breakfast and were very hungry. Neither of them were here for supper last night. When they finished eating and left, I brought the cat food back into the garage and covered it.

I managed to get "the weather on the 8's" early too. Today will be 83 degrees and mostly sunny, Friday is to be 84 degrees and morning thunderstorms, Saturday 88 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday 94 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is to be 05 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday 92 degrees and partly cloudy, and Wednesday 90 degrees and partly cloudy. It looks like Friday has the only thunderstorms in the next week.

In a little while I will start my mopping and vacuuming today. I am pretty tired after my restless night. I may have to do it in shifts. It's a big job for me anymore anyhow.  The mopping isn't a problem but the vacuum sweeper wears me out. I want to drink my coffee and my Chai before I begin.

It's 8:44AM now and I think I am too tired to clean today. Maybe I will get better rest tonight and I can do it tomorrow. I may get the mopping done and run the throw rugs through the dryer on air but I just don't think I am up to vacuuming today.  

I changed my mind...

I got all the bare floors mopped and the throw rugs in the dryer on "air:" I will rest awhile now and think about starting the vacuuming after I rest.

I got all the vacuuming finished except the dining room and I will rest before doing that room. I have the chairs pulled out of that room into the kitchen and living room. 

I will dust tomorrow unless I get rested up enough to do it today. After I finish the dining room and empty the vacuum sweeper and put it away, I will read awhile and rest.

I got everything done but the dusting and I will do that tomorrow. I am very tired.

I was reading one of the blogs of one of the folks who read my blog. They are on a cruise and 29 people on that cruise have tested positive for Covid. Everyone was tested before the cruise began but 29 people have been quarantined now with that virus. That's amazing..... considering no one knows where they picked it up.

Now I will go read again.

 So more even later....

Jess, Nancy's visitor friend, who used to do things for her like washing windows, came over today to ask me about how Nancy was doing in Assisted Living in Bartlesville and I told him about my visit with Nancy on Monday. She seems to be adjusting better to it. She has begun to make friends there and that's a good thing.

Blondie came for supper this evening. I didn't see Scruff anywhere. When Blondie finished eating, I took the cat food back in the garage and covered it.

It's 6:21PM now and I have been reading this afternoon again.

At 7:00PM, I plan to take my bath and put my pajamas on and my robe and read until time to go to bed at around 9:00PM.


Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Wednesday and a Hair Appointment

I slept fairly well last night. I did wake up at 5:00AM with a very sore shoulder again. I may have to get out the brace Leslie gave me a couple of years ago when this first happened. That fixed it for a couple of years. I was up at 5:00AM as usual. I am eating my breakfast here in the den. I have been reading my e-mail and the new Chronicle. I lost another classmate. Jack Bishop died at 87 yesterday. I have now lost 159 classmates from our class of Coffeyville's Field Kindley High School class of 1953.

I have my hair appointment in Coffeyville at 9:00AM. It is just now 6:44AM so I have some time.

I haven't yet checked "the weather on the 8's"or on the cats. 

I ought to at least check on the cats. It's late for them.

Sure enough..both cats were out there waiting for me to open the door. I took out their food and they are both eating now. I don't think Scruff was here for supper but Blondie was. He is finished now but Scruff is still eating. 

It's 6:56AM now and in a couple of minutes the weather may be on.  It doesn't often come on every "8" but usually it does. It looks like they may skip the 6:58AM "8".

Both cats have finished eating now but they are still sitting out there on the sidewalk enjoying "no rain". It is supposed to rain this morning unless they have taken it out of the forecast for today.

I finally got the "weather on the 8's". Today is forecast for 82 degrees and isolated thunderstorms, Thursday is to be 83 degrees and mostly sunny. Friday's forecast is to be 83 degrees and AM thunderstorms, Saturday is to be 85 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday 92 degrees and mostly sunny, Monday 94 degrees and mostly sunny and Tuesday 91degrees and sunny. Not a lot of change and it looks like Krystal will be able to mow for me on Sunday afternoon. Friday was the last forecast rain so it should be dry by Sunday afternoon.

It's 7:43AM now. I will leave for Coffeyville at 8:15AM. I want to go to the bank before I go to the beauty shop. I will need some cash for the week. This is my regular hairdo week and I will also need money for the mowing on Sunday afternoon.

More even later... 

I got to Coffeyville in plenty of time for my hair so I went to the bank first and got money for the week and then went to their Sonic and bought a cherry limeade slush and took it to the beauty shop and left it in the car while I had my hair fixed. Then I went to the Medicine Shoppe and got my blood pressure med and then went on to Independence to Walgreen's to get my thyroid med. The woman wanted me to come back in 30 minutes because she had not yet filled it but the weather was getting pretty dark and I went back in 15 minutes instead. She still hadn't filled it but I told her I was trying to avoid the rain storm. She noted that I lived in Caney so she filled it anyhow. 

