Saturday, June 6, 2020

Saturday and Another Dull Day

I slept poorly last night. I woke up at 2:00AM something... concerned about Sage, my eldest great granddaughter who is being tested for the coronavirus. It would be terrible if she has it. She is only 16 years old and is an only child and is a very nice girl. I finally got up at 4:45AM, dressed and had my breakfast.

I am in the den using the desktop computer now. I really would rather the cats would not know I am up. I am not ready to deal with them at this hour. It is 5:15AM now.

I have nothing planned for today. I will vacuum the den and dining room since I didn't get that done yesterday as I had planned. I read instead. If it is nice, I may take my walk.

I left the plants out again last night. I hope they did alright out there. When it gets light I will check them. I watered them both last evening again.

Paplo, my neighbor,  came over last evening after I had my bath and was in my pjs. He seems to be having trouble with his air conditioning. I just talked to him about it through the door since I was in my pjs. I didn't have my robe on since I had the rotator cuff brace on my arm. He asked me what I kept my thermostat on and I told him 75 degrees. I should have suggested he let Suzanne know he seemed to be having a problem with his but I was in my pjs and didn't think to suggest it until he left.. Last year the air conditioning people had to add freon to mine. It was not cooling right. That took care of it.

More later...

I have fed three cats this morning. Scruffy came back twice and there were two yellow cats Scruffy laid down on the doormat for a half hour and then got up and ate again. Now she has gone away again. She goes across the street and crawls under the shed next to the garage. I wonder if the kitties are under there or if they have been killed by the Tom cat. There's no way to know for sure. It's just so odd it's been so long since the four of them came to eat with Scruffy.

More later...

I watered both the plants and then  had my lunch.

Scruffy came at that time and lay on my doormat. Finally in two and a half hours she mewed for some food and I fed her and then she left and went back under the shed across the street.

I have watched a couple of episodes of Forensic Files. Now I am watching Dateline. I am very bored with everything.

My daughter contacted me this afternoon with the news that our county has another case of the virus. So we will wait until June 28th to try to begin services again. So, no church tomorrow after all.

More later....

I watched "Bull" this evening at 7:00PM and I think it was a rerun since it usually shows on Mondays....then  at 8:45PM I went on to bed. I had been up since 4:00AM.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Friday and Grocery Shopping

I  slept well again last night and got up shortly after 5:00AM.  I have dressed and had my breakfast and am working on my coffee now.

I had three cats out here for breakfast this morning It was Scruffy and two of the medium sized yellow cats. I still have not seen the four kittens since they came with Scruffy that first day.  I saw Scruffy crawl under the shed across the street yesterday evening. I wonder if the tomcat has killed the kittens.

I want to finish my vacuuming before I go to Independence this morning to buy my groceries.

I want to water the plants and check how they made it through the night outside last night.

Be back later....

I watered the one in the back yard and it looked great.  Now I have to filter some more water before I can water the one in the front. I don't drink Caney water and I don't water my plants with it either. Caney water is undrinkable.

Well Scruffy is back. She eats a little and then leaves. Then fifteen minutes later she comes back for more.  She keeps me running in and out with her bowl. If she leaves and I don't take it in, the birds tend to try to eat it.

Now she is drinking some water from my water dish. I keep water for them too because it's the only clean water they have access to.

I texted Krystal yesterday evening about mowing for me on Tuesday and she says they can do it. That yard has really grown this week.  It could use it now but it's only been a few days since Tuesday when she mowed last so it will just have to wait.

I needed some frozen foods and Almond milk and they don't have much selection at Dollar General. I knew I needed makeup too and I would have to go to Independence to get that at their Merle Norman store. So I decided to just go on to Independence where I could also shop their Walmart store.

I dd that and when I finished, I came back home and checked my mail. I also called Nancy. She was sick again and had been in bed all day. I think she needs to see a doctor about her health. She is sick either with diarrhea or an upset stomach. But she is resistant to doing that and no one can make her do that.

When I got home, Scruffy was back at the door wanted to be fed again. She has been here three or four times.

I am listening to NPR now. There is a lot of discussion about the police brutality and the deaths of the black men these past few years and actually in our history.  The black citizens have always had a terrible time with prejudice.  There needs to be a complete structural change in America.

More later.....

My daughter just sent me a text to tell me her eldest granddaughter, my eldest great granddaughter, has been sick and has been tested for mononucleosis and pneumonia and they have come back negative and is now being tested for the Corona virus.  We appreciate any prayers from any of you. Her name is Sage.

