Saturday, August 16, 2014

Breakfast Saturday.

This morning Bob and I will have breakfast at Eggbert's as usual.  Maybe Bobby and Karan will join us.  I forgot to ask them last night.

I am still have a problem with the new laptop.  This morning I still have the Cox maintenance message on the homepage. Strange... because neither of the other two computers have that message. They show the My Connection homepage with the temperature and the news just as usual. I called Cox about it and he suggested I refresh and I did that several times then he suggested I reboot.  It was still there.  So I rebooted and that didn't help and then I shut the computer down altogether and that didn't help either. The Cox tech thought that would get it back to normal because it was just stuck in the cache but he was wrong. It didn't.

Always something.

I don't know what I will do today. I don't have a plan. I do have some meat out thawing for swiss steak for dinner. 


Well, it was easier then I thought to clear the cache. I simply went to google and asked how to do it. I got a very clear concise instruction and followed the directions. That did work! Now I have my correct homepage back.

We had our swiss steak and then I didn't go back out to church for the backpack party. It poured down rain here for an hour. And then we were under severe thunderstorm warnings for over an hour.

Later Bob came over and we watched part of Dateline before we both got too tired and he went home. I went to bed about 10:00 again. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Laid Back Friday

This has been a restful day. Bob and I went to exercise class this morning. Afterward we went to Utopia for coffee and a cinnamon roll.  Then a little later I fixed lunch and I fixed an extra pork chop for Marilyn along with some fried potatoes and some sliced tomatoes. I took that lunch over to her after our lunch.

Then I came home and took a nap with Missy on my lap.

I am still looking for my Cox bill. It has not come yet.  I usually pay it on the 18th so I don't know when to expect it now.  I may have to call them to find out what it is since I went up a level and am going to have to pay for renting a box. All my other bills are paid now.

This evening I will go out to church and help set up for the backpack party tomorrow evening. I do not want to go to the backpack party.  Surely they will have enough help without me.

I will eat some yogurt for my supper. That will be nice and light.

More later....

I went out to church at 6:30 only to learn that the meeting was at 7:00. While I was there alone, I swept up the dead bugs (our church is in the country) and made some copies of class material  for tomorrow's adult class.  Finally Leslie, Melissa, Kelly, Mary Beth, Karan and Bobby came and we proceeded to lay out the materials and back packs for the kids.   I left at 9:00 and got home in time to watch the second half of Dateline.  I stayed up until 10:00.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Long Day

Today is my last long day this week. I am so glad. I don't know why this job bothers me so much. I didn't sleep well at all last night for concern over it.  It's dealing with the cash register that troubles me. Last Wednesday a week ago,  I think it was, they had an apparent $54 shortage. I split that shift with another person who is a regular volunteer.  Wendy thinks it was just an over charge mistake. I don't think the other woman would take money. She has volunteered for five years. Wendy said she didn't think either of us would have taken money.

I have had some problems learning their kind of complicated register so I imagine it was me that made the mistake. What really bothers me is Wendy wants me to "X" out on the register when I have one of my short days so they can see what sort of morning I've had.  I accidentally "z'd"  out Tuesday instead which is what we do at the "end" of the day.  The letters are unreadable on the register and you have to just "feel" where the "x" is located. I evidently missed it.  What a mess!

On top of everything else, Aime says I am not to work alone and am to have supervision in case something unforeseen happens to me....a fall or a stroke or something. They don't have enough volunteers at the museum and if Wendy wants to have a life, she has to leave me alone.  That means, if I am busy, which I have been, I can't go back to the storage room to eat lunch or even drink water. The problem with that is, if I have to go to the bathroom, I would have to leave the cash register vulnerable. We usually have people in the museum at lunch time. So I have just not drunk any water all day. I cannot  leave the cash register to go down the hall to the restroom.

What a mess!

Bob and I are going to eat at Sirloin Stockade tonight and have our pork chops tomorrow noon when I don't have to work.  I will probably be very tired tonight after 6 1/2 hours basically on my feet.

Unfortunately there aren't any more positions available for this program in Coffeyville.  So I am stuck if I want/need to work.

More later this evening....

Wendy found the key to the cash register today and tried it to be sure it worked.  It did. She said if I needed to step out, I could lock the cash register and go.

Bob and I went to Sirloin Stockade for dinner this evening. We may do this every Monday and Thursday since those are my "long" days at work. I would then cook on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday when I don't work last or not at all.

Bob will work at the Interstate Fair and Rodeo this evening from 7:00 until 11:00 so I will be alone this evening.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday Job Fair

I am required to attend the job fair in Independence today from 10:00 until 2:00. I will be paid for that time. I will work my regular 6 1/2 hours tomorrow at the museum.  I think Bob and I will eat out today. I won't be home until 3:00 because of my hair appointment at 2:00 there following the job fair.

My social security did come in today. I was assured that it would when I called them last month. However, I later received a letter from them saying it might be another month so I was concerned.  Anyhow, I am relieved that the person I spoke with was correct.

