Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Again

I had breakfast this morning with my brother-in-law again. It's becoming a Saturday tradition. As soon as I get my pie out of the oven I will go visit my sister. The pie is for our holiday dinner at church tomorrow.

My brother-in-law has gone to a neighborhood open house at Jack and Marilyn's. He is to call when he gets back from that and we will go to Joplin to look for an appropriate book for my great granddaughter and a gift for my sister. That's all I need to complete my Christmas shopping.

I went to see Phyllis but she was sleeping and did not wake up. Then I went to see Gerry. I visited with her about 20 minutes.

More later...

Around mid day, Bob A. came by and we went to Joplin to try to find a book for my great granddaughter, Sage. We shopped a huge bookstore just outside the mall area. I found just waht I was looking for and bought two. I will get them in the mail tomorrow. Leslie found the address I needed.

Bob and I then went over to the mall where he found a sweater and bought it and I got three special Christmas cards for my kids. I will get them in the mail too. Later we stopped mid afternoon and ate at the Olive Garden. It was a pretty day and we enjoyed getting out of town. We got home after 5:00 and he dropped me off so I could feed my animals, take a hot bath and watch TV. I kept falling asleep in the recliner so finally just went on to bed.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday At Last

I'm so glad it's Friday. This cold has worn me out. The Benadryle has helped me to sleep well and to get back to sleep after Slinky has woke me up. But I don't believe I can take it indefinatly. I'll have to get the bottle and read it. Not supposed to take more then six doses in 24 hours. I don't believe I have taken six in 24 hours.

I am to stay for a lunch at work today. I will take my peanut clusters.

Saturday is clear so far. Bob and I will have breakfast and then I will go see Phyllis and perhaps Gerry. The rest of the day is free. That will be good for a change because Sunday is going to be a zoo. After church we will have our holiday dinner and after that there is the Open House retirement party for Jerry Adinolfi who is retiring as the vector of our Episcopal Church here. That same evening, I have Living the Questions group at Bredesens. So Sunday will be a huge day.

I will need to work on Monday to make up for the loss of next Friday for the Christmas holiday. Tuesday I will be taking the cakes to Independence to the Christian Church. My life just gets busier and busier.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Busy Thursday

This will be a fairly busy day. I will work this morning and then go to Independence to get my hair done at 3:00. Later I will come home and make baked beans for the CMA dinner tonight at Trinity United Methodist Church.

My cold seems to have broken after two days. I am a firm believer in Coldese. The lozenges seem to work for me.

I went to PINCH last night. There were about ten there. Marilyn and Jack had a prior committment. They are planning the Martin Luther King service for January 14th. I have stepped back from too much involvment. This was Bob's organization and I just stepped into his place after he died. I really have no passion for the organization. I will probably drop out eventually. I am way too busy as it is.

I noticed this morning that the motor seems to have died on my garbage disposer. The blades broke off last year so it's nothing lost. It must be an antique.

More later...

Well, the cold is better I am sure. I still have it but it's nothing like yesterday and Monday.

I did quite a bit of work this morning then stopped by Bob's before I came home. He had baked banana nut bread and gave me half the loaf. I was tickled. Then I took off for Independence and ate lunch at Big Cheese while I read my book. I got the ingredients for my chocolate peanut clusters at Wal Mart there and stopped at their Orchelon's store and bought dog food again and then went on to the beauty shop where she washed my oily hair and made me look almost presentable. When I got home I put away the groceries and started the peanut clusters. I intend to take them to the office party tomorrow if they set up.

Both boys called me at work today. Keith had seen the obit of one of his Caney friends and Scott wanted to tell me he had broken up with his girlfriend again. I'm not holding my breath. They have broken up numerous times.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Back to Work

It's back to work today. I have done about all the damage I can do to my week. And on top of everything else, I have developed a of the first in recent history.

I will meet Bob A. this morning before work and have breakfast at Eggberts. All I had last night was a small carton of yogurt and that and a few small cookies was all I had all day.

Slinky has been in all night...woke me up a few times but the Benedril saved me. I went back to sleep. It kept my nose from running. I am out of Coldease and will try to find some at the dollar store. I usually start taking it right away. I only had six left in the package and I took those yesterday. After his breakfast, Slinky wanted to be outside. So he is out there on the chaise lounge now. It is time for me to leave for breakfast so I will add to this later in the day. I have nothing else to do today.

More later...

I met Bob for breakfast this morning and then went on to work. I have a terrible cold and I fought my nose all morning. When I got home and ate a sandwich, I went out to Wal Mart to get some more cold ease. That stuff really helps me. I will also take another benedril.

When I got out to Wal Mart, I ran onto Bob. He was looking for the children's liquid benedril. He had to settle for something else.

Tonight I will watch Harry's Law at 8:00. My PINCH meeting is at 5:30 at the Presbyterian Church. I should be back well before then.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

O.K. It's Tuesday

Today should be very busy. Bob A. will do his stress test this morning..complete with treadmill. That will take three hours they say. He's to be there at 6:30. If they get to him at 7:00, he should be finished by 10:00. We'll see. Hospitals and doctors are notoriously slow. They think the patient has all the time in the world.

