Saturday, October 22, 2011

Early Saturday

It's very early for Saturday. Slinky started barking about 4:30 and I finally got up to shut him up. He evidently was very hungry so I let him in and fed him his dog food and then his oatmeal. Now he is lying on the new bed here in the kitchen. I am dousing his ears with olive oil in an attempt to kill his ear mites. He has had them for years and they are probably the reason why he doesn't hear. I wanted the vet to prescribe the topical ear mite treatment but she wouldn't unless I brought him in to see if it was an infection. It may be an infection but there is no way I can get this huge old dog into the carrier and the carrier into the car. So I am trying a home remedy with the olive oil. I will try it every day and see if it smothers the ear mites and eventually their hatched eggs. It would be wonderful for him if it works. He is obviously pretty miserable.

I am going to get dressed in a little while and then at 7:30 meet my brother-in-law for breakfast at Eggberts. I want to do some cleaning after that and also go out to Windsor to see my sister. I also need to get cat food and detergent today too or I will have a very angry cat and some very dirty clothing.

Tonight I will watch the third game of the World Series. I never watch baseball except the World Series. If Harry's Law is on and not preempted by the World Series, I will watch it first. It is my favorite TV program outside of PBS's Frontline and American Experience. Otherwise there is absolutely nothing worth watching on TV. Perhaps that's why I read so much.

I will go to the City Commission meeting Tuesday evening. I am one of three who have applied to take over an unexpired term on the library board. I won't get it for three reasons (1)because one of the other applicants is a very popular judge here in Coffeyville and (2)I have applied twice and been interviewed twice for a part time position there and been passed over both times.(3) I seldom use the library because I use my Kindle and before that, I bought books. But I will go and make a statement anyhow. Who knows, perhaps a miracle will happen and I will be chosen.

Speaking of books...I have been selling books like mad on Amazon. I earned $15.50 this month alone and that much last month too. I am slowly but surely selling off my books. When I get them sold (all but the reference books I use from time to time) I will leave my three piece Thomasville bookcase to Scott. He wants it and needs it. Right now I have Bob's Bose system setting in the middle section but that can set anywhere since it has no exterior speakers.

One of these days, I need to make a list of everything I own and see which kids want what. Leslie has all new furniture and doesn't want any of mine anymore but both boys are rebuilding their furniture needs and they will have to tell me what they want before I am gone. When you get close to 76 years old, you begin to think about those things.

Slinky has settled down now. I wonder if the olive oil has soothed his ears because he has stopped scratching his ears and shaking his head for now. I will need to remember to douse them with olive oil every day for a couple of weeks.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday at Last!

It's Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend. Why, I don't know. There's really nothing going on this weekend. Maybe that's why I'm looking forward to it.

I watched the second game of the World Series last night. The Texas Rangers team won so it's one and one. They go to Texas today and won't play again until Saturday. One thing...when I stay up that late I sleep very well.

I haven't seen my brother in law all week. He called this morning and asked if I wanted to have lunch over at "Just Us" in Cherryvale. I told him I would like to do that so we went as soon as I got off work. They have a nice buffet there. We usually have breakfast too on Saturday morning and catch up on our week.

I had a 59 cent chicken pot pie for lunch yesterday and went out to Braums for a hamberger and 12 ounce shake for supper. I couldn't think of a thing I wanted to eat so I just had a hamburger there. It was better than another pot pie.

I feel better altough my left foot, my bunion, hurt last night so I took Aleve and went to sleep. My left shoulder hurt too but the Aleve took care of that pain too. Old age is not for sissys.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Thursday

Another Thursday...I watched the first game of the World Series. Baseball is rather boring. I did stay up to watch it all though.

Then I got my hair done in Independence. It was really a mess. It grows long quickly but still needs to begin getting thicker. I am taking thyroid because my doctor said thyroid is low and that is one of the symptoms of low thyroid.

Then I went out to their Wal Mart store and bought Slinky a new bed. They had these special beds for old dogs and they were only $19.97. When I got to the checkout, it scanned $37.95. I told the checker about the sign and she sent a supervisor to check it out. There were two of these special beds up there. They were not supposed to be in that shelf. However, they gave it to me for $19.97 because it was there and there was another one there too. So he has a very nice new bed. It took him awhile to accept it this morning but he is enjoying it now. It has that eggshell trpe filling and cover comes off to be laundered. I intend to move him into the kitchen if it gets much colder and then into the garage where the hot water tank is located when I go to work.

Then last night I went to the PINCH meeting. I got home in time to watch that World Series game.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday and Work Again

Today I go to work again. Afterward I will go to the bank to get some cash and get my hair done and on the way back from Independence, will stop at the church and call Dane Warner so he can walk me through a procedure that may fix our sound system. I believe some have been turning the system on and off in the wrong order. Ace Sound took a photo of the way the sound board should look and also made a label to explain the order in which the board components should be turned off and on.

The sound system works all right but the lights on the board don't stay on. The phantom light and thse on either side of the phantom light stay on but the lights that indicate the level of sound do not. They come on then immediately go off. Still we have sound. I also want to talk to Dane about a better mike.

I couldn't find anything to watch on TV last night. I did not watch Frontline on PBS because their story was about the government's handling of illegal immigration.

I have some opinions on that subject. First of all, if the government didn't tolerate businesses hiring illegals, they wouldn't have jobs and wouldn't come to the US. Secondly, the jobs they do..working in meat plants slaughtering and cutting up the meat of animals, roofing, and all kinds of really hard work, will not be filled with Americans because Americans do not want to work that hard. So that's the dilimma.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cake Tuesday

This will be a big day too. This morning I will take the cakes to Independence. After I get them unloaded, I will get something to drink and go to my MC3 meeting. When I finish there, I will come home and write the minutes and send them out to Susie. That will probably take most of the afternoon.

