Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Morning

I never got around to blogging yesterday. First I got my hair done in Independence then Bob and I went to exercise class and after that we left for Owasso to Olive Garden. When I got home I tried to get my Outlook program on the desktop computer to work. I failed and Cox tells me it will cost a minimum of $59.95 to have them come out to repair it.

I did something stupid when I was cleaning up my My Documents file on Thursday. I deleted a data file for Outlook. I wasn't aware I needed it since it was a data file in My Documents. Then when Outlook wouldn't open yesterday evening, I realized I needed that file for Outlook to work so I restored it. Unfortunately it restored as a compressed file and now Outlook cannot find it. I tried to repair it and only ended up with another Outlook program that also could not find that data file. So now, not only can I not print from the laptop because it has lost it's ability to do that but now I have no Outlook mail program to send my needed   mail material to at  the desktop from the laptop. I will have to call Cox and spend the money to get everything going again. Computers!  Really, there's nothing wrong with the computers. It's the idiot that is trying to use them.

Anyhow, yesterday we drove to Owasso while the weather was nice and ate at Olive Garden. Then we walked around the shopping center and Bob did some shopping while the big sales were going on and bought two new shirts.  I didn't buy anything but my lunch. I don't really need anything for winter. I am anxious to get into spring.

When we got home I worked some more on the camp staffing.  Later on that evening Bob came over to watch the reruns of The Big Bang Theory with me. He went home about 8:00 and I stayed up and tried my best to get that Outlook program going. Obviously, I failed. I finally gave up at 9:00 and went to bed.  I slept well until 4:00 or so but then I simply could not get back to sleep so I just got up.

I believe it is raining now.. I heard thunder awhile ago.

We will go to breakfast at 6:45...rain or no rain.

More later. .....

We had our breakfast and later the rest of our chili at noon. This morning I cleaned house. It had been a couple of days past a week. I have Living the Questions group here tomorrow evening. I will bake a dessert tomorrow afternoon. It has rained all day and we needed the rain but it sure makes for a dull day.

Bob will come over later this evening and we will have our glass of wine and some cookies and watch TV is there's anything on worth watching..

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chili Thursday

We will have our chili for lunch today. I serve it with both crackers and Fritos.  I will start it in the slow cooker after awhile.

I slept really well last night and only woke up once and then got right back to sleep. I didn't go to bed until 9:30. I was working on trying to enlist staff for the family camp this summer.

Bob will be delivering senior lunches for Barbara again today so we will eat closer to noon.  Barbara has a daughter in Lawrence and she likes to get up there to see her and the grandchildren about once a month. Bob has been delivering her lunches on her route on those Thursdays when she is gone.

Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice and  we plan to go to either Owasso or Joplin to eat at Olive Garden. No telling how long the nice weather will last.

More later....

Lunch...our chili...was good today.  

But we all had a big surprise. Our landlord who is 93 years old, is selling the apartment complex and he brought the buyer by to look at our apartments.  The woman seemed quite nice. Her name was Betty and she said there would be no changes if she bought the complex. I hope we can count on that. Bob and I just barely make it every month and if there is anything extra like a trip to Branson or yearly expenses like car insurance or rental insurance, we have to get into our savings to do that. We both have a car payment and extra expenses with that car insurance and rental insurance. Our landlord now pays all our utilities except the electric and these apartments are all electric. My electric bill last month was $237. and this month it is $210. Between the rent and the Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance supplement, just those two things takes more then half my income. If anything changes, we may both have to move.  These apartments are ideal for us. They are well insulated and well cared for. 

Tonight we may walk over to Brahms and have an ice cream cone for dinner. I had two cookies and a glass of milk awhile ago. I was hungry and it's only 4:00. .

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Exercise Wednesday

I missed blogging yesterday for some reason. I was busy delivering the cakes. Bob and I got our haircuts and then went to Big Cheese for lunch. After that we went out to the Independence Wal Mart and bought a few groceries. Then we came home. I began getting a drippy nose in the afternoon so I began using the Cold Ease...just in case that was what was happening.  I have never had two colds in one season before but then a lot of stuff that has never happened before is happening any more.  It's the mileage.

