Saturday, August 8, 2020

Saturday and Another Boring Day

I slept well last night and got up at 5:00AM, made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I had my oatmeal and coffee and am working on my Chai Latte now. I will also have a breakfast bar.

I opened the door to four cats/kittens  and took their food out through the garage so they wouldn't try to come in the apartment. They have eaten and are now gone....all but one yellow adolescent cat. She is still out there eating.

I have no idea what I will do today. Each day is basically the same...boring. If it weren't for the Amazon Prime and books, I would be in even worse shape.

I am waiting for the weather on the 8's and then will turn to the CBS news.  We have a 50% chance of rain this morning and it will be hot!

They are still going over the explosion in Beirut. That is a major tragedy.

More later.....

It's 10:00AM now and I have been playing FreeCell  in the den on the den laptop computer. I finally got tired of it. I watered the outside plants and deadheaded them. So far we have had no rain.

I may drive by Nancy's and see if she is up and wants to go to lunch. If her cousin's wife, Gina, is there, I will not stop.

More later...

Gina was not there so I stopped and asked Nancy if she wanted to go to Independence and eat at Big Cheese.  She did. I waited until she took her bath and put on some clothes and fixed her face and hair and then we drove up to Independence and ate at Big Cheese. Since I drove {Dale did sell her car} so she insisted on buying my lunch. I told her we would take a drive every week and stop somewhere where they are careful and have lunch if she wanted to. She was delighted! She said that would get her out of the house. I stayed until 3:00PM or so and then came home to get something done.

Krystal and her girls came to mow later then they thought. She had taken them all to Bartlesville to buy school clothes. They got here about 8:30PM and the girl who mowed finished in about 30 Minutes and I paid her. Luckily, I had trimmed earlier and so it looks pretty good.

I will play another game or two of FreeCell and then go to bed. As soon as they left, I came in and took my bath. I will go on to bed about 9:30PM

Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday and Lowe's Comes to Measure

I slept well last night and got up after 5:00AM and dressed and got myself ready for the day. Before I went to bed last night I did the load of laundry I had in the basket, dried it and put it away.

Then when I was dressed this morning  I fixed my regular oatmeal and a breakfast bar with my coffee.

When I opened my front door this morning, I had four cats/kittens waiting for their breakfast . I fed them and they are gone now.

It is supposed to rain today but we can't count on it.  They have a time predicting our weather. They may as well toss a coin. This is Kansas.

Lowe's is supposed to come and measure for the new floors today. We will see.

I had better get that cat food in before the ants find it.

More later...

The man from Lowe's came to measure the area where we will have new vinyl put down. He used a digital tape that actually drew the measurements on a tablet he had with him. New technology!

We will have to have the plumber come and lift out the stool in the bathroom so the flooring can be put down there. We will also have to unscrew the water faucet from the washer.  It is a liability issue with them. They will put the new flooring in the dining room, the kitchen and the utility area and also the bathroom.  I am looking forward to having new flooring. The flooring I have now is pretty worn. It is probably the original stuff.

More later....

I had lunch of a chicken pot pie from Schwan's. Very good! I also had an ice cream bar for dessert. Then I played Freecell for while and watched another "Dr. G" program and then read my Kindle for awhile. Now I am back in the den. It has been raining a little...not enough to worry about. It appears to have stopped. It is 2:20PM now.

I spent the afternoon alternating between watching Amazon Prime's "Dr. G"and reading and playing FreeCell. This is a terribly boring time. It rained a little off and on all afternoon. I just stayed home.

At 4:00PM I  turned to the Channel 6 news and after that the CBS news. Later I watched some more Amazon Prime. I read the book I got on my phone. I couldn't download it on my Kindle but it came through on the phone. Strange...

At 7:00PM, I took my bath and at 9:00PM, I went on to bed.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Thursday and A Change of Plans

I slept fairly well last night but was up several times in the night to go to the bathroom. I got up around 5:00AM.

