Saturday, September 3, 2022

Saturday and a Disapointment

I slept very well last night anticipating being able to pay my bills today. It looks like it's going to be Tuesday before I see the deposit in my account that was made yesterday noon. It may show up later today but I doubt it. I checked their hours only to learn they are not open on Saturdays..

I will need to go tell Josh, my mechanic, that it may be Monday now before I can pay him. 

I had better go fix my breakfast and check on the weather and the cats

So more later.... 

I want to watch the Ohio State football game that will be on the ABC network tonight at 7:30PM. That's Ginger's (my daughter -law's) alma mater and they never miss a game. Scott, my younger son, and her husband, always tells me when they play. They are second in the standings in the nation right now.   They are playing Notre Dame this evening.

I see both cats were out there waiting for me to open the door and see them waiting for their breakfast. They have eaten now and I should put their food away before the ants find it.  

I finally saw the weather forecast. Today is to be  94 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 90 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is to be 90 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday 90 degrees and mostly sunny, Wednesday 91 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday 90 degrees and mostly sunny, and Friday 92 degrees and mostly sunny. Not much chance of rain next week.

It's 9:40AM and only 71 degrees. this will be  a good time for me to take my walk. 

I got back at 10:03AM. I made it a half mile this time. It was only 71 degrees and that made it easier. I like doing it in the early morning.

The deposit still has not been made and I called the bank and they are not open on Saturdays and since Monday is a holiday it will be Tuesday before that deposit will be here. I went up to the garage to tell Sherry it looks like it will be Tuesday now before the bank downloads that deposit. 

It's disgusting!

It is 3:15PM and I have been reading all afternoon. I had a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich for my lunch.

So  More even later...

I have read this afternoon and also watched "Highway Through Hell"  on the weather channel. Now I am going to take my bath  and get my pajamas on to watch that 7:30PM football game.

After that,I will go to bed.

Friday, September 2, 2022

Friday and Dusting

It was another of those nights...not much sleep. I was up early and just read for awhile. Now I will fix my breakfast and a little later, check on the cats.

The electric bill has me upset.. since until the 14th, I have no money to pay it.

And then I will have to also make a $100. payment on my car repair bill and also make a payment on my tires.

Enough of that.

I will get my dusting done today. The rest of the housework is done and thank goodness... even the mowing. I feel good about that.

I'd better get my breakfast. My dinner/supper was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so I am hungry this morning. I have some cheddar/broccoli soup mix to make up for my dinner today. That will hold me for a couple of days.

More later...

I did catch the weather forecast and it is different from what I expected. Today is forecast for 88 degrees and AM rain, Tomorrow 92 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday 90 degrees and mostly sunny, Tuesday 91 degrees and mostly sunny, Wednesday 93 degrees and mostly partly cloudy,Thursday 91 degrees and isolated thunderstorms.

So there is some rain in this week's forecast. We'll see how that goes. We were under storm warnings last evening and nothing happened at all, not only no rain but no wind or any sign of a storm. So they really missed that one.

It's 6:30AM now and I had better check on the cats again.

Well, Blondie was out there but I didn't see a sign of Scruff. I went ahead and put the food out there for Blondie. It is raining a little right now.  I put that cat food closer to the door. I don't want it to get wet.

More later....

I have been reading all morning and just fixed myself another peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my lunch. I am having a cup of Chai with it.

I saw both cats come to eat later.

It's 12:50 PM now. 

It's 3:00PM now and I just got a bill from Amazon Credit Card... for $148.99 and that's for my Amazon Prime $139.00 annually and $9.99 for a Kindle subscription. Amazon Prime was $99.00 when I first signed up for it and now it is up to $139.00 annually for that and a new charge of $9.99 for a Kindle subscription. I have never had to pay anything to Kindle as long as I just read the free books but now there is evidently a subscription charge. 

Everything changes, I guess. I pay that Chase card off every month so I guess that's on my list of things to pay when I get my social security. Always something new. 

I have read all afternoon and it's7:56PM and I just had my bath and put my pajamas and duster on but first I just stopped once to go get a Neslie's at Sonic. I will go back to the book shortly. I went to close the shades and the front door and noticed both cats waiting for me to notice them and feed them their supper. So I took the cat food out there and after they finished eating, I took the cat food back to the garage and covered it up.

Now I will read until time to go to bed!

Maybe more later...

