Saturday, May 15, 2021

Saturday and Pouring Rain

For the past couple of hours it has been thundering and raining hard. I managed to sleep through some of it but after the noise got really loud, I just gave up and got up. By then it was 5:00AM anyhow. I have fixed my coffee and oatmeal and will sit here in the den and eat. I doubt there will be any cats out there for breakfast with all this noise and rain.....although it does seem to be quieting down out there now.

It appears Dean will be coming in June the week of the 7th after all this rain this week postponed his trip down here. He can't come next week because he has two doctor's appointments that week. I checked my calendar and my only event that first week is Bunco on the first Wednesday and of course, my regular hair appointment that day too. Maybe for something different to do, he would go to Bunco with me. And the fourth Wednesday of each month is game day.

The two yellow cats, Blondie and Scruff were waiting for their breakfast but, once again, no Inky. The rain has let up just now so the two of them are eating. 

More later...I am watching for "the weather on the 8's" to see if the forecast has changed any. This is Kansas and anything is possible.

I hope Donna from "just me" will log on here. The hacker who invaded my blog not only took away my photo but also eliminated her link. If she logs on here, maybe it will be reinstated. She has followed my blog for years.


Friday, May 14, 2021

Friday and Dusting

I slept like a log last night and only woke up once to go to the bathroom. Then I got right back to sleep and slept until nearly 6:00AM. The full day of cleaning the apartment and then mowing must have done it. I haven't taken Melatonin in at least a week. I have made my bed, dressed and had my breakfast and it's 6:45AM now. If it doesn't rain today, I will mow the back yard after the yard dries out from the dew. I will dust and polish the furniture this morning.

Now I will go turn on the TV and watch "the weather on the 8's" to check if anything has changed in the forecast. Then I will check out the cats and see if Inky shows up today.

Inky did show up today! I was so concerned about him. The other two are here too and they are all three eating like they haven't eaten in a week. Blondie and Scruff are still out there eating. Inky has eaten fast and left.

Well, there goes my plan to mow the back yard this afternoon. It's beginning to lightly rain.

I started my dusting and polishing. I even cleaned out the magazine rack and shredded some old stuff. 

Then I read in my latest free Amazon book until lunchtime. I went out to Eggbert's and had my weekly chicken salad with muffin and fruit. It is still raining lightly. Sure enough, there goes my plan to mow the back yard.

I will get back to my book. It's a good day to read. 

It's 3:10PM and I have finished another book. I downloaded two more from the Amazon free books. 

It' still raining and thundering too. 

So, more later... 

It's nearly 5:00PM now and I have read most of the afternoon. I am watching the Channel 6 news now. 

I watched the news until it was over and then came in to e-mail Dean to tell him that it was forecast for rain all next week. I found his e-mail telling me the same thing. So I called him and visited with him about it.  He said if we wanted to go anywhere and do anything we would have to be out in the rain so he is going to check his schedule and e-mail me his next choice of another time to come.  Then I will check my calendar and get back with him about it.

It's 7:34PM now and I have had my bath. I will read some more before going to bed. It seems I sleep better if I don't go to bed so early.

Someone hacked into this blog and removed the photo from it and also removed one of my reader's links (Donna from "Just Me") on comments. I couldn't figure out how to get it put back since Google took over the blogs. So the photo was an older one anyhow so no problem. It just won't have this photo up there anymore. 


Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thursday and House Cleaning

I had a time staying asleep last night. I awoke about midnight with my feet cramping terribly.  I took some over the counter med I had for leg cramps but that did not help at all. Finally after an hour of sleeplessness and pain, I got up and took it again and this time I simply put it under my tongue. That time it worked. I got back to sleep and slept until nearly 5:00AM. It's almost 6:00AM now. I have dressed and had my breakfast.

This is Thursday and I will clean the apartment today. But first I will go watch "the weather on the 8's"and a little later check out the cats.

It looks like we will have rain all next week while Dean is here. Darn! 

The only cats that came for breakfast are the two yellow cats, Blondie and Scruff. I don't see a sign of Inky. I hope he is alright. He is usually "johnny on the spot" for breakfast. Hopefully he will show up later.

I wanted to mow the front yard before Dean comes on Monday but with rain forecast all next week I don't know when I would get that done. I do want to change my bed and do laundry before he gets here.

More later... 

I still have not seen Inky. I hope he is alright.

I got the apartment cleaned and I will wait until tomorrow to dust. I am really tired. I can't believe how much dirt there always is in the vacuum cleaner. I leave my shoes at the door on a rug so where does all that dirt come from? Strange...Suzanne told me she had the carpet cleaned before I moved in here yet there always a lot of dirt in the sweeper.

