Friday, May 30, 2008

Appraisal on Dining Room

The appraiser called about the dining room floor. He went through the entire case with me and settled on about $1600 for our settlement. That doesn't even include the hall which was not affected. He gave us quite a bit for doing our own cleanup. Anyhow, we are delighted with the settlement even though we realize that the premium will go up on probably the car as well as the house insurance. At least we got enough for both the room and the car repair.

Now we are waiting for Brown's to come up with our three boxes of planks and the transition piece. It should have been here this week.

Richard came a couple of days ago and began relaying the undamaged pieces. Then Bob put copper tubing in the place of the plastic tubing for the water filter and water in the door in the refrigerator. I am still paranoid about leaks there and touch the floor every time I go by there.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Slinky and Missy

We have our son's Sharpe dog here now. He is one of those wrinkled dogs that have a terrible time with their ears and their skin. He smells terrible until he has a bath. His common name is Slinky, although he is a pedigreed dog.

Missy, our cat, hates him. Of course, Missy hates almost everyone but me and she just tolerates me. She doesn't even tolerate Slinky. She hasn't been out in the backyard, which is actually her territory, for two weeks. The dog runs loose there. This week, she has ventured out the back three times. She gives him a wide berth though. This evening, I went out there to take him some fresh water and she was laying out in the backyard...far away from him...but in the backyard. When I started to come back in the house, she made a dash for the back door. She was almost there when he decided to investigate this anti-social cat.

Oh my! She came unglued. She spat at him, growled at him and ran to lay under the glider...far away from him. When he finally ignored her, I opened the door again and she made a dash for it and came in. It was really funny to watch.

The upper picture is Missy lying in the grass far, far away from Slinky. The lower picture is Slinky. Poor Slinky..he looks so woebegone.

Floor Recovery

We're beginning to see some recovery on our ruined dining room floor. Richard came by today and we went through all the pieces of laminate that we managed to salvage by wiping them down before they began to warp. We figure we lost 24 planks to the water damage. Some that were damaged were able to be used by cutting off the part that was damaged and some just needed to be wiped dry and left laying flat. We peeled back the underlayment and put fans on it to dry it over the weekend. That was able to be reused.

Richard does miracles. He worked all afternoon and recovered all but those 24 planks and got the rest re-laid. The floor is beginning to look normal now.

I want to get Richard to put copper tubing in the refrigerator's water and ice dispenser and take the plastic tubing out. I am afraid that may happen again and we will ruin the floor again when that tubing freezes again next winter.

The adjuster called and I sent the digital pictures that I took to him along with faxing him the original bills for the flooring and the bill for the original labor for laying it. I don't know what the insurance company will do toward a settlement.

The Air Conditioner

We have the air conditioner people here now checking out the unit and cleaning it up for summer. It was not cooling too well.

The adjuster for the floor is supposed to come today or tomorrow as well. Richard, the contractor who installed the floor, is to come later in the day to put back down what materials that are still usable. I have ordered three new boxes of laminate and a transition piece. This picture shows the underlayment laid back to dry.

The car is now in the shop and should be out tomorrow evening. It has been quite a week.

Hopefully, things will calm down now.

My legs are healing up well. The left one still looks worse then the right one.