Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Three Hour Wednesday

Today I mailed off those newsletters and then worked three hours today until noon. Then I came home and warmed up the beans and leftover cornbread for lunch. I will work two hours on Saturday to make up for the lost two hours time. I will also work five hours on Friday. I am trying to make up for the three days we were closed this pay period....Christmas Eve day, Christmas and New Year's day. That's twelve hours to make up. 

I went to the Dollar Store to pick up a few things while I was out.  I also went by Orschelon's Farm Store to get bird seed. There's a chance for bad weather this weekend and I don't want the birds to go hungry.

I balanced my checkbook too. This is one of those bad months that I don't get my social security until the 14th of the month.  That's the second Wednesday this month.  I hope I can stretch my funds. Thank goodness my older son, Keith, sent me $150 and that will help with the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medicare supplement.  My car insurance comes due this month on the 17th too. I will use my SER check to pay for that.  It's always something. It's a good thing I'm working part time. I can only work for another 20 months with this program though. Then I will really have to be careful. But I should have the car paid off by then.

Tomorrow we will have meatloaf for lunch with fried potatoes and a veggie. I still have some of Bob's cottage cheese and applesauce for a salad. I hope to get the energy up to make cookies this afternoon.

More later....

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday Another Workday

I'll go to work an hour early today and leave an hour later. I am still trying to make up for the days I am missing because of the holidays. Tomorrow I will go in to work in the morning since the library closes at noon.  That way I will only have one additional hour to make up on Saturday. The library doesn't open until 9:00 AM so I will only get three hours in the morning.

I slept well last night. I got up at 5:00 AM as usual.  I will stay fairly close to home this morning. John, treasurer for our class, is supposed to bring me a couple of checks. One is to pay for the newsletters which I had duplicated at Service Office and Supply. The other is for the stamps. I hope he comes early before I start lunch. I want to get those letters out while I am off work for the New Year holiday. I will have to address the envelopes. I bought those and some cartridges for my printer out of my own pocket.

We will have chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy with a veggie for lunch.  Bob may bring a salad. If not, we will have applesauce instead.  I want to eat at 11:30 because I go in to work at 12:30.

I guess I could start on those envelopes this morning since I have nothing else going until time to begin lunch.

More later....

I got the envelopes done before I went to work and picked up the stamps and the newsletters   as soon as John brought the checks.  I got the newsletters folded and the envelopes stuffed and the stamps on them after I got home from work. They are ready to go in the morning as soon as the post office opens at 8:00 AM.  They close at noon tomorrow. 

I watched TV until nearly 10:00 but then went to bed.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday and Back to Work

I just called Bob and he is still sick with the cold.  I was hoping he would be getting over it now. I certainly don't want it.  When I have a cold I try to avoid being around people and with the job, that would be impossible.  Poor Bob. He sounded pretty miserable.

I have a hair appointment this morning in Independence and I really need it. My hair is completely out of shape. I need to go to the bank first. I have spent some of my hair money.  I also need to stop and buy gas.  I've made too many Independence trips lately.

I have been reading this morning after getting up too early and starting the beans for lunch.  Hopefully they will be done by lunchtime. I have them in my slow cooker. I will fix the cornbread just as soon as I get home from Independence. I want to go in to work a half hour early and stay an extra half hour to make up the time I am losing because of the holidays. I need the extra money because my car insurance comes due in January.  I want to stay out of my meager savings if at all possible.

I am getting used to my new Freedom Phone II that Leslie gave me for Christmas. It has a keyboard which makes texting easier and it's not much bulkier then my flip phone so I don't need any larger pocket to put it in. In fact, for carrying convenience in the car, it slips right in and fits into a small pocket on the outside of my purse.  When I get to the library and here at home, I put it in my vest pocket.

More later....

Lunch was good.  The beans and cornbread were very good. After lunch, I went on to work a half hour early and stayed an extra half hour afterward too. I will be going in a half hour earlier and staying a half hour later until I make up my lost hours. Wednesday I will going in the morning  instead of the afternoon since they are closing at noon on the 31st.

Tonight when I got home, I fixed myself a cup of chi latte. In fact, I drank two. After I have my bath, I will have some yogurt for supper. I will put some chicken tenders down in the frig to thaw for tomorrow's lunch.  I will fix some potatoes and gravy as well as broccoli.  I still have pecan pie. (one piece) so I may split that with Bob. His cold is still bad.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday and Church

I will go to church by myself today. Bob has a bad cold and doesn't want to expose others.  I appreciate that. The last cold I had...last winter just before the terrible illness I had for months, I received from him. We spent too much time together, I guess.

I slept well again last night although I awoke several times. I managed to get back to sleep.

I cleaned the apartment really well yesterday...swept each room and mopped the kitchen and bathroom.  I had leftovers for lunch.  I am not sure what to have tomorrow. Bob will probably stay home again so I will just take him something. I may make the beans and cornbread. That sounds pretty good and I have that ham bone with meat clinging to it. I will get the meat out and set it to thaw and soak the beans. 

More later...time to leave for church...

A group of us ate lunch together out at El Pueblito.  Bob and I had just been out there Friday noon but still it was good and the fellowship was very good.

I came home and did my letters and went over to Marilyn's (my neighbor across the way) and visited awhile. She is very nice! She has a new sewing machine she bought herself for Christmas. She quilts and sews and is very talented.

I came on back home to eat something for dinner...probably yogurt. And I will fix myself some Chi Latte and later.... in an hour or so, will watch Sixty Minutes. About 7:00 I will take my bath and watch TV or read until time to go to bed.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Snowy Saturday

Well, it's snowing lightly this morning so we cancelled our trip to Owasso for lunch and just had a larger breakfast at Eggbert's.  Besides, Bob has developed a cold and doesn't feel that well.

So, I have stripped my bed and am doing the laundry. I've only done laundry once before this week so I have a large load. I may go in to work for awhile since it's too nasty to do anything else. We will see.  I am going to fix lunch. I will warm up some of that leftover ham and put an egg in the mashed potatoes put them in the skillet and Bob will bring a salad. We will also have some of that corn casserole. I also have two pieces of pecan pie left.  I will set it out so it will soften up some.

So, if I decide to go in to work awhile, it will be this afternoon after lunch.

I slept well last night. The apartment was cool so that helps a lot.

More later....

Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday and Back to Work

I will go up to the US Cellular store this morning at 8:30 and get my new smart phone activated. Leslie says to go early because they will be swamped and they don't open until 9:00.  I will have a lot to learn about this phone. The instructions are very brief. They don't even tell one how to answer a call. I guess they will show me at US Cellular.

I will go in to work at 12:30 and stay until 5:30 today and every work day until next pay period. That way I can make up some of my lost time. 

I may have a chicken casserole today since we had ham for Christmas. I will make a ham and scalloped potatoes casserole later with some of that leftover ham. I will also make beans and cornbread with some of it later. I have frozen the bone with some of the meat still clinging to it. Of course, Bob wants to go to El Publito for lunch and we may do that.

I need to change my Monday doctor's appointment too. I have a conflict with my hair appointment and the hair appointment is the most important.  :)

More later....

We ended up going to El Publito for lunch and Bob bought my lunch. It was usual.

I got to work a half hour early and later learned they close on Fridays at 5:00 so I didn't get to work that extra half hour. may be I can make it up another day before the pay period is over. When I got home I was exhausted as usual.  I ate some yogurt and drank some Chi Latte.  Now it's almost 8:30 and I am, just going
to bed. I've plugged in my phone and I'll see if it charges alright over night.  I notice I can't use this one while it's charging.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thursday Christmas Day

Well, today is Christmas and I didn't sleep too well. I was thinking about the dinner today...hoping everything goes well.  I awoke at 3:00 AM thinking about the code to my router for the new phone. Finally I got up and found it. After I typed it on a card with my other passwords, I went back to bed.  I awoke at 5:30 and got up this time and dressed and made up my face and came into the kitchen to feed Missy her treats and some fresh food. Then I fixed myself a bowl of oatmeal and ate it before I forgot.   Twice this past week I have forgotten to eat breakfast. I get busy and it just slips my mind.

I am sitting here listening to Christmas music on the TV. They have a lot of different kinds of music to listen to and this is Sounds of the Season.  Saturday I will take down the tree and put away all the decorations.

I think I will get the new smart phone and see if I can figure it out.  Technology is not my long suite.

More later...

Dinner went off like clockwork. Everything turned out well. Leslie tried, but couldn't manage to get my auxiliary speakers working. I think the transmitter blew. The speakers light up but just aren't receiving a signal from the transmitter.

I sent some leftovers  home with Leslie. I cleaned up the kitchen. Leslie helped me before they left. They had barely got out of town and she got a crisis call.  Such it is when you're "on call".

Leslie left me a lot of fudge and other goodies. I will eventually eat it all. 

Bob is sitting on my couch sound asleep. :)

I will stop by US Cellular in the morning and see if I can get them to program my phone and also  turn it on of course.  They will have to deactivate the other phone.

I have to work tomorrow afternoon. I will work an extra hour. If I don't make up some of that time I missed, (Christmas and New Year's days) I will have a very short check. I will work another hour each day until the next pay period is up. Otherwise, instead of 40 hours in that pay period, I will only have 28 hours.

More later...

