Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday and Home

We had a good time in Branson and it was a change in pace. We stopped at Olive Garden on the way home and had lunch. Then when we got home we went out to church and measured the space for a new microwave.  After that we went to Wal mart in Independence and bought a new one. The old one at church was 14 years old and quit working. In fact it had a "burnt wiring" smell.  We took it out and put the new in in it's place.

Missy was delighted to see me home again. She was evidently pretty lonely. It appears she spent some time under my coverlet and also on the daybed on my pillow.  I cleaned up her litter box and will give her her treats in a little while. 

More later....

This is a photo of me that Bob took in Branson Friday.

 I generally don't like my photo taken but I have taken several of Bob over the years and he wanted to take one of me.  We were at an old fashioned ice cream parlor with 50's style nickelodeons. However these   were quarter "nickelodeons"

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday Again and Packing for Branson

I tried to get the cell phone working again this morning but it just won't work. I will have to go over to US Cellular when they open and have it checked out. It may need a new battery this time for sure.

Nope! I simply did not hit the power button. I was  hitting the wrong one. Stupid me!

Later on today I will pack for the trip to Branson. I will not cook today. Bob and I have a couple of coupons for Arby's and we will eat lunch there.

Greg got Bob's small mower working so we have an option now rather then just waiting for the fourplex  owner or the property  manager to decide whether or not she will have it mowed. They want to just mow every two weeks and that is ridiculous. Every time we ask for anything...the filters in the furnace to be changed or the air conditioners to be serviced for the season,..... the property manager threatens us with another rent increase. They don't seem to realize that with owning property, there is a certain amount of responsibility for upkeep. A couple of weeks ago, Marilyn's sink almost overflowed because of a clogged drain. She worked on it herself with a plunger and two bottles of Plumber's Friend for several days and finally had to ask for a plumber. She waited another couple of days but no plumber ever came. She bought another two bottles of Plumber's Friend and finally got it unstopped herself.   How disgusting! How we all miss Wayne! He took care of this property.

Bob came over this morning when he didn't see my lights early. I slept in till 6:00 and was just fixing myself a biscuit when he came in.  He talked to me about waiting to fix Greg's peanut clusters until Monday or Tuesday after we're back. Greg is closed on Fridays and the weekend anyway.  

My daughter called last evening to say Maia, her granddaughter  and my "great" is graduating from preschool this evening and the they are having an exercise at Tyro, a small town ten miles west of here where she attends a Christian school.  I will go. I attended her Christmas program at Christmas time.

More later...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Exercise Wednesday

I slept on the daybed trundle last night and Missy slept with me. I slept well. That is a really comfortable little bed. No one but small grandchildren has ever slept on it so the mattress is in great shape. I want Keith and Esther to use my bed when they are here. It's queen sized. I want Missy to get used to the change in beds. It doesn't appear that will be a problem.

I let Missy out this morning just before it got light. Of course, I went out with her. She wandered around a little...close to the carport. Then she bristled and began growling. I looked across the street and could just barely see another cat. I picked Missy up and took her in the house.  She seems perfectly happy in the house now.

I am not sure I am going to be happy with my new bank. When they were back online after the conversion last Monday, I used the ATM to see if my pin number was going to work. They charged me $1.50 to use the ATM. I am going to go in there this afternoon and discuss that with them.  Many people around here left Bank of America when they tried to do that. After that bad experience, Bank of America executives changed their minds.

We will have exercise class this morning. Then I will fix pork cutlets for lunch and we will have mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggy and salad. I will fix some pudding for dessert. I am out of frozen fruit. I need to get some more today for my smoothie this evening.

I am doing some white laundry this morning. I needed to wash Missy's white afghan and my underwear. I had it and her on my lap yesterday and when I got up, I had a lot of cat hair on my black jeans. I got a lint roller and cleaned it up but then I knew that afghan needed washing again

More later....

We went to exercise class and then I came home and fixed lunch/dinner.  It was a slow afternoon and finally Bob came over and we had our wine. He went home early because he really wasn't interested in Nature on PBS.  I went to bed about 9:00 after I had my bath. When I started to plug in my cell phone I noticed it was dead. I charged it and took it apart to take the battery out for a minute or too and then tried to boot it up again but nothing I did helped.  Finally I went to sleep and will try it again in the morning. . 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cake Tuesday

It's cold this morning. I didn't even turn my air conditioning on for last night. It's 50 degrees this morning.  Hopefully it will warm up some today.  I will leave for Independence at 9:00 this morning.