I had five cats come for their breakfast this morning and only had bowls for four so one had to wait to eat.

I had planned to go to Bartlesville today to Lowe's with Suzanne to choose the flooring for my kitchen but she had to return something for Steve there too so she went ahead and picked out what she wanted to put down and she sent me a photo of it and it is alright.

I learned she wants Lowe's to come on Friday and measure for all that. They will move the furniture out of my dining room and the washer and dryer out of the utility area as well as the frig and range out of the kitchen and replace all of that when the flooring comes in. I am not wild about having vinyl in my dining room with my formal furniture but she said I could put the area rug I have in the den in the dining room like I did in Coffeyville so I may do that.

My neighbors, Pablo and Kylie, are moving in March to a larger apartment or house. They will have their baby by then and will need more room. Suzanne would like the have Nancy move into their part of the duplex when they move and sell her house and wanted me to suggest that to her. I didn't think Nancy would be interested at all but I told Suzanne I would suggest it to her. I went over to Nancy's last evening and discussed it with her but, as I thought, she definitely did not want to do that.  She still wants to stay in her own home.

So, I will clean this morning as I usually do. But I will wait until after the CBS news is over at 10:00AM.

I have watered both plants outside and deadheaded them too. If the flowerbed needs watering, I will do that later in the day.

I want to start my vacuuming now....

I got the entire apartment vacuumed during the various commercials in the news. I left the vacuum out and every time a group of commercials came on, I started vacuuming. Over the first hour of the CBS news, I managed to get it all finished. I will begin dusting next. I want to get that finished today just in case Lowe's does come tomorrow.

More even later....there's another thirty minutes of the CBS news.

After the CBS news went off I watched two episodes of "Dr. G" on my Amazon Prime.

Then I went into the den to play some FreeCell. But if I am going to dust, I had better get to it. Lowe's may come tomorrow.

I got the dusting done in the bedroom and den and I will do the dining room and living room tomorrow before Lowe's come.

I also charged the trimmer and edged the yard. I will probably get one of Krystal's girls mow for me this weekend. I don't want to ask Ryan to do it. That will become a chore if I take advantage of his good neighborliness.

It's after 4:00PM now and I am watching the Channel 6 news. At 5:30PM the CBS news will be on. I will want to watch that too.

About 6:30PM, I tool my bath and then decided to do the load of laundry I had in the basket. It was mostly underwear and  towels. It is in the dryer now. When I get it out and put away I will go on to bed. I have had indigestion this evening and took several Tums. All I ate for supper was banana and a very small apple Marilyn gave me yesterday. That shouldn't have caused any indigestion.

Anyhow, it is better now.

I took my bath at 7:00PM and watched TV ("Dr. G") and played some FreeCell until 9:00PM when I went on to bed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Wednesday and Bunco

I slept very well last night. I woke up once and went to the bathroom but got right back to sleep.

Suzanne brought me two boxes of instant cinnamon oatmeal and I tried that this morning. It was pretty good. I had that and my coffee and will have a full breakfast with Bob this morning. over at Eggberts in Coffeyville. In a little while, after 6:00AM, I will text him to make sure he is up and ready. I will leave here at 6:30AM to go pick him up at 7:00AM.

When I opened the door this morning, Scruffie was the only cat out there so I fed her and brought in the bowls. Now the yellow kitten and one of the adolescent yellow cats are there so I took the bowls back out for them. I don't see the black kitten yet.  Scruffy is back too and Big Yellow Tom.

I will have  a busy day today. I will pick up Bob for breakfast after I go by the bank and withdraw $50.00. I will probably top off my gas at Woodshed if it isn't raining by then. Then I will get my hair done and get everything but the perishables at Walmart and pick up the treat for the Bunco game. I will have some time before 1:00PM. I may stop and have a lunch at Sonic. if I am hungry by then.

Tomorrow Suzanne wants to go to Bartlesville to pick out the flooring for my kitchen. We will see how that goes.