Bob came over last evening for our wine and cookies again. He stayed until 8:00 PM and then went home to get ready for bed. I took my bath and went to bed at 8:30.  I had read my book most of the afternoon and got it finished. It was a biography of Dean Martin by his daughter Deana. It was pretty interesting. I also worked on staffing the camp for July. I got another staff member committed. It was the Junior High/Senior High teacher. Little by little I am rounding up staff. I will have to continue working on it though to get the staff committed by July 11th. That's the first day of camp. Last year, if you recall,  I lost four staff members the last month and a half and had to scramble to replace them.

I slept well until 3:30 this morning when I awoke aching all over. I finally got up and drank a glass of milk and took two Aleve tablets.  From then on, sleep was off and on. I feel pretty good though.  I may go on to exercise class. I hate to give it up since it's my only regular exercise.

We will have our leftover meatloaf and fried potatoes for lunch today. Bob will not have to bring a salad since I put the leftover salad in Tupperware on Monday. If it's still o.k., we will eat it. Otherwise we will have applesauce and a veggie too. I will thaw some strawberries for dessert to have with cookies.

Tomorrow I plan to have chili. I will have to buy some ground beef for it since I am out of that meat that Leslie gave me.  I will get some Fretos too.  I like Fretos with my chili. I have some cheese with which to top it too.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Snowy Monday

It's snowy and ice out this morning so we will not have exercise class. I  tried to stay up for the Oscars but just couldn't do it. I ended up going to bed at 9:00 PM. The good news is I slept through until 5:00 AM without waking up.  So..another good night's sleep.  That's great! That doesn't happen a lot any more.

It is 3 degrees out there this morning. Leslie and Karan are in Kansas City and may be stuck there for awhile.  Kansas City was to have received 5 to 8 inches of snow.  I wonder if they made it home? Leslie should be working today.

I will fix meatloaf and fried potatoes with a veggie and salad for lunch today.  I will thaw some more strawberries for dessert. . This is my last pound of John and Leslie's meat.  I will have to start buying meat now. They have decimated their herd to start their new business.  It will take about three years for them to have meat again. I will buy my meat at the packing house in Bartlesville where the local farmers take their cattle. Leslie says they have a freezer full of local meat there. I don't want any meat that comes from a feed lot as long as I can avoid it.

I am reading the biography of Dean Martin now. It is written by his daughter, Deana.  So far, so good. 

Maybe I can get the apartment cleaned today. We will see.

More later.....

Nope, it didn't happen. Instead I worked on the staffing for the coming camp this summer and baked my cakes and iced them.

I got the cooks replaced thanks to the Mission Center president. Tom called me and volunteered. Good old Tom!

Dinner came out well. Tomorrow we will take the cakes up to Independence and after we get our hair cut we will then eat at Big Cheese.  We will eat the meatloaf again on Wednesday.

Bob will come over after while and we will have the rest of our wine and have some cookies.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Church Cancelled

The pastors cancelled church today because of the weather. So far we haven't received much snow but we got the ice and the nexis notifications say the roads are all hazardous. Nexis is some notification we receive on our cell phones as text and on our computers whenever road conditions are really bad. It comes in handy.

We are on the very edge of the weather notifications. We get no Kansas stations on our TV here.  Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the closest TV station. Last year, for some reason, Cox lost their contract with the Pittsburg, Kansas, TV station.  It was ten miles closer and did at least give us Kansas weather. Much of the time, because this area is very low, the bad weather just  misses us.  That never bothers me. Of course, the storm slowed down some and it is arriving late here.  I will be so happy to see the last of this winter.

Today, for lunch, we will eat the rest of our Rotel chicken casserole.  Bob will bring more of his salad and I will fix some more corn.  It will be too nasty to go out to eat as we usually do on Sunday.

Maybe I will get my apartment cleaned today. All I really got done yesterday was the meal and baking the cookies.

More later....

Nope! All I got done this afternoon was to read and watch TV. I did not work. Oh well, every once in awhile that shouldn't matter.