Saturday, July 24, 2021

Saturday and Dusting

I slept well last night and was up at 5:20AM..a little later then usual. I dressed and got  myself ready for the day and came in to check out the blog on the laptop. It was frozen solid so I just had to shut it down wrong. It took me two tries to get it to come back up. I don't know what's going on with this laptop but I hope it doesn't just die.

It seems to be working all right now. I need to go start my breakfast so I will leave it and hope it stays up all right.

I'm back and it's still far. I have my breakfast and coffee here now so I will get on with the plan for the day. 

I will watch the weather on the 8's as usual and then see to the cats. The only plan for the day is to dust the apartment and water the flowers and perhaps finish my trimming...pretty dull,huh?

I tried to call Nancy a couple of times this week but she doesn't answer the phone. She had been expecting her daughter in law to make arrangements for her to make a trip out to see David. But nothing ever came of that plan. That depressed her terribly. So I imagine she is back to sleeping her life away. I will try to get her close to noon and she if she would like to go to lunch somewhere. That usually gets her out of these blue funks. Last week we planned to go to Bartlesville on Monday but she was never up to it when it came right down to it.In fact, I was never able to get her to answer the phone all week.

So, more later... 

It's after 8:00AM now and I have fed both Scruff and Blondie and when they finished I took the food dishes back into the garage and covered them. They are both gone now.

I have watered the flowers in the hanging baskets and had all my breakfast. I have been kind of watching the CBS news while playing solitaire on my phone ...not much new. I will read awhile until "Lucky Dog"comes on. I am not all that happy with the new couple who are training the dogs. I liked the other young man's approach much better. 

In about an hour I will try to call Nancy again. If she is willing, we could go to Bartlesville this morning.

I texted Leslie to ask her if she went to the concert last night...she did...she took the little girls. She had asked me, but I was afraid it would be too hot to be out there. But she said by 8:00PM when it actually started, it was quite nice. The paper said it would start at 6:00PM so that's when they went. 

I got the back yard trimmed before the trimmer battery went down. I have it on the charger now. I also swept off the little back door slab area.   It looks much better. It wasn't too hot to do that at 8:45AM.

 May be an image of African daisy and outdoors 

A very full flowerbed!!

I also set the little solar kitty out to capture some rays but I took this photo before I set it out..

The hummingbirds are really going for that sugar water I set out earlier in the week. They are even quarreling over it.

Now back to the TV or the book. 

I read for awhile  and then got out my last puzzle and started laying it out. I worked on it until noon. Keith called while I was working on it and we visited awhile.I was so absorbed by the puzzle, time got away from me and I was supposed to text Esther after 9:30AM our time. So Keith called to check on me.

I fixed myself one of my chicken pot pies and had lunch. After lunch, Suzanne came and brought me the Reporters.After I read them, I put them in the small mailbox by my door for her to take to her sister in Bartlesville. She wanted to see my hanging plants. She had noticed the one out front. The one out back is even nicer.  I told her I water them morning and evening in this heat. That keeps them blooming.

It's 2:20PM now.  I may try to see Nancy again. I have some more reading material for her.

More later... 

I tried to call Nancy but she never answered.It rang seven times  Then I picked up the reading material I wanted to give her and went over to her house and rang the doorbell. 

She was talking to Dale, her cousin, on the phone. When she got off the phone, she opened the door for me. I went in and visited with her for 2 1/2 hours. She told me she had talked to David and he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. She says he is going to have another surgery and he wants her to come out to see him. She is going to fly out August 4th and be gone a couple of weeks. If she didn't have bad luck, she wouldn't have any luck at all. He is her only child. 

We are planning to have lunch on Monday.

It's nearly time for the CBS news so I will get back to this later..

I couldn't watch the CBS news because there was another golf tournament going on. So I watched the ABC news instead.

It 7:00PM now and I want to take my bath. I will get back to this later.

I read until 8:30PM and then went on to bed. I was very tired.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Friday and a Trip to Chanute

I slept pretty well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM this morning. I have had my breakfast bar and am working on my oatmeal and coffee now. I was up a couple of times in the night but  I managed to get right back to sleep. After I dressed and got myself ready for the day, I fixed my breakfast.

I planned a trip to Chanute today to have lunch with Gay but I am a little hesitant about it after I learned she was twenty minutes late for her classmates meeting yesterday because of road work. I will check with her before I leave. I don't know where she got hung up.

