Saturday, September 28, 2019

Saturday and No Particular Plan

I slept well last night, probably because I mowed, and got up about 5:00AM as usual. I made my bed and got myself ready for the day and had my coffee and oatmeal. Unfortunately, I was out of cat food because I forget to go buy some yesterday. The cat and kitties were out in force this morning and hungry. At 8:00AM, when Dollar General opens, I will go buy some. That's 45 minutes for them to wait for food. Poor things. I am probably the only neighbor feeding them. I couldn't even leave the front door open like I usually do. They are so hungry and I have nothing to feed them.

I don't have a plan for today. I will just play it by ear. More later....

I went to Dollar General at 8:00AM and bought two bags of cat food for the cat and her kittens.  She came over as soon as I filled the dish and ate and ate.

I received the schedule from Leslie this morning and I worked on  my October 27th talk and bulletin for quite awhile.

I went up to Gabby's and Joyce fixed me a chocolate milk shake. When I got home from town a gray kitten was here eating but it ran off when I pulled into the garage. I imagine it's back here now that I am back in the home office. I checked and it didn't come back yet.

I did receive my Dryel package from Amazon and I sprayed five summer top's underarm area and put those five tops in the dryer bag with the Dryel soaked cloth and put the bag in the dryer on medium setting for 20 minutes. When the dryer stops I will hang them right up before any wrinkles set in. Then I may do five more tops. I will be changing to wearing autumn and winter tops when/if the weather ever changes to fall.

In the meantime I will read the papers and do the Reporter's crossword puzzle.

While I did the crossword puzzle, I did five loads of dry cleaning and got all my spring/summer tops dry cleaned. That took quite a bit of time.When I finished the crossword puzzle I took the newspapers over to Nancy's and put them on her porch.

By then the afternoon was over and I turned on the news.  I switched to ABC and watched the Ohio State football game until it was over and then texted Ginger and Scott my congratulations on the win of the Ohio State team. I later learned they had not been able to watch the game and my getting them the score was very welcomed.

Then I switched over to Amazon Prime and watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" before taking my bath and getting ready for bed. At a little while after 10:00PM, I went on to bed.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Friday and No Particular Plan

I have everything pretty well caught up here at the apartment.  I read last night until after 10:00PM and finished my first library book.  I had a terrible time getting to sleep though. My allergies were going crazy and I had drainage big time! Finally I got up and took a Benadryl tablet and that not only dried everything up but it helped me to sleep. I slept until 6:00AM. Then I got up, made the bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day and fixed my oatmeal and coffee. After that I fed the cats too.

I don't have a plan for today. I have plenty of food in the house. The Schwan's man came last night and I bought some single meals and some ice cream bars. That, along with the chicken pot pies I have already, should hold me for awhile.

Next week I will strip my bed again and wash the sheets. By then I will have some more laundry. I want to get some Dryel too and do my spring/summer tops.  I prefer to dry clean them in my dryer instead of putting them in the laundry and the dryer wet. They might shrink that way. The Dryel way they do not do that. And they come out fresh.

Right now I will watch the CBS news.

Nancy came over for awhile and visited.  She had not been out of the house in days. Most of the time she does not feel well. She was feeling a little better this morning.

More later....

I ordered the Dryel from Amazon. I just ordered the refill because I still have the bag you use to dry clean the tops. It is supposed to be here tomorrow. I doubt they can get it here that quickly but we will see. After noon, I did not want another frozen lunch so I went out to Eggberts and had my usual...the chicken salad and fruit and a muffin.  I do that about once a week. I have one breakfast out (with Bob) and one lunch out every week.

I read most of the afternoon and then after it cooled down a bit I mowed the front yard. It had been done last Monday and was looking a little ratty. After I got that done I came in and drank some iced tea. Later I watched another episode of "Murder She Wrote" on Amazon Prime. I like using Amazon Prime because there are no commercials and the programming is wholesome. About 7:00PM or so, I took my bath  It's almost 9:00PM now and I will soon go on to bed.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept well again last night. Reading a paper book must be the trick to getting sleepy and staying asleep. I didn't watch TV an hour before I went to bed last night and I stayed off the computer and smart phone too.

