Saturday, February 15, 2020

Saturday and a Valentine Dinner

Later this morning I will leave for So Ho in Bartlesville. We are meeting at this Japanese restaurant for lunch together as a congregation.

I was cold last night so I got out two quilts and put them over my side of the bed. Then I slept well. I got up about 5:00AM and had my oatmeal for breakfast and my coffee and Chai Latte.

Three cats came for breakfast this morning. Two gray ones and one yellow one...Big Yellow came. I didn't see smaller yellow. Gray Mama cat was one of the first ones.

I put my sweeper back together again (after washing the filters last night) and vacuumed the den room where I now  have this laptop computer. I have only used this room for sometime reading like when it is sunshiny in here. It is quarter past 9:00AM now. I will probably leave in about an hour and look around at Dillard's for some new pjs. Both my present pairs are looking very ratty.

I spent the better part of the morning sending out notifications to my online classmates of the latest classmate death and changing the numbers on those still living and those who have died on my lists.

More later....

I left at 10:00AM or so for Bartlesville hoping to find pjs on sale and also get a pedicure at the mall.

I found the pjs and they were just a little over 20.00 at Dillards. Then I went to the pedicure place and that's where I got hung up for over an hour. I was 30 Minutes late getting to the dinner.

Then I had a good dinner and afterwards, stopped at Miller Brothers and had them fill up my gas tank. Then I came on back home.

Just talked to my son, Keith about GoodRX. He checked on one of his meds that he was recently prescribed and it was to be $265. The pharmacist had him check out GoodRX and it was $18.00.

So he is going to check on some of my brother-in-laws and see what that would do for the cost of his meds.

More later....

I have read awhile this afternoon. Then I turned on the CBS News. I will watch that until 7:00PM and then take my bath.  I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Friday and A Forgotten Prescription

There I made  a trip to Independence yesterday to eat lunch buy my makeup and pick up a prescription at Walgreens. I ate my lunch, bought my makeup but in my haste to see the new puppies, I forgot to pick up my prescription. Darn! Luckily, I am not completely out of it. I will get it later.

I slept well last night and got up pretty early. I have had my oatmeal and coffee and am working on my Chai. I will need to pick up some more Chai when I go back to get that prescription.

It's only 12 degrees out there this morning. I dread to go out there to feed the cats. Maybe I will wait awhile. Poor little creatures out there in that cold.

More later....

I couldn't do it. I couldn't make them wait out there in that cold weather. I took enough food out for three cats. When they were finished I brought in the bowls.

I made another trip to Independence this afternoon to pick up that prescription I forgot.

When I got home the mail had come and I got a nice valentine from Keith and Esther.  That was sweet of them to think of me.

I read almost all afternoon and finished the second book. Now I only have one more to go before I go back to the library.

I also vacuumed this den room. I had left the door closed ever since the desktop computer died. So I hadn't vacuumed it either. But I did today. It's 2:40PM now.

Tomorrow the congregation will go to Bartlesville for our annual Valentine Dinner at noon.

More later....

I was watching Amazon Prime this afternoon and suddenly lost the internet. Cox Cable was working on my neighbor's cable and got mine by mistake. It took him awhile to get me back online. The box had water in it and my neighbor had lost his internet.

I was not a happy soldier!! I not only did not have cable but I had no internet either. Within 30 minutes or so, I had it back.

I finally had internet again and about 7:00PM, I took my bath and at 8:00PM,I went on to bed.

I had lost another classmate and I spent the evening bringing my records up to date. Out of 293 of us there are only 119 left that I know of. I have 147 lost to death and 27 who have not kept in touch over the years. Well,we will all be 85 this year so I guess we can't be surprised.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning Day

Today is the day I usually clean the apartment and I will get to that by this afternoon. Sometime today I need to go to Independence to the Walgreen store and pick up my thyroid prescription. I will probably do that this morning. Then I will vacuum and dust this afternoon.

I had four cats out front this morning to eat breakfast. I filled the double bowls, two blue bowls and on clear bowl. They all ate and then left. It is very cold out there this morning. It is 13 degrees. I brought in the bowls.

I would like to drop by the kids; and see the puppies.  We will see.

More later...

My son-in-law just called to see what my plan is to see the puppies.  I told him I planned to try to see them after lunch and he has deliveries this morning so we will see how that goes.   They are to have their tails docked tomorrow so today would be the best time to see them if it is possible. I will call John before I try to come see them and see if he's around.

I have texted Karen R to see if she can have lunch with me but she must be working today at the day care. She is not sure what her schedule will be yet. She told me that last Friday.

More later....

I ate lunch at Big Cheese and then went out to the kids' to see the new puppies. They are so cute!

Then I came on home and read all afternoon. About 6:39PM three of the cats came for dinner. The two yellow ones and Gray Mama. When they finished, I brought in the bowls.

At 7:00PM or so, I took my bath and at 9:00AM, I went to bed. I was very tired.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Wednesday and Breakfast in Coffeyville

I texted Bob A. about the time I thought he might be up and asked him if he wanted to have breakfast..on me. He agreed and I planned to go on over to Coffeyville even though it was very dark out and raining some too.

I had had my coffee and Chai and some oatmeal very early. I got up about 4:30AM. I had gone to bed so early I had my sleep out.  I picked him up at 7:00AM and we went to Eggberts for breakfast. After I took him home, I went out to Woodshed and bought gasoline. Then I went on to the beauty shop for my hairdo. After that, I went to the Coffeyville library and found the book I had been reading at home and sat for an hour there and read some more of it.

