Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Sales

Independence is having their annual August sidewalk sale and I am meeting Leslie at 7:00 this morning. Not that I will buy anything but I like to look. I don't get my social security until Wednesday and I really don't need a thing.

I awoke again at 11:45 and again at 2:30 this morning. I stayed in bed and went over all sorts of things in my mind. I finally got about another hour's sleep before giving up and getting up. It's almost 6:00 AM now and I need to leave town at 6:30. First I will water the plants and then feed the animals before leaving.

More later....

I went to the sales. I didn't buy anything but Leslie did. She bought herself a purse and a couple of Christmas gifts....good buys.

We stopped at a donut sale and bought a cinnamon roll and hot chocolate. Then I came home. She was going home to make some more salsa.

I started to start my car and it would not turn over. I got out awhile and then tried again later. It started fine that time. Then I went to Wal Mart to get Slinky's dog food and it started just fine again. It always concerns me when the car does that.

This afternoon, after a nap, I went to the hospital to see Phyllis. This evening, I took a shower and washed my hair. I had a ham and cheese sandwich for supper. Now I am just watching TV.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Quiet Friday

It's been rather quiet today. I need to get out there and trim but I am feeling lazy. I woke up at 3:00 again this morning and have not felt rested today. I did water everything and take Slinky for his walk.

Leslie e-mailed me awhile ago and asked me to go to the Independence sidewalk sale tomorrow morning at 7:00. We will do that. I learned that the Caney ice cream social is next Saturday so I will not be torn between two events.

Well, I'd better get out there and get it done before it gets really hot.

More later...

The yard looks real nice now. It didn't get as hot today as usual. I napped a bit this afternoon since I woke at 3:00 this morning. Afterward, Slinky came in for awhile and then I went to the hospital to see Phyllis. After that I went up to Sirloin Stockade and had dinner. That was the first time I had been there since the week before Bob died.

Phyllis may get to go back to Windsor on Monday. It depends on what her hemoglobin is on Monday.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome Rain!

Finally...we got some rain this morning to cool off our 103 degree weather. I was walking Slinky when it began and luckily I had taken an umbrella with me.

He got a little wet but the umbrella kept me dry.

It will be later when I go see Phyllis...after the rain lets up. I also want to go to the church and do some cleaning. My daughter has the cleaning this month so I will give her a hand.

Something is wrong with my back storm door. It won't close completely. It's like it is torqued or something. If it doesn't straighten itself out soon, I will call Bobby and see if he can figure out what's wrong with it.

More later...

I got the church cleaned thoroughly and came home for lunch. After lunch I went to the hospital to visit Phyllis. She was doing pretty well. I was hoping they would release her before Friday but it will probably be the first of the week now. At least I hope so. After ten days, my brother-in-law will have to pay for the room at Windsor if they save it for her.

I came home and mowed. I mowed high because of the heat. I'll trim tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I went to Independence early today to get my haircut and done. Then I picked up Juanita to go to breakfast. We had quite a bit to catch up. It had been three weeks. After breakfast I went to the water department to put her deposit down for the shelter house at Riverside Park there. She is planning tom have her 90th birthday party there on October 8th 2011. Talk about optimism! She plans to be around in 2011. This lady has her hair done weekly, dresses well and makes up her face every day. I hope I do as well when I am 88. Her 89th birthday is October 11th of this year.

Then I came back home to Coffeyville to go see how my sister was doing. She was angry because they wanted her to take a shower and wash her hair. After they got her settled down in bed again, she got over her mad. Denise was there and had been there since 8:00. They want her to feed herself again and to learn to walk down the hall. She fed herself her breakfast. Lunch may not be as easy. We are hoping she will be able to go back to Windsor Thursday or Friday at the latest. I stayed until 11:00 and then came on home. I will go back later.

Slinky is back in the kitchen now. He was so hot when I finally got home. It's 96 degrees right now but is supposed to get to 103.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Election Tuesday

I will go vote after I take Slinky for his walk and then I will go to the hospital to see my sister. They may make a decision today about whether to do surgery on her ulcers. They are still bleeding. I don't know whether she can survive surgery in her weakened condition. I saw her yesterday and she was very pale.

I need to do some laundry and clean but will wait to see what the day brings first.

More later...

Phyllis' ulcers were better today. Her hemoglobin was up. They will move her into skilled nursing this afternoon. She is in better spirits this morning too and has even said she will go back to Windsor without any argument when the time comes. Afternoons are the worst though. They will move her after her lunch.

They didn't get her moved until 3:00 today and then she was in with a woman who had fallen and hurt herself and was all bruised up. They had her on Demerol so she was sleeping. She had lots of company through and Phyllis was not happy about that. They all soon left though and things smoothed out.

Monday, August 2, 2010

House Cleaning Monday

Today is the day I go to Leslie's to clean her house. I hope Slinky is better today. He was not feeling well yesterday. He was constipated. I gave him some All Bran with his dog food last night. I hope it helps. As soon as it gets light I will take him for his walk.

I talked to my brother-in-law last evening. My sister's ulcers are bleeding again. They are giving her blood now. They gave her two pints last night. I don't know how long they will keep her in the hospital. My niece went in to sit with her yesterday morning and her bed was soaked and all her bedclothes too. She called the nurse in and they changed everything and bathed my sister. That's the problem. When no one can sit with her and she cannot push the call button by herself. She now has a urinary track infection and thinks she has to go constantly yet cannot. What a mess.

I came in to check my desktop computer this morning and found the dreaded blue screen. I rebooted and everything came back but I have no idea what is going on. That's the third time in a month that's happened.

More later....

I took Slinky for his walk. He did do his BM but there was blood in it. It could have been hemorrhoids, I guess. The blood was red. He strained a lot the past two days. The heat has really got to this old dog.....poor guy. I let him in the kitchen some in the afternoon but he wants to be out. He just can't take this heat. It's supposed to be 101 today.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Church Today

It is going to be a scorcher again today. No telling what my air conditioning bill will be for July and especially August.

I will go to church today and then out to lunch with Leslie. Bob A. probably won't go because he doesn't like the restaurant Leslie wants to go to. I need to call him this morning and see how yesterday went.

Elections are Tuesday here. It will be interesting to see if the Republican prevail. This is a Republican state.

I just took Slinky for his walk and it is already pretty muggy out there. I will probably stay in this afternoon and evening.

I got a large bill from the hospital yesterday. I took some of my savings out and transferred it into checking to pay it. Always something. I hope that's the last of them.

More later...