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Thursday and Mowing

I slept pretty well last night and was up at 5:00AM, dressed and got my breakfast made and am eating it here in the den as usual. 

I will clean the apartment later on this morning. If it should cool down a bit this evening, I will mow the west side of my yard. It looks terrible and the front and back are neat. I may do half of it tonight and the other half tomorrow night. I can probably manage it that way just fine.

Now I will go turn on the TV and watch for the weather forecast and check on the cats. It is 5:48AM now. 

I did catch the weather report: Today is forecast to be 93 degrees and mostly cloudy, Friday is to be 92 degrees and mostly sunny, Saturday is to be 93 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday 93 degrees and partly cloudy,  Monday 91 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday 93 degrees and partly cloudy, and Wednesday 93 degrees and partly cloudy. That's it for the rain in the forecast for the week.

It's 6:44AM and when I opened the door this time and both cats were out there..hungry. So I took their food out to them and they are eating now. They are both pretty calm this far.  Neither of them are hostile this morning. That usually happens when Scruff wants to eat out of Blondie's side of the bowl and he objects by slapping her in the face. So far they are sharing fine.

They ate and are gone now so I took the cat food into the garage and covered it.   

It's 7:05AM now. 

It's 8:11AM now and I have just mowed my west yard! Amazing! The only thing I can figure is it's partly the 12 pounds I have lost. I figure that's 12 pounds I'm not carrying around with me and that helped me be able to mow that west yard. Of course it helped a lot that it was only 62 degrees out there. There was dew on the grass but Stephen had mowed his yard last week when it was wet with dew and managed so I thought I would try it too. I even was able to empty the grass bag twice and amazingly enough, I was even able to lift that yard bag full of wet grass into the dumpster. So I managed to do the entire yard myself this week. I am so glad!

Maybe I can manage to mow my own yard the rest of the mowing season.

I have decided to clean the apartment in two days. I will mop today and may wait until tomorrow to vacuum. I have nothing on the calendar for tomorrow anyhow.

I got the mopping finished and now have only the vacuuming to do. I will rest awhile..maybe go back to my book... and then after I rest awhile I will vacuum the bedroom and den. I will play it by ear. After the floors are dry, I will get the throw rugs out of the fresh air in the dryer and put them back where they belong.

More later...

I just had a peanut and butter sandwich for my lunch. It's 12:19PM  

I just received my electric bill today and it was $144.26.That's a lot more then last month. Last month when I paid it on 8/12 it was $63.11. According to Evergy it was actually $166.70 And according to Evergy, I paid on it twice last month. I found no proof of that at all either in my checkbook or on the bank statement register online. The only check I had registered even online was that one on 8/12 for  $63.11. In fact I went through all my year's statements and I have no August Statement in my file at all.

It's a mystery. But I am going to be short before September 14th before I get my social security. I will be about $55.00 short.

It's thundering over in the southwest. We may get some rain! That would be wonderful since I got the rest of my yard mowed!

I got both the mopping and the vacuuming done this afternoon.

I just got a  severe thunderstorm warning from the police for our area until 4:00PM.

Well that was a nothing. We didn't even get a drop and not even a breeze and neither did my daughter and her husband in rural Independence.

More even later... 

I have been reading the rest of the afternoon.It's 7:32PM now and I am going to take my bath.I have had a big day! 

I will dust my apartment tomorrow. 

It's 8:22PM now and at 9:00PM or so, I will go to bed. The Kindle is having to be charged again.



Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Wednesday and Hair Day

I slept fairly well last night but was still up too early as usual. I made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I go to Coffeyville this morning to get my hair done at 9:00AM but then will come back home because there are no games at the senior center today. They will be next Wednesday and that will be Bunco. 

I fixed my breakfast before I came in to do the blog and am eating it while I do this. 

After I mowed  last evening, I was very tired and took my bath and really went to bed early. I think it was just past 8:00PM. I didn't even make it until 9:00PM.

I will clean the apartment tomorrow so will take my walk this morning after I get home from Coffeyville and at noon I will go buy my Child's Wacky Pack at Sonic. That will be my $2.18 lunch. 

About 6:00AM I will go check out the weather forecast and also check on the cats. At least one of them (Blondie, I think it was) came for supper last evening but I was mowing so he was just out of luck. He will probably be here bright and early this morning...maybe both of them.

