Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Very Hot Saturday

It's supposed to be 101 degrees today...somewhat cooler if you can call over 100 degrees cooler. It was 104 yesterday. Ghastly hot. This morning at 7:00 I will go to Eggberts to have breakfast with Bob. We had such a good lunch with Tony and Gay yesterday and a good time. Bob is doing pretty well. We were talking about Phyllis and her Alzheimer's Disease yesterday with Tony and Gay and he changed the subject abruptly and I realized it was way too painful for him to discuss Phyllis and her disease this early. It's only been a couple of days past two weeks since he lost her. Tony and Gay were very perceptive and changed the subject immediately. They are such good people.

I don't know what I will do today. It's way too hot to get out in the yard. I do wish we had some rain. Tony said they had three quarters of an inch Thursday and he sat out on the porch and enjoyed it. I could do some cleaning, I guess, but the house looks fine. I really need to do some deep cleaning and toss out a bunch of stuff but I can't get motivated.

The news last night was all about the disaster in Colorado and the deaths of those 12 people in that movie theater. At this point his motivation is unknown. Last I heard they were unable to get into his apartment because it was wired with a bomb.

Keith called last night and was not too happy that Scott and Becky were not going to come see me this time. Scott said he would be coming back for a month before he goes to Hawaii and he would be able to see plenty of me then. That's fine. I can live with that. He really needs to patch up his relationship with Becky if he's going to eventually marry her. He has been overly concerned with her past sin but I reminded him that we all have sin we regret and he is no exception. I believe in forgiveness if only to allow ourselves to heal. Holding a grudge is counterproductive to our own physical and mental health.

Bob and I both cleaned out one of our closets and took clothing down to Goodwill in Bartlesville. It was painful for him because these were clothes Phyllis wore before she was in the nursing home.

We then went to the mall and walked around and then drove around Bartlesville and reminisced about the years both our families lived there and carpooled from Caney even later. We both like the little city but would not know a soul there nowadays. My Bob and I moved to Caney in 1969. They moved even earlier.

Amazingly, Scott called a couple of hours ago and said they were on their way home from Branson and were going to swing by the hour and ten minutes out of their way and visit with me. They came about 4:00 and stayed until 5:45. Then they left for Fort Scott. It was good to see them both. I enjoyed their visit and they will get back to Becky's before dark. They brought Becky's little dog, Winston. He is as cute as a little white shaggy dog can be. He lay quietly on the living room floor and napped while they were here.

It's a good thing they left when they did. I don't want them to encounter deer and they may do that at dusk. It's 104 degrees now. How much hotter can it get. I'm afraid to ask.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Another Friday

It's Friday again and I have already had my hair done at 7:00. Bob and I will be leaving for Chanute and lunch with Tony and Gay at 10:00 or 10:15. I want to google the exact road name. It takes over an hour to get there because they live in the country.

The news today is terrible. I understand from the NPR news that 14 people have been killed in Colorado at a movie theater that was showing the latest batman movie. Some man came in an exit door and began spraying either pepper gas or tear gas and then sprayed the theater with bullets from four weapons. What has the word deteriorated into these past twenty years? First it was post office killings then college campus' and then high schools and now it's movie theaters. There needs to be some sort of law about guns as our society gets more violent all the time.

More later...

Bob and I went to Chanute today and had an absolutely great lunch with Tony and Gay. Tony is a great cook and Gay fixed veggies right out of their garden. We had pork roast, fresh veggies, tomatoes, corn on the cob, tea and apple pie made with apples right off their tree. Then we stayed a couple of hours and visited after lunch. I won't eat another thing today.

Missy, my cat, just came home. I have been worried sick. She is nine years old and has been out in this 106 degree heat all day while we were gone. I was going to go out in the car and look for her if she didn't come home soon. She finally showed up and I have let her in.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Again

I called my brother-in-law after work yesterday and asked him to eat out with me. I had forgotten to eat yesterday except for a very small bowl of dry cereal in the morning. So I was very hungry after work. Well, I did it. I overate and had indigestion last evening. I took a couple of tums before bedtime and got through it. I sleep so much better if I have my larger meal in the middle of the day and just eat yogurt for supper. I didn't sleep well at all.

This morning I will finish my lawn trimming before it gets ghastly hot. It's supposed to be 107 today and the humidity is terrible. If my supervisor calls me in if the shredders come, I will have my phone in my pocket. It's supposed to be 109 tomorrow. And tomorrow we are to go to Chanute, fifty miles north of here, to have lunch with Tony and Gay. That should be nice. We haven't seen them for awhile.

More later...

It's almost 2:00 and my supervisor hasn't called yet. Evidently the shredders haven't come today either.

It's 6:00. A couple of hours ago, I e-mailed my supervisor. She said they didn't come today either and probably would not come until her boss got back from vacation on Tuesday and she could investigate why they didn't come.