I got up about 5:00AM this morning and made the bed and got myself ready for the day, fed myself and the cats and watched the episode of "Bull" I had missed on Monday and then some news.

I sent Scott a health newsletter that gave him some instructions on getting to sleep, and staying asleep. 

Then I worked on four new 2019 church directories, corrected wrong and new addresses, and took the Rowdens out of it. Several have died since the last directory and several have different addresses.

I have them ready to give to Karan now on Sunday to stitch together on her sewing machine.

I got seven more of the 1953 classmates' Coffeyville Reawakening folders ready for the mail and took them up and mailed them off.  That's 23 out of 63. It will take me awhile to get them all out in the mail. I now lack 40 having them done.

It's 10:33AM now and I just finished washing the kitchen and bathroom floors and vacuuming the apartment. I'm moving right along with my Thursday's activities. I do need to dust again. Wheren the dust come from is anybody's guess. I change the filters regularly.

I even took yesterday's newspapers over to Nancy's front porch when I was out doing my mailings. She is probably just getting up. No telling if she is well or sick again. It varies from day to day.

It's 11:20AM now and I am going to fix myself a chicken pot pie for lunch. More later....

I had the chicken pot pie for lunch and now I have to figure out what to have for supper. I am waiting for the Schwan's man now and he should be here this evening between 5:00PM and 8:00PM.

I went up to Gunny Sack and bought gas for the mower. I probably won't mow again until Monday or Tuesday. Mine looks fine now.  My neighbor mowed the front again but the back is about a foot tall. He likes using his dad's rider and it won't go through the back gate.

As far as I know there is nothing on TV this evening and I have read all afternoon. I may watch something on Amazon Prime this evening and then read some more.

I went by Nancy's and she and I went by the mechanic's place but he was closed. We were going to make an appointment for an oil change for her car. She may run by after her hair appointment in the morning and see if he's open then. Dale, her cousin, went to Independence and got Nancy's car registration taken care of for her. I am so glad he managed to get that done. Also, Sara, who was rear ended in her car a couple of days ago, is just fine. She was not hurt. 

I want to watch the news this evening and see how those hearings came out today. I will then watch another episode of "Murder She Wrote".

At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and read until 9:00PM and then go on to bed. It's been a busy day.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wednesday and Another Busy Day

I slept well last night although I woke up a couple of times. I managed to get back to sleep until 5:00AM or so. A loud noise woke me up then. I never did figure out what it was. It seemed to come from the attic although it may have been from the adjoining apartment.

I texted Bob this morning and he was up. We will meet for breakfast at 7:00AM. I will leave here about 6:30AM to pick him up at his apartment. After that, I will go to the bank and get my week's cash. I have my hair appointment at 9:30AM or so. After that I will go by the library and leave my two books and try to find two more I haven't read.  I would like to get a pedicure but I may not have time.

I will need to pick up a snack at the Country Mart for the game day at the senior center later at 1:00PM. I may just get some Crunch and Munch. That would be different.

More later....

I met Bob for breakfast at 7:00AM at his place and we went to Eggberts and had our breakfast. Afterward I took him home and went out to Woodshed to fill up my gas tank. Then I stopped at the library and got two more books after I turned in the two I just read.

I stopped at the health food store and bought pecans for my coffeecakes.

Then  I stopped at Happy Feet to get a pedicure. It's good thing I did. In June at church camp  reunion, I tripped and stubbed my toe. Someone later stopped me and told me my toe was bleeding profusely. I washed it off with alcohol and got a band aid to put on it and never gave it another thought. Today the woman who was doing my pedicure saw that the entire toenail was loose except at the very base and she said another new toenail was coming in under it and I needed to go to a podiatrist and have the torn toenail removed. I called a podiatrist in Independence that Bob had used and really liked, a Dr. Hogge, and made an appointment for Monday at 9:30AM to have that done.What a mess! Always something!

