Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Busy Saturday

I mailed off the letters I wrote yesterday. I wasn't aware the post office was closed on Saturday but the window was down and the  place was deserted.

Bob and I had had breakfast at Eggberts earlier this morning. I worked on the deceased classmates list afterward.

I'm not sure what all I will do today after lunch. The bed is changed, the laundry is done and the apartment is clean. I'll think of something. I can always read.

More later...

I read most of the afternoon.  Karan came over to get Bobby's meat loaf. We have some of it for lunch but still had some left.

Bob cleaned the mess off the carport that was made by my cracked motor.  There was oil on the floor and that was my first clue there was a problem. The oil was leaking from the air conditioning system. I went out to Varsity car wash to get my car washed and it was down. So I went to the other one on Eighth and had to use my Amazon card to get it to work. But now my car is clean again.

Then I stopped at Gilliam's and bought wine. Bob will be over this evening to watch episode 7 of "The Roosevelts" on PBS.

I am not going to the Pinch dinner. I am too tired.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Again

How the weeks fly by! Here it is Friday again. We will have exercise class this morning at 9:00 AM. Then I don't know what I will do the rest of the day. I read on my Kindle last night until 10:00 and then went to bed.

The apartment is clean and dusted and I am doing laundry again this morning since I changed my bed.  Missy is waiting for me to go out on the carport with her so I will get back to this later...

We went to exercise class and then to Utopia for coffee and a scone. Now we will have our lunch a little later.

Still I haven't heard from the hospital. I don't know when their board meets and they have to make the decision of whether I get hired for that location or not..

More even later....

I started to work on the booklet for the class reunion next year. I have it roughed out. Anything can happen in the next year though.  We could lose a lot more classmates. But it's begun anyhow.

Bob came over later and we had wine and cookies and watched "the 5th episode of "The Roosevelts". He left at 9:00 and I took my bath and read until 10:30.  Then I went to bed.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Again

It's Thursday and the beginning of a new pay period for SER. I have heard nothing more from the hospital about a position.  Today I received a check by direct deposit. It's a little short to be the withheld check for the first two weeks of my work and way too long to be for the 18 hours I turned in when I left the museum. I have e-mailed Aime to try to find out what it is. I am grateful to get it though. I will use some of it for my second car payment for September.

Bob had planned to go somewhere today now that he has his car back but I don't know if he will or not since it is raining and he wants to see the body man about the car too. The rain began sometime after midnight.  If he doesn't want to go somewhere now, we will finish off the tuna noodle casserole today for lunch with coleslaw and the rest of the pudding. Otherwise, we will have that tomorrow.

Missy and I went out on the carport for a little while this morning.  She was a little skittery about the rain and occasional thunder though so we came back in.  I don't have anything going today. I think my sermon is done now.

More later...

The Honda agency called yesterday morning so I called Bob to see if he wanted to go down with me to pick it up. He did.   We went to the Wal Mart store there and I bought a new bracelet for my watch. The strap had worn out.

The we went out to the Honda agency and picked up my car. It now has a new motor in it. It was good to get now own car back again. The Accord was just a larger car than I like. We had lunch at McAlisters while we were there and then came on back home.  

He came over later in the evening and we watched "The Roosevelts" on PBS.  There is at least one more episode tomorrow night.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Warm Wednesday

It's kind of warm today after cooling down the past two weeks. I fixed meatloaf for lunch and fried potatoes and broccoli and Bob still had some salad. Then I fixed banana pudding and we had some snicker-doodle cookies for dessert.

I got the house cleaned yesterday and did the laundry the day before so I really have little to do today except work on a letter and a postcard about the class mini reunion we are thinking of having next year.  I will to the post office and buy 80 postcards after Bobby comes to pick up his supper.  Bob's car is in the shop and it should be finished this evening. He is lost without his car.

We did go to exercise class this morning.  And after dinner we took Missy out on the carport for awhile. She is back in now.