I stayed home most of the day waiting. Tomorrow, Bob and I will go to lunch with Tony and Gay in Chanute.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Half Day Wednesday

Today and from now on, I will work four half days each week...unless they increase our hours again. Today I am home waiting for a phone call from the office telling me the shredders are there and I should come in.

I have finished up the thank you cards and put them out for the mailman to pick up. Bob took his home to put return addresses on them and stamps. We will both probably get more cards so he will pick up some more thank you cards at the funeral home.

I probably better eat breakfast. I had a cup of coffee earlier this morning but still haven't had breakfast and it's 10:45.

More later....

I have waited all morning and still have not heard from my supervisor. She wanted me to work five hours today but there will only be four hours left in the working day if I go in at 1:00. I may have to go in for an hour or so tomorrow if she doesn't call soon.

The shredders never showed up. I spent the afternoon filing and doing some scanning of traffic tickets. My supervisor will call me in on Thursday if they come then and I will put the hours on next week and not work on Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Half Day Tuesday

I work just half day today. I will get my haircut and hairdo at 10:00. In the meantime, I will do some cleaning. I haven't cleaned since the day before I went to camp. The bare floors need a good wiping with my swifter.

I try to do some housework every day. I do the bare floors on one day, the vacuuming the next morning, the dusting the third day, and the bathrooms on the fourth. Doing it that way doesn't overdo it for me on any one day. On Monday evening and weekends I try to do the big things. I was exhausted last night after that huge day at work and then mowing in the heat too.

This will be a big day at work. I am to move all those boxes from the room where the microfilm machine is located into the hall next to the jury room. The shredders will come tomorrow and I will be watching them and saving the banker boxes and the plastic storage boxes.

My son left Germany this morning for his visit in Kansas. His girlfriend will pick him up at the airport in Kansas City.

More later...

Well, I got my hair cut and fixed this morning and Bob went along and while I was under the dryer she cut his hair too. I fixed myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk for lunch and will go to work at 1:00...I will leave about 12:40.

Possibly more later...

A big surprise this afternoon at work. They cut our hours to 16 hours a week. Some in the program had been working 34 hours a week that they offered for a couple of months. I am so glad I stayed with my 28 hours a week. That won't be as large a shock. I will lose 12 hours a week. I still think I can get by with that much. We will see.

I came home at 4:00 because they need me 5 hours tomorrow and I've already worked 11.

Richard called a little bit ago. He and Jeff are going to work on repairing the ceiling at church. The roof was repaired last fall and it has not leaked since. Now they will do the ceiling. Jeff is a perfectionist and it will take two days to do the job so it will look a lot better then it does now.

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Busy Busy Monday

I went back to work this morning after over a week off. My box was stacked with files to put away. I worked until 4:00 today filing. And on top of all that, my co-worker who did the scanning, quit. I will now be the only clerk. My boss will teach me to scan documents tomorrow afternoon. I should be a lot busier now. But I will miss my co-worker. She was a very nice person.

When I got home, I changed my clothes and mowed. I will have my hair done in the morning in Independence so I needed to mow tonight. It has been so dry and the lawn looks so terrible that I put it off as long as possible. We need a good rain badly.

As soon as the sun goes down I will get out there and trim.

My son from Germany is coming this week. I am so excited. He is so lonely that he decided to take leave. I don't know which day I will see him. His girlfriend is picking him up in Kansas City and they will come here to see me one day before he goes back to Germany on Sunday.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another Sunday

It's another Sunday and I didn't get to the market last night to get the ingredients for my salad this noon after church. I will leave in a few moments and see if anything is open at 6:00.

I will have a busy day. After the dinner, I will come home and do my letters and then this evening go to Howard and Judy's home for the small group. I will be very tired when I am finished with that. I work tomorrow so I hope I sleep as well tonight as I did last night.

More later...

O.K. I found the market open and bought the makings for my dessert and salad so I'm fixed! The dessert is cooling now and when it's cool, I'll put a glaze on it. What I have left over, I will take to work tomorrow. That's a good thing!

I have managed to get everything done before 7:30. The salad is a five cup fruit salad and I hope it will be all gone at the end of the day but if it isn't, I won't mind eating it myself. It has pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges, coconut, small miniature marshmallows, and a sour cream base. I tasted it and it tastes great! I will put pecan chips on top of it before I serve it.

The dinner went well. Everyone had a different salad and we served ice tea and water for a drink. There were also three nice desserts. I will take my leftover dessert to work and my co-workers can eat it up.

I spent the afternoon doing my Sunday newsletter and then Jack and Marilyn picked me up for the small group. That ended about 9:00 and I got home about 9:30 and took my bath and went to bed. I slept well last night.

This morning I have been paying bills and bringing my checkbook up to date.

My son, Scott, will be coming for leave Tuesday but his girlfriend will pick him up and they will be at her house for most of the leave. He promises they will come see me this time. We will see.