Saturday, February 8, 2020

Saturday and a Rough Night

I finally got to sleep but it took hours. I even ended up taking ZZQuil and even that took a long time to work. My sinus's drained and hurt under my right eye. What a night!

I got up about 6:30AM and got myself ready for the day. I dressed and had my breakfast. I even texted Bob later then usual and he may have thought I wasn't going to do it at all.

The cats may have given up on me too. There were only three out there when I finally looked to see how many were out there to eat. Both yellow cans and as always, gray mama cat.

I guess I will read again today. I have one last book to read.

More later....

I went up to the post office and dropped off a birthday card I had sent to Matthew. Then I came back home and read again and finished reading the third book this week. Monday, I will return these three and perhaps get some more.

I had fixed a Schwan's dinner for my lunch but that trip to the post office was all I had done to get out of the house..It's pretty out there but cold.

More later....

About 7:00PM, I took my bath and dressed my toe with a bandage. The nail is about half grown out. I will go on to bed about 9:00PM and I hope I sleep better then I did last night.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Friday and a Slow Day

I got up at 5:00AM as usual this morning. I got myself ready for the day, had my usual breakfast  and opened the front door to find 4 cats  waiting for the breakfast. The Big Yellow Tom was quite insistent  and climbed on the front door glass. He must have been very hungry. I put my shoes on and went out the garage door to feed them. I took the double dish, two blue bowls and another plastic bowl.

They all get fed and I took all but the double dish back in.  Big mama cat wanted to eat some more so I left that one out there.

I don't have a plan for today. The apartment is clean and the laundry is caught up too. will probably just read since it is still very cold out there.

I may check in on Nancy today. I have done that for several days. She is never dressed and not wanting to go anywhere. The food pantry is open today from noon till 2:00PM, I may go see what they  are offering. I would like some more blackberries so I could make a blackberry cobbler for Sunday's basket dinner at church.

I plan to also buy a cherry pie at Tyro where they sell the Amish food.

So, more later.

It's 11:30AM and I have just finished reading my second book.  I want to go out to Dollar General and get another couple of things and also run by Nancy's and see if she wants to go out to the food pantry.

The mailman just came so I will get back to this later....

I decided to go to Independence and have lunch at Big Cheese and afterward go by the Dairy Queen and get a small blizzard. I called  Karen see if she would like to go with me. She lives in Independence. She was on her way back from Bartlesville and had just had lunch at the Copan Truck Stop or she would have done that. She wants me to ask her again. I told her I like to go up there and do that each Friday. She said if she was not scheduled to work at the Day Care she works at that day, she would do that.  It depends on her schedule.

I got a new magazine and I have no idea who subscribed to it for me.  It is called "Women's Health".

My daughter donated her books to the library here in Caney. They were delighted to get them. The large librarian just picked up those boxes like they were nothing at all. She said if any were any they already had, they would put the extras in their book sale.  I told her she would eventually get mine and that would be fine for me too

More later...

I have been watching the news and it is 6:05PM and around 7:00PM, I will take my bath and get ready for bed. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning Day

I slept very well last night. I got up close to 5:00AM and got myself ready for the day. I had my oatmeal and coffee and chai and watched some of the news with one eye while I read my book and finished it with the other.

There were four cats this morning so I filled the double bowl and the two blue ones and then another clear container. They all ate their fill and then I brought those containers back in and washed them.

I mopped the front door area, the kitchen and the bathroom floors. I will vacuum after the CBS news is over. By then the wet floors should be dry for sure.

More later....

I vacuumed the carpets and dusted and then I called the Coffeyville library and they are there today so I decided to make another trip back there and get these books to them before I am fined for a late return. Then I got my car washed and came on back home.

I read most of the afternoon until I got tired of it and decided to go out to Eggbert's here and have a nice bowl of their potato soup. Then, completely full, I came back home.

It's almost 4:00PM now. The channel 6 news is on at 4:00PM

So more even later...

