Saturday, November 6, 2021

Saturday and A Very Sore Arm

I woke up at 2:30AM with a very sore arm where I got my booster shot yesterday. Strange, it didn't hurt at all when I got the shot. But it's sore as a boil now.  I got back to sleep by sleeping on my left arm. Then I got up at 5:30AM, dressed and fixed my breakfast. It's 6:30AM now.

I haven't turned on the TV yet. Yesterday evening  after the tech got my picture back, I noticed the weather channel voices tore. I called another tech and she tried to give me an increase in power but that didn't seem to help. It will be interesting to see how that works this morning.  Also, none of the cats came to eat last evening. I brought the plants in because I was trying to protect them from a freeze. According to the desktop computer, it is 37 degrees out there this morning.

I will go turn on the "weather on the 8's" and see what that channel looks like this morning. I will also check on the cats and get back to this later.

Both cats were here this morning and both ate and left. I brought the food back in. 

When I turned on the weather channel, the sound was still stuttering. So I turned to the CBS news. It was fine. I don't know what the problem is with the weather channel. 

I read until 10:00AM and then I went over to Nancy's to try to get her to eat something so she could take her meds. She was sleeping on the couch but she heard the doorbell. She was nauseated again  so I gave her one of her nausea pills along with the toast I made for her and her morning  meds.  

She had a sink full of dirty dishes and a dishwasher full of clean dishes.  I just washed the dirty ones in the sink and put them into her dish drainer to dry . I didn't put away the clean ones. She was exhausted again and napping on the couch when I left. I will go back over there at suppertime and warm up some of that goulash she had night before last

I will get back to my book now..

I noticed Ohio State is playing Nebraska on Fox this afternoon. So far Ohio State is ahead. But not by much.....

They should be doing much better.

Ohio State ended up winning but not by a lot. 

I ended up going out to Sonic and buying myself a cherry limeade slush to go with my peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had made for my lunch. It is almost 5:00PM now and soon I will go over to Nancy's and see if she is awake.  I need to fix her something for her supper and give her her evening meds.  My arm is much better this evening. 

More even later...

I gave Nancy some ice cream to eat before I gave her her meds. I stayed awhile and visited but was very tired and so I came back home to take my bath at 7:00PM and read awhile before going on to bed at 9:00PM. 

Friday, November 5, 2021

Friday and No TV

If it's not one thing it's another. This morning I have no TV signal from Cox. Cox has been a huge mess here in Caney. I have had a tech out here several times since I moved to Caney two years ago. It seems they don't support Tivo, which is my recording device. At least that's what they blame my TV problems on. Usually the picture just tears and they have to come out and check out the wiring at the pole. And none of the Cox techs have any experience with Tivo. But this time, I simply do not get a signal at all. I see several Cox trucks around Caney so I assume I am not the only one having problems with them. A box comes up on the TV now saying "no signal". I have a tech coming between 10:00AM  and 12:00 today.

I do have internet at least. 

I slept pretty well last night. I woke up in the night wondering where my congregational secretary book was. Finally I got up and hunted for it and finally found it. We are having a congregation business meeting on the 14th I think it is...and it will be at 10:00AM instead of 11:00AM. I think the light breakfast is at 10:00AM that day followed by the business meeting and worship service. 

I had better check and see if the cats are out there. Neither of them came for supper last evening. 

No cats and it's 7:45AM. 

It must have rained last night. There is water in the bird bath. I left the plants outside last night but they look alright. It's 37 degrees out there according to my computer.

Still no cats out there...weird.

Well Blondie came and so I fed him and then I went over to Nancy's to see to her meds. I took her some bread so she could have toast for her breakfast. Then I got right back home because Cox is supposed to be here between 10:00AM and 12:00 (or somewhere in between)to try to fix the signal for my TV. It's 9:45AM now. 

I never did see Scruff. She didn't come for her breakfast.

More later....

The TV tech came and replaced the wiring outside on the pole again and in just a jiffy I had TV. It doesn't cost me anything for a service call because I have Cox Complete Care for $10.00 a month...for both the TV and both the computers....actually up to 5 computers but I only have two..

Now I can go get something  when it's time for my lunch.