I caught the weather this morning.Today is to be 95 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday is to be 95 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday 91 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday 94 degrees and partly cloudy,  Sunday is to be 93 degrees and mostly sunny, Monday will be 93 degrees and partly cloudy,Tuesday 91 degrees and partly cloudy. No rain forecast for the next week.

Now, I will check on the cats...

Sure enough they were both there waiting for me to open the door at 6:28 AM so I got out their food and they are out there eating like they hadn't eaten in a long time. Scruff tried to move Blondie out of her way so she could eat from the side of the bowl he is using. He bats her on the face and moves her back to her side. If he gets too rough with her, I bawl him out. There's plenty of food for both of them.

They appear to be finished and gone now. I'll get that dish back in the garage and cover it.

It's a little after 8:00AM now and I have been watching the news.In about15 minutes, I will leave for Coffeyville.I'd always rather be a little early then late. I can always read a magazine in their lobby until Toni is ready for me. 

I got my hair done and came on back home. It's 9:45AM now. If the grass were dry, I would mow..but it isn't.

It's 10:29AM now and I just finished the trimming. I will need to rest up and drink some water before going back out and finish sweeping up the mess.  Luckily it's only 81 degrees right now. It's supposed to get to up to 95 degrees today.

I will read awhile to rest up.

I did read awhile and then went out to Sonic and bought my $2.18 Child's Wacky Pack for my lunch. Then from there I went to the market to buy water. Then I read some more. It's 94 degrees here now and too hot to go outside. 

It's 4:43PM now and I just walked my four blocks. That's my 5 minute walk. It's 4:48PM now and I am supposed to do that for a week before increasing it two more blocks. For right now at 94 degrees, that is plenty.  I can do a lot better if I don't have that kind of temperature to contend with. Luckily some of that is in the shade.

I will go back to my book for awhile. I have instead been watching the CBS news. I recorded it so I could eliminate the commercials.

I will take my bath now and then read on my book later. It's still 91 degrees out there...way too hot to mow. At least I got the trimming finished. I would like to get that west side mowed though but it will have to be cooler for me to do it.

More later...

It's 7:05PM and I have just had my bath and put my pajamas on and my duster. Now I will read awhile. I have that new Reader's Digest condensed book I started as well as two more on my Kindle. I will probably read for a couple of hours.

It's 8:15PM and awfully early to go to bed but I am tired of reading and have no interest in TV... once I've seen the news. I don't know of any programming I am interested in..maybe "Bull"... but not enough to follow it on  a regular basis. 

I guess I will finish this and just go on to bed.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Tuesday and No Particular Plan

I slept well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I have made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I have even made my breakfast and am eating it here in the den. I have nothing planned for the day but to read. I may do a little laundry. If it's a nice mild day, I may take a walk. I need to start doing that again. This evening after it cools down a bit I intend to mow. I will just mow the back and the front. Stephen was here last evening and mowed his yard. They may have stayed the night. I saw both cars were here.

In a little bit, after my breakfast, I will go turn on the TV and check the weather forecast again. It rained a little last evening but Stephen mowed anyhow. I couldn't have done that with my mower because it collects the clippings in a bag. They would have clumped. It needs to be dry for me to mow. My mower is not self propelled like his either.

I will also need to check on the cats later more toward 6:30AM. It's only 5:50AM now. Scruff came last evening for some supper but she didn't eat a lot.

More later... 

I checked and the cats were not out there yet. 

The weather did come on though.Today is to be 95 degrees and partly cloudy. Wednesday is to be 95 degrees too and sunny, Thursday also 96 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday 94 degrees and isolated thunderstorms, Saturday 93 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday 94 degrees and mostly sunny, and Monday 95 degrees and mostly sunny. Friday is the only day that even has a chance of rain.

More later..I still need to check on the cats again... 

The cats finally  came for breakfast and I fed them. They finished and now I need to get that cat food back in the garage and cover it.

More even later... 

It's 10:15AM now and I have been reading my book and got it finished. 

I am doing some laundry now. I would like to mow but the grass is too wet with dew. I will have to wait until evening.

More even later.

I dried the laundry and put it away and then read until my Kindle needed charging again. 

I have been answering mail I got today from Consumer's Report  charging me for the second time for the subscription for myself and Scott. I sent them the information of the amount I paid weeks ago and the number of the check.

Then I got an e-mail from them apologizing for the oversight.  I told them they had at least one incompetent employee since I had already sent them the check and that information twice and they were still billing me for it. I suggested they look up their records of my payment.