 It's a mystery!

I had the rest of the chicken and noodle casserole Suzanne brought me for my lunch. Then I read until 1:37PM and when my eyes were tired, I put away the Kindle. It needs charging again anyhow.

It's 3:29PM now and I have been trimming on my hedge again...this time with the manual trimmer. Then I cleaned up the clippings and threw them in the trash, It looks a lot better but certainly not as perfect as I'd like.

I cleaned up that mess and then decided to mow the front yard. It is supposed to rain this entire next week and it will really need it by then. I got the front mowed and will try to do the back tomorrow. Laura, the nurse who is Nancy's Thursday care giver called to say Nancy was feeling better and would like me to come over to visit. I told Laura I was mowing. When I finished the front, I called Laura back and told her I was finished and would come over then. I hope to do the back tomorrow, If possible, I will do the west side on Saturday unless it rains.

I told Nancy that Dean would be coming this next week and she would like me to bring him over to visit. I told her I would do that if we could raise her. They both attended Kansas University. They have that in common.

I stayed and visited with Nancy until 8:15PM and then I came home to take my bath and get ready for bed. I wanted to finish this blog this evening too.

I have had my bath and it's 9:00PM now so I guess I will go on to bed.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wednesday and Hairdo Day

I slept like a log last night and didn't wake up until 6:00AM..a really amazing night! I don't know how that happened but I am sure ready for the day.

I have made my bed and dressed and am having my breakfast. It's already 7:15AM.

I even have fed the three cats that came for breakfast. Blondie, Inky and Scruff.

I haven't even had the TV on yet to check "the weather on the 8's". I will do that now.

More later...

I have a 9:30AM hair appointment and I will get gasoline afterward. I also want to drop by the senior center and borrow their electric hedge clipper. 

If their old one doesn't work I will order one from Amazon. As long as I live here I will need one. Doing it by hand with a non electric one is slow and messy. 

It's 7:50AM now and I want to leave at 8:00AM because it may be that Toni will be ready early as she sometimes  is. I don't have to go to the bank today because I stopped off there yesterday when I picked up the Coffeyville cakes.

So, more later when I get home from Coffeyville.

I got my hair done and picked up the electric hedge trimmer from Janet at the senior center and also got gasoline while there at South Coffeyville. Janet is not sure if the hedge trimmer is working but I will plug it in and see if it does. If it doesn't, I will order one from Amazon. 

The hedge trimmer worked fine and I spent some time using it and really didn't get as much done on it as I had hoped. I told Janet in a text that it worked fine and was the just the right size for me  and I asked her if she would like to sell it to me. She said she would have to run that by the board and I asked her to do that. I couldn't use a larger one at all.This one was about all I could handle. If they don't want to sell it to me I will try to order one that same size from Amazon. It's much easier to handle and much faster to do the job. I used my leaf vacuum to clean up after it. By then I was really exhausted. I will check the name of that one just in case I have to order one.

It was a Craftsman 20 inch electric hedge trimmer. I will check the price on those just in case I have to order one of them.They don't offer a 20 inch Craftsman trimmer anymore online but I can get a 16 inch Black and Decker one for $32.95. Or I can get a Scott's 20 inch electric hedge trimmer for $32.95.

I went out to Sonic at lunch time and bought the kid's Wacky Pack chicken strip dinner with tater tots and a small coke. On Wednesdays that is on special for $2.18. I get it every once in awhile. It's pretty good and just the right size for me.

More later...

I have been working on that jigsaw puzzle all afternoon and I am almost certain all the pieces aren't there. I sort the pieces according to color and then I put together that part of the puzzle. Some of the parts cannot be assembled because there simply aren't enough of the pieces for that part of the puzzle.

I will continue trying and see if it will work out somehow. It's only 500 pieces. It shouldn't be that hard.

Three cats came for supper this evening and I got them fed and brought in the bowls. 

More later.. It's 6:39PM right now.

Suzanne called me this evening and asked me to go walking with her. We walk at the cemetery and it's always mowed and beautiful. It's a good place to walk. Then after that, we went to Big G's and had a small flurry.  We drove around Caney for awhile and looked at houses and everything. We had a nice visit.  Suzanne is the primary caregiver for her sister. He sister is two years younger then me but was involved in a serious accident a couple of years ago  and has developed memory problems from a head injury. Suzanne sees her  several times a week and takes her food too. Sometimes the sister forgets to eat.

I really appreciate Suzanne. She is the only Caney friend I have now that I can't seem to connect with Nancy.