Tonight I will watch TV if there's anything on. After Antique Roadshow last night, I just got my kindle and read. There was nothing I wanted to watch on TV. Most of those shows anymore are some kind of silly comedy...which I see no humor in at all and reality shows. If that's reality I prefer not to paricipate.

I sold another book yesterday and will need to get it in the mail while I am in Independence. That's the second one this week. I have listed another twenty books on Amazon. They are beginning to sell already. I want to get rid of nearly all my books. I will keep those that mean something to me. They are the ones I can reference. If I can get rid of my books, I will sell my three piece bookcase. I hate to do that because it's good stuff...Thomasville... but any low income rental I might move into would be too small to accomodate them. I would also need to get rid of the furniture in my second bedroom. I would keep the furniture in my computer room. I have my computer armoir, and a daybed with trundle. I would want to have a two bedroom place.

I think I'm about ready to think about selling my house next spring. Maybe by then this depression/recession will begin to be over. We can hope. I am having a struggle saving for the taxes and insurance. The taxes keep going up. I protested them last year and this year but I don't know how long I can keep the appraiser from raising them.....especially during this recession/depression. I also do not have the funds to repair anythng that might go wrong. I have already repaired the furnace and had a new therostat installed. And this spring I had a part replaced in the air conditioner unit. Then this spring when I had the roof replaaced, I had to have Jeff replace the soffits that had rotted and paint the eaves. I painted the framework over the patio before the roofer put the new cover on it.

I want to check out what my rent would be if I sell my house. The realtor I visited with yesterday told me they take into account my savings as well as my income. If I sell the house, I would save the equity. That may raise my rent.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Really Busy Monday

I was up and around early as usual. I fed the animals and baked my two cakes and after they were cooled, I frosted them. Then I went out on my job search. I almost filled my page. I still have one blank. I will get it later this week. Then I'll send it in.

About 1:00 I went out to see Phyllis. That was a good move. She was a lot more alert. I visited about thirty minutes although I understood none of what she was saying. She was at least alert. I saw Denise when I was arriving. She was in a good mood and visited awhile with me. I also saw Gerry while I was there. Gerry has been having headaches and is feeling a little better today. Barbara, her daughter-in-law, came while I was there and so I left so they could visit.

Then I came home and visited on the phone to round up the cakes for tomorrow. Phyllis F. brought hers right after lunch at 2:00. Bobby brought Karan's about 5:45. Now I have them all. I will leave about 10:45 to get them in Independence by 11:00 or so. Then I have my MC3 meeting at 11:45. When I get home from that, I will write my minutes. That should take care of the afternoon.

Then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings I will work. That job search sheet will go in after I get the last resume's out.

I stopped at a realtor's office and discussed the possiblity of selling my house. She said if I did that and took out the equity, my rent might not qualify for low income rental housing. It seems they count your savings and not just your income. She suggested that I might buy another smaller house instead. There is a house on Parkway that might work for me. It's brick, small and cheap. She says it would need some work. The heating and air has gone out in it. So it would need at least heating and air. She says the owner was a smoker and it would need some fumigating and updating. It does have a garage and also a carport. It's something to mull over. There another one for sale at the other end of this block on Catalina. It too is smaller. I may have her show me both of them so I can put them out of my mind. She thinks I may be able to get $75,000 for this house of mine.

Tonight, if there's anything on, I'll watch TV tonight.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Busy Sunday

Today I had church. I presided and Leslie spoke. We had a nice crowd. Afterward, eleven of us went to eat lunch together at Hong Kong Delight. I am not wild about Chinese food but wanted to go with the group so I went along.

After that, I did my usual Sunday letters. Then at 5:45 I picked up Gary to go to Lively's for Living the Questions group. Jack had fixed some excellent chili. The rest of us brought other stuff to go with it. Then we watched segment six of the Living the Questions DVD and discussed what we watched.

We had some great fellowship. Once again Howard brought up the suggestion that we begin to meet at the library. He wanted me to lead that group. I told Howard I did not intend to go to the library. I like the intimacy of meeting in the homes. Howard also brought up the idea again of having a service project. He calls it a mission. My church group has several missions...more than enough to keep me busy and Bobby and Karan who attend my church also have their hands full. I told Howard that. I have no problem with those that want to do those things doing them. I just cannot participate. I have my hands/life full. All Howard has going is PINCH and his men's Bible study.

There were twelve of us this evening. That's almost too many for a small group. Eight is ideal. Two of our number did not make it tonight. I did not send out a reminder so that may be why.

We will meet again in two weeks and once again we will have dinner before we watch the DVD and have our discussion.

I took Gary home and then came home to take my bath, feed Slinky and do this blog.

About ten, I will go to bed.

Lost Saturday

I simply lost Saturday. I met my brother-in-law for breakfast and then came home to clean house and do laundry. After that, I went into the yard. I mowed and pulled weeds in the flowerbeds. I was about to mulch when I noticed it was nearly noon. I had missed my opportunity to see my sister. I will see her on Monday.

I was going to clean for Leslie on Monday but she called later in the day and she had cleaned. She said I cleaned the church for her so she cleaned her house.

I was exhausted in the afternoon. I sat down to watch TV and fell asleep. Later after my nap, I watched Harry's Law, my favorite program. It's actually on Wednesdays but I couldn't find it on Wednesday evening so I was happy to find it last night on a rerun of Wednesday.

After that, there was nothing noteworthy to watch so I took my bath and took my kindle to bed and read until 9:00. I did not sleep all that well. The nap must have ruined my night's sleep.