I haven't had the TV on yet today. I had a couple of incidents of it momentarily freezing and a message popping up saying I was not authorized to have that station. The station was channel 6 CBS news. All their packages have the networks so that's ridiculous. I reached a tech woman working from home who tried to tell me it was my cable box. She said it was a 30 year old cable box and was obsolete. Then the problem cleared up while I talked to her and she said she had sent a special signal that may have fixed the problem. It's a constant battle with Cox. She wanted me to drive to Owasso to pick up another box. ...or to Ark City. I told her I was not going to do that.  It was way too far to drive for another box and she wasn't sure that was the problem anyhow. Besides, there were four Cox trucks in my neighborhood yesterday so I could just get an updated box from them. So, the grief goes on...

I will turn on the weather in a minute and see if I have any more grief today. I will also check out the cats.

I fed both Scruff and Blondie and they were going to fight over the food until I set two separate bowls down for them. I am still feeding them dry food even though Suzanne gave me some wet food. Dr. Barta always said they were better off with dry food as long as it was good dry food. After I run out of the dry food, I will feed them the wet food she gave me.

We are forecast 90 degree + weather all next week and I don't see the rain we were forecast earlier last week for Monday.

I trimmed the front and the west side of the yard and swept up my mess but wore out before I got to the back. Maybe I can do that when I get back from Chanute or later this evening.

I got home from Gay's at 3:49PM. She encouraged me to take 75 home instead of 169. Taking 169 I had to go 60 miles out of my way with detours. Chanute was completely closed off except from the west. You can take 39 west out of Chanute and meet 75 all the way to the Neodesha exit to 400 and then take the Independence exit off of 400.  Then I went into Coffeyville on 169 from east of Independence. I needed to get gas and also go to the bank. But I had a good time visiting.

When I finally got home to Caney, I saw they had State Street completely closed off  and barricaded.  They are putting that awful gravel on it too. Spring Street is terrible with it. I am sure it is not good for the new tires Leslie bought me. It gets stuck in the treads of the tires and then when you drive into the garage, it tracks gravel all behind the tires and you have to sweep that mess up.  What a mess. I had been using State because of the mess Spring is in and now I can't use State. I will have to use Main until they decide to mess it up too.

Anyhow...busy, but neat day. It's 4:00PM now and I will go read until the CBS the news comes on at 5:30PM. If it wasn't so hot, I would finish trimming in the back yard. It's 91+ degrees out there. It's 4:10PM now.

At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and plan to go to bed at or near 9:00PM.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I have made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I will mop and vacuum the apartment today and later this afternoon one of the mowing girls will mow my yard. If it's not terribly hot, I will trim it afterward.

I was reading the Chronicle today and noticed that David Hill, the Independence man that has been working on my grandmother's mantle clock, passed away. I will need to contact his widow and  pick it up soon. I don't know who to get to work on it now. I hope I can get it back from his family.

It's 6:17AM so I will go turn on the weather on the TV and check on the cats.

There were just the two blond cats, Blondie and Scruff there, I fed them both and watered all the plants. It's supposed to be up in the low 90's  today and they will need a lot of water. 

It's7:28AM and I have all the floors mopped. Next, as the commercials are on, I will start the vacuuming. 

It's almost 8:00AM now and I have the bedroom vacuumed, the hall and the living room. All I lack now is the den and the dining room.  I will rest awhile and then finish.

After I finished the cleaning and vacuuming, I went over to the Caney school office and picked up a copy of the school supplies list for Caney. Then I went out to church and made copies of it.

I called David Hill's widow when I got home from Independence. I had gone out to our church and left 10 copies of the lists of the school supplies for the elementary Caney Lincoln school at our church on the table in the foyer. Then I went up to the Independence Walmart and bought school supplies. When I got home I called her. She was not sure which clock my grandmother's was but luckily I had taken a picture of it so I can identify it. She will call me in a week or so and have me come pick it up. His funeral is tomorrow so right now she has a lot on her mind.

I read until the mower came at 2:50PM.  She has been mowing since then. She finished at 3:40PM. If it cools off, I will need to trim. It's 88 degrees now.

I will go back to reading until time for the CBS news at 5:30PM.

I watched the CBS news until it went off and then read until 6:30PM when I took my bath. I plan to read until 9:00PM and then go on to bed.

I am leaving at 9:00-9:30AM tomorrow to go to Chanute to have lunch with Gay.



Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Wednesday and Hair Appointment

I slept later then usual...5:30AM. I had a hard time getting to sleep due to concerns about not being able to get into my checking account. The bank had me change my password and when I did that, the new one would not work. I called the bank twice to get help and after getting a temporary password and changing that to the new password, it worked. So I checked my account and balanced my checkbook. Then later in the day when I had gone to the market and Dollar General and wanted to check it again, it would no longer work. So I went to bed frustrated over it. They don't want me to use my bookmark for their site. Instead, they want me to type in their address. I am almost tempted to change banks. If it weren't for the hassle of having to deal with social security and changing all my accounts to a different bank, I would do it.