Bob came over this evening for wine (Scott left it) and a cookie. He left about 8:00 and I took my bath and watched a movie for awhile. I went to bed at 9:00. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday Christmas Eve Day

This has already been a busy day but it should slow down. I started baking my pecan pie early because I knew it would take awhile to bake and set up.  I used pecan pieces and I probably should have put more in since they weren't halves. Anyhow it is done now and cooling on a wire rack. I may make some other dessert just so they will have a choice.  I have whipped cream.

I have decided to go with the mashed potatoes to keep that simple. I will make the corn casserole at the same time the ham is baking. They both bake at 350 and for 72 minutes.  This is a 6 pound ham.
Leslie is bringing rolls. Bob is bringing salad.

We are having our gift exchange this evening while Jeromy and Marlene and the girls are still here.  They leave in the morning for Topeka to spend Christmas with the other grandparents.

Bob is coming over after while to do his laundry and check his checking account. I received my check a day early so have scheduled the second car payment for the month. I will get the next check in time to pay my car insurance and apartment insurance.  Thank goodness for the job!

If we get back in time tonight to watch some TV, I will watch the Christmas Carol  on DVD. I have the DVD.  I always watch it every year.

I sent out the class newsletter electronically to a dozen classmates who wanted it that way. I will take it to Service Office and Supply right away before they close. I hope to get it back before the New Year so I can get it in the mail.  We have many classmates who are not online.

I will need to get the envelopes and John will need to bring me a roll of stamps from the class's account. He is the treasurer.

More later....

I picked up Bob at 4:30 and we headed out to John and Leslie's home for Christmas Eve gift opening. Bob gave me a selection of gourmet jellies and Leslie and John gave me a new smart phone. Now I'll have to go get it activated tomorrow and then learn how to use it.  I also want to see if they have a cover for it. I would hate to break it.   My friend, Bill, gave me two books for my Kindle.  He and I have always been readers. He no longer has a Kindle so I got him a gift card for a meal at Olive Garden. He can take his wife, Carol, for dinner.

I did watch "The Christmas Carol" again. It's my Christmas tradition.

I hope to remember to take some photos Christmas day. I forgot all about it at the gift opening. I had even bought a new battery for the camera Scott gave me.

I went to bed at 9:00. I was very tired.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Huge Tuesday

This was another huge day. I fixed our chili early this morning (6:00) and then went on to my doctor's appointment in Bartlesville at 8:40. He found five pre-cancerous lesions and froze all five. Three were on my face. Then I went directly to Independence to balance Juanita's checkbook. That went well.

I got back home at 11:30 and met Bob at my house for lunch. Then I went on to work. It was a big day at work too. Everyone has their children out of school and came in to borrow DVDs to keep them occupied. Personally I think that's kind of sad. Children need to be out playing and not sitting in front of a TV watching one movie after another.

I worked until 5:00..staying busy all afternoon. They had my checking in books and DVDs today too.  I will work again on Friday.

When I got home I fed Missy and myself (yogurt and a cookie). Tomorrow I will have more time. I will bake my pecan pie early and then look over my recipes for Thursday. I will have the ham, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, Bob's salad, and hot rolls that Leslie will bring. We will have the pecan pie with whipped cream for dessert....a fairly simple dinner. I have peach tea  if anyone wants some instead of water.

I tried to stay up and watch TV but there was nothing on Tuesday evening.  So it's 9:00  now and I will just go to bed.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday and a Hair Appointment

I don't know whether I will go to exercise class or not this morning. I have that hair appointment at 10:00 and I would have to leave early to get there on time. I want to pick up a pizza at Big Cheese for our lunch today. Tomorrow we will have chili.  I have a doctor's appointment in Bartlesville in the morning at 8:40 with Dr. Eslicker.  So I will make that chili earlier in the morning.

I just took my trash over to the container and it's drizzling out there. It's supposed to rain today.

We are having that Christmas party at work today. I will take some of the peanut clusters. Probably no one else will have homemade peanut clusters.

I slept very well again last night. I have not had any sore right leg for about a week. Maybe I finally have conquered it.

More later....

It was a huge day. I went in early and stayed an hour later to make up some of the time I missed in this pay period.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday and Church

I woke up after sleeping well last night. My stomach problem seems to be gone this morning.  So I will go to church this morning. I got two papers today so I will take one to Bob and one to John.

After church we will eat out somewhere with the church group. Then after that I will do my letters and last of all bake Snickerdoodle cookies instead of making the peanut clusters for the library party tomorrow.  Peanut clusters are pretty expensive and I have the ingredients for cookies.

I enjoy listening to the Holiday music on my TV during this season of the year. And I like to watch "The Christmas Carol" every Christmastime too. I am taking the gifts for Jeromy's family to Leslie at church today. Jeromy and Marlene and the girls will spend Christmas at Topeka with Marlene's folks this year. They alternate the holidays every year. We had them last year.

I have a hair appointment in the morning at 10:00 in Independence. Afterward I will go to Goody's and  try to use my $10.00 gift certificate.  After that, I will go back to town and order a small Big Cheese pizza for our lunch. Bob brought Coke over. I seldom drink soda but when we have hamburgers or pizza I break down and drink a Coke.

Then I will need to go to the library at noon for the party.  We will eat as soon as I get home from Independence.

More later....

I had a very busy afternoon. I did the letters after we returned from  El Publito for lunch after church.  Then I made cookies and peanut clusters.  Finally after I got everything finished, I called Bob to see if he wanted to come watch 60 Minutes with me. He was at the market buying some ice cream and was going to call to see if he could bring it over to share a bowl.  We had some Chi Latte and a bowl of Cookies and Cream ice cream.  He stayed for 60 Minutes after the football game and then after he left I took my bath and joined Missy in the recliner and watched a movie until 10:00.

Then I went to bed.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday and Sadness

Today I will go to a funeral for a friend of mine who died Monday of a brain tumor. sad.  This is the second friend that has died of brain tumor in the past month.

Then Bob and I will go to Bartlesville and I will get some makeup and some moisture cream. I have some coupons for two free lunches at McAlisters too. I will also check into Christopher and Banks. I mentioned that noticed that some of my clothing was getting loose around the waist again and when I stepped on the scale I noticed I had lost 5 pounds.  That explained it.  I may have to give Karan some more of my clothes.

The city's trash collectors came yesterday and picked up the old TV that had set on the curb for a week. I was afraid they couldn't handle it. It was so heavy. But they got it.  Thanks goodness for that!

Monday they are having a Christmas Party at noon and I am to bring a snack. I guess I will make some more peanut clusters for that.  I will either need to do that this evening or tomorrow afternoon. I do need to go to the bank. I am running out of cash again.

I need to stop to get some hamburger patties at Peck's this afternoon if they are open Saturday afternoon. If not, I will get them on Tuesday when I go to see the doctor in Bartlesville about a couple of places on my skin that look suspicious.

More later....

The funeral was two hours long so we got a late start on going to Bartlesville. There we ate at McAlister's and then went to the Merle Norman store where I got my makeup.  Then we went to the mall where Bob bought some Christmas gifts.

I started having stomach cramps and we came on home after getting gas.  I was pretty wiped out all evening and went to bed about 9:00.

If I'm not better by morning,  I won't be going to church tomorrow.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday and Thank Goodness

Today is Friday and I am pretty well rested up this morning.  I slept well. The Grand Reopening Open House party was very well attended and was a success. Working from 1:00 until 7:00 is pretty hard for me anymore through. Katie is giving me the benefit of the doubt on my time sheet.  She is trusting that my coming in early every day has made up my lost hours.  I'm quite sure it has. I subscribe to my son's philosophy, "If you're on time, you're late!"  That's what he always told his men. I always try to be early anywhere I go.

I got quite a bit done yesterday besides working. I addressed Christmas cards and got several in the mail. Then I cooked lunch. I need to get one more card today and answer the ones I received yesterday. Also I need to write some more on the "classmate" newsletter. That generally goes out between Christmas and New Years. It isn't even finished yet. ...let alone at the printers.  I got another newsletter yesterday from a classmate and will need to type it in today before work.

I also want to vacuum today. I did a load of laundry before I went to bed last night.  I folded it out and put it away this morning.

I got on the scale this morning and found I have lost five pounds. I thought my clothes were getting a little loose. I really shouldn't lose any more. At my age, it comes right off the face. Which makes me look even more like my grandmother. :)

Bob and I want to go to Bartlesville Saturday (tomorrow). I need to stop at Pecks and get hamburger patties. I also need makeup from their Merle Norman store.  I want to go by the mall too. I also have two free lunches from McAlisters for us.  When Ginger and Scott and I ate there Monday afternoon, someone dropped one of their meals and they were 5 minutes late getting theirs.  I was finished with mine before they got theirs. So the manager gave us two free lunch tickets. Since they were going on to Memphis, they gave them to me. 

Well, I'm not getting anything done sitting here. It's too early to run the vacuum so I'll work on that newsletter and those Christmas cards.

More later....
It was a big afternoon at work. I spent quite a bit of time searching for "lost" books and DVDs from the inner library service. I wasn't able to find any of them so we will be sending out some notes to those who borrowed them.

I got the vacuuming finished this evening and also I got my Christmas cards  caught up and worked on the newsletter again and it's caught up. I am going to watch the Washington music show and then go to bed.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday's Library Open House

Today I will work 6 hours instead of 4. They are having an Open House to celebrate their remodeling from 4:00 - 7:00PM.  Katie wants me to make sure the refreshment table is full. Those hours may be exhausting because I am used to four hours. After 4 hours on my feet I usually am pretty wiped out.