I got about a  half mile down the road and the storm hit. It rained hard enough that my windshield wipers could barely handle the downpour. I just ran them full blast and slowed down to 50 miles per hour.  I could barely see. That was what I was trying to avoid by going up early to get my prescription filled but I made it fine. At least I didn't run into any hail and now my car is in the garage where it will stay. 

I brought half of that pizza from yesterday home with me and I will warm it up for my lunch today.It's 10:48AM now so I have awhile until I have lunch.

I notice some of my lilies are opening today. Some of the white ones opened a couple of days ago and today a yellow and gold one is open.

It's not raining now but it definitely has been raining. Everything out there is soaked. It's a good thing Stephen got his yard mowed Monday evening.

It looks like the best day to have Krystal mow might be Sunday afternoon. It's not supposed to rain Saturday or Sunday so by Sunday afternoon the yard should be dry. I texted her and she thought Sunday after noon would be fine.

May be an image of flower and nature 

This is a photo of the lilies that opened this week. Four white ones and one yellow and gold one so far. The red is saliva. 

I didn't get any mail today but luckily I didn't get any junk mail either.

It's after 11:30AM and I will warmup that pizza for my lunch. I am hungry now.

More later..

May be an image of outdoors 

These are the flowers in my mailbox flowerbed. 

More even later... 

I have been watching the news and it's now 6:45PM and I will take my bath and put my pajamas on and read in another book if my Kindle is charged enough.

I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM or thereabouts.


Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Tuesday and Rain Again

I slept well although I read until 1:00AM. I had no idea the time. I just got engrossed in my book and lost track of the time. It's shortly after 6:00AM now and I am up and dressed and having my breakfast here in the den. I heard thunder awhile ago and I am pretty sure it is raining...again. Stephen, my landlord, got his yard mowed last evening and that's probably a good thing since we are forecast for rain most of the week. This is a very wet spring.

I don't have a plan for today. I may start another puzzle. It has been awhile since I have done one. First I will finish my latest book...the one I stayed up until 1:00AM reading last night. These murder mysteries are hard to put down when you get into the plot.

It's not raining now but it definitely has been raining. Everything out there is soaked. It's a good thing Stephen got his yard mowed last evening.

I will go check out "the weather on the 8's" and the cats.They may not be out in this weather. 

Well, Blondie was out there and I fed him but there wasn't a sign of Scruff. He ate and left and I brought the food into the kitchen...just in case she comes later...

I did catch the weather though.Today is to be 85 degrees and AM thunderstorms, Wednesday is to be 81 degrees and AM thunderstorms, Thursday is to be 81 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday is to be 84 degrees and AM thunderstorms, Saturday is to be 83 degrees and partly cloudy and Sunday is to be 88 degrees and partly cloudy.  

That's this week's weather forecast. 

 I will watch the news now.

Scruff finally came for her breakfast and I put it back out there. She is eating now.  

More even later...

I read for awhile and then I decided to go up to Independence to Big Cheese and have lunch. I invited Leslie but she and John were in Bartlesville. I tried texting her after I had my lunch but she didn't answer this time so I won't trouble them again.. I brought some of the pizza home for lunch tomorrow.

I went back to my book but I am not getting interested in this one. 

I got a graduation announcement from Sage in today's mail.I wasn't sure what to get her so I bought her some house slippers. The past two  gifts I bought her were a bracelet with a volley ball on it and the next gift was a necklace that matched it. But what does one buy for a gift for an 18 year old anymore. I sent off the gift in today's mail. She should have it Saturday.

The sun is shining brightly. It's not raining now.

It looks like the best day to have Krystal mow might be Sunday afternoon. It's not supposed to rain Saturday on Sunday so by Sunday afternoon the yard should be dry.

More later...

I read some more this afternoon and finished another book.I will need to download some more free books from Amazon.

It's 5:42PM and I won't take my bath until 7:00PM. I am watching CBS news right now.

I texted Krystal about mowing Sunday afternoon about 3:00PM-3:30PM She agreed to do it then.

I hope it doesn't rain Saturday and Sunday.

My friend from Independence Missouri, Joanne Stoner, contacted me this afternoon to tell me she is planning  to move to Independence, Kansas, in July or August. I always stayed with her and her husband when I went to John Whitmer Historical Association meetings for 35 years. She lost her husband in February. Her kids live in Independence, Kansas, now. She is my age and it will be good for her to be near her younger son. I always liked her so much. I hope she does move nearby so we can visit. It has been years since I have gone to John Whitmer Historical Association.

More even later...I will take my bath at 7:00PM and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM or so.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Monday and a Trip to see Nancy

I slept well last night. I got up this morning and stripped my bed and have a load of laundry in the dryer now. I have remade the bed already. I am dressed and ready to go for the day. I am getting ready to have my breakfast. I am drinking my coffee now. It is 6:16AM. 