Then I went out and made seven more copies of the Coffeyville Awakening material and stopped by the Dollar General store in Coffeyville and bought 7 more folders.  Then from there I went to Country Mart and bought some kettle corn for my treat at the game day at the senior center. I got there shortly before 1:00PM and the others came in soon after that and we played until almost 4:00PM.

Then I went to the lab at the doctor's office and had my blood work done for my thyroid.

I came back home after that. I addressed the 7 manila envelopes and  stuffed the folders with the material I copied and took them to the post office. Unfortunately they had closed at 4:30PM and it was 4:40PM at that time. I will mail them in the morning.  I did get an awful lot done today anyhow.

It is 6:00PM now and I will watch the news now and get my bath at 7:00PM. I want to watch that "Bull" show I missed on Monday. Then I may watch another "Murder She Wrote" episode before going to bed at 9:00PM or so. Maybe I will read in one of my new library books before bedtime.  I sleep better if I don't watch TV just before I go to bed.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Tuesday and a Trip to Independence Today

I awoke fairly early this morning and was up shortly before 5:00AM. I made my bed, dressed, did my makeup and had my oatmeal. Now I am drinking my coffee and have had some of my leftover coffeecake from Sunday and just fed mama cat. I haven't seen any of the little kittys yet. I do need to refill the bowl if they will have any food to eat.

I am out of a couple pieces of my makeup and I have watered it down as long as I can, So I will need to make a trip to Independence to buy more mascara and eye liner.  I may just stop at their Walmart and save myself a trip clear to the east side of Coffeyville tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my hair appointment and I will stay over in Coffeyville and go to the library to read and return my two books after that and then go to game day at the senior center  tomorrow afternoon at 1:00PM. I also need to go by the doctor's office sometime that morning after my hair appointment and get my blood work done. When I was there last month for my annual physical they didn't want to do it since it had not been a full year since it was last done and they were not sure Medicare would pay for it. But I do need to get that done now.

I am so glad I got my yard work done yesterday...including the trimming. It is supposed to rain the rest of the week. I hope it doesn't hail tomorrow. They are forecasting perhaps light hail.

More later....

It's raining now. I am so glad I got the yard work done yesterday. Several of the kitties have come to eat too.

After 10:00AM I will go on to Independence to go to the Merle Norman store.

More later...

I went to the Merle Norman store and got my purchases and then went to the Big Cheese and had a personal pan pizza and a root beer. On my way home, I texted John to see if I could drop by ad see the puppies but he was packing to go to Roaring River and Leslie must not have been there.  Since it is Tuesday, she will not be going with him.  I hope it doesn't rain on him there.

More even later...

When I got home I began reading on my other book. I stayed up until 10:00PM and finished it. Nancy dropped over for awhile earlier and we visited for awhile and then she left. Before she left,  I gave her the other two pieces of Sunday's coffeecake.

I took my bath about 7:30PM and put my pjs on.  Before I went to bed, I filled the dish for the kitties.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Monday and a Chance to Mow

I woke up early this morning again but couldn't get back to sleep so I figured I had my sleep out and just got up shortly before 5:00AM. I made my bed, dressed and made up my face and then fixed my oatmeal and coffee. I have had my coffee and now am working on my chai.I also fed one of the little kittens who was waiting for the bowl to be filled.

I hope to be able to mow today after the dew dries up. I would like to get the back done and perhaps even the west side. It's supposed to rain all week...except perhaps today. My neighbor never got his back yard mowed last week. I even offered him my mower since he couldn't get his dad's rider in the gate. He said when he got home from work, he was too tired to mow. I reminded him that it was in his contract. They were gone all day yesterday. Of course, it rained off and on all day yesterday too.

I reminded Nancy yesterday that we needed to go to Independence today and get her car registration done. I think it was due in August so she is already late. She wasn't feeling good and once again said she was going to go see Sylvia's daughter who is a nurse practitioner but I have heard that story before..many times. I think she is in denial about what is ailing her. She said she would call me this week when she was feeling better and we would go. I told her any day but Wednesday. I have my hair appointment on Wednesday in Coffeyville.