Yesterday, I cleaned two huge bookcases by moving everything off them and using a furniture cleaner/polisher on them. I rearranged all the stuff on those shelves.  I also filed the newspapers for the week. I did some shelf reading and also put away the DVDs that Paula couldn't finish. I did some filing for Joy. I boxed some books up and filled the rotating rack with paperbacks in the lobby.  I don't know what they intend to do with all that "stuff" they have stacked in that back room.  I should only be in this location for a year if Amy can find me another location for my last year.  I enjoy the work but the "mess" drives me nuts.

I will fix a tuna noodle casserole for lunch today. Bob will bring cottage cheese and I will put paprika on it. He usually likes applesauce on it but I don't have any right now.   I am going to walk down to the Dollar General Store after it opens to get my cream of celery soup for the casserole.  Maybe I'll pick some up then.

I slept well again last night. I was scanning through the channels on my new TV last night and ran into "A Christmas Carol" so I stayed up to watch it.  It's not the same one I have but it was fine. I got to bed at 9:00. Going to bed later always helps me to sleep.

It may snow today. Yesterday it rained and then sleeted and when I got off work my windshield was iced over. But it wiped right off because of the Rain X on the windshield. But it was a mess.

More later....
 I got home at 7:15 and was really tired.  I stayed up until 9:00 and then went to bed.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday and Exercises

Today I will get back to my exercises again. I skipped Friday since my son, Scott, was here. I also skipped Monday because we went to get Ginger at the airport. Ginger, by the way, seems quite nice. I hope Scott marries her. ...but not too quickly. They need to get well acquainted first.

My brother-in-law, Bob, came over just before lunch yesterday. He had bought a Keurig coffeemaker too and wanted to compare his features with mine. It's not quite as fancy but it's just fine. I called last night and he had tried it out. He seems happy with it. He will come over this morning and we will let him try some different flavors so he will know what he wants to order. I have a coupon for him.

I finally managed to get the Cox remote  programmed to work all the features on my new TV. Now I put away the TV remote.

Today, because we have exercises, we will have hamburgers and french fries for lunch. I  might break down and get some ice cream too.  :)

That back room at the library is a real challenge. It is a real mess. I got one shelf arranged after I bundled all the magazines. They put those magazine bundles out in the lobby on a bookshelf  and sell them for $1.00 a bundle.

I'm not sure what I will do today. Katie may have me working on the shelves in the back or she might have me file DVD cases. There are three full baskets of them that were not put away yesterday. Paula, the high school student that works an hour every afternoon, go them all into the machines but evidently did not have time to put the covers in the bookshelves.  That would be an enormous job if she wants me to do it but it is a job...whatever. This second paycheck this morning, I want to pay a second car payment.

I slept very well last night. I woke up twice with my right leg aching but after I changed positions, I got back to sleep and slept until nearly 5:00.  That's my regular time to get up anyhow.

More later....

I worked on the shelves in the back at work and did some more organizing.  I also put away some DVDs. It looks a lot better but it's still a mess back there.  When I got off work, it was raining freezing rain. Luckily my windshield had Rain X on it and when I started my windshield wipers the ice slid right off.  I came right home and Missy was waiting for me. She wanted her treats and some fresh food so I took care of her first. Then I fixed myself a cup of Chi Latte. Then I had some yogurt for dinner. I am tired but not exhausted......for a change.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday and Back to Work and Cooking

I will fix dinner again today, I have thawed out some chicken tenders. I will fix mashed potatoes and gravy and  a veggie for lunch. Bob's jello salad is still here so I will use it and try to find time to make a dessert of some kind too. I also need to stop at the Health Food store and buy pecans. I plan to bake a pecan pie for Christmas dinner. I got the ham last night at the market.  I plan to do potatoes....perhaps baked.... and a salad of some kind and a veggie.  I don't want to make Bob's fruit salad again. I've done that for the Thanksgiving dinner and the church dinner last Sunday.  Maybe Bob will bring a different salad.

I'd like to go in 30 minutes early two days this pay period to make up for having Monday off. I also will have the 24th and the 25th off. The 24th is in this pay period but the 25th is in the next one. I plan to work this Thursday evening until 7:00.  That will give me two hours toward Monday off.  I will have eight hours more total to make up for the next pay period. (the 25th and the 1st of January) I may not be able to do all of them. Those eight will be in the next pay period. I'll just have to work it out.

I have a 9:00 hair appointment in Independence this morning. Then I will get back in time to start to fix lunch at 11:00. We will eat at 11:30.

Speaking of Sunday's dinner, here are some photos from that dinner and here is Bobby speaking with Phyllis that day.

Silly Bobby!

Here's Melissa (her back, at least) and Karan at  the dessert table.

You can see Bobby and Phyllis in the background.

This is my son-in-law, John, getting his food. You can see Cyndi here.

We had a really great dinner.

And my daughter has this darling dog, a Corgi, named Mini.

Cute as a bug's ear!

More later. ...

Lunch was really good and I took the peanut clusters to Bobby after Bob left. I did give Bob about 7 of them too. I also took some to my hairdresser. They turned out really good.

I am exhausted this evening. Another huge day of binding up magazines and after I got that finished, I started organizing that back room. What a mess!

I will take a bath about 7:00 and put my PJs on.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday and A Trip

Today Scott and I went to Tulsa to pick up Ginger at the airport there.  She seems like a really nice woman...perhaps the best he has found.  We stopped at Bartlesville and ate a late lunch.   Then we stopped again at Caney so Scott and Ginger could buy some wine. Then we went on to John and Leslie's so the kids could stay there until Wednesday morning and visit with Scott's sister.

I came on home on the road that leads to the church. This morning I wrapped the gifts Bob and I bought for Sara, the girl we chose to buy gifts for Christmas. I dropped them off at the church before I came home.

When I got home, Bob had been here doing his laundry. He was just leaving. I asked him to come back in and have some wine with me and visit awhile. When he left I went to the market. I bought the stuff I will need for Christmas dinner and spent $50.00.  Jeromy gave me his gift note from his work for the ham or it would have been even more.  I made some peanut clusters this evening. I hope they set up because I rushed them. Now I will take my bath and see if they are set up when I finish.

More later....

Ah, the peanut clusters did fine. I put them on waxed paper in the little Christmas tins I had bought at the Dollar General store. I will take a tin to Kathy this morning and also to Bobby, who has done so much for me over the years since Bob died. He can fix anything. 

Then I called Cox and they walked me through getting all the controls for the new TV on their remote. Now I can put away the TV remote.

I finally went to bed at 9:30. I got a lot done today!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday and a trip to Bartlesville.

Scott wants to go to Bartlesville today so we will once more have breakfast out and then go to Bartlesville after that. I offered to cook him some eggs but he wants to eat at Eggberts. Bob will meet us at Eggberts this morning too.

I made some coffee in my Keurig coffeemaker awhile ago. I just had one cup since I will have regular coffee at Eggberts.

I slept well until 3:30 when I woke up with my legs cramping and my feet cramping too.  I stood on my feet at work for four hours yesterday.  They have me organizing he magazines in the storeroom. What a mess!  The have been remodeling the library all year long and that back room is a disaster area. They must have saved everything for years. I am to bundle and throw away anything past the past year except for seven different magazines which they are to keep for five years. Some are to be kept indefinitely..... like Kansas history magazines.  So I have reorganized those and all the rest  I will bundle to be recycled. I got all the newspapers done when I first started this job.

I will get some bananas in hopes of getting rid of the leg cramps.  I need to go to the market sometime today to get apples for my fruit salad for the church dinner tomorrow.  I have the rest of the ingredients.

Here is my new TV and stand:

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday At Last

At last it's Friday. I will have my work cut out for me today. I will plan to finish organizing that back room at the library.

Scott and I went to Haymaker's Furniture downtown and bought a really nice TV stand.  We went to the local Wal Mart store to get the TV and sure enough they didn't have any of the ones we were interested in buying in stock....just on display.  So he has taken my car (with a good sized back seat with separate doors and a nice sized truck) and gone back to Independence to get one of the two we looked at there yesterday. I hope he can manage to get it in the car without injuring his bad back. Harold will deliver my TV stand free of charge. He will be in the neighborhood here with a delivery at 11:30. Unfortunately, I could not get him to come off the price any at all. So Scott has spent more then he planned on the gift. But he has not complained.  I hope the Independence Wal Mart has the one he is interested in... in stock.  They generally do but this is the Christmas who knows?

Anyhow...I want to eat a bite before I go to work and he will eat when he gets hungry. We  ate a large breakfast at 8:00 this morning. I know I don't want to fill my stomach like I did last night..tonight. I will just have my yogurt or a smoothie. 

I slept fairly well last night although I woke up at 2:30 with a stomach...too much food at the steak house last night.  I took a Tums. Then later after I couldn't get back to sleep,  I took an allergy pill.  That Benadril put me to sleep after about 15 minutes.  I slept until nearly 6:00.

More later...

Scott got the TV installed but I will need a box to get high definition TV and the one I have (which is actually a DVR) won't fit in the space in the stand.  So Cox is bringing out another box on Monday.  When Scott installed my axillary speakers, for some reason the transmitter stopped working. I miss those because I have a hearing loss in my right ear and they really helped me hear the TV.  When the Cox man comes on Monday, I will ask him to look into that.

