Saturday, May 10, 2014

Breakfast on Saturday

I slept very well last night and woke up only one time 3:00 AM. I got up and took my thyroid med   and then went back to bed until 5:15.

I let Missy out this morning. I go out with her because I don't want her wandering off and getting into trouble again.  She wanted to wander next door so I had to go and get her. She wanted to hunt the birds. She growled and hissed at me all the way back. She seems happy enough now though. She misses bird hunting and wandering off like she did over on Catalina.  I just can't let her do that anymore.She's too old and helpless.

In about twenty minutes Bob will be over and we will go to breakfast at Eggberts.

I'm not sure what the plan is today. If I don't go somewhere, I will clean. I didn't finish yesterday. I have a load of laundry in and should get that in the dryer before I leave for breakfast.

It's 58 degrees now. It is supposed to be 89 later in the day.  We are not forecast for any more rain until Monday. 

I think I will fix meatloaf today. It's been awhile since we've had meatloaf.  I have some boiled potatoes left from yesterday and I will fry those and have a veggie and salad. Bob will bring a salad. I have some mixed fruit we can finish off. We will have peach iced tea today. I need to get some wine too. We finished our red wine last evening. This time I will get some white wine. We have a small glass in the evening nearly every evening.

More later..... 

I sat out in front in my chair and finished my book this afternoon and started another on Capone.   I know, a strange choice but I was interested.

Bob came over for the wine but there was nothing on TV we were interested in watching so he went home and I took my bath and went to bed at 9:00.. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Stormy Friday

It rained really hard last night but I must have basically slept right through it. I recall waking up and hearing the rain but I went right back to sleep.  I went to bed about 9:00.  I hear the storm is near Joplin now. I'll bet those people were wide awake. It's supposed to rain today too.

I will go to exercise class this morning and then come home and later cook lunch. We will have chicken, potatoes and gravy and a veggie. We have a jello salad too. And I still have that mixed fruit for dessert.

Bob has to go up to the dentist office to have his dry socket packed again. Then he will go to exercise class too.

Yesterday my daughter sent me a basket of emerging bulbs for my garden.   It was a Mother's Day gift. It took me 3/4 of an hour to get all the "popcorn" out of the box, the basket and the flowers. But that will be a great addition to my flower bed when it blooms.

I may clean today. It's been a week. I like to clean and change my bed on a regular schedule.  Yesterday I moved some of my clothes into the den closet and used one night table drawer for my PJs and underwear.  I am getting ready for Keith and Esther's visit the last of the month. They will leave Phoenix on Wednesday the 21st and drive the 18 hours straight through.  They will stay until the Sunday before Memorial Day. They want to get back in time to rest up one full day before going back to work.

This is the basket of my Mother's Day bulbs:

More later....

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rainy Thursday

The rain has stopped for now. We have an 80% chance of some later on though. It may rain all night.

I slept very well last night with no pain except for leg cramps. The first time I got up and walked it off.  The second time I just changed positions and stretched my leg out.

I  spent some of the morning reading my kindle and the new Ehrman book. The rest of the morning I spent arranging my drawers in the den so I could put my underwear in there and moved some of my clothing into the den closet. I am preparing for Keith and Esther's visit.  I will change my bed and give them my queen sized bed. I have slept on the daybed in the den many times and it is just fine.  They will be coming the Wednesday before Memorial Day and stay until the Sunday before Memorial Day. They want to drive straight through 18 hours by switching off driving.  I wish they would stop and stay overnight somewhere. That sounds like a grueling drive to me.

Bob went to a funeral for his brother-in-law this morning and since we didn't know whether they would have  a family dinner or not, I didn't fix lunch. He didn't stay though.  So we ate at Sirloin Stockade.  Now after the mail comes, I will try to take a nap.

More later...

I got a letter from Social Security and now I'm not sure if they will get my Social Security into the correct account or not.  On the phone last week, they said they would get it in the new account in May but the letter makes it sound like it will be June. Now I just don't know.  I will try to call them tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, Bob came over and we watched TV until 7:30. Then he went home and I took my bath and put my PJs on.  Now I will try to watch TV until 9:00. We are under a storm watch here until 10:00 but it doesn't look that way right now. It will have to move in pretty quick. It's 8:00 now.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday Visual Fields

Today I go back over to Caney to have my visual field test redone. The doctor needs both eyes done because he says the eyebrow on both eyes is too low and allows the kids to drag on the eye.  So I will miss exercise class again.

I went up to see Gail at Bank of America again . I needed to talk to her about my inability to access my online banking. As it turned out, I had the caps lock on. After I got back home I was able to access  it after I removed the caps. Now today I want to go to the new bank and find out what fees they have for both my small savings and my checking account. The bank that bought out Bank of America has fees so I wonder if the one I have changed to also has some fees.  I had an "Advantage" account at BOA and they waived all fees for seniors.

The scientists have decided we are already feeling the effects of Global Weather Change. I have to agree. We have had very little rain here and also strong winds we didn't get in March. Every day I have to go out several times a day and sweep off my carport and patio. There are "seeds" from the trees blowing onto both all day long. I hate to track that stuff into the apartment. And it is so unsightly.

I am fixing swiss steak for lunch today and we will have a baked potato and veggies with it. Bob is bringing a salad.  I don't know what we will have for dessert...perhaps mixed  fruit.

More later....

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday Hair Day

I will be going to Independence this morning to get my hair cut and done. Bob will go with me. It's time for his haircut too. Afterward we will eat at Big Cheese and have a mini pizza.

I went out about 6:00 AM this morning and emptied the dirt from both bags of soil into the new flowerbed I fixed last evening. I wanted to get all this done before I get my hair done today.  It is so windy it wouldn't have done much good to wait until after our appointments to do it.