I went out to Sonic and bought a small Mocha Crunch Blast. That's all that sounded good to me.

I spent a half hour going over my checkbook and balancing it. Somewhere along the line I made a mistake and it took awhile to find it and correct it. But I got it done. 

I called Nancy to see if she wanted to go to Coffeyville with me but she was not up to it. I got my booster shot at the Montgomery County Health Department there. I also got cash from my bank account and gasoline at $2.99 a gallon at South Coffeyville at the Woodshed. I was so glad to get my booster shot before we go to Tennessee for Thanksgiving. It didn't hurt a bit. That nurse there is very good at giving shots. She did my original two and I didn't feel them either.

One of my classmates just called me to tell me the funeral services for our classmate, Charlotte Neese, that died this week will be held graveside at Fairview cemetery in Coffeyville on Woodland on Monday at 1:00PM. She intends to be there at 12:30PM to attend and wanted me to contact the classmates online to tell them about it in hopes others would also attend. Charlotte was very well liked. I will attend if at all possible.

It's7:30PM now and I have had my bath. I will read on my book now until 9:00PM and then go to bed.


Thursday, November 4, 2021

Thursday and Nancy's Hair Day

I can't get away from blogging. :) I have been working on my sermon for November 21st and hadn't got to my blog yet. My son-in-law reads this blog and when he didn't find a blog by 8:25AM, He texted me to see if I was alright. I appreciate that someone checks on me. 

I have been working on mopping too. This is my apartment cleaning day.

The audiologist's receptionist just called to change my 3:00PM appointment today.  The audiologist is sick today and will not be coming in. She rescheduled me for November 18th at 3:00PM. That may work out better because Nancy's hair appointment is at 1:00PM today and I was going to find that pretty close. 

I am mopping now and will get back to this later. The cats may have come and gone too because neither of them is out there now. 

Well, Scruff came for breakfast but Blondie may be eating at home. Scruff is gone now. It may be the noise of the vacuum that caused her to eat and run.

I vacuum while commercials are on. 

I lack only the dining room now. I will get back to that later. I had better check on Nancy.

Nancy was not dressed yet but she had a bowl of cereal and took her meds. I left at 10:15AM to come back home and vacuum that last room. I cleaned up the sweeper again I will be so glad to get new carpet when it is finally installed. Every time I vacuum I get a wad of dirt. That dirt has got to be trapped between the carpet and the pad. Suzanne said she had the carpet cleaned before I moved in here. But it sure didn't come clean. The woman that lived here before me was disabled and couldn't clean well at all.

 I will pick Nancy up at 12:45PM and take her to her hair appointment. Then we may eat lunch somewhere.

Well, she just called me and told me she was terribly nauseated. She was fine when I was there just awhile ago. I told her to take one of her pills for nausea and they usually work within 10 minutes. She's going  to cancel her hair appointment and go back to bed. Anissa will be furious. She may not give her another appointment.

She did take one of those nausea pills and in 15 Minutes she was fine. By then she had already cancelled her hair appointment though. 

I went over this evening around 6:00PM and fixed her a frozen dinner. Then I put out her meds for the evening.

 I left the plants outside this evening. I hope they will be alright. 

I stayed until 7:15PM and then came home to take my bath and get ready for bed at 9:00PM.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Wednesday and Hair Day

 I slept very well last night and didn't wake up once. I was very tired again. I asked Sandy to come to Nancy's this morning and look to her toast and meds since I have to be to my hair appointment at 9:00AM and Nancy doesn't usually get up until 9:00AM. She was glad to do that. Nancy has always been good to Sandy even though except for Nancy's mother, Maxine, the rest of the family doesn't like her...for some reason..

It's 6:25AM now and we are to have a hard freeze today according to the police report. We will see. It's supposed to rain today and tomorrow too. I will wear a warm jacket today...that's for sure. There is no Bunco today so I will come back home after my hair is done unless I can get the booster shot for the virus at the health department.

I will watch "the weather on the 8's" now and check on the cats. Only Blondie was here for supper last night.

So, more later... 

Both Blondie and Scruff came for breakfast but Blondie didn't eat. He probably ate at home .


No photo description available. 