The TV is a 47 inch Emerson. It is like having a home theater in my living room. We watched movies on it since I have no TV reception without the box.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday and My Son

Scott came in last night about 10:00. He had driven straight in from Phoenix. That's 16 hours! Wow! Anyhow, I managed to stay up to get him in and visit awhile before he simply had to go to bed. And he slept through the night! That's good. He seldom sleeps more then 5 hours a night.

We got up this morning and later went to breakfast at Eggberts. After that, at 9:30,   I had that classmate meeting. Eight classmates showed up. A couple just couldn't make it. Phyllis pushed for Memorial weekend next May but I said I could not come that weekend because my son and his wife from Phoenix would be here.  So Phyllis suggested we move it up a week till the 16th and 17th. So that's what we're planning to do. I will do as little as I can get by with.  Larry has volunteered to check out Lanning's Restaurant for dinner that Saturday night. I will put mention of the basic plan in the Christmas newsletter and we'll see how much interest there is in it.  It's to be an " 80th Birthday Bash" and will be a simple meeting to renew friendships in the afternoon on Saturday and dinner that night with breakfast at Sirloin Stockade the next morning.  I personally am not interested but I will do what I can to bring it together but this is absolutely the last one!

Later Scott and I went to Independence and he bought a table to put together to set the TV on. We brought the box home in his trunk. I had to go on to work and he stayed to try to put it together. That was a disaster! He ended up throwing it away since following the instructions was impossible for him. It was very involved. Tomorrow, he wants to get the flat screen TV but I don't know what I will do with my present TV, which is too heavy to move easily.   

Anyhow I had kind of a harrowing afternoon at work myself.  I won't go into it now. It's just that I'm to organize that horrible back room at the library. That will be a job I will try to get finished tomorrow afternoon.

We met John and Leslie for dinner tonight at Tavern on the Plaza. It was very good and Scott bought .

Then we came home and crashed. I worked on this blog until 9:00. when I went to bed.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday Again and Exercise

I slept very well last night. I have to admit I ate a large bowl of ice cream before bedtime. That may have helped. Also I did no shelf reading which entails climbing up and down a ladder. That evidently aggravates my right leg.

Today I will probably finish trimming those laminated recipe cards and punch the holes in the corners so Katie can insert the ribbons.  Then I will finish looking up those donated books. 

Tomorrow I will change my bed and wash my bedding just in case Scott does come in late and he wants to stay with me. I got Katie to give me Monday off so I can go with him to the airport to pick up Ginger.  I will work the following Thursday evening for our open house for the public. I am to  make sure the refreshments are kept up. I will work until 7:00 that evening.

I need to sign my time sheet today too. I should be paid tomorrow. Maybe I will go ahead and make an extra car payment after all.

More later....

My Phoenix son, Keith, called me early this morning to warn me that my younger son, Scott, may  be on his way.  I called Scott and sure enough, he was on his way. He will be in here about 10:30 tonight after driving for 16 hours.  I called Keith back to tell him and then called Leslie to tell her.  Scott will stay with me tonight and maybe until Monday.  Ginger will be with him then and they will stay out at John and Leslie's.  I called Scott about 7:00 and he is in Oklahoma City so he is making good time but if he gets sleepy, he will stop and get a motel. I will stay up as long as I can tonight.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Another Busy Tuesday

This has been a busy morning already. I got up at 4:45 and fed Missy and myself some breakfast. I had oatmeal and a cup of coffee.  Then I made up my bed as well as myself and then remembered I am going to have to take the trash bins out to the curb.  This is Tuesday. Bob used to help me with that when he lived in the fourplex. Now it is my responsibility. Marilyn is too sickly and so is Jeannie. Jeannie has a heart problem and Marilyn has been/still is fighting cancer.

Then I decided to make up the bed in the den. The trundle had not been used since the first time Missy bit me. I had washed the bedding and just not put it back on the bed. I had to move the old laptop that I use for Quicken and to store photos and put the nightstand under the window. Scott will be here Friday and if he decides to stay with me, I will sleep on the trundle and give him my bed.  I will wash and dry my bedding Thursday morning. He has a hard time sleeping. After Ginger comes on Monday, they choose to stay out at John and Leslie's where there's a lot more room.

I have fixed myself another  cup of coffee and am eating a slice of the banana nut bread I bought at the craft show Saturday...the one at the Episcopal church.  I emptied the dishwasher and put away the dessert dishes I brought home from the church. They were my mom's and still had her name on the boxes. I will get some good out of them.

I also put the second leaf in the dining room table and I can seat six for Christmas. I will have John and Leslie (Leslie will be on call) and Bob and Dee and Denise...Bob's granddaughter and daughter and, of course, myself. I will fix ham, mashed potatoes, veggies and salad. I will need to bake a couple of pies....pumpkin and pecan. We had turkey for Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, I was very tired when I got home from work.  And the colored jeans I wore were dusty. I don't know how often the custodian runs the sweeper but I am getting pretty dirty as well as exhausted from climbing up and down to shelf read. I will wait until I have four or five pair and then run a load in the washer.

More later...

Today at work was better.  I started out looking up books that were donated to the library. If we already had them on the shelf, if the donated one was in better condition, we kept it and threw out the old one. After awhile, Katie came and asked me to cut out more recipes for the little recipe books she ran out of at the soup supper. I have mad eup a few dozen of them now. I cut them out and laminated them. Tomorrow I will trim them again and put a hole in one corner for a ribbon to hold them together.

After I finished the laminating, I put away DVDs until time to leave for home.  I received Scott's birthday card back from Hawaii.   His birthday was the 29th of November. Why it took so long to reach his apartment, is beyond me.  I didn't have to shelf read today so I came home cleaner and fresher....not so tired.

I did get next Monday off to go with Scott to pick up Ginger at the Tulsa airport. I will work the next Thursday evening to make up some of my lost hours.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday Again

What a morning..... and it's only 8:30. I got up at 4:30 and made up and dressed and then I came in the kitchen and fed Missy and myself. Then I began to put things away from last night's meeting here. I organized my storage closet and as soon as I got that done, I wrote my Christmas newsletter and printed it off and wrote a Christmas card for a friend. I also baked the cake for the First Christian Church dinner tomorrow.  It's cooling now and I will ice it after I get lunch going after I get home from exercises. I will be taking the local cakes to Independence tomorrow when I go there to get my hair done.

I also did a survey online for Consumer Reports.  I have subscribed with them for years. Then I shredded an onion for our hamburger pie. I will start that about 10:45 and get it in the over for lunch at 11:30.

Sometime this week I will have to shop to get some toys for the children we have adopted at church and wrap their gifts.  We are also having a church dinner this next Sunday. I will have to make a casserole dish of some kind for that....maybe tuna noodle casserole and a fruit salad and dessert.

Now I will go to exercise class when Bob comes.   Here he is....

More later...

I got the cake iced.

Bob and I had a discussion and agreed that since I've been working and come home exhausted, he should discontinue his visits in the evenings so I can take my bath and relax and read. There's absolutely nothing worth watching on TV except the news and PBS and there's not a lot on that anymore. I have several books to be read. Bill gave me two for my birthday and I have never finished the Erhman textbook I started.

More still later.

Our lunch turned out very good. I called Bobby and he came by and took a portion of it. Bob and I will eat the rest on Wednesday. I get my hair colored and cut tomorrow and I will stop at Big Cheese afterward and pick up a small pizza for our lunch tomorrow.

I had to quiet the kids down at the library again today. I thought I might get in trouble with the  librarians for doing that but Adrian thanked me warmly and "appointed" me to be their "quiet marshall".
The kids congregate at the library but not to read or study...just for a place to hang out. They drink the library's coffee without paying the .50 they charge. They just help themselves.

I have not been able to reach my son. I tried to open his calendar which he sent over the weekend and both my computers saved the calendar but they were schedule. So I don't know when to expect him.  I want to ask Katie tomorrow to let me off on Monday so I can go with Scott to pick up Ginger at the Tulsa airport. Katie wasn't there today. I will have to sign my time sheet  Wednesday so I hope she will be there.

Tonight I will just have a cup of Chi and take my bath and read.  Bob called earlier to check on my day.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Busy, Busy Saturday and Now Sunday

It seems like I have been continually tired since I went back to work...even part time. I come home from work completely wiped out. I never want to go anywhere in the evenings anymore.

Yesterday was a huge day but it was fun! I went to breakfast with Bob first and then on to Leslie's to pick her up for the Christmas arts and crafts shows. We went to the one at the museum first. It was a little disappointing. Then we went by the Episcopal Church  and they had one there too so we stopped again. This time they had a huge Christmas cookie sale too and the cookies were $3.00 a dozen. I knew I had the Living the Questions group this evening so I bought an assorted dozen and a loaf of banana nut bread. I will slice that and put the cookies on my Christmas plate and make up hot cider with mulling spices. Those that don't want the cider can have an assortment of coffees and hot chocolates with my Keurig coffeemaker. I won't have to bake! That's a blessing!