I slept real well again last night. I had had a sore right leg last evening after fixing the flowerbed but by the time I went to bed, it was fine. I did get up at about 4:45. I could tell I was through sleeping. I had gone to bed at 9:00 last evening.

I want to check with Mary about any fees for my new accounts. I changed backs since our Bank of America was sold.  I didn't want to bank at the new bank. They have a lot of fees Bank of America didn't charge us.  I need to let both boys know about the change in banks. They will need the new account number and routing number. My money won't all be transferred until the first week in June though. I have to wait to see if my Social Security hits the new bank this month. And then Blue Cross/Blue Shield, my supplement, wasn't able to change banks until next month. They ordinarily don't withdraw their money until about the 5th of the month.   What a mess!

More later....

This is the new flower bed. I hope it works out.

I say that because as I dug, I found lots of rock. This lot used to be a parking lot and it was graveled. I put four to six inches of Miracle Grow and dirt in it in hopes that would be enough to keep the roots from reaching the gravel and the flowers would make it.

We went on to Independence after I finished the flower bed and got our hair taken care of and then went to eat at Big Cheese before we came back home. 

I will take a nap soon. Or at least I will watch TV.  I usually fall asleep if I do that. 

I did get a short nap and then went to the bank to check out how I will close out my present accounts to transfer them to the new bank.

Bob came over this evening and we watched a couple of hours of TV. Then he went home and I took my bath and put my PJs on. I will try to stay up for at least another hour.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Eye Appointment

Leslie will be by about 8:00 to take me to Joplin for my appointment with the doctor who may do my eyelid surgery. I did not want to go back to the doctor in Wichita to get this right one done. I really couldn't tell he did much with the left one three years ago. It still droops badly.  I don't suppose Medicare would pay to have that one done over.  I hope to get this done before the 21st when I have my training session for another job with SER Corporation.  If I can't get it done before then, I will have to take off work to get it done in June.  I hate to do that with a brand new job. 

Anyhow, I just checked on Bob He is having a dizzy spell. I will be gone today so if he has a problem he will have to call 911. He intends to go to the dentist this morning about his socket. He thinks he has a dry socket. It has ached badly for a week now.. He is taking Tylenol every six hours and has all week.

I awoke about 11:30 to a very hot house. I tried coming in to the sofa in the living room where I have a ceiling fan but I couldn't get back to sleep there. Finally I decided to just bite the bullet and turn on the air conditioning. At least it cooled the apartment so the freon did not leak out over the winter months. I awoke at 4:00 and the place was very cool. The air came on while I was lying there. I finally got up and checked. The thermostat was set on 72 but the temperature said it was 68 in here. I turned it up to 75. So far it hasn't come back on.. 

Missy wanted out this morning again and I let her out for awhile but she wanted to round the corner and roam so I made her come back in. I had to pick her up and carry her back in since she wouldn't come when I called her. She hissed and spit at me all the way.  I am fearful of what other cat might be out there and she has suffered enough after the cat fight she got into last year. I will not let her roam around out there.

More later...

Leslie and I went on to Joplin this morning and learned that my problem is not my eyelids. It's my eyebrows. They are supposed to be above the bone over the eyes and mine are not. Mine are too low and let the lids droop. The doctor wants me to have both eyebrows lifted and that will allow the eyelids to lift too. To do that I have to return to my optometrist and have the visual field test done over and this time for both eyes. 

I will do that Wednesday at 8:30 and then Dr. Burch will make an analysis of the results and make a recommendation. They have to have an independent analysis in order for Medicare to pay..

After the appointment we ate at the Olive Garden.  Then we came back home.

I went out to Wal Mart to get some stones and Miracle Grow and dirt to build another flowerbed.  It's too hot to do that right now but I will get it done when it cools down.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another Sunday

I awoke at 3:00 this morning and never did get back to sleep. Finally at 4:00 I just got up.  Tomorrow Leslie and I will go to Joplin so I can see a doctor about getting my right eyelid raised. It droops over my eye so badly I can see it in my peripheral vision.  Now my concern is the new job. I have an appointment on the 21st to go to an orientation at the library to begin a new job. If this doctor can't get the eyelid done next week, I will have to take off work to have it done. That may be a problem. Also I have that few days in July that I will need to take off to direct the church camp. I would have to take off a Friday and a Monday and Tuesday for that.  In September, I am registered for the John Whitmer Historical Association meeting in Lamoni, Iowa.  That's four days.

All this stuff goes on in my mind when I'm trying to sleep.

There was also a new development in the mowing dilemma.  Yesterday afternoon a woman pulled into the drive with five kids in her truck. She told me the apartment owner had sent her to oversee the mowing of the yard. She brought a nine year old boy to do the mowing. He had never mowed before but wanted to earn some money.  He did a rather sloppy job of it and it just about did him in. He was overheated. Our former owner had called the new owner and told her what the apartment manager had told me about mowing every two weeks. He told her it needed to be mowed more or the entire street was going to look bad.  So he did the best he could with the help of the woman but they did not finish the back yard. They left it half done. It was so tall he struggled to mow it.

Later the son of the former owner came over and finished the job with his huge mower. I don't know what the woman and the boy will do if they come back and find the job finished. I told this woman about the concern about the air conditioning unit too. She said it needed to be serviced.  I knew that. Last year when I turned it on, it didn't cool.  It needed freon and the owner and his son put some in and it worked fine from then on. I used the living room ceiling fan last evening and it is supposed to be even warmer today and next week. I can see this owner's apartment manager is going to be difficult. Marilyn's sink is still stopped up too.  The manager has never sent a plumber and she has been dealing with that for two weeks now.

I have way too much on my agenda.