It's 9:07PM now and I guess I will read awhile to get sleepy.

Then I will go to bed.


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Tuesday and Cakes

I slept very well until my phone woke me up with an Amber alert at 4:30AM this morning. What we were supposed to do at 4:30AM this morning about a missing 8 year old boy is beyond me. But it happened twice within an hour. Of course any missing child is a tragedy until they are found.

I finally just got up and made my bed and dressed. I am in the midst of having my breakfast now...and my coffee..and it's 5:58AM now.

About 8:30AM, I will drive over to Coffeyville to pick up Karan's cake and then Phyllis' too. Then I will take all three up to Independence to the First Christian Church for their regular Tuesday evening dinner. Mine is already in the trunk of my car. 

I will stop at the Independence Walmart store before I come back home and buy more bananas. The Caney Market does not have them green enough and I cannot eat them fast enough for them to not get too ripe and have to just be thrown away.  I think that's all I need this time.

More later..I will go check the weather forecast and see if there are any cats to be fed out front yet.  

Sure enough the usual three were there. Blondie, Inky and Scruff.  They are eating like it had been a week and they were just here last evening.

It looks like it may have rained a little last evening or night.  The sidewalk is damp.

I want to contact Janet at the senior center and see if I can pick up the hedge trimmer she offered to loan me today or tomorrow when I am over there. She doesn't open the center until 8:30AM.  I want to get my hedge trimmed a lot. It looks really bad right now. I have a hand trimmer but it takes forever  to trim it that way. When I was there at the senior center last week, Janet was trimming the hedge over there with an electric one. It looked like a piece of cake that way. She said they had two of those trimmers at the center. I will still have to sweep up the mess but I would have to do that either way I do it. 

More later... I left at 8:00AM to go to Karan's and pick up her cake then I went to Phyllis's to get hers.  Then I went to the bank for tomorrow's hairdo money. After that, I drove up to Independence to the First Christian Church to deliver the cakes. They will not serve meals in June or July and will resume in August. They will call me with the week we will begin to bring them again.

Tomorrow I will go back to Coffeyville to get my hair done at 9:30AM. I will get gas for my car at that time too and go by the senior center and see if Janet will still loan me the hedge trimmer. 

Then I went out to the Independence Walmart to get bananas. Then I came home and at noon I ate some more of Suzanne's chicken and noodle casserole. 

Then this afternoon I read and finished the latest book. Then the rest of the afternoon I worked on the puzzle I bought yesterday. It's a tough one and will keep me busy for awhile.

I am watching the CBS news now and have fed Blondie, the only cat that came for supper this evening.

I plan to take my bath at 7:00PM and go to bed at 9:00PM.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Monday and a Better Night's Sleep

 I slept pretty well last night although I was up before 5:00AM.

I have had my breakfast and am drinking my coffee now. It is 5:31AM. I need to do some laundry today. I am out of underwear. 

I also need to bake my cake for tomorrow's Tuesday evening dinner at the First Christian Church in Independence. I will need to go out to Dollar General this morning and buy a cake pan. I am out of them. So between the laundry and the cake baking, I will be busy this morning. 

Then I will want to check with Nancy and see if she still wants to go to lunch today. I would almost bet money (if I were a betting woman) that she will not be ready at 10:00AM to take a ride and get out of the house and then stop for lunch. She is seldom even awake let alone dressed. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Now I guess I will go watch the "weather on the 8's" and check on the cats. We didn't get any rain yesterday but it was forecast for today and tomorrow.

There were three cats waiting for their breakfast this morning. I got the laundry going and then went out to feed them. That little Scruff was being very hostile toward Blondie. Inky is out there too. There are four bowls out there so there is plenty of food for all of them.

I am still waiting for the "weather on the 8's". I want to check if we will still have rain forecast.

More later... Rain is forecast for later on this morning and tomorrow. I don't know how that will impact the luncheon date. It may not at all because she may not even be ready or want to go. We will see. As soon as the dollar store opens I had better go get that cake pan though. 

I got two cake pans and another can of vanilla icing too at Dollar General. That will take care of the next cake too.This cake is in the oven and after it cools completely, I will ice it.

It is beginning to rain a little out there. I brought in the solar kitty. I didn't know if it would rust or not. I will dry it off.

When I called Nancy this morning at 9:00AM she was in good spirits and feeling good and looking forward to our lunch. I told her I would be by at noon to pick her up. She said she would be dressed and ready.

Her caregiver just called me at 10:15AM and said Nancy was not feeling well and could not go to lunch with me. I told her Nancy was depressed a good deal of the time and often slept day and night because she gets depressed. She informed me that she was aware of Nancy's health problems.