Then we went on to the Methodist Church where they had another one. We looked around but didn't buy anything. We went on to the Magnolia shop where I buy tea for Marlene. We looked around there too but didn't buy anything. On to another Christmas store across the street but didn't buy anything  ..things there were very expensive so we only looked.  Finally we went by the Ace Hardware store where they have a huge gift department. We only looked there too.

After I took Leslie home, I drove down to Bartlesville to meet Myra for lunch and shopping. It had been awhile and we had a lot of catching up to do. We ate at Garfield's.  Then we walked around the mall looking for a pair of green earrings for Myra. Green must be out this year because we couldn't fine any that would match her new shirt. But I did finish my Christmas shopping.  Finally I came on home and wrapped the gifts I had bought for John and the great grand girls. I was exhausted by then. Bob came over for wine and visited for awhile but he left about 7:00.

I took my bath and Missy and I sat in the recliner and watched PBS until 9:00 when we went to bed.

Today we will go to church and out to dinner afterward with a group of others. I will come home and do the congregational letters and get things ready for tonight's group meeting here at 7:00.

Big day!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Another Busy Friday

I slept well last night.  I didn't have a chance to blog yesterday at all. I was still busy up to the time I went to work and continued to work after I got home.  It was a huge day.

Bob came over Thursday at 10:30 to do laundry. I was vacuuming. Later I fixed hamburgers and french fries for our lunch. We had the pie I brought home from Leslie's for dessert. 

I will have another big day today. The student, Paula, and I were putting away DVD's day before yesterday and then putting the cases in the bookshelves and one of the regular employees dumped a stack on full DVDs right where we were working and right on top of the empty ones we had just finished. We tried to separate them after she left but we evidently missed some because yesterday Elaine called to my attention that they had found some cases on the shelves that were still full.  I didn't bother to explain. No sense alienating employees I have to work with.

I unpacked the old high school annuals I was to put on shelves and got them in proper order on the shelves. That took a lot of time. I had to open about ten boxes to do that and first dust the shelving. That back room is a terrible mess. I guess that's because of all the redecorating they have done. Perhaps they will eventually get that organized.

Later I did some more shelf reading too.

I finished laminating the recipes for their recipe book and cut them to size then put them in the proper order. Today Katie is bring the hole punch and she wants me to punch the holes to finish putting them together.

I was  exhausted when I got home.  Bob came over for wine and he left at 7:00 and I took my bath and tried to stay up until 9:00. I gave up at 8:30 and went to bed.

Today we will have tuna cakes and fried potatoes with a veggie for lunch. Bob will bring a salad. I will fix some pudding for dessert and we will have some more of the cookies.

Tomorrow I will pick up Leslie and attend the Christmas arts and crafts exhibit and sale in Independence that is held in the historical museum.  Afterward I will take her home and go to Bartlesville to have lunch with Myra.

More later about today.

Another huge day...mostly shelf reading though. Very, very tiring.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday and Exercises

Today I will drive myself to exercises because I will need to leave at 9:30 to get to Independence in time for my 10:00 hair appointment. I forgot I had one Monday with Leslie's surgery and all that happened after that including going on to work. I called Kathy to apologize and she had been worried that I missed my appointment. She was afraid something had happened to me and even tried to call me and left a voice mail message. Somehow I managed to miss all that. Anyhow, she gave me a new appointment.  I don't want to miss this one.

I had many good wishes and several gifts for my birthday. It was a great birthday.

I slept really well last night. Drinking a cup of Chi Latte may be helping me to sleep. Milk has an ingredient in it that encourages sleep. Also, I have not had the leg aches lately. That may be because I am drinking more liquid now that I am drinking more with my Keurig.

Missy has been leaving the tree alone too.  I hope I don't speak too soon.

For lunch today, we will eat the rest of the turkey pot pie and Waldorf fruit salad.  I also have pie and desserts I brought home from Leslie's. We will eat some of that too for dessert. 

More later....

I did get my hair done and then came home to fix lunch.

We did have the leftovers for lunch and then I went on to work. I had a big day again.

When I came home I was exhausted.  I ended up going to bed early.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Birthday Tuesday

I slept very well last night and awoke to my 79th birthday. Bob dropped over early to tell me he had dropped his phone and it would no longer work. He stayed for some coffee and a few toasted rolls I brought home from Leslie's Thanksgiving dinner. After he left I called Kathy to apologize for forgetting my hair appointment yesterday and she gave me another for tomorrow at 10:00.

I will take my own car to exercises tomorrow so I can leave at 9:30 to get to that appointment. Leslie had gall bladder surgery yesterday done the old fashioned way and I forgot my hair appointment.  But Leslie is "super woman" in disguise. She had staples because they could not do stitches because of old scar tissue. But she had no pain.  So they let her go home this evening.  John brought her by in the car just before I took my bath and he brought my birthday gift from Leslie.....some bath oil to help me sleep and a wonderful Christmas candle. I have burned the candle this evening and the house smells lovely. Denise, my niece brought me one yesterday with a different fragrance burned it  yesterday evening. Both are simply wonderful!

I went up to see Leslie before I went to eat my birthday dinner at Sirloin Stockade at noon. Bob met me there for the lunch. Mine was to be free but I split the cost of Bob's and we both ate for less them $4. Then I went on to work.   

I had another huge day at work. Katie had recipes for me to laminate and then trim to size. Then I had a hundred DVDs to file away and the boxes to file in the bookcases. About the time I would get them all put away, another fifty would come in and I would start all over again. I left about 50 unfiled because 5:00 came and I left.

Just before I left work Bobby and Karan called and wanted to take me to supper for my birthday. I had eaten way too much lunch so I thanked them warmly but had to decline. They suggested tomorrow evening and I accepted their offer.  I will eat less tomorrow noon. That was wonderful of them to think of me.

One of my exercise class friends,  Beverly, brought me a fancy cookie up at the library and sang "Happy Birthday" to me.  When I got home, Marilyn called me and said she had a gift for me. If I see her at exercise class tomorrow, she will bring it. Bob brought me  a very nice "sister-in-law" card and fourteen people, including some of my grandchildren and my sons, wished me a "Happy Birthday" on facebook.   

It's been quite a birthday!

Now it is 9:15 and I will go to bed. Tonight I watched the special on PBS on Bing Crosby. My mother was one of his fans.

I am really tired! Goodnight!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday and Exercises

There will be exercises today. They had dismissed them Friday because of the holiday. I have fixed my Waldorf salad again for lunch and we will have turkey pot pie with the leftover turkey I brought home from Leslie's Thanksgiving dinner.  It includes celery, potatoes and carrots and chicken broth. You make it with a pie crust. It will be interesting to see how it works out.

I got the gifts I had bought wrapped yesterday after I finished the congregational letters.  I have Leslie's, Marlene's, Bob's, and Jeromy's already and all wrapped. I know what I'm going to do for my boys and John but haven't done it yet.

Missy has done pretty well with the Christmas tree so far this morning. She slept on the end of my bed all night and only once thus far this morning have I found her under the tree. Of course, who knows what she will do after I go to exercise class and later on to work.  If she gets bored...and she will...she may lay under the tree again.

Bob came over last evening for wine and cookies. He got very tired and went home about 8:00 PM.

We will not have cakes to bake this week but we will next week. Tomorrow is my 79th birthday and I already have one card from my dear friend, Bill.  He gave it to me at church yesterday.  After church 11 of us went to the Mexican restaurant in Independence and when we got ready to pay our bill, we found that Melissa, our pastor, had picked up the bill for all of us.  She's a doctor but she's also very generous. I want to write a "thank you" note to her this morning.

I hope I will have something to do today at work besides shelf reading. I did that for three hours on Saturday morning.  That is mind numbing.

I see on this morning's news that Oklahoma had three earthquakes yesterday.One was large enough to cause damage. When will these people admit that that is caused by the fracking they are doing to reach oil.  Capitalism is greed driven..regardless of the damage it causes the property of others.

More later....

Leslie was supposed to have had her surgery this morning at 6:30 and I asked John to call me when she got out of the surgery. Hr called me while I was at exercise class and said she was out of surgery but had had to have the full surgery and was opened up. Thirty years ago she had a major five hour surgery for Chrone's disease. That left her with a huge scar with lots of adhesions.  They could not do the  arthroscopic  surgery. She is doing wonderfully though and so far has no pain. (she's very tough). I got up there before I left for work and she was bright eyed and bushy tailed.  She will get to go home tomorrow if she still is doing that well then.  I made a run by the the florist afterward and ordered her an arrangement of cut flowers with a Santa Clause included. (she collects Santa Clauses).

I had plenty of work to do today. We had hundreds of returned DVDs after the Thanksgiving holiday and I spent several hours sorting them and putting them away in the storing machines and then I had to put the empty boxes in the bookcases. I also put stamps on several hundred invitations to the open house we are having at the library on the 18th.

After work, I went by to see how she liked the arrangement and how she was doing.  Cyndi was still there and we visited too. If she gets to go home in the morning, I will take her home. John has several orders for his Loumix cattle feed in the morning since it turned cold and he will be making deliveries.

I have taken my bath and am in my PJs. Bob came over earlier but got sleepy so he went home at 7:00.  We will eat lunch at Sirloin Stockade tomorrow. I have a birthday coupon for them.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday and Elections

Today will be election day at church. We have a guest minister coming to do the business meeting. I intend to nominate the same three women for pastors again.  I served ten years and am too busy now and too old  to come up with anything new. The congregation needs young blood.  Our church has no paid staff and we elect our pastors from the elders.  Congregations also elect all the other officers.  We consider it service for our congregation.