After I saw the news, I turned off the TV, and read until 7:00PM when I took my bath and then went back to my book. At 9:00PM, I went on to bed.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wedneday and Snow

I woke up about 5:00AM this morning and then shortly after that I got up and got ready for the day. It was not snowing much at that hour. I had my oatmeal and the last piece of coffee cake. I also had my coffee and chai. Then I checked with Bob about 6:00AM. He had just woke up. He did not want to get out for breakfast and I didn't think he would.

Four cats showed up today. Big Yellow Tom and mama gray were first then smaller yellow showed up and another of the younger grays.  I had to hunt up another bowl for number four. Mama gray will not share her double sided black bowl.

When it gets light, I will start for Coffeyville and will only have my hair done and return those library books. Then I will come on back home. I will not make a trip out to their Walmart this time. There will be no bunco today with all this snow.

I will drive carefully on my way over there. It's 7:10AM and almost time to leave. It is getting light out there.

More later....

While I wa son my way, my son, Scott called and when I told him I was on my way to Coffeyville in a snowstorm, he suggested I notify Leslie what I was doing...just in case. So I opened my phone to "messages" and used the mike to tell her about my trip.

I drove 35 miles pr hour all the way to Coffeyville and had to run my wipers to keep the windshield clear but everyone else was driving 35 miles per hour too so no big deal. I first went to the bank and got some money. I also checked to make sure Toni had made it in and she had. She was at the gym working out. So since I had plenty of time, I went by the library drop box but the city had it blocked off so I couldn't use it.

The library was still closed so I decided to go out to Walmart after all and get my juice and a couple of coffee cake mixes and pecans.  I got that done fine and dropped by the library again to take my books back. They were closed until further notice due to "inclimate weather". So, I couldn't return my books. I went on to Toni's and stopped at the Daylight Doughnut shop there and had hot chocolate and a roll. By the time I had finished, Toni was ready for me so I got right in for my color and haircut.

Then I came back home. The roads were pretty much cleared by then and so I had no trouble driving 55 miles per hour. Now I am waiting for the mailman. It is 11:15. I texted Leslie to tell her I was back home. This time she did reply.

This afternoon, I will read. I have the three books I got from the Caney library yesterday.

The mailman just came so I will go see what I have...if anything!

More later...,

About 2:00PM I ate a chicken pot pie from Schwans. Pretty good eating. I also had a Twix ice cream bar afterward.

I just got a newspaper and some junk mail. I read until 4:00PM this afternoon.  I am 3/4 through the first book I got from the Caney library.

I will watch the news until 7:00PM. It is 4:50PM right now. There really isn't anything I am interested in on regular TV.

At 7:00PM or so, I will take my bath and about 9:00PM, I plan to go on to bed.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Tuesday and Rain

I slept pretty well last night and woke up only once and took my tyroid med then.

I got up and get myself ready for the day and ate my oatmeal and drank my coffee. I am working on my chai now.

Only two cats came to eat this morning. Mama cat always comes and not Big Yellow Tom is here too. It is raining lightly so I guess the others are holed up somewhere to stay dry.

We are supposed to get snow tonight. That will probably stop me from going over early for breakfast with Bob. I will still go over for my hair appointment unless it is really bad. It will just be light by then.

I have finished all my books. I have a couple to return tomorrow at the Coffeyville library and three to return here at the Caney library this afternoon. On Mondays, Tuesdays,  Wednesdays and Fridays  the Caney library doesn't open until noon. On Thursdays and Saturdays it opens at 8:00AM.  Strange hours here.

Both the cats are gone  now so I will go bring the bowls in. I also may do some laundry this morning while it's's just barely raining here. At noon I will go to the library and retun these books and get some more

More later....

I went to the Caney library about 1:30pm and took the three books back and checked out three more. It's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow and I may not be able to make my hair appointment in the morning at 9:30AM. At least I have something to read now. I also bought gas while I was out. Now I have a full tank. Even if I can get over to Coffeyville tomorrow, I won't have to go out to Woodshed and pump my own gas in this cold weather. I will just get my hair done and go by their library. I still have three of their books

More later...