I got an e-mail back from them apologizing for their error. I sure hope this is the last of their mess. I have subscribed to Consumer's Report for years and this is the first time this kind on nonsense has happened. If I didn't keep records of that sort of thing, I might have accidentally paid it twice. Disgusting!

My Consumer's Report Health Magazine suggested Anyone my age should continue to walk.It suggested we start out walking for 5 minutes and increase it every week or so until we get up to a mile a day. I walked four blocks this afternoon and back home. I will try to do that every day sometime.It's 2:33PM now and this was a pretty good time to start. I will try to do that every day. It's easier to use the sidewalk to the corner and then turn north and go up to 7th street and turn around and come back. That was a little over a five minute walk. I'll do that for a week and then turn east from Spring street to Main Street and make it an extra couple of blocks that way. That would be a half mile. By fall maybe I can work up to a mile.  I need to do that after sitting around and reading so much. That's not good for me. If I mow the front and back each week that would just be something extra. I can mow in the evening when it's cooler. That's what I did last week. I never did get the west side done but it's probably too much for me to do. Or I might do it in two sessions. I will play it by ear. If I mow it myself, I can save $100 a month on mowing.

That's the $100.00 a month I can pay Josh for my car repair every four weeks. It would take me four months to pay it that way. I doubt we will be mowing four months from now though. But that would take care of it September and October.

More Later...

I am waiting for it to cool down so I can mow this evening. It's up to 95 degrees  now. Instead of getting cooler it's getting hotter. Earlier this afternoon it was 90 degrees. It's 5:45PM now.

So more even later...

I got the front yard mowed and took the mower around to the back yard. After I drink some water and rest a bit, I will mow the back yard. The front yard is mostly in the shade and so is the back yard. The west side is the largest and hardest. It's 6:34PM now.

More later..I had better get to that back yard. It's mostly done but I had to stop for water..I will drink some more water and rest awhile again and then finish the back yard. The west side will have to wait. Maybe I can get to it Thursday night....or even tomorrow night.

No, I can't do that.I am having my hair done tomorrow morning. I sweat so badly when I mow that would ruin my hair. I will just have to let the west side go until next week.....maybe next Tuesday evening. 

I've had my bath and have my pajamas on and duster. It's 7:42PM now. I should sleep like a baby tonight!

Now I will read until bedtime... 9:00PM or so.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Monday and a Visit With Nancy

I slept well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I will go down to see Nancy later this morning and will leave for Bartlesville about 10:00AM. I was up only once in the night and then got right back to sleep. 

I will fix my breakfast next and later check the "weather on the 8's" and on the cats.

I plan to go to Chanute to see my oldest friend,Gay, tomorrow and have lunch with her at Opie's in Chanute. It has been quite awhile since I have seen her.

Right now I will fix my breakfast.

I have had my breakfast and will go check on the cats next. It's just now 6:00AM and still dark.   

So, More Later...

I did catch "the weather on the 8's". Today will be 95 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday 96 degrees and partly cloudy, 95 degrees and sunny,  Wednesday 95 degrees and sunny, Thursday 95 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday 97 degrees and sunny, Saturday 98 degrees and mostly sunny and Sunday 97 degrees and mostly sunny. It looks like no rain in the next week.

It's getting light out now but still no cats at 6:30AM. I will continue checking from time to time.

More even later...

At 6:47AM the cats finally showed up. I fed them but they didn't eat much so I brought the food back in garage and covered it. I think they are eating somewhere else.....perhaps even birds. I hope not. 

It looks like I should mow the front yard again. The rain we got a couple of days ago was not much but it did cause the yard to green up and grow again. The back yard could probably use it too. I would have to do it in the evening though. So I will play it by ear. 

I have begun walking again. I want to go to the World Conference of my church in Independence, Missouri, in April next year with Leslie and I will have to be able to climb those ramps in the Auditorium. By then, I will be 87 years old. So I will play it by ear. Who knows what the future will bring. I am in pretty good shape for my age at this point.

I had to cancel my trip to Chanute tomorrow both Gay and I had some unexpected expenses and need to wait until the 15th to meet again.

I am disappointed but in a couple of weeks we can do it.

More later...

I left for Bartlesville about 10:00AM and went to their Walmart store to get the one thing I couldn't find in Independence's  yesterday. It began to rain there as I went through Dewey. Then I went on over to Nancy's apartment and we had a nice visit. I took her to Eggbert's there for lunch and then took her on a ride to get her away from the assisted living place for awhile.