I guess I may as well stop trying to see Nancy.  She makes dates with me and then suddenly gets "sick" and has to break them. 

I got my cake baked and iced and covered and in the truck of my car. I will need to get Karan's sometime after 8:00AM tomorrow. She has a board meeting at the senior center at 9:00AM.  If I am later, her cake will be in her utility room. She got hers done today too.

More later... 

It's 12:45PM now and it is really raining.  I have been reading another free mystery book from Amazon, This one is called "A Deadly Light". Since it's raining I may as well go back to reading the book. 

The rain stopped so unless it starts again later this evening that should be it for awhile. I did see another hummingbird at the new feeder this morning.

I got tired of reading after a year of it so I went out to Dollar General and bought a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle and set up my cad table and brought in a chair for it that should keep me busy for a long while.

I had some popcorn for my supper. I had that good chicken and noodle dish Suzanne brought me at lunch time. Yum yum!!! 

Three of the cats came back for supper. After they ate their fill, I brought in the dishes.

I took my bath at 7:15PM and will try to go to bed after "Bull" goes off this evening...about 10:00PM.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Sunday and a Rough Night

I was sleeping pretty well and at 2:00AM, some scammer texted me inviting me to take a job cleaning a house. I deleted the text but I like to never got back to sleep. I finally did and then I slept until 5:30AM. What a mess! I feel like I have been up all night.

I am drinking my coffee and eating my oatmeal now. It's  overcast out and looks like rain this morning. When I am finished, I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" and check out the cats. They didn't come by last night for some reason. I kept checking but none came.

Inky and Blondie are the only two out there this morning but I can sure tell they missed a meal last night. They are eating like this is their last meal.

I see Scruff has joined them now. She did not make it last night either. 

It is windy this morning and we have a 20% chance of rain today. I am so glad I got the front yard mowed yesterday. I only wish I had got the back done too. I just didn't have it in me to do it yesterday afternoon.

More later.... 

Leslie, my daughter just called me for Mother's Day. They are on their way to Nauvoo, Illinois, to work on our church's historical buildings. I thought they would have left yesterday but she is on call and will take any calls either on the phone or online on Zoom. 

She suggested  I try to spend the day with Nancy who has only one son and he lives in North Carolina. So she will be alone too. I told her I had tried for three days to touch base with Nancy but she sleeps day and night to escape depression.

I will watch the Toronto service "Beyond the Walls" online at 11:00AM. Then maybe I will try again to reach Nancy. If I could, we could go to lunch somewhere.

Well, Scott, my younger son, just called and wished me a wonderful Mother's Day. After I talked to him I called Nancy again and got her Visiting Angle caregiver.  She gave Nancy the phone and we talked. She and I plan to go to lunch tomorrow (I hope she remembers the date we made) and I will call her in the morning and see if she is dressed and ready to go somewhere to lunch. That's risky. She may be sleeping all day again.

I ate some of the chicken and noodles Suzanne brought me yesterday for my lunch today. It is delicious and I have enough for two or three more meals. Every once in awhile Suzanne brings me something she has cooked for her family. She's a very good cook!  I sure appreciate it!

More later... 

I am mowing the back yard this afternoon. I am doing much better then yesterday. I have almost all of it finished but I needed some water and a little rest. It is 1:05PM now and I will rest until 1:15PM and then finish it. I will need to do some trimming too. It is pretty chilly today and that may have something to do with my ability to mow more today. It is 55 degrees here now.

I got it finished and trimmed too.

May be an image of grass 

It wasn't that hard today. I believe the combination of yesterday's warmer day and the fact that I had given blood on Friday made all the difference. It's 1:30PM now.

More later. I will go read now.

I read until the Kindle needed charging.Then I watched some recorded TV programs until time for 60 Minutes to come on. 

May be an image of cat 

 Four cats for supper this evening instead of the usual three. The one eating out of the double dish belongs to my neighbor on State street across the street from the neighbor directly across the street from me on 8th street. I believe he is the father of the yellow cats I usually feed, Scruffie and Blondie.

It's after noon fact it's 7:05PM. and I will take my bath in just a minute and then get back to my book for awhile. I will probably go to bed after 9:00PM since I was awakened at 2:00AM by that idiot, whoever it was, that texted me to ask if I would like to clean a house for money. I deleted the message.    

Keith, my older son, just called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. That's all three of them that have called me today. They have had Esther's family over dinner and games and waited to call me until later. I just knew they would all call.

I took my bath shortly after 7:00PM and read until  finished my book at 10:10PM. Then I went to bed.