We are usually finished at 3:30PM and then I will come back home. I may vacuum after that since I may be gone tomorrow to Bartlesville.

More later....

No, after my big day, the only thing I wanted to do was watch the 4:00PM news.  That's what I did when I got home. I did not vacuum. I will do that on Friday.

I will watch the CBS news at 5:30PM. At 7:00PM I will take my bath and get ready for bed. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Tuesday and A Cool Morning

I slept well last night and got up half past 5:00AM.  I have had my breakfast and am working on my coffee now.

We all logged onto to Zoom last evening and we all had a chance to wish Keith, my eldest son,  a happy 65th birthday. Scott could not come to Zoom. They were in the middle of a thunderstorm and he lost the internet. He did manage to log onto that special program on his I phone and Keith was able to see him that way. I think it is called Face time. It is a historic birthday and now he is on Medicare.

I see I am feeding four cats/kittens this morning. Scruffie and her two kittens and the adolescent yellow cat are still out there eating.  I have to take their food out through the garage because they often try to come in the apartment. I had that happen once and it was a catastrophe.  I had a nightmare trying to catch her and get her out. Once she got in, she was terrified. These cats are feral and are skittery.

I am not sure what I will do today.  Everything is pretty much caught up until Thursday which is apartment cleaning and laundry day.

I see the cats are gone now and I should get the bowls back in before the ants get into them.

We are forecast for rain tomorrow and Thursday. I have my big day tomorrow in Coffeyville. I will see about having breakfast with Bob, go to the bank, get my hair done and go to the market and get gas and after 1:00PM, have game day at the senior center. That's my usual first Wednesday of the month. All of that and rain too. I may not get gas if it rains. I have plenty. I usually just top it off at the Woodshed in South Coffeyville where the gas is cheaper.

Suzanne wants to go to Lowe's in Bartlesville on Thursday and help me pick out some new flooring for the kitchen. That that is down there now really is badly worn. We will wear our face masks when we do that. After she has Lowe's come measure for the flooring and they are ready to lay it, we will have the boys take the range out of the kitchen so they can lay that flooring where the range goes. Suzanne bought the one in my garage from a friend of hers. I hope it works alright. 

More later..

Scruffie came back after the other cats left and wanted more food so I put the double bowl out there for her. She finally ate her fill and left and  I was about to go out and bring the bowl back in when Big Yellow Tom cat came to eat from that bowl too. He is still eating and drinking from their water bowl now. I will need to wash that water bowl again and fill it with clean water again. After he leaves, I will do that.

It is very un-August weather this morning. It is 57 degrees. I don't recall such a cool August.

I got the food back out for Scruffie and she has eaten a little bit and left again. When I water the plant out there, I will bring back in that bowl.

More later...

I got the plants watered and deadheaded and brought in that food bowl.

I watched the CBS news until 10:00AM and  then played FreeCell for awhile on the laptop in the den. I also went through some of the files in my file cabinet and deleted some by running them through my shredder. I was hoping to find my passport but never did. I don't know what happened to it when we got back from our Alaskan cruise a couple of years ago.

After noon I had a frozen Schwan's meal. It was alright. Nothing to write home about. It beats cooking....especially for one.

The trash people are late getting around today. They are usually here by 9:30AM. It's almost 1:00PM now and they just went by on State Street. So it will be even later. Who knows how late.

Charles is late with the mail too.

The mail finally came and mostly it was junk political mail. Then I went over to Nancy's at 2:00 PM and we went up to City Hall so she could vote.

Then we drove out to the country and enjoyed a beautiful day.

We stopped at Dairy Queen in Independence and had a blizzard. I shouldn't have because I have been trying to lose five pounds. This will set me back some. I had lost three pounds and only had two to go.

I stayed when I took her home until almost 6:00PM. She wanted me to stay longer but I felt I needed to get back home.