I heard a lot of thunder last night. I assume it rained. I haven't looked out yet.

I looked out and my lilies are blooming, It did rain. I had to tie one of them up to keep it upright.

I had asked Kelly if he wanted to have breakfast this morning. He had asked me while Keith and Esther were here and I had their company and took a rain check. He was sick yesterday and not at church...neither was Melissa. He says he is working today. This is usually one of his days off. Maybe he is making up a day he missed.

Anyhow, I am working on eating my oatmeal now. 

More later ...I will go check on the weather and the cats.  

I got the weather forecast and Scruff was the only cat out there for breakfast. I fed her and when she finished and left, I put the cat food away in the garage and  covered it.

I folded most of the laundry and put it away too. The towels are the only things left in the dryer.  It's 7:02AM now. I got the dishes done too and they are drying in the rack.

Today's forecast is 85 degrees and partly cloudy,  Tuesday is 81 degrees and scattered thunderstorms, Wednesday's is 82 degrees and AM thunderstorms, Thursday's is 84 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday's is 81  degrees and AM thunderstorms, Saturday's is 80 degrees and partly cloudy, and Sunday's is 83 degrees and partly cloudy.

Still lots of rain...

It's a little after 9:00AM and I need to stop by the Dollar General store before going on to Bartlesville to visit Nancy. I need two or three things I can get there

  More even later...

I visited with Nancy for awhile as she got dressed and then we decided to go to Caney and see what had been done about the building downtown that had burned. Nothing much was done at all. We drove around for awhile and then went to Eggbert's for lunch. We drove by Nancy's house and found that Dale was there looking for the garage door openers.Nancy's daughter -in-law had been looking at them and she left her glasses there too. Dale thought she might have put the garage door openers in her purse and had texted her to see if that was what had happened. He wanted Sandy to get the furniture she had in Nancy's garage out of there. He is showing the house to people.

I took Nancy back to Bartlesville after that and said goodbye to her. I will go back next Monday and take her to lunch again and for another drive. Today was a lovely day and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

I got home about 2:30PM. I stopped by Mr. G's and bought a small butter pecan flurry. I see they have  a realtor's "For Sale" sign in front of their building now. 

More even later... 

It's 6:05PM  now and I have been reading this afternoon. Stephen came to the duplex after his work and is mowing his yard right now.  I apologized for getting my rent check to him a day late and he said it was no big deal. But I felt bad about it. 

I will take my bath closer to 7:00PM and plan to go to bed around 9:00PM or so. It has been a big day.

Tomorrow will be a quieter day. I have my laundry done and nothing planned for tomorrow. I will get my hair cut on Wednesday at Toni's in Coffeyville. Thursday I plan to clean the apartment again.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Sunday and Church

I slept fairly well last night except about 2:00AM I woke up with leg and foot cramps. I took some Hyland leg cramp medicine. You put the tablet under your tongue and while it melts, the cramps go away. I keep it  on hand all the time. Every once in awhile I have leg or foot cramps and sometime like last night, I have both. I finally got back to sleep and shortly before 5:00AM, I got up.

I made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day.

Now, I am going to make my breakfast.

O.K. I have my breakfast now and will have to wait awhile for my oatmeal to cool a bit to eat it. In the meanwhile, I will go check on the weather and the cats.

So more later... 

The cats were both out there waiting for their breakfast so I took their food out to them. When I got back to the living room the weather on the 8;s" was just coming on so I grabbed my phone and took a photo of the week's forecast.

Today is to be 81 degrees with morning thunderstorms, Monday is to be 86 degrees and AM thunderstorms, Tuesday is to be 80 degrees and AM thunderstorms, Wednesday is to be 82 degrees and AM thunderstorms, Thursday is to be 83 degrees and partly cloudy and Friday is to be 84 degrees with AM thunderstorms. Lots of rain!  All but Thursday!

Thank goodness I got the yard mowed on Friday

It's 6:12AM and it's pouring down rain out there. The cats are gone..of course.. and I need to get the cat food into the garage and cover it.

I got the cat food into the garage and covered. It was a little damp but I think it will be alright. It's raining very hard out there. 

I notice the rain has let up a little but there's still lots of thunder out there so it's not finished yet. I just hope it doesn't hail while I am at church. 

It turned out to be a pretty day at church and we had a nice sized small congregation. We had four that didn't come but it was raining so I am not surprised.

Karan had a good sermon and it was Communion Sunday.

Phyllis Fredensborg and I joined Rick and Carmen to eat at Just Us in Cherryvale. The others went somewhere else.....probably with John and Leslie.

I got home about 12:15PM and will read awhile now....

I wrote letters to those who weren't at church today and told them we missed them and sent them the bulletin. 

So more even later....

It's 7:22PM now and I just finished my bath. I read all afternoon in another newly downloaded book. I will get back to it as soon as I catch this up.

I plan to go to bed sometime around 9:00PM