I fought Missy all night and also this morning over the Christmas tree. Every chance she got, she ended up under that tree on the tree skirt. Finally, at 3:00 this morning, I took the tree skirt away.  She had removed several ornaments too.  I had to find the hooks to replace them. Darn cat!

I lost a dear friend last night. I had known Doug since my Bob and I moved to Caney in 1969. Doug was only 62 years old.  He had a very aggressive brain tumor. They were only able to get 80% of it in the surgery and it continued to grow. Then he threw a blood clot and had to have another surgery to insert a screen of some kind to keep it from getting to his heart or lung. That stopped all treatment although there really wasn't much hope he could overcome all that trauma anyhow.  He will be missed...that's for sure.  I feel so sorry for the wonderful wife he had and his family. They live outside of Oklahoma City so I will not be able to attend any service they will have for him.

I went to bed at 8:30 last night. I had worked at the library all morning to make up for the loss of Thanksgiving Day.  All I could do was shelf reading and that is exhausting. There  is no opportunity to sit down  and my leg was really aching last night. Before I went to bed, I took two Aleve.  That helped a lot.

I imagine we will eat out with our guests this morning after church. We usually take them to the Mexican restaurant in Independence.

More later....

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Morning Work

I will work this morning to make up for the lost time on Thanksgiving afternoon. But first I will go to Eggberts with Bob for breakfast. All I ate yesterday was a biscuit for breakfast, a Sonic blast and last night some leftover fruit salad. I had a cup of Chi before I went to bed.

I spent the morning helping to decorate the church for Christmas and then worked at the library in the afternoon. 

I didn't sleep too well. I went to bed around 8:00 because I was so tired. That was a mistake because I woke up at 3:00 and never did get back to sleep.  I finally got up shortly before 4:00 and put my sheets in the laundry.  I need to get them into the dryer now.

I posted some photos of the decorated church sanctuary on yesterday's blog.

More later...

That was an exhausting morning of work There was nothing to do but shelf read and I did that for three hours. Wow! Now I have eaten the rest of Thursday's Waldorf fruit salad and will run by Arby's to get a sandwich.

More even later...

This afternoon I dropped by Bob's apartment to see my niece and her husband. After that I came home and put up my Christmas tree. The one I had over to my home fell apart after all those Christmases so last month, while Bob and I were down at Hobby Lobby and they were having a half price sale, I bought a new one. Last Christmas didn't seem like Christmas without a tree and decorations. 

Here are some photos of it.  I can tell already I'm going to have to fight Missy about it. She crawled under it right away.
I have one more. I'll put it up too.

The third one is turned sideways and I will have to work with it to get it turned right side up.
That was easier then I thought. Anyhow, you get the picture.

I came in here to post these photos and  when I went back in the living room, Missy was under the tree on the skirt. It's going to be a fight.
She got up the minute I walked back in there. She knows better!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday and Decorating the Church

This morning at 9:30, I will go help Leslie decorate the church for Christmas then afterward go on to work at the library. I don't know how many will be there because Karan and Bobby are out of town. It may just be Leslie and me. I also don't know how much we can get done in a couple of hours.

I slept really well last night.  In fact, I didn't wake up at all until almost 5:00, my regular time of rising.

I let Missy out this morning while I swept off the carport floor. She wandered around in the dark and when I finished, I called her and she came right back home. She was over to Marilyn's and in front of her door.  But I had no problem getting her back home this time. Now she's in on the daybed...sleeping.

I think I will go to the Wal Mart store to look for Chi Latte for my Keurig. Last night I drank some of that Chi that Leslie gave me yesterday afternoon and it may have helped me to sleep. There's an ingredient in milk that helps us sleep. And there is milk in that latte.

Yesterday Leslie had a really fine Thanksgiving dinner. We had the traditional turkey basted with something delicious, homemade stuffing,  my Bob's fruit salad, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and freshly made rolls. She had three kinds of dessert. Two pies, (one pecan and one pumpkin with some sort of caramel topping) and a cake with chocolate in the center.  Afterward I helped her clean up the kitchen.  It was a great family experience with my grandson and his two girls, my niece and her youngest daughter, Bob A. and me, and John and Leslie.

More later....

I spent from 9:00 until 12:00 working at decorating the church. 

Here are some photos of what  we got finished. We still have the tree to put up but ran out of time.
Here are the sanctuary doors:
And the nativity scene:
The foyer table:

Then I stopped at Sonic and bought a Sonic Blast to eat to tide me over until this evening. I had had just a biscuit for breakfast so I was really hungry this evening. I had a bowl of fruit salad left over from yesterday.

I got my newspaper and sat down to read it this evening. Missy is meowing at me to go outside . I let her out a little bit ago and went out myself to sweep off all the leaves from my carport door. She ran back in when I opened the door to go out . Now she wants back out.  Cats!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Thursday

It's Thanksgiving today.  Soon I will begin to put together my Waldorf salad and, just before noon, the green bean casserole.

I was exhausted last night and went to bed shortly after 8:00. I slept well and although I woke up three times, I managed to get back to sleep. I awoke at 3:00 and heard men's voices and scratching noises. I lay there for awhile and finally got up to investigate.  I couldn't see a thing. It's still a mystery.

After we leave John and Leslie's this afternoon, I will help Bob hang his pictures. He has problems doing things like that with his essential tremor.

I hope to get some photos to post here this evening...if I remember.

I hope all who read here have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Well I got too busy to remember to take photos of the dinner and all who were there.  Everything was very good and we all ate way too much! I brought home a lot of leftovers.

Tomorrow, in the morning, we will decorate the church for Christmas. I started in on my apartment this morning.  Tomorrow afternoon I will work since the library is open.

Leslie sent me home with their knife sharpener and I sharpened all my knives. They had become very dull. I will take it back to her tomorrow when we go to decorate the church for Christmas.  After that, I will need to go to work.

Bob came over this evening and we had the last of the white wine and watched the news and the Big Bang Theory.  Strangely,it was a rerun and not one of the new ones.

I will try to stay up later tonight and get some good sleep. Leslie gave me some Chi for the Keurig and I had a cup of it this evening before Bob came over.  It really was good!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday and Exercises

We went to exercises this morning. Bob came over earlier to watch the news.  He has no TV until Cox gets there this morning to get his TV hooked up correctly. They turned off his box yesterday and now he has no TV at all. He is paying Sycamore Landing for his part of their business account but doesn't know how to hook it up. 

We will eat our leftover beef and mac this noon with coleslaw and garlic bread. Then tomorrow I will fix the Waldorf Salad and green bean casserole for the Thanksgiving dinner at John and Leslie's. She wants to eat at 12:30. I will fix the salad earlier and leave the casserole until later...just before we leave.

Bob's daughter and her husband from Wisconsin will be here on Friday and I will work in the afternoon that day and Saturday morning too to make up for being off for Thanksgiving.  They will all eat out at "Just Us" on Friday.

I like my job at the library just fine but the only thing I don't like is the teens behavior in the teen room. They are not only loud but they do a lot of hugging and kissing in there. I told them that is inappropriate behavior for a library and they need to go somewhere else if they're going to do that. Those that were just noisy, I told to quiet down....that they were in a library where folks were trying to read and study.  Adrian says they pay no attention to his and the other librarians. I will continue to correct them unless the librarian tells me to stop. 

What a shame they haven't been taught differently. They use the library as a hang out since there are computers in there. When I was on the board, the people were limited to thirty minutes on the computers unless they were doing a  job search or doing taxes. I don't know what has happened since then.

More later....

I was very busy again this afternoon. The teenager who helps with the DVDs didn't work today. It's a school holiday. 

Bob came over for lunch. He got his TV fixed and they did not charge for that either. He was lucky.

Then after my work, he came back again and had wine with me and watched the news and stayed until 7:00. I watched Nature and it was a program I had seen last year about a man who raised turkeys and actually became their "mother". He wanted to find out how that would go.  

But finally  I just went to bed. I was so tired.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday and My Hair Appointment.

Today is my hair appointment and I need to run by Juanita's again. I wrote the check for her real estate tax wrong and will need to alter it to be correct. After my hair appointment I will go out to their Wal Mart and get the fruit for my Waldorf salad for Thanksgiving and a few other things I need. Then I will stop by Big Cheese and pick up a small pizza for our lunch.

I slept fairly well last night. I awoke at 2:00 and it took me an hour to get back to sleep. But then I slept until 5:00.

Katie, the librarian,  is on vacation today.  I don't exactly know what I will do at the library. They would rather I didn't put DVDs away and file the cases since they have a high school girl who comes in from 1:00 until 2:30 and that's about all she can do.  So I did shelf reading while she was there but then discovered she did not get any of the DVD cases put back on the shelves. Her councilor had come in and they discussed what she would be taking at school next year. I spent from 3:00 until 5:00 putting away those DVDs and doing that filing and got finished just in time to find another thirty to be emptied and filed. I made a dent in that bunch before I left at 5:00. There are still about fifteen or so left to be done from yesterday. I imagine they will want her to do that.

I sent out late notices with part of my afternoon and also cut out invitation postcards and put labels on them for the "grand reopening" to be held on December 21st. The library has had a major renovation this summer. It was built several years ago and has had no upkeep at all.  Finally they passed a one cent sales tax to finance upkeep on the city's buildings and the streets.