My leg cramped again last night and my right leg ached. Finally I got up and took that medication for leg cramps  that I got at the senior center. That seemed to help and I was able to sleep until 5:10.

More later....

I went on to exercise class and then to Independence to the Job Fair.  I looked around and stopped in to see Aime.  I picked up one application for the Montgomery County Health Clinic but that was the only Coffeyville site there. The rest were from Independence, Parsons and Neodesha.  I'm not going to drive 15 to 30 miles daily for a 20 hour a week job. Aime told me to go on and enjoy my day so I did. I called Bob and asked him if he wanted to come up and eat at Big Cheese with me. I asked Carol to switch my appointment from 2:00 to noon and she agreed and took Bob for his haircut too.

Then we ate at Big Cheese.  I went on out to Leslie's and picked up my ground beef and John gave me a watermelon from his garden too.

Bob and I will eat some of that this evening.

More even later.....

We didn't eat the watermelon  and there was not much on TV so Bob went home early. I took my bath and went to bed..very tired.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Smaller Tuesday

Thank goodness it's Tuesday and I only work half a day. Yesterday was very busy and I worked alone.  It worked out O.K. except I was sooooo tired.

I  slept well last night although I had leg and foot cramps before I went to bed.

We will have Marilyn's chicken casserole tonight with salad and a veggie. She also sent some of her pumpkin dessert with me so we will have dessert.

I am having a hard time with standing on my feet for hours. My left foot has a failed bunion surgery and that may become a problem. I hope I am going to be able to do this. I had my younger son, Scott, cancel his allotment to me . He has a tax bill to pay off before his March retirement.

More later...

Well, today was not quite as exhausting. It was only 3 1/4 hours too.  Tomorrow I am required to attend the job fair in Independence so I won't go in to the museum tomorrow at all.

We will have Marilyn's leftover chicken casserole for dinner tonight with broccoli and a salad.  I have some of her leftover dessert too.

I stopped and bought pecans at the Natural Food Store before coming home.

More still later....

Bob and I decided there was absolutely nothing on TV tonight so we went up to V & S Variety and rented The Monument Men...a very good movie, based on a true event.

He went home about 8:00 and I took my bath  and chose the clothes I will wear tomorrow to the Job Fair in Independence.  I don't work tomorrow because I am required to attend the job fair.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Big Monday

Today should be huge at work. The Interstate Fair and Rodeo is going on and the town is full of people here for that event. I dread the Monday and Thursday long days.  I would love to just work 12:00 until 4:00.  But if I did that, I would have to work Fridays and I enjoy my long weekends. So, working is really a compromise I have to make if I want to pay off my car early. Scott is discontinuing  my allotment at my insistence. He has a tax bill to pay before he retires from the army.  He will need that $200.

Marilyn sent me home some of her chicken casserole and some of her pumpkin cake and we will have it tomorrow evening. I had planned on Hamburgers and French fries and baked beans tonight and have the hamburger thawing now.  Bob brought the buns over yesterday.  I have my menus planned for the week again.  It is always so much easier to buy groceries when I do that.

I am tumbling Missy's white throw in the fresh air of the dryer right now. She gets so much cat hair on everything if I don't keep that throw clean.  The house is clean and the laundry is caught up. I do need to go out and water the flowers in the containers in the front.

I want to stop at the Natural Food Store today and buy some pecans. They have the fresh crop and they are so much cheaper to buy in bulk.  I bake quite a bit and use them in my coffee cake and cookies.

More later....

I came home exhausted. I worked the entire day by myself. I was very busy and had very little opportunity to sit down. I got home about 4:25 and started dinner immediately.  We had the hamburgers and french fries and the rest of the ice cream I had made a few days ago.

We watched TV until 7:30 when Bob went home and I took my bath and went to bed.  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another Busy Sunday

This will be another busy Sunday. When I get to church I will need to make copies of the Church School material for the class and make sure the building is ready for the services.I am making coffee cake right now for the group that meets. We will have an even smaller group today because several are out of town.

Afterward, as is our custom, a group of us eats together at a local restaurant. Then I will come home and do my congregational letters and make something for the dinner tonight at the meeting at Marilyn's house.

It will be a full day. Furthermore, it is supposed to rain again. We have had a lot of rain lately.'s supposed to be August.

I haven't heard a word from my son who is in Hawaii. I tried to call him yesterday but there was no answer.

More coffee cake is ready to come out of the oven.....

The coffeecake went over so well at church that it was all eaten.

I spent the afternoon doing my newsletters and fixing a dish to take to Marilyn's house.  The party went off well. Only Bob and I and Joyce and Keith and Mona and Richard were there.besides Marilyn. Instead of watching the video, we played a card game. It was something different.  And Marilyn sent me home with enough leftover chicken casserole and pumpkin cake for our dinner Tuesday evening. I believe we will have our hamburgers and french fries and baked beans on Monday though.  I work 6 1/2 hours tomorrow. It's the week of Interstate Fair and Rodeo and we should be very busy.

I saw Lynette from the district court at Country Mart this afternoon. It was so good to see her again!  She was very good to me there.

Now it's time to go to bed....

Goodnight all!