Friday, January 12, 2018

Saturday and A Night at the Hospital

Well, that was a change!  The hospital called me last night at 12:30. Bob A. had had a spell of Atrial fibrillation about 10:30 and was in the emergency room. He had called an ambulance to take him there. He had chest pains and a tightness in his chest. They needed to see his meds and he had forgotten to take them with him. I went up to the hospital as soon as I got my clothes on and got his outside key so I could get into the building. Then I got his meds and took them back to the hospital. I stayed because they could not get hold of his daughter. After  they did all they could in the emergency room, they took him to ICU. They will keep him today and not release him until they get his heart stabilized.  It still hasn't converted.

I reached his daughter, Denise, about 6:00 and told her about it  and then came home to feed Missy and myself and get some makeup on. I will go back over there and take his keys back to him. Then at 9:00 I will go out to church to help take down the Christmas decorations. I will get a nap this after noon.

More later...

I got a nice afternoon nap and then when I woke  up I did some laundry and took by bath and get ready for bed. I turned on a movie about 7:00 and fell asleep again.

Bob finally converted about 7:00 last night. I fell asleep on the sofa with Missy until 8:00 when I finally just got Missy and we went to bed.  

I was more tired then I thought.

Friday and a Catastrophe

I had a late night catastrophe. My desktop computer crashed and I finally gt it back up and saved all My Documents on my exterior back up. Then I spent until 11:00 or after trying to get it reinstalled. After finally getting it done, it crashed again. The tech I talked to said it was probably the hard drive going out on it. I finally gave up. I had lost all my e-mail addresses. I went on to bed. I was exhausted.

Then I got up at 3:30 this morning and began trying to get all those e-mail addresses into the notebook I had in the living room. Luckily I had my Christmas card list, my classmates list and my church directory list saved on that exterior drive.  I just copied them into the address book and then made a separate listing for "classmates" and "congregation" and moved the appropriate addresses into those areas. Now when I send out anything for all my online classmates, I just type in Classmates and the e-mail goes out to them all. The same is true of my congregation. I finished just before noon and got lunch ready.

Lunch was hamburgers and shoestring potatoes with Coke.
Tomorrow we will eat breakfast out. We generally don't eat lunch after that. Then Sundays we go over to Cherryvale for lunch at "Just Us".

I will pack up the desktop computer CPU and send it to Keith soon. He will reformat the drive or put a new one or two in and reinstall Windows 10.  Then I will have to figure out once again how to get a printer installed. In  the meanwhile I may install the other printer to the notebook so I can print off my newsletters for the congregation on Sunday.  Thank goodness I got that class newsletter off on the 9th.
More later....  

I spent the entire afternoon putting everything back together again on that notebook Keith bought for me at Thanksgiving.  I finished about 5:00. Bob came then and watched the news and after he left, I took my bath and got ready for bed.  This desktop computer has crashed twice today and so far I have always been able to get it back up. It is nearly 9:00 now and I had very little sleep last night for thinking about all I had to do today.

Missy and I will go on to bed.