I hesitate to even try this morning. It's only 6:17AM and if it doesn't work this morning, the bank isn't open for assistance. I am going over to Coffeyville this morning for my hair appointment and Bunco so I will just go to the ATM for my week's cash.

I will go check the weather report on the TV and hope my picture isn't tearing today. Between the bank and Cox, I am highly frustrated. I will take my blood pressure again too and see if it is through the ceiling.

I will need to water my plants too. There's no rain in the forecast until next Monday.

Both Blondie and Scruff came for their breakfasts. They ate their fill and I took the food in the garage and covered it.

It's 6:55AM now. I will not leave for Coffeyville unto 8:30AM. My hair appointment is at 9:00AM.

And I see the hummingbirds prefer plain sugar water. I stopped using nectar. They prefer the sweet water. 

I left Caney at 8:30AM and got to Coffeyville in plenty of time for my hair appointment at9:00AM or soon after. I went out to Walmart to get the school supplies lists but Caney was the only school in the area that did not have their school supplies lists printed off there. I called the superintendent of schools at Caney and told her that. She said she would get right on it and thanked me for bringing it to her attention. I will see if I can download and print them off.

Then I ran my car through the car wash and dried it and vacuumed it out. I dropped over to Sonic there and ordered a cherry limeade slush. I took my cake up to the senior center and put it in the kitchen. Then I went out to South Coffeyville to Woodshed and bought gas.

I took my Kindle up to the senior center and sat and read until time for Bunco. I dropped by Marilyn's and took her the rest of the lemon cake left from snack time between games at the senior center. Then I got home from Coffeyville at 4:00PM. I read and watered the plants. I dropped by the post office here in Caney and bought stamps.  

Then I tried once again to log onto the banks site.I failed twice and finally called the bank again. One of the service employees walked me through it again and made a small change in my password and that seemed to do it. At least this time. I hope I don't have to deal with that mess again.

I decided to call Cox Complete Care and have both computers tuned up. It had been quite awhile since I had had that done and it really needed it. I pay $9.98 a month for that service and I might as well use it.

Today I had no tearing of the picture on the TV. I hope the increased signal or the service call took care of that. Between the bank and the cable, I am about worn out. 

I read until 7:00PM and then took my bath. I plan to go to bed about 9:00PM.

I will clean the apartment tomorrow. And one of the girls will mow for me.

 Friday I will drive to Chanute to have lunch with Gay.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Tuesday and Another Puzzle

I slept well last night and only woke up once. I got up shortly before 5:00AM, made my bed, dressed and am having my breakfast. I am drinking my coffee now. Soon I will go check the weather and a little later, the cats. They are usually not here for their breakfast until around 6:30AM. It's only 5:44AM now.

I don't have a plan for today except to start another puzzle. I have about read all the books that I downloaded from Amazon this past week. 

Tomorrow is the second Bunco game at the senior center. They decided to have two a month now. The first one is the first Wednesday of the month and the second one is the third Wednesday of the month. Game day is still the fourth Wednesday of the month. Then this week on Friday I plan to drive to Chanute to have lunch with Gay.

Well, I watched the latest space trip and I must say it was very short...nothing like the real astronauts experience. For one thing, no one actually flew this one. They were all passengers.  And it was all over in just a few minutes. Hardly worth all the hype....or the money.

I need to get more bottled water. I just finished my last bottle. I don't drink Caney water. Twice since I have lived here we have been advised by mail about how bad it is. I understand they are replacing all the water lines in the town....little by little. They are also messing up the streets with gravel instead of asphalt. I don't like to drive through the gravel. I consider it hard on the tires. It gets into the tread. That can't be good for my new tires.

I went to the market and got a treat for tomorrow's Bunco game at the Coffeyville senior center. I also got water and another Amy's soup. Then later I went out to Dollar General to get some index cards.

I called Nancy to see if she was feeling well enough to go to Bartlesville but she wasn't. So I went out to Eggbert's to have their chicken salad and fruit and muffin with iced tea for my lunch.

Then I came home and read on the first of three free books I downloaded from Amazon to my Kindle. I haven't begun the puzzle yet.

More's 2:55PM now. 

It's 4:57PM now and I have been reading all afternoon, I am just getting ready to watch the news. 

I logged on to my bank site and was told I needed to change my password. So I did. But no matter what I did, it would not accept my new password. Finally I called the bank and they helped me by having me log on to the site without using my bookmark..just the address of the bank. Then they gave me a temporary password  and I was able to get it changed from that. I took care of my bank business and then tried to log on again. No matter what I did, it would not accept my new password. When I called the bank again, they said to wait to log on until tomorrow. It probably was not going to accept it today because I had  tried too many times today. And they told me not to use my bookmark but to just put the bank's address in the address line. I doubt that will work. But I'll try in the morning.