I brought my mums and petunias in to protect them from the frost that is forecast.

More even later....

I went on to Coffeyville and got my hair done then stopped my the Montgomery County Health Department to see if I could get my booster shot but they just put me on a list. I should have gone out to Walmart. They  welcome walk ins and do the shots there but instead, I took the papers for the animal shelter out to Karan's and then came on home. I heard from Betty Hanson and she told me another classmates had died.  It was Charlotte Neese. We are down from 293 to 108. We have lost track of 27 of them but still have 108 of us living. We have lost 154 as of today. Most of the class is 86. I am one of the younger ones with a birthday in December. 52 are online and 56 are snail mail.

I printed off 52 envelopes for the class newsletter this afternoon. The others all have e mail and I will send their as an attachment to e-mail.

Then I went over to Nancy's to make sure she eats something and takes her meds. I fixed her a chicken pot pie and stayed until 7:30PM. Sandy came too and she was still there when I left.

I will take my bath now. It's 8:05PM and I will read awhile before I go to bed. 



Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Tuesday and a Quiet Day

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night but after I took an allergy pill I finally dozed off and slept fine. I was up at almost 6:00AM..late for me. I was very tired. My Kindle needed charging again last night so I plugged it in overnight.  It's charged now so I will read another book today...or at least start it. My desktop computer froze up last evening and I had to just turn it off. Nothing I did unfroze it. Then I rebooted and it had to repair itself. I think it's working alright now although I haven't tried it yet

I need to get hold of Karan today and see who made her metal banister that she can hold onto when she comes down her front steps.. I know my son in law, John, installed it for her years ago. Nancy stumbled down her front steps yesterday and hit her mouth and her knees while she was watching the plumbers work. Her lip was all swollen and she's lucky she didn't break a tooth. Her front steps are treacherous.

We have no Bunco tomorrow. There is an illness and they cancelled it. I don't know who is ill but I may call Janet today and find out. I was looking forward to Bunco tomorrow at the senior center. While I am over there tomorrow I will go to the Montgomery County Health Department and see if I can get my booster shot. Walmart is also offering it with no appointments.

It's 7:15AM now and I will go turn on "the weather on the 8's" and check on the cats.

We are forecast for rain today and tomorrow again.

Only Blondie came for breakfast this morning. I don't know where Scruff is.  Blondie ate some and then left so I brought the cat food in the garage.

Scruff finally came for her breakfast after Blondie was gone. She ate quite a bit before she left and I took the bowl in the garage. 

More even later.. 

I went over to Nancy's at 9:00AM and made her some toast so she could take her meds with food. She was very low on the dementia pills so I had those refilled and went to the market and bought her some coffee filters too. She then fixed a pot of coffee. The drug store had two more refills too. Maybe Dale refilled those. Anyhow, I picked them up. 

I swept off her front walk. After the plumbers were finished they left a mess on the walk, I cleaned that up the best I could.

Sandy came to visit her so I left and came home to read. I will go to the market today sometime and buy some more frozen meals for myself.

More even later....

I read most of the afternoon and then the Kindle froze up. I couldn't get it to bring up the password place so I called Amazon and the woman in "Help" walked me through how to fix it. I finally got it working again.

I read until almost 5:00PM and then worn out with it, I put it away.

I went over to Nancy's again at 6:00PM and helped her take her meds. I stayed about 30 minutes but I was awfully tired so I came on back home. It's almost my bath time and then I will try to read again if I can get the Kindle to come on again.

I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM

Monday, November 1, 2021

Monday and Laundry

I slept well last night and got up fairly early and changed my bed. I am doing laundry this morning. I am also eating my breakfast while I post here. It is 7:30AM ....later then usual for this. I haven't turned on "the weather on the 8's" yet or checked on the cats. But I do have the laundry in the dryer now.

I don't have anything in particular planned for today except to fold out the laundry when it is dry. Sometime after 9:30AM I will check on Nancy. I haven't seen her since I got home from Springfield. I did call and drive by but Sandy's car was there and I knew someone who cared about her was checking on her and visiting with her. I was very tired and went to bed early.

I will fix my chai now and go check the weather. The last I saw we were supposed to have rain Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I am tired of rain already and fall has just begun.