I am watching the news now. Dale, Nancy's cousin, called to find out what time we ate our ice cream and was surprised to find that she had told him she was not hungry and didn't want anything for supper. She ate a blizzard at Dairy Queen with me and I imagine she is full. She like to never got around that blizzard and it was a small one. She had told him she had a big meal and he was checking her story. That would aggravate the life out of me. He says she has to take food with her meds.

It's 6:00PM now.I will take my bath at 7:00PM and go to bed at 9:00PM.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Monday and Not Much Going On.

I slept fitfully last night and was up several times in the night. For one thing, I had eaten too much at noon at Sam's. I was kind of miserable most of the afternoon and even took some Tums before I went to bed.

I got up and dressed and got myself ready for the day and had my oatmeal and breakfast bar about 5:00AM. 

Today is Keith's Birthday. He is 65. It seems strange to have a 65 year old son. Of course, Leslie is 63 now and Scott will be 60 in November. I will be 85 in December...three days after Scott turns 60. We are going to Zoom as a family at 7:00PM this evening. We all four have Zoom on our computers. 

I did some laundry yesterday afternoon too so I don't have a lot going today. I checked to see if Keith and Esther's Saturday deposit is in my account yet and it hasn't made it yet.  I don't get my social security until the 12th of August this month. That will be quite a while. I had transferred some money from my savings so I would have enough for my rent. When the social security comes in I will transfer it back.

I see the Big Yellow Tom cat is out there eating now. Earlier I fed four cats/kittens. He just waited for all of them to finish, I guess.

More later....

I watched "Dr. G" episodes until lunch time and then when I had finished eating lunch, the mail came. All I got was a magazine.  I will take that to the beauty ship on Wednesday.

I spent the afternoon for the third week trying to log onto Amazon. I got locked out again. What a mess. I will have to wait until they text or e-mail me that they have unlocked my account. I will need to pay for my Amazon Prime this month. I sure don't want to lose that.

About 5:00PM, Suzanne came over and left me some newspapers. Then she texted me to please move my car out of the garage since her grandchildren were going to bring a different range to put in the garage to store until we pick out the flooring for my kitchen. She is going to replace it this fall. After they left, I put the car back in the garage. There was room for both.

I trimmed the hedge again and cleaned up the mess. I also ran the mower over the grass clippings that Ryan left on the yard when he mowed Saturday.  My mower bagged those up. Then I swept out the garage.

In just a little bit,when Keith gets out of the shower, we will all Zoom as a family and visit. Today is his 65th birthday. Leslie will let me know when it is time to log on to Zoom. We only have 30 free minutes. Scott is in a thunderstorm and he has lost his internet.

After that, I will take my bath and get into my pajamas.  I slept so poorly last night I will probably go to bed early tonight.

I stayed up until 9:30PM  and then went to bed.

Sunday and Online Church

I never got a chance to post yesterday. I thought I had but I didn't so I will make it up this morning. I fed four cats/kittens and my self early this morning.

I watched TV and also played card games on my computers off and on most of the day.

At 11:00PM, I watched the worship service online from Ontario Canada.

I was ready to go meet Bob at Tyro for lunch at Sam's when my neighbor, whose husband mowed for me on Saturday, brought back the dish I took the coffeecake to them in. I was late getting to Tyro on the  time we had agreed on and I am sure he was annoyed. I got there 45 minutes later then him. He waited patiently thank goodness. We left his car at the parking lot at Tyro Christian Church and took mine on in to Independence to Sam's. We had a great fried fish dinner and then I took him back to Tyro to get his car.

I puttered with one thing or the other the rest of the afternoon....played cards on the computer and watched some of the programs I had recorded.

About 5:00PM or so I had turned to the PGA golf and watched that until 60 Minutes came on.

Everything is reruns in the summer except golf.

Then at 7:00PM, I watched the worship service from Springfield Missouri.

This time it was handled well and the sermon was excellent.

At 7:45PM, I took my bath and at 9:15PM I went on to bed. It had been a nice day.