More later...

This afternoon I read a book I had downloaded on my Kindle. There was nothing on TV so I just didn't turn it on. It's 6:45PM now and I will soon take my bath and at 9:00PM, I will go to bed.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Thursday and House Cleaning

I slept well again last night. The arm is not completely pain free but I think I must have slept on it most of the night. My right ear is sore again this morning.

I made my bed, dressed and had my breakfast already and even fed three cats. Scruffy and two of the yellow cats were there when I opened the door.  I haven't seen the kittens in a couple of days. Maybe they have been adopted by a neighbor.  Who knows.

I will wash my bare floors today and vacuum the bedroom, living room and halls. That will leave the dining room for tomorrow and the den on Saturday.

The cats are gone now so I will bring in the bowls before the birds find it.

More later....

I got the bare floors mopped and  the bedroom, halls and living room vacuumed. Tomorrow I will get the dining room and Saturday I will do the den.

Scruffy has been back twice since morning to eat some more but I haven't seen any kittens.

More later...

I watched some Forensics Files this evening until time to take my bath and then I played a fame on the laptop until 9:00PM when I went on to bed.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Wednesday and Bunco at the Senior Center

I slept well again last night  That brace really does the job!

I got up early anyhow. I had a little dab of oatmeal and my coffee since it will be awhile until I pick up Bob for breakfast.

I have some groceries I want to take to Sycamore Landing. I took what I could use out but I still have those groceries Nancy insisted on giving me.  I had told Suzanne not to pick up any for me because I still had plenty but Nancy's cousin's widow brought her more then she could use so she wanted to share with me. I really couldn't use them and didn't want them. The folks at Sycamore Landing can use them though.

It's almost light out and I need to feed the cats and water my plants. I left them out overnight and they are probably dry.

Oh my! I have made a serious mistake. I assumed Scruffy was a male but this morning she brought two small kittens with her for breakfast One looks just like her and the other is yellow.  So I assume Big Yellow Tom is the father. I need to change that I see two little scruffy looking gray kittens and one black and that yellow one. So there are at least four and maybe more....who knows.

I will be back later after Bunco this afternoon.

So, more later...

I picked up Bob for breakfast this morning. We had a good breakfast and then after I took him home  I went out to Woodshed to buy gas. After that I went to Walmart to get three things I needed. Then I went to my hair appointment.  Then I decided to get a pedicure. afterward that I went to the library...hoping it was open. It was open only for curb side business, So I went to Sonic and got a medium cherry limeade slush to take with me to the senior center. I called Janet to see if she was open there at the senior center and she said she would open for me.

We all had a good time at the senior center.  I won the prize for the most losses. :)

After Bunco, I came on back home and put everything away. When I opened the front door, I saw scruffy, the gray female cat, but she did not have the four kittens. I went ahead and fed her anyhow. I don't know where the kittens were. Maybe they will be back at her supper time.

I didn't get much mail. Mostly just trash which I threw away. I put the Journal in my house mailbox for Suzanne after I read it.

It is time for the 4:00PM news so I will watch it now.

More later...

I watched the news and Scruffy came for dinner but she didn't have the kittens. I wonder where they are.

I brought in my plants again this evening and watered them. They are forecasting some showers tonight or close to morning. I am trying to take care of them by bringing them in when the weather gets bad.

I watched the CBS news and then came into the den to play some free cell. Then I brought some programs up to date and ran my Glary Utilities and brought it up to date.

It's 8:25PM now and soon I will go on to bed. at 9:00PM .I was up early this morning and it's been a busy day. .

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Tuesday and Another Great Night's Sleep

I slept very well last night and once again just woke up just once and went to the bathroom and then got right back to sleep. That shoulder brace is a real blessing...thanks to Leslie for thinking of it and ordering it.

I have had my breakfast of oatmeal and am drinking my coffee and chai now.

When I opened the front door I had three cats waiting for their breakfast. Gray Scruffy and two yellow cats. One of them was Big Yellow Tom. They have all eaten now and are gone. I see Big Yellow Tom is across the street in the sunshine looking over this way. I see he is coming back over now to eat some more. I am glad I left the bowls out there.

 When I opened this blog in Firefox I found that all my bookmarks were gone. Some glitch in Firefox had done away with the entire bookmark record so rather then deal with that so early in the morning, I just changed it to Edge. It seems to work fine. I even had to change the password on this blog. Strange..Several people from Cox Complete Care and even my son, Keith, have suggested I stop using Firefox. It has been my browser of choice ever since I have had a computer. 