More later...

This is my younger son, Scott, and his kids, Ashley and Jerod.
 Image may contain: Scott R Miller, Ashley Nicole and Jerod Reese Miller, people smiling, people standing, shoes and outdoor
 He got to see his new granddaughter, Delilah Grace too.

More later...

I called Nancy and she was feeling somewhat better but didn't mention the car registration. Neither did I. I have tried everything to try to help her but evidently she does not want to deal with it. She only drives in Caney but it will only take just one traffic check with an outdated tag sticker to get her a ticket and a fine.

About 10:30AM or so I went out to Eggberts and had their senior special...a hamburger steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, a roll and fruit. I had taken my sweet and sour chicken back with me after we left Great China when I couldn't eat it all but it sat in the hot car for two and a half hours and I had to throw it away. That was chicken and could have gone bad in that heat. I sure don't need to get sick.

About 11:15 AM, I checked the temperature and it was 72 degrees. So I got the mower out and mowed the back yard. By then I was exhausted and hot so I couldn't mow the west side. Maybe later in the week or later this evening I can get it done. The humidity was terrible although the temperature was not bad. And it's supposed to rain the rest of the week. Tonight may be my only chance.

At least about 2:45PM, I got the trimming done. That's one job finished. It's 84 degrees now and time to stay indoors.  I have been reading my second Grisham book and it is slow going so far.

It was 75 degrees around 7:00PM so I went back out and mowed the west side yard. It's all done now for another week and I can sure tell it. I just took my bath and am cooled off now.  I should sleep well tonight. I will watch "Bull" at 9:00PM and then go to bed after that.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday and a Busy Day

I slept extremely well last night. I did not watch TV late. I just read my latest library book until 9:00PM and then went to bed. That seems to be the trick.

I got up at 5:00AM this morning and made my bed, made up my face, dressed for church, and ate my oatmeal and had my coffee. Then I mixed up the coffeecake. Since it is raining, I may just leave the cake in my freezer until next week. Bob took the cakes up last Tuesday. I will have the coffeecake. to take in anyhow. It's raining so we may have a smaller congregation today. Many of our people do not like to get out in the rain.  Nancy may decide not to go too. I will just take my umbrella and go on. I also want to see that film this afternoon.

More later...

The coffeecake is finished and iced.  I will call Nancy soon and see if she is still up for the day. The rain may discourage her. I  have been watching the news and playing a game on the laptop computer.

One small kitty came and braved the rain to come and eat some cat food. The others have not braved the rain.

More even later...

As I thought she might, Nancy backed out of coming with me today. The rain made her hurt all over and she stayed in bed most of the day. She also backed out of going to Independence to get her tag tomorrow. I don't know what she is going to do about it. It is expired now and she shouldn't drive it...besides, she doesn't drive out of town anyhow. She says she will call me to take her to Independence when she is feeling better. I wonder....

Anyhow we had a pretty nice size congregation today..especially considering the weather.

Afterward, we went up to Great China to eat lunch. I went from there to the meeting in Coffeyville and saw the film documentary "An Appalachian Dawn" that was shown at the Coffeyville Reawakening headquarters. It was really pretty remarkable what they accomplished as a small town in up the town and getting their drug problem under control..I recommended to Danny here in Caney that he order it from E-bay at $21.99 and show it in Caney. We will see if he does. He is in charge of the Caney Reawakening group.  But I haven't seen anything happening yet.

I came on back home about 5:30PM and did the newsletters and got them stamped and out on the mailbox.  It's almost 7:00PM now and I have recorded 60 Minutes since I was so late in getting the newsletters out. I will watch that before taking my bath and getting ready for bed. It's been another big day.

I took my bath at 7:00PM  then  I watched the recorded 60 Minutes and then turned off the TV and read my book and finished it at a little after 10:00PM.  Then I went to bed.