The doctor's office called yesterday afternoon and set me up another appointment for a follow up consultation for my eyelid surgery.  I don't know when he can work me in for the actual surgery, if he decides to do it at all. Medicare has to pay for it or I can't have it done. My right eyelid is the worst but they both droop terribly. The right one shows in my vision on the right. The left one has already been done but you sure can't tell it. The doctor in Wichita that did it, did not do a good job. That was three years ago and I couldn't tell it had even been done right away.

The SER Corporation also called yesterday to say Amie (for personal reasons) had to cancel my orientation appointment next Wednesday. Her secretary said she would call me back to re-schedule. So I guess I won't be going back to work yet.

We got some rain yesterday. I haven't looked so I don't know how much it amounted to.  The lawn really needs mowing now but the new landlady's manager said they would not mow more then twice a month or they would raise the rent...AGAIN.  Bob is going to get his mower from out at church and take it to Greg to get it running and we will mow so we can keep the complex looking neat.

I may have lunch with my daughter today but it's very hard for her to get away so I may just come home and Bob and I will go to Sirloin Stockade. I have a coupon that says "free buffet with the purchase of an adult buffet".  Bob and I will just split the cost for a cheap lunch. We will have to wait and see.

I am running out of dinner ideas. I guess the next one will be a casserole of some kind. I will probably fix a chicken noodle casserole of some kind for tomorrow.

Missy wanted to go out this morning but it was under 50 degrees out there and even with a sweater, I knew I didn't want to sit out this morning.   She didn't seem particularly upset after she found out how cool it was out there. Maybe later today...this afternoon...we will be able to go out.

More later....

I came home from Independence and Bob and I went to Sirloin Stockade for lunch. I had a free lunch with the purchase of an other lunch so Bob and I each paid $3.50 for our lunch and it was good.  That's always a neat thing! A GOOD free lunch!

Leslie cannot get off to take me back to Joplin to the doctor on the 28th so Bob is going to go with me instead.  We will go over to the Olive Garden for lunch and then on to the doctor at 2:10.  That should work!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Rainy Monday

Leslie had made reservations at a nice restaurant for lunch after church yesterday.  I got cards from her as well as the plant I posted online earlier. Keith and Esther sent a lovely card and a check. Scott called and we had a nice visit. He had had a date last night with a very nice woman. And he was in a very good mood. My kids are great kids!

Today has been quite a day.  This morning we went to exercise class. Afterward I came home and tried to log onto my new checking account. I think I mentioned that our three local area Bank of America banks were sold and so I changed banks to a local one. I spent an hour and a half trying to get my online banking set up. That was a very easy  task at Bank of America but this new bank's site is altogether.different. To begin with, their site was overpowered with people trying to do the same thing I was doing and so I couldn't get registered.

After lunch, I finally managed to get it done. But I had to go to the newer computer in the den. My laptop must be too old and obsolete. I scheduled my car payment this afternoon and had already scheduled the electric bill. Online banking is free but if I use more then six checks, they charge. I will pay everything possible online. I usually pay the rent, my offerings and the car payment by check but I am changing that.

Bob and I are planning to go to Branson on Friday and Saturday. We have those Silver Dollar season tickets to use. We will come back home Saturday afternoon late. (Missy will be angry!) She hates it when I go off and leave her overnight.

I fixed the leftover meatloaf, baked potato, veggies and salad.  Then for dessert I had some frozen strawberries and Bob brought some whipped cream for them.I still had half the meatloaf so I sent it home with Bobby. He said he would eat it tomorrow.  I don't have to throw away any leftovers anymore. Bobby is glad to get them.  Karan is on a Nutrasystem diet.

I baked my cake for the Christian Church this afternoon and got it iced. Phyllis brought me hers and Bobby brought Karan's over.  Bob's is out of the oven and he is icing it now.  I have the others in the trunk of my car now.

I have been reading my book (on my Kindle) again this afternoon. Now I have the CBS news on and Bob will be over in about 20 minutes for our wine.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Sunday

Today is Mother's Day. Keith and Esther sent me a card and a check and Leslie sent me that neat bulb plant and a Mother's Day message with it. It is growing fast. Soon I will be planting it outside. It is 6 inches high now. Scott called and wished me a Happy Mother's Day. Bob somehow found a Mother's Day card for a sister-in-law. That was really something!

 I don't know what the lunch plan is for today. Leslie may have something planned.  

Bob and I decided to go to Branson next weekend. If I go back to work as I have planned, it may be a difficult thing to get away except for an entire weekend.  We don't like to miss church and we ordinarily go on a Friday and Saturday for that reason but we already have the season tickets and we will need to be able to use them.

I slept well again last night. I think the arm aching is gradually subsiding after over a year. I will be very hesitant to take antibiotics again. I'd better stay healthy.

We have a threat of severe weather again tomorrow and perhaps even tonight.  Most of the worst weather is missing us so far.

More later.....