Well they have changed the forecast. The rain will be today and tomorrow instead of Tuesday and Wednesday. I will need to get my plants in again or they may drown.

Scruff is plenty hungry and Blondie was here too but he must have already eaten at home because he is just watching her eat. 

More later... 

I went over to Nancy's this morning to check on her pills to see that she had taken them. She had remembered to take them and had eaten some toast before she took them.

The plumbers were finished with her yard and had torn it up quite a bit from the meter almost to the house. She has water again now. The company told her not to smooth out the dirt in her yard though because it would need to settle first or it would leave a hole. She can sweep off the walk but not to rake the dirt in the yard yet until it settles.

Nancy needs a trustee on her bank accounts. I should take her to the bank to get that set up.

We went to lunch when the plumbers were finished and gone. Nancy had fallen on her steps yesterday and injured her mouth and it is swollen and sore. She brought part of her lunch home with her to eat later this afternoon. I will go back this evening about 6:00PM to see to her evening meds.

More later....

I went back to see how Nancy was doing and fixed her a frozen dinner and gave her her evening meds. I stayed and visited until 7:00PM and then came home and had my bath. I will read until 9:00PM, which is my regular bedtime.


Sunday, October 31, 2021

Sunday and Church Again

I slept well last night. I figured I might. I was very tired. Yesterday was a huge day and then I stayed up and watched the Ohio State/Penn State football game and didn't get to bed until after 10:00PM.

I won't leave for church until 10:00AM since the service doesn't start until 11:00PM. 

My daughter, one of the pastors who actually does something with her office, actually she does a lot,  is speaking today. She does the preaching schedule as well as some church cleaning and is the financial officer for not only our congregation but also the entire Mission Center. One of our three pastors is moving to Pittsburg, Kansas, and the other one really does nothing for the congregation except preach.We will be having election of officers in November and hopefully we will elect someone a pastor who will actually function in the entire job. All Leslie had asked her to do for the conference was to write a report of the missions our congregation took part in last year. We provided school supplies for the grade school here in Caney before school started and provided cakes for the First Christian Church in Independence, Kansas, again this year while they were still providing a free meal on Tuesdays. She didn't even get that small report done. We didn't do shoe boxes this year because the woman who has the supplies is the one moving to Pittsburg. This pandemic has put everything in a bind. The pastor who doesn't function except for preaching is a doctor and I realize she is really busy during the pandemic but what she was asked to do wouldn't have taken her 15 minutes. And she had time to take a vacation and go to a wedding on the east coast.

Enough grumbling...

I watched "the weather on the 8's" and we are to have rain Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I haven't checked on the cats and I really should do that now.

Both cats were out there... hungry this morning... so I took their food out through the garage. They are eating now. At least Scruff s still eating. I assume Blondie ate at his home so he just ate a little of Scruff's food and left. She is still out there eating.

I talked to Sandy over the weekend and she told me the plumber couldn't fix the leak in Nancy's water pipes. The entire yard of pipes will have to be dug up until they find that major leak and that means the company that does that kind of extensive digging won't be able to come until Monday to do that. So bottled water is all Nancy has until that major job is finished. I will go over there at 9:00AM this morning and see that she eats something and then takes her meds. Then I will go back this evening and do the same thing. Sandy has taken care of that while I was gone Friday evening and yesterday, thank goodness.

More later... 

I went over to Nancy's this evening and Sandy was there again. Nancy really seems to enjoy Sandy and Sandy was married to Nancy's cousin, Richard, for years. He died several years ago of a heart attack. He was pretty young then too.

The two cats came over for supper and I set their food out for them. They ate all they wanted so I put it in the garage and covered it. They will probably be back in the morning for breakfast.

My new landlord, Stephen, and Dee Anna, his wife came over this evening and brought me a popcorn ball and crackerjacks and some candy.  I am a little old for trick or treat but I thought that was very nice of them. I did eat the popcorn I had just fixed for my supper and had a couple of small pieces of candy. I try to leave candy alone as much as I can.

I have taken my bath and will read for awhile. It's 7:30PM right now. I will try to get to bed at 9:00PM.