More later...

I went back to firefox. I notice the bookmarks toolbar is back. They must have fixed whatever it was that eliminated it.

I did get the den vacuumed at last.

I have been watching CBS news and I am appalled at Trump and his response to non violent protesters.  According to Jesus' message, you don't "dominate" people to build Jesus' "Kingdom of God". Tear gas and rubber bullets are not the way of Jesus. And using the Bible and using a church across from the White House to make his point is deplorable. Threatening to use military force against peaceful protesters is the way of a dictator. 

The Episcopal pastor there was "outraged" at the context of his use of her church. Holding the Bible to condone his actions was also deplorable according to her ...and I agree.

The sort of strength we need is like that of the Houston police officer who hugged a protester who tried to explain her actions.

What a mess! 

More later....

I still haven't seen the trash pickup folks yet today and they usually are here by 9:30AM and it's almost 11:00AM now. I have called the city to se what the problem is and they will call me back after they get an answer from the trash people. 

Suzanne came mid afternoon and we walked around Mildred's  Market and she bought some earrings. Then we went to Sonic and had a cherry limeade slush...very good.

The trash people came while we were gone and I got the trash containers put away.

Now I am home and watching the news. CBS news is next and I want to watch it. I will get back to this after the news is off.

I watched the CBS news. Terrible news. Just what we needed was more problems.  I texted Bob and he is going to have breakfast with me in the morning.

It's after 7:00PM now and I will get my bath and check on Scruffy. He came to eat supper and I want to get the food put away before I have my bath.

I will try to watch "Bull" afterward. I recorded it last night. I hope it's not a rerun. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM

Well, Tulsa TV did it again. I was right in the middle of watching "Bull" and they interrupted the program to cover the riots in Tulsa. They have two different channels and you would think one of those channels could be dedicated to regular programming for those in southeast Kansas who are really not all that interested in their local news. 

So I just turned it off and went on to bed at 8:40PM.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Monday and Mowing

I slept very well again last night, I only woke up once again. My right shoulder is a little sore this morning but that's because I slept on my right side all night.  I know that because my right ear is a little raw.

I got up around 5:00AM and dressed, stripped my bed and got it ready for laundry a little later.   Then I fixed my breakfast and saw that I had three cats out there waiting for theirs, Two yellow cats and gray Scruffy are eating out there. The larger yellow cats have eaten and left and now the small yellow cat is out there eating.

In a while I will start my laundry. This afternoon Krystal and her daughter will be coming to mow and boy, does it need it!

I remade the bed with fresh sheets while the other sheets were in the laundry.

The laundry was finished and I folded it and put it away.

I will need to get some change this morning to pay her. I may go out and eat lunch at Sonic and get the Wacky Pack again. This is June 1st so it will be the regular price. The sale was only for April and May.

More later....

Scott, my younger son, called me this morning and chatted with me on his way to meet his trainer for his work . We had a nice visit. I told him about having the church services next Sunday.  I also told him we were having to cancel the two family camps ( called church reunions)  in June and July over this virus.

He will stay in touch with me from time to time.

More later...

I went out to Sonic at noon and had their Kid's Wacky Pack with two large chicken strips and tator tots and a tiny coke. That was good although it was back to full price. I knew it would be.

I had an ice cream bar for dessert.

Krystal came about 3:30PM and mowed for me. Her daughters had all three gone to her sister's for a couple of weeks. I had been waiting for her to come and fell asleep in the recliner. I had everything laid out for her and the mower was full of gas so she started mowing when she came about 3:30PM and she did an excellent job. I heard the mower and woke up. I had started to trim earlier but the battery went down on my trimmer so it is on the charger now. I will try to trim tomorrow.  Krystal dumped the mower clippings for me and swept up what fell out of the bag when she unhitched it from the mower. Then she took my trash receptacle to the curb. Tomorrow the trash gets picked up and I missed it last week. When I remembered to put it out they were already half a block away. So it was really full today. .Kylie's was too. She missed it last week too.

I cut the hedge earlier and swept that mess up and put it in the trash receptacle. Kylie, next door, borrowed the hedge trimmer and did hers and mowed first. I thought Pablo should have mowed. He is home a lot. He works in the oil fields. She's the one with the steady job. Kylie says he plays games on their computer in his spare time. (I'd game him, if I were her).

It's after 4:00PM now and I will go watch the 4:00PM Channel 6 news.