I will read the Reader's Digest this afternoon. And Bob got his car back too. He is not entirely satisfied with the result. It appears to him that the parts do not fit as seamlessly as he wants.  He will go visit with the body man later tomorrow.

More later....

I did get the Reader's Digest finished and  also wrote a letter to the classmate that wanted the mini reunion next year. I will wait for her answer until I send out the other letters to those who are not online.

Bob came over to watch the news and have a glass of wine. At 7:00 he went home and I took my bath and put my pjs on to watch "The Roosevelts".  I will go to bed after that.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday and Cakes again.

I have dinner ready already. It just needs to go into the microwave for five minutes.  It’s a tuna noodle casserole.  Bob will bring a salad. We will have canned fruit for dessert.

I will take the cakes up to Independence at 9:00 this morning. Phyllis brought me one she bought last evening. She had just got in from Kansas City and didn't have time to bake one.  I baked mine last night and frosted it this morning and Bob says he has his ready too. Karan and Bobby brought one over last evening.  So I have four. Then Cathy is going to do my color and cut this morning at 10:00.  Then I will look for a Coffeyville person to do it. I will try Leslie's Toni. Carol, my regular and long time beautician, has had to give up her shop since she has been ill.  I hate that. She was always able to make my thinning hair look so much better. But her health is very important so this is for the best. 

I want to drop over to the hospital this morning  to check on Leslie before I leave for Independence.

And I still have not heard anything from the hospital about a position for the SER Corporation.  Maybe Doug will call this morning while I am gone. 

More later....

My daughter turned out to have a gall stone. They are planning to take her gall bladder out in two weeks. I hope she doesn't have another problem in the meantime.  That's the latest news.

My dinner was good and I sent some of it home with Bobby too. I made snickerdoodle cookies this afternoon from a yellow cake mix. That's sure  easy and good! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Again

I never found time yesterday to post. I'll try to catch up today.

Bob and I went to Great China for lunch Sunday after church and then came home and I got my letters done and worked some on next week's sermon.  That evening I went to Living the Questions group at Keith and Joyce's home.  In two weeks we will go to Richard and Mona's for the next meeting.  After I came home last night I found that "The Roosevelt's" was being rebroadcast on PBS from 9:00 until 11:00. I stayed up to watch it.

I enjoyed Bobby's class reunion Saturday and ended up even going to Southern Supper Club that evening.  Phyllis wants me to to think about having a mini reunion next year. I am mulling it over. The trouble is..the only real help I get is from John and Larry. Everyone else comes to the meetings but when the time comes to get things done, it's just me with some help from John and Larry. I am also thinking about putting together a booklet listing all the classmates I have addresses and information for and a page for those who are deceased.  There seems to be some interest in that.

Today I hope to hear from the hospital about an assignment for SER.  I heard from Doug there on Friday and he is waiting for word from Aime before scheduling an interview for me.

Bob came over last evening. He has not been able to send or receive e-mail for a month. I tried to fix that program but was unsuccessful.  I am waiting to hear from Keith about walking me through it now. I am unfamiliar with Windows 8 and tried to look up the instructions on how to delete the mail account and then  reinstall it. It was Greek to me.

More later....

I got Bob's computer working again and he now has his e-mail too.

This morning about 9:30, Leslie called me from the emergency room. She was in a great deal of chest pain and they were working to see what was causing the pain. I rushed over there.  She could barely breathe.  She was also nauseated.  They did an EKG which was normal and a bunch of other tests.

They suspected the heart but all her tests came out fine. However, they could not seem to get her out of pain. Finally they gave her a couple of shots of morphine and after about thirty minutes, she became pain free. But the doctor wanted her to stay overnight in the hospital because women often have very strange symptoms with heart attack. They put her in room 232 for an overnight stay.

About 3:00 I took her a milkshake since  the hospital food was uneatable. That made her nauseated again and she gave it to John. He had come at 3:00 as I was leaving to get her milkshake. I stayed with her until 4:00 and when her pain did not return, I came on home.

We won’t know anything else until her blood work comes back.

It’s just a mystery.