Then I went up to the senior center and waited for the others to come. We played  Bunco until almost 3:00PM and then I gave Karan the directories I had put together and she will sew them on her machine and take them out to church.

I got home about  4:00PM and found my copy of the book and read until 6:00PM, when I finished it.

The gray mama cat was waiting for me to open the door at 6:00PM and bring her dish out to her with her dinner. I haven't seen any of the others yet. It is cold and rainy out there. They are probably holed up somewhere reasonably warm.

More later....the news is on now...

I turned off the TV after I saw the news.  I finished my book while listening to music on Alexa. At 7:00PM I took my bath and at 9:00PM I went on to bed.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Tuesday and Laundry Day

I slept well last night and got up about 6:00AM, stripped my bed and have the bedding and my PJs in the laundry. It is in the dryer now.

I have remade my bed with the aqua sheets Leslie bought for me when she bought my new mattress and box springs last year.

I have had my breakfast, my usual oatmeal, and coffee. I have mama cat and young yellow cat out here so I took them both out some breakfast. Mama gray is still out there eating . From where I am sitting I cant see if young yellow is still there eating.

Oh yes, I see him now. Gray Mama cat had finished eating from her bowl so he moved over to what she had left and is eating from her double dish. She is still there and doesn't seem to care.

I will read today. I got three more books at the library yesterday. I started a new one last night before I went to bed.

More later....

I read awhile this afternoon and then I watched the recording of "Bull" that I had recorded last evening. It was very good! "Bull is the only TV program I watch on a regular basis.

More later now....

About 7:00PM, I took my bath, read some more of my book and at 8:30PM, I went on to bed.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Another Computer Bit the Dust

Yesterday afternoon after I sent out the congregation's newsletter, the laptop's capacity to reach the internet died. I called Cox Complete Care and he tried everything possible to get it to work. We rebooted the modem but that didn't help.  Today I will go with Leslie to Bartlesville to her doctor's appointment and afterward we will go out to their Walmart and I will buy another of those USB internet adapters. She will get it installed for me. like she did for the desktop computer.

I slept well last night anyhow. I have had my breakfast and dressed for the day.  I have even done my laundry. I need to put it in the dryer now.

I have done that now.

I contacted Bob this morning and he told me that Dr. Eslicker was retiring so I will need to find another dermatologist.

More later....

Leslie came by at 9:00AM and took me with her to Bartlesville to the doctor. I am having my records sent to Dr. Hill there in Bartlesville. She used to be in with Dr. Eslicker in the  past but has opened her own practice on Frank Phillips Blvd.  He examined me too today since I had a July appointment and he will be leaving and retiring in the end of April. He zapped me one place on the cheek.

I heard from John today and they have 7 puppies at last count. He thinks that is all.

Leslie and I had lunch in Bartlesville and then went to Staples where we picked up the USB wireless adapter for the laptop and she bought some paper for her printer. And she also washed her car while we were there in Bartlesville.

When we got back to Caney, she hooked up the adapter and got me back online and then we moved everything back to the den and set it up there in the computer console..even the printer. Now my dining room looks like a dining room again.

I finally got everything straightened up in the console and shredded a bunch of stuff that was just junk. It is so good to have the laptop again and to have everything back in the den where it belongs. It is 2:35PM now and I will get back to this later....

I ended up going out to Sonic and had a small Sonic Blast. I couldn't think of a thing I wanted to eat.

I watched the news on TV and I was going to watch "Bull" but decided to take my bath at 7:00PM and went on to bed about 8:30PM

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday and a Good Night's Sleep

I slept really well last night for a change..after night before last. ...which was awful.

I am doing something different this time for the coffee cake. I made them as cupcakes. There was a recipe for that on the box and I had never tried it. Now I have to find a box to carry them in and get them into the church without dropping them.. I don't know whether to try to ice them or not.

I had three cats to feed this morning. I notice big Yellow Tom is wearing a pretty collar now so he may not be a stray after all. I had thought he was from down east of here on my block earlier. The farrow Mama cat and the other smaller yellow cat were all three out there.

I am taking my beans for the dinner following  the service.

Bob tells me Leslie filled the baptistry and put the warmer in yesterday.  He must have gone out to check for that yesterday. I hope this is not a mistake. Time will tell.

More later...

We had a fine service today and the dinner afterward was great too.

When I got home I got my newsletters out and put together six more directories. Karan will sew the centers with her sewing machine.

I added the new member to these.

Then when I tried to e-mail her to tell her, my laptop could not access the server for the internet. It's capacity to reach the internet had gone out.

Tomorrow I will go with Leslie to Bartlesville to her doctor's appointment  and afterward we will go out to their Walmart and I will buy a new USB adapter and she will install it on the laptop to try to get it to work that way. That's how I had to use the desktop computer until it finally died last fall.

Otherwise, I am down to using the notebook all the time and it is the laptop that is connected to the printer. Cox Complete Care can help me utilize the printer for this notebook .

John and Leslie's, Octavia, their Blue Heeler, is having her puppies this evening. She and Hoover , their Corgi male,  will have another litter of Cowboy Corgis this evening. 

More later....

I will watch 60 Minutes now and later I will take my bath and get ready for bed and go on to bed at 9:00PM.