David, her son, had come last Monday and his wife was with him . His Parkinson's is a lot worse and he falls a lot. She is very concerned about that. I would be too if he were my son.

We had a very good visit and I left about 1:30PM to come back home. I have been reading in my Kindle ever since, I also got my mail and read it. I also got the bill from the company that does the billing for Tate Boys. I will pay on it after I get my social security on the 14th of September. It rained some in Caney too.. but not a lot. It's 5:05PM now.

More Later....

I trimmed the hedge about 6:25PM and then got ready to take my bath at 7:00PM. I will out my pajamas on and read my Kindle until bedtime around 9:00PM.

I don't have a plan for tomorrow now that I have cancelled my trip to Chanute that I planned to tomorrow. Maybe I will do the laundry I didn't do this morning before leaving for Bartlesville.

More later...

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Sunday and Early Morning Rain

I slept pretty well last night and was up about 5:00am or so to the sound of thunder and rain... .a welcome sound I might add. I made my bed, dressed and got myself ready for church. It has rained for around 45 minutes but seems to have slacked off now. Too bad..we desperately need the rain. Everything is yellow in this area. If it's still raining mid morning, it will seriously affect the attendance at church and lets face it, we sure don't need anything to do that. 

Our congregation is ageing and dying off little by little and we are not attracting many new people. For one thing, our people are not particularly into inviting new people possibly because of the small size of our congregation. 

We let the Independence people, which consisted of six people when we built the church in 1999, influence where we built it. They had run out of money altogether and had to sell their building. They were using their small building fund to pay their utilities. They wanted us to build our new church halfway between Independence and Coffeyville and the building committee at the time tried to accommodate them. 

Unfortunately that seems to have been a mistake. Within ten years, they had mostly died off and only the Coffeyville congregation, who had the bulk of the money to build, were left. So we are out in the country and now our people are mostly dying off too. I am the only one from Caney..formerly from Coffeyville and I will be 87 in December and am the oldest one in the congregation and will probably be the next old person to die off.  Our Neodesha people are now driving to Pittsburg, which is a larger congregation, and they have sold their homes in Neodesha to move there. We have six people from the Independence area left and they live in the country outside of Independence.  Luckily, they are mostly active. It's a dilemma. We have two from Cherryvale and five from Coffeyville and the others are from the rural area near the church.

It has quieted down now and I fear the rain has stopped altogether. It's still dark out and I can't tell for sure what it is doing. But it is quiet now.

More later..I doubt the cats have come out in the rain but I will check to see.

I will also check the "weather on the 8's" to see what is left of the previous forecast.

Sure enough, the forecast is for AM thunderstorms and so they may be over now. Monday is to be 95 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday is forecast to be 96 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday 95 degrees and sunny, Thursday 95 degrees and partly sunny, Friday 96 degrees and mostly sunny, and Saturday 96 degrees and mostly sunny. It's just as I thought!

More of the same...heat and humidity. It's 6:30 now and still dark, of course. I doubt the cats will be out there but I will check again.

Both cats came for breakfast at 7:25AM. I took their food out to them and they ate their fill and left. I will go bring it into the garage and cover it again now.

More later...sure enough, the rain has stopped.

I read until time to go to north of Dearing to the church. I went early to do some cleaning but Melissa had hired a great cleaner to clean the church and it was spotless!

The service was very good and afterward we went to Dickey's, a neat barbecue place in Independence in the old J.C. Penney's location. We had a great meal for $12.50 plus tax. I hope we can go there again soon. Much as I enjoy "Just Us", Dickie's it is a great change and a good alternate place closer then Cherryvale.

Now I will write my letters to those who were not at church today. Gene, Rick and Carmen, Billie Jo and Becky. 

More later...I got those letters written and out on the mailbox for Michael to pick up tomorrow. Then I read awhile before watching the last of the football game so I could then watch 60 Minutes. That was over an half hour late thanks to the football game running well overtime.

After that, I went out back and picked up the leaves in my back yard that came from my south neighbor's tree. Then I watered the back flowerbed. We had a little rain this morning  but not near enough for those flowers. Before I take my bath, I will go water the mailbox flowerbed too.

It's 8:07PM now and I will go take my bath and then get back to my book.

I will  read until 9:00PM or so before going to bed.