This morning I will go to the bank to get some cash, run by the doctor's office lab for my blood work, and take these dolls by Karans for delivery to Salvation Army on Thursday. If I have time I will go by the dollar store and pick up a few things and also by Brahm's for milk. He is to come by at noon and pick me up for our trip to Bartlesville. I am taking my kindle so I can read while he is in there.

I hope this all goes like clockwork. It all depends on our hospital getting him out by noon.

More later...

He got out in plenty of time. He came by here to pick me up about noon and we went ahead and went down to Bartlesville, hoping he could get in early. That didn't happen however. They were an hour late taking him in and another hour before they got to him. Evidently they were swamped trying to get everyone done before the holiday. After they were finished, the doctor came in and talked to me. he had talked to Bob before they put him under. Dr. Vasadavin does NOT believe surgery is the answer. For one thing, he does not believe the drainage is coming from his stomach. He believes it is from his sinus. He had done those surgeries himself for years and decided they were causing more problems they they solved. He stopped doing them six years ago. Now he treats the problem with drugs. There is a new drug that works well that comes out of Canada. He gave Bob a prescription for it and said he would have to order it either by telephone or on the internet. He also wants him to lose some weight and take Benadril before bed.

That will be difficult at his age. He is 77. He has a rather large stomach but is otherwise a smaller person...5 foot 7 or so.

He stayed here for an hour or so for the effects of the anesthetic to wear off but then wanted to drive on home and he did. When he got there he called to tell me he had arrived there just fine.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday At Last

I finally will see Dr. Eslicker today and get this basal cell off my chin. Not that I'm worried about it but I just want to get it over with. I have nothing planned for this afternoon so I'm just going to clean house. Lord only knows it needs it. I am doing a load of laundry right now and that's all the laundry I have.

But the house is truly dirty. The kitchen floor is a real mess. Slinky makes such a mess dragging in leaves and dirt from the yard. I will wash and wax it. It won't do any good because he will track it up again but at least I'll get one layer off. Then the carpets need to be vacuumed all over the house. Let's face's dirty.

I need to renew my thyroid med today and make an appointment to get my blood work done tomorrow morning. That's one thing Melissa wants me to get done before I lose her as a doctor. I still haven't decided who I will go to when I need a doctor. No doctor will make much money off me. I only go about once a year... if then.

I was queesey last night and also in the night when I got up to let Slinky out. I ate too many rich cookies at the cookie exchange last night. I took two tums before I went to bed and two more in the middle of the night. I'm fine now.

More later after I get home from Bartlesville.

Well he got that basal cell removed from my chin and wants to see me in three months to check it out.

After I finished there I went downtown and checked out the gift shops. Then I went to the mall and bought some PJ's and some socks. Then I came on back home. I forgot to pick up my prescription so will have to get it in the morning. Luckily I still have one pill.

I cleaned house when I got home. I did the kitchen floor, washed it and waxed it and blew off the patio and the porch too so Slinky would not drag those leaves into the kitchen. It looks so much better. I vacuumed all the rooms and will do the bathrooms tomorrow and dust. It's supposed to rain tonight.

I tried to call Bob A. several times this afternoon and there was no answer. I even tried his cell this evening and it went straight to voice mail. I hope everything is all right.


He had spent the afternoon at the hospital having tests and didn't get away until 5:00. I was up to the pharmacy getting my prescription picked up when he called me and I ran by his house so he could tell me all about it.

He will have his stress test today and after that he will come by and we will go to Bartlesville for his EGD test for his esophagus. I will drive him to my home and he will stay here until the effects of the IV wear off and can drive himself on home safely. He only lives about a mile from me. It will be a busy day for both is us.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Strange Sunday

I went up to the hospital at 7:00 and Dr. Balson was ready to release Bob but his Dr., Dr. Allen, wanted to wait and do it himself. Dr. Allen got there about 10:15 and Bob called me at Sunday School and asked me to come get him. They were doing his paperwork. I got there about 10:30 and he was all dressed except for his shirts. They still had the EKG hooked up and the IV still in. I waited another 20 miniutes and then went to the desk and asked them if there was someone who could get those off him so he could finish dressing. Soon they sent a nurse down and she did it. He finished dressing and we waited...and waited...and waited. Finally at 11:15 I went back to the desk and asked if there was some paperwork he needed to sign to get out. They agreed he did and said the nurse was getting it ready at that time. About 11:36 she finally showed up with the paperwork. I got him home about 11:45, We met the kids and Phyllis F. for lunch at an Italian restaurant. I had figured they were going to hold Bob at the hospital until noon and then charge Medicare for another day.

I came home and got my letters done and then went to Windsor Place for the support group meeting. We arrived at 2:30 and we left about 3:45 and Bob picked me up at home before leaving for the cookie exchange. We had a good time and got a lot of different cookies to bring home. I put mine in the cookie jar.

Then I let Slinky in the house and fed him and Missy. He is asleep now. I took my bath and put my PJ's on and I have my laptop computer on my lap (along with Missy) and am watching 60 Minutes.

What a day!

Tomorrow I am going to go alone to Bartlesville to get this basal cell carcinoma taken off. Bob A. is to get an appointment with the heart doctor for tomorrow. Then Tuesday morning he is to have a stress test and that afternoon his BGD test. I will take him for that test and bring him home here until his head clears. If all that gets done by 5:00, I will go to the library board meeting. If not, I have already told Jennifer I may not be there.