The trimmer battery is fully charged so tomorrow  I will trim the yard..

More later....

I have had my bath at 7:00PM and am watching TV. I want to stay up to watch "Bull" at 9:00PM if it's not a rerun.  If it is, I will go on to bed at 9:00PM.

Gray Scruffy and one of the yellow cats came for supper. So I fed them.

I'll get back to this later if I don't go to bed at 9:00PM

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sunday and A Great Night's Sleep

I took my bath as usual last night and then put the rotator cuff brace on and went on to bed at 9:00PM. I slept through the night with only one time to wake up and go to the bathroom. Because I had no pain, I was able to get right back to sleep just fine and right away. That brace is a miracle! If it works that way every night, I may be able to sleep like a log again. I was even able to sleep on my right side with no pain at all.

There is no church today except streamed from online from Ontario Canada at 11:00AM at But next Sunday, June 7th,  we are starting our 11:00AM church services up again....with a lot of limitations. (see yesterday's blog). I hope it works out! Just church and no church school classes is better then no reality church at all.  I called my brother-in-law last night and went over all that Leslie had told me with him. He had just remarked yesterday morning that he wished we had church again. So I wanted to tell him about the decision before he got his letter from Leslie. It will be Monday at the earliest before those letters are delivered. It will probably be Tuesday since all our mail goes to Wichita first before being delivered locally.

We should be fine if everyone is careful. In all of Montgomery County Kansas we have only had 20 cases and only 2 deaths and all of those were in March.  There have been no new cases since then.

I have had my oatmeal and coffee and will have my Chai latte next. I am sitting in the den using the desktop computer instead of sitting in the living room with the notebook on my lap. It's just now 6:00AM. I may go in there now and turn on the weather channel. I just didn't want the cats to know I was up until I had this blog started.

I will wait until 6:30PM or so until I text Bob to see if he is alright. I do that every morning. He is in far worse shape then I am with his spinal stenosis. If anything happened to him in the night no one would know until Joanne woke up halfway through the morning. When I text him, if he doesn't respond within twenty minutes, I call him. If the time ever comes when he doesn't pick up, I will either drive over there or call Denise or Joanne to go check on him. Denise has a key. Maybe Joanne does too..

I moved into the living room with the notebook and opened the front door to see the medium sized yellow cat waiting for his/her breakfast. I fed him/her and after he/she ate and left another of the yellow cats came to eat.

I haven't seen Scruffy yet. I left the food out there for the next cat  and as long as the birds don't come to eat, I will leave it there.

Scruffy did finally show up for his breakfast so I fed him and then I went out and swept out the garage and sidewalk. About 11:00AM, I left for Independence.

More later....

Bob had called me mid morning and asked me to come to lunch with him in Independence at 11:30AM. I told him I would drive up there and meet him and that's what I did. We were going to eat at Great China but they were closed. So we went to the Chinese buffet next door to them. It was very good but wasn't Great China.  We had a good lunch though.

Afterward I came back home and worked on my desktop computer. It was not holding a signal and would cut off if I tried to open a browser. I rebooted three times and then called Cox Complete Care but it wouldn't hold a signal long enough for us to connect. He thought Windows 10 had downloaded an update that my computer was having a hard time with. After I hung up I rebooted again and this time I retained the signal. I don't know if this will happen again. I will just have to try it again later. I don't want to do it tonight because it will upset my sleep if it screws up again. He suggested I might need to get my own 3.0 modem/router because theirs is evidently having a hard time holding the signal. He thinks my computer is too far away from the router/modem to make a connection but I told him this morning was the only time that had happened so that didn't make sense. Once a month ago I lost the signal for my TV and they finally had to reboot the modem to get it to work again, but the modem/router is on the same table as the TV so that didn't make any sense at all.

After all this I logged on to the Ontario Canada site and watched this morning's worship service.

I was going to watch 60 Minutes this evening but it was preempted by the riots in Tulsa. I could care less about Tulsa news. Channel 6 has two sites. Surely they could use one channel for regular programming and use the other one for their  local stuff. We are in southeast Kansas and Cox will not pay for another station to be available to us. There is one at Pittsburg,  Kansas, that we used to get too when we first took the cable back in the 1980's.

I took my bath at 7:00PM and put the brace on my shoulder and will go to bed at 9:00PM after I read for awhile on a free book I downloaded this evening on my Kindle.  Because of my Prime membership, I get some free books to read every month from Amazon.