More later....

I got my hair done and some Christmas shopping done this morning too and then I picked up a small pizza for lunch. Bob had brought coke over and we drank that with our pizza. My insulated bag kept it warm until I got home.

After lunch I went to work. There were tons of DVDs again so I worked on putting them away and putting them in cases to be filed.

Again the teens were noisy and I once again reminded them that they were in a library.

I left at 5:00 and came home to find Bob over. He had cancelled his TV at the apartment here and Cox turned off his box. Now he has no TV without that. He is supposed to be connected to the business account at Sycamore Landing. So he had to call Cox to come tomorrow to fix that.

He stayed while I went to give the invocation at the city commission meeting and then I came right back home.  We had our wine and a chocolate from the box that Juanita gave me.

He went home about 7:00.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday and Work Again

I slept well last night with no leg pain. I went to bed a little later and that may have made the difference. We had a nice meeting at Bobby and Karan's although Joyce and Keith had gone to Louisiana for a family funeral so we had a smaller group. There were eight of us. I will have the next meeting on December 7th.

Missy was a little impatient with me this morning when I didn't get to the kitchen fast enough to suit her and she scratched me on the ankle. I swatted her behind for that and she has settled down. That cat!

Today I will fix lunch before I leave for Independence to balance Juanita's checkbook.  That way I won't feel rushed afterward. I am having something called skillet mac and beef. It's quick and easy and I will serve it with green beans and garlic toast. Bob will bring coleslaw.  I will fix pudding for dessert and I still have cookies.  We will have hot tea with it.

We should be well finished with lunch before I leave for work.

More later.....

My niece, Denise came with Bob for lunch today. We had plenty of mac and beef and I even took a bowl over for Bobby on my way to work.

I worked hard this afternoon and am exhausted this evening. I went back to town to do the invocation for the city commission meeting only to find that it was Monday and the meeting is on Tuesday  evening. Getting old is not for sissies! After I came back home, I took my bath, put my PJs on and tried to stay up to watch something on TV but Monday evenings are notoriously dull.

I ended up just going on to bed.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Morning and Church

I had an amazing experience last night. Once again I awoke with a cramp in my right leg. I finally got up and went into the bathroom and found those Hyland leg cramp tablets they gave us as samples at the senior center and took two. Within fifteen minutes the leg cramp was gone.  When I got up I researched the tablets on the computer and could see nothing wrong with taking them so I went to Amazon and ordered a bottle of 100 of those little tablets. I had over $8.00 in rewards so I applied them to the order and it ended up just costing me a little over $2.00 and free shipping from that company. Maybe I can pick up some more samples that will hold me until my order arrives the first week in December.

Bob will come over later this morning for coffee. He has nothing in the house for breakfast so I offered to brown some biscuits for us. I have bought some blackberry jam and we will put that on them too. I also have two bananas.  I have some cereal and even oatmeal  I offered to fix but he just wants a biscuit and coffee. I think he really will like his new apartment. It's very nice and a lot cheaper rent then the fourplex. If they had any two bedroom apartments and if they had carports, I would be tempted to go there too.  But I want to keep my car protected from hail and also I need two bedrooms for a place for my computers and guests too.

Leslie, my daughter, is going to go over to his place after lunch today and hook up his TV.  I have never learned how to do that and she is so technically savvy.  She hooked mine up here at the apartment and his too when he moved into this fourplex last year.

I preside at church this morning so I will also have to print off the bulletins when we get to church.

More later...

Well, I got everything done I could here at home and the church service went fine. Karan always does a good job.  A group of us ate at Sirloin Stockade for lunch. My daughter went to hook up Bob's TV afterward and for some reason couldn't get it done.  She thinks she tried to hook the cable into the TV and she thinks it should be hooked into the box and called him to try that.  He's not particularly worried about that and if that doesn't work, he will call Cox to do it.

I got the congregational letters out and on the mailbox this afternoon.

Tonight we will meet with the Living the Questions group at Karan's at 7:00 PM. Then in the morning I need to go up to Juanita's at 9:00 AM and balance her checkbook again before I fix lunch and go to work.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday and Breakfast

Bob came over about 6:30 and we went to breakfast early because the mover is supposed to be here at 8:00 and that's just thirty minutes from now.  Bob will be moving to his new apartment today and it is about three blocks from here.

I will vacuum and dust this morning. I did the laundry last night and folded it out this morning after I got home from breakfast. I simply cannot find time to get everything done anymore what with exercise classes three days a week and cooking.

I had a problem sleeping again last night. I went to bed about 9:00  and awoke at 1:00 with my right leg aching again.  I got up and took an Aleve but couldn't get back to sleep. I got up in about an hour and took a melatonin again and finally got back to sleep until 5:30.

I like my job at the library but so far have mostly bound up the old newspapers to get them ready to be recycled.  The back room there at the library is a real mess.  Maybe it happened when they were doing the renovation but I think it is time to reorganize that area.  Maybe I can get Katie, the librarian, to tell me how she wants it done and I can do that as a part of my responsibility.

More later....

Well, I got the apartment vacuumed and dusted. Now all I have to do is mop the kitchen and bathroom floors and wipe down the cabinet tops. I think I will do that later. I am very tired.

I notice the movers are gone over at Bob's apartment.  It took them just an hour to load up his furniture. He will take the next week or ten days to move the rest of his boxes. He is paid up over here for the rest of the month.

I will rest awhile and then decide what I'm going to do with the rest of the day.

More later....

About 10:00 this morning, Bob called and said, "Help"....he had more furniture then he had  space. I went over there and Denise, his daughter was helping too. She had been carrying some boxes in and was exhausted. The movers had moved him in and were waiting to get paid.  I wrote his check and he signed it.

I moved his desk over to the south wall so he could get his recliner into the corner.  Then I put his wicker chair in the kitchen and the rocker in the bedroom. I put a lot of extra blankets on a shelf in the large closet off the bathroom. He insisted on taking me over to "Just Us" in Cherryvale for lunch.  He had invited Denise but she was very tired and just wanted to finish up and go home. Later Denise and I hung his valences in the kitchen and later after lunch, I hung his valences in the bedroom.  He came over for awhile for wine and a couple of cookies after 5:00. But he was really tired and went on home to get some rest. I think he has overdone it.  I am tired but not exhausted.  I will take my bath in a little while and see what's on TV. If I can't find anything I will read until time to go to bed.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Again and Forecast of Rain

I had a bad night last night. I awoke at 10:30 with my right leg aching.  I got up and took an Aleve but I awoke again at 12:00 and it was still aching so I took another Aleve. It was a lot better after that but still hurt. I ended up just getting up around 4:00 AM. I will be tired tonight.

I will fix chicken tenders for lunch with mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie. Bob will bring a salad and we will have fruit and cookies for dessert.

I hope the librarian was able to find some more twine. I want to get those papers bound up and ready to be recycled. Yesterday was exhausting.

Bob will move tomorrow. It's supposed to rain. I don't know how Dustin will handle that. Actually, it's supposed to start raining today.

More later....

I went to exercise class this morning and afterward, I brought Bob home to finish his packing.  Then I went back to Utopia for coffee. Sonya was there and bought everyone's cinnamon roll! She is the Administrator of Windsor Place. That was very nice of her. When I got out of there, it was pouring and the streets were full of water so I waded, shoes and all over to my car and into it. I have my shoes and socks off now drying out. In a minute I will start lunch.

More even later....

My lunch turned out well. Then I went to work. I finished bundling up all the newspapers and even organized their little kitchen's cabinets. Some high school kids were in the teen area making a lot of noise.  No one was doing anything about it and so I went in there and told them this was a library and they needed to quiet down. That helped. Then I noticed one of them had tracked in mud on our new carpet. I found some carpet cleaner and a brush and some cloths and cleaned it up. I found the boy who tracked it in and told him to wipe his feet on the several mats out in the foyer and just into the front door next time he came to the library. Later I saw two teenagers making out in there hugging and kissing. I went back in there and told them that sort of behavior was inappropriate in the library.  Finally Adrian came in and thanked me for doing that. He said they refuse to listen to him or the other junior librarian. I told him he should tell them they either observe the rules or they can not come back in the library. I don't think they have the backbone for that.

I consider it tragic these kids don't seem to know better.

I finally came on home and ate the last of my yogurt for supper. Bob came over for wine and TV but since there was nothing much to watch on TV, he went home about 7:00 and I took my bath and put my PJs on. Now I'm doing a load of laundry. I will try to stay up until 9:00.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday Work Day

I slept pretty well last night. I was so tired. I did wake up at 1:00 and could not get back to sleep until I got back up and took a melatonin tablet. Then I slept until 5:30.

I am going to bake cookies this morning and also go to the market. I need a few things.

We will have the rest of our stew for lunch today.  I will bake some more biscuits to go with it. We will have hot tea with it. I will fix something light for dessert...probably fruit.  We can have a cookie with that.

I will sort the rest of the newspapers at work today if I don't run out of twine to tie them up with.  I shelf read the DVDs for awhile yesterday...just for a break from handling all that newspaper. 

I am considering attending the job fair at the college tonight. That would be good for the job search I am required to do.