I tried to get into the beauty shop today but Toni was completely full. I will just have to brave the elements tomorrow and go on over there. She is always completely booked. I also need to drop off the books from the Coffeyville library and then I will just come on back home....driving carefully.

The cats came out in force for their supper. Maybe they realized tomorrow might be difficult. After they finished,, I took in their dishes.

I watched my recorded program of "Bull"tonight and then turned off the TV and took my bath around 7:00PM and then read until 10:00PM when I went on to bed.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Monday and Reading Again

I got up about 5:00AM this morning but had a good night's sleep. I had stayed up until 10:00PM or so to watch the Superbowl and was so glad the Chiefs won. I watched the award festivities.

I have had my breakfast and got myself ready for the day.  I put my beans in the freezer and also froze the cornbread. I will thaw them for our basket dinner next Sunday. We are having a baptism and will have the basket dinner afterward. They are serving fried chicken for the main dish with mashed potatoes. We are to rake the side dishes and the desserts. I think I will also stop at Tyro and also buy a pie baked by the Amish. They bake wonderful pies.

I fed two cats this morning. Only mama cat and big Yellow Tom came for breakfast. It's fairly mild out there for February. I don't know where the others were but I have taken the bowls in now.

I will read again today. I have this last book to finish reading. Wednesday I will take those from the Coffeyville library back to their library and when I finish this book I will take these three back to the Caney library.

More later....

I read all morning and at noon I had some of my cashew chicken that I brought home from Great China. I took some of it and also a couple of coffee cake that I briught home from church. Dale, her cousin, was coming over to take her to the doctor. She had been very sick.

I came back home and froze the beans and cornbread. I will thaw it on next Saturday for the dinner on Sunday after church.

I read most of the afternoon. I did go out tpo Sonic for a cherry limeade  slush. Then I came back and read until the CBS news came on shortly after 5:30PM.

Two cats came for dinner this evening. Mama gray cat and the younger yellow cat.  I took the double black bowl and one of the blue ones out there for them

About 7:00PM I will take my bath and try to go to bed about 9:00PM

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Sunday and Coffeecake and No Communion

I woke up about 5:00AM and just got up. I had had plenty of sleep.

I dressed, got ready for church and had my oatmeal and coffee and am now working on my Chai.

Three cats showed up for breakfast and I just took their food out. They are always so hungry and ready for breakfast. Mama cat and Big Yellow Tom and small yellow cat are all eating.

Last night when I went out to bring in the bowls a possum was eating there. I chased it off and brought in the bowls and washed them. I no longer leave the bowls out there when the cats are finished.

I see there was no shadow for Phil to see this morning so they think there will be an early spring. We will see.

I have the coffeecake in the oven and the dishes washed. When it is finished and cool, I will ice it.

Meanwhile...more later...

It cooled and I iced it and loaded the car with the cake as well as the coffeecake. Then I drove on over to the church at 8:30AM, froze the cake and cut the coffee cake and made coffee. At 10:00AM, those who came for Church school arrived and we had our class.

Melissa had the sermon and postponed the communion until next week when we have a baptism.

After church, Phyllis and I went up to Great China for lunch and I brought home enough for tomorrow's lunch too.

When I got home I put out the congregation's newsletter and mailed off four for those who I have no e-mail address. Tomorrow the mailman will pick them up.

More later..I am going to go read that last book I have here to read. The Superbowl starts at 5:30PM on Fox network and I will watch that later. I will record 60 Minutes off CBS.

More later....

I watched the Superbowl and was so glad the Chiefs won.  When I was selling radio advertising back in the 80's I used to sell a package called the Chiefs Caravan and we salespeople go to go on a bus trip with the winner of the drawing connected with that advertising and got into the game free of charge. We had a great time and we were charged with keeping track of all those drawing winners. We also sold a Royals caravan for baseball.

I went to bed after all the festivities were over.