My daughter told me yesterday she intends to invite my niece  and great niece and brother-in-law for Thanksgiving next week. They would be alone at Thanksgiving and my niece is having a hard time adjusting to the loss of her husband last month.  I think that's a good idea. I know what a struggle that adjustment is for some. My niece is shy and does not have a lot of friends she can do things with. Luckily she has her youngest daughter still at home and in college.  I am to take green bean casserole and my Bob's Waldorf fruit salad. She is going to take care of everything else.  Bob says he is going to take wine.

Bob's older daughter and her husband  will be here to see them on Friday. They will eat their Friday meal out since he will just barely be moved in his new apartment and still not settled in.

More later....

I had a real rough day today. I bundled up old papers until I ran out of twine.  Then I gathered up all the old papers that I will need to tie into bundles and set them down on the lower shelves and labeled them to either be bundled or not to be bundled.  I also filed DVDs and filed the boxes in the library.

I was going to attend a job fair after work but was just too tired to do it.

When I got home, Bob came over for wine. I didn't have a chance to eat anything until he went home and then I ate some yogurt and took my bath and put my PJs on and watched the president's speech on my computer.  In my opinion, he made perfect sense.  If Congress doesn't like what he has done, they can pass their own comprehensive immigration bill. If you check on the internet, you will fine many other presidents, including all Republicans have used executive orders to accomplish legislation they cannot get done any other way.  The latest being the first Bush and Reagan. 

At 9:00, I went to bed. I hope I can sleep tonight without melatonin.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday Hair Appointment

Today I have a hair appointment in Independence at 9:30.  I am thinking seriously about just washing it myself and just having the haircut done every three weeks. I really can't spare the time to go up there every week for what little hair I have. I will miss exercise class today. Luckily I have chili left over from last Monday and I will serve it over baked potato with cheese for lunch.

At 11:00 yesterday Bob and I went over to Sycamore Landing for him to sign the lease. I went along to make out his checks for him. His essential tremor makes it hard for him to write. Then we went to the utility company to get the electricity in his name and afterward we went to Arby's for a roast beef sandwich etc, for lunch. He bought my lunch. That was nice of him. Then I went on to work.

I worked hard at the library yesterday. There weren't as many DVDs to put away and file but after I got that finished, I worked the rest of the afternoon on getting the morgue organized. I'm a long way from finished. The newspapers were mostly mixed up. They need to be kept in order from January at the bottom to December at the top with the earliest dated ones under the later dated ones. I got the local papers, both the Coffeyville Journal and the Independence Reporter, for 2014 finished. Today I will work on 2013 and 2012. When I finish those I will start on all the others.  They get the Wichita Eagle, Kansas City Star, Wall Street Journal, Tulsa World, USA Today and the County Chronicle. So I have a big job ahead of me.  Climbing up and down a ladder was hard on my right leg, which I have some trouble with already.  I awoke last night with it aching. Finally I got up and took an Aleve. That took care of the pain.

I got up at 4:30 this morning. Yesterday I learned that Phyllis, whose idea it is to have an 80th Birthday Bash next year, cannot come to the meeting we planned. She has a doctor's appointment that day in Bartlesville. Then I learned that John cannot get his wife around that early for her caregiver. So I will send out another letter this evening changing the meeting date to the next day at 9:30 to accommodate them.  Neither Larry nor I are even interested in doing this birthday bash thing.  It's an inconvenience to me but it seems important to my classmates so I guess I will make the effort.

More later.....

I composed another letter and mailed it out to all the local classmates.  I changed the day and time of the meeting and I know everyone will not be pleased but there is no way to please everyone.

I got all the newspapers sorted at work and then learned that they had kept them a lot longer then necessary. The have to have the past two years of the local newspaper microfilmed before those can be bound and recycled.  But they only need six months of the Reporter and only three months of all the rest. So I spent the last hour of my time, binding the 2011 and 2012 Reporters to be taken to Owasso to be recycled. Today I will bind up all of 2013 of the Reporter and work on all the rest binding them up to be recycled....all but the last three months. My hands were stained by newspaper ink and it took some scrubbing to get them clean. I applied lotion on them afterward because they were so dry. 

Bob came over for wine and the last cookie last evening but he left at 7:00.  I took my bath and ended up going to bed at 8:00.....I was so tired. He was probably tired too. He is moving this week and has been taking boxes over to his new apartment and unpacking them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday and Eating Out

I am going with Bob over to his new apartment to make out the checks for him. He has essential tremor.  He will sign them, of course. His appointment is at 11:00 and I probably won't have time to get lunch on the table before 1:00 when I need to be at work. So we will stop at Arby's or somewhere like that and get a sandwich.

I went over a little while ago and helped him get the leaf out of his table. He will have a lot more room in his new apartment without the leaf in the table. He can put the leaf under his bed over there.

I put away the dishes in my dishwasher this morning and finished reading a couple of magazines and took Time over for him to read.

I spent a lot of time at work yesterday just putting away the DVDs and filing the cases in the proper bookcases.  Then one of the librarians, Adrian, showed me how to file the newspapers in the morgue. That needs to be completely redone and I will take that on as a project for any spare time I have.

I am really going to enjoy this job.I know.  I like all these folks and they have been very helpful to me.  It will be very good to have enough extra money to get that car paid off early too. I am concerned if something happened to me that my kids would be stuck with paying off that car.

I got some bird seed yesterday and filled my bird feeder and the little birds have been busy eating out of it. I have filled it twice now. They may eat up all my extra money. :) Missy likes to lay here next to my chair and watch them eat. It must entertain her even though she couldn't catch them anymore even if she was out there. She seems to have a lot of arthritis. As she lies down, she usually cries out a little.  I have had to put the ottoman at the end of my bed so she can climb up there.

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Snowy Monday

Yesterday it  pretty much snowed all day.  It didn't seem to do anything last night but we still have snow on the ground.

More later... I'd better get our stew started. I'm going to cook it in the slow cooker.

Well, I think I got too much water in the stew. I hope it turns out o.k. anyhow.

Exercise class went fine. I came home and drained off some of that water and made gravy out of it. I think it will be finer now. I have another hour or so for it to cook now. I hope that meat gets tender.

Myra e-mailed me and we plan to have lunch together on the 6th of December. We both have December birthdays and we will celebrate making it thus far.

Missy is in under the coverlet again. She gets unhappy  when I leave her here and go somewhere. Shew will really be unhappy about me being gone all afternoon to work.

The sun is shining brightly but the snow will not melt until it gets above freezing again. I'm shooting for Thursday when they say it will be 50 degrees again. Right now the parking lot here is just a sheet of ice.

More later....

I went over to Orchelon's and bought some bird seed and some ice melt. Now I will have to spread the ice melt to melt all that ice on our drive. 

I worked from 12:40 until 5:15 and had something to do the entire time. I am going to organized their morgue (old newspapers). They are in a mess.  I did a lot of putting away DVDs and filing their cases.

I was exhausted when I got home. I don't know why since it's only four hours.   

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday's Snowy Forecast

It's 31 degrees out there this morning. We have a 90% chance of snow today. And they say it will be one to three inches by this afternoon. There probably won't be many out for church today. We are located out in the country and we would have to travel county roads. Some of us are old and don't want to get out in it and take a chance on having a wreck. Even if we are careful, there are a lot of people out there who have no idea how to drive in snow. Well, it will be interesting to see if it develops. The weather has been so strange these past few years.  Bob and I will go if we have services. I don't know what we will plan about lunch.

But I dread seeing my electric bill. This apartment is all electric. 

I slept really well last night.  I went to bed at 8:30 so I didn't expect to sleep well but I only awoke once at 2:00, went to the bathroom and went right back to sleep until well after 4:30.

I've had my biscuit and a banana for breakfast  and two cups of my Keurig coffee. The first one was butter pecan.  The second one was called mudslide. I love the variety and not having to leave a cup to be warmed up the next morning. I know it's more expensive that way but it's one of the few luxuries I have allotted myself. ...that and getting my hair done. Now that I'm working again, I feel I can afford it.

Karan is supposed to have the Living the Questions group tonight and have chili for supper. If we get a lot of snow, she will probably call it off.  I have the new DVD Gretchen sent to us.  It's called  "The Ten Commandments..Laws of the Heart".  It comes from a new site called "Faith and Reason".

I was just scrubbing my kitchen floor and when I put the mop away I noticed that my Christmas cactus is beginning to bud up. I thought it was not going  to bloom again!

More later....

There were a lot more at church then I thought would be there since there's about three inches of snow on the ground now. We cancelled "Living the Questions" tonight. In fact we went home with Bobby and Karan and ate the chili she had fixed for tonight. I'm hoping there will not be more snow by tomorrow. I dread driving to work in this mess tomorrow afternoon. I will just stay home and watch 60 Minutes tonight in my warm and cozy apartment.   

We had our Samaritan Child Christmas boxes at church today and I took some photos of the group that worked on them.
Here are some more...
Leeann was reaching for something on the table in the one above. So here are some more.

I got her to stand still for the one above. Bill would not get into the photo so I took one of him alone.
He looks very solemn, doesn't he? He doesn't like his photo taken any more then I do. :)

Missy disappeared again this evening and went to find her and for the first time I found her on my bed against the decorative pillows. I hope she doesn't make a habit of that. I always put one of her throws on the bed when she lies on it. I then can put the throw in the dryer under fresh air.
But here she is:
Darn cat! She's back in there right now!