It's 5:22PM now and I am waiting for the CBS news to come on.

I've watched the news off and on all day and have had no picture tearing at all.  Yesterday when I talked to Cox I told them the tearing had nothing to do with my Tivo and they just needed to give me a stronger signal. After that, I had no more tearing. They sent a tech out to look it over earlier yesterday and he admitted he didn't know anything about a Tivo. He checked all the connections inside and out though since he was already here. He couldn't find a thing wrong. That just strengthened my belief that it was their weak signal that caused it. Unfortunately, because they are the "only ball game in town" no one has any options. They sent me a survey  to fill out today about my experience with their service...and I told them exactly what I thought.

It's 6:11PM now and I will go take my bath. I am charging my Kindle so I can't read any more this evening.

At 9:00PM I will go on to bed.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Monday and Laundry

I was up at my usual time this morning, stripped my bed, remade it and dressed and had my breakfast. It is 6:19AM now. I haven't started the laundry yet but I will right away. It's getting light out now. I haven't checked the weather yet or checked on the cats either. I had better do that before I get into this.

Both Scruff and Blondie were here for breakfast this morning. I fed them and when they finished I brought in the food. I also put them some fresh water out there in their dish.

No rain this week!!! I have texted Krystal to see if one of the girls can mow for me Thursday or Friday.  I haven't heard back yet. But it's only 7:09AM. 

My blood pressure bottomed out this morning at 121/60 and heart rate 71. My blood pressure just can't seem to make up it's mind what to register.

I have the laundry going now and will put it in the dryer next.

It's not too sunshiny yet but I set the little solar kitty out anyhow. It's supposed to be sunshiny today.

I got the apartment dusted again and polished with Old English furniture polish and the laundry is in the dryer.  I will rest now.

Nancy just called. She is sick to her stomach again and sounded terrible. She backed out of our trip to Bartlesville and that is good. Some other time...

I have been on the TV for two hours and no tearing of the picture yet. I reported the problem again yesterday and problem. Strange... and yet they think it is the Tivo..Hummmm.

I watered the plants today. No rain today or yesterday so I thought I had better give them a drink.

Krystal says one of the girls will mow for me either Thursday or Friday. She will check with them and see which day will work for them. 

I watched TV for three hours without any tearing of the picture. Then at 9:16AM there was a very brief tear and it immediately went back to normal. At 9:42AM it did it again but righted itself almost immediately.  I turned the TV off at 10:00AM as soon as the CBS morning news went off. I had recorded the CBS news while I watered plants. As it turned out, I didn't need to record it.

Then I read for awhile. It's11:00AM now and I am waiting for the mail..usually about 11:30AM. I ordered my makeup base from the Merle Norman store in Chanute and I put the check for Denise out there for the mailman to pick up and mail for me.

More later...

Then I got an e-mail from Gay. She will meet me on Friday at 11:30AM at Chanute. We will eat at Opie's..And catch up on her activities.

The TV guy came and checked everything out on the TV both inside and outside. I haven't had any more incidents of picture tearing....yet. I am not sure it won't continue.

I have been reading again. It's 2:54PM and I got all the laundry folded and put away this morning before the TV guy came. Then I had one of my frozen meals for lunch and some more of that punch.

More later... 

I read most of the afternoon and then at 6:30PM, I took my bath. I will continue to read until bedtime at 9:00PM or so. I am not ready to start another puzzle just yet.


Sunday, July 18, 2021

Sunday and Online Church Again

I slept pretty well last night. I was up a little earlier but I had plenty of sleep. It is 5:40AM now and I have just had my breakfast bar and am working on my oatmeal and coffee. 

We will not have church again in our building. Montgomery county is all red again and so many unvaccinated folks are spreading it again. This is a pandemic and nothing to be played with and vaccination should be mandated. Other countries are doing that. Over 99% of the new cases are folks who refuse to be vaccinated and are spreading the new Delta strain.

I never did get the apartment dusted this week but since I won't be driving over to church, and the puzzle is finished and boxed up again, I will get it done today. I will watch "Beyond the Walls" from Ontario at 11:00AM this morning and then later this evening I will watch the Mission Center service out of Springfield, Missouri. I am to give the invocation for that service. It starts at 6:00PM this evening. We will do it on Zoom.

It's nearly 6:00AM now and I want to see if Cox ever got their act together and I have TV again so I can watch the weather.

So far I have TV again and Blondie is here for his breakfast too, so I took it out to him.  According to yesterday's forecast we are forecast for more rain.  I will have to watch out for my plants again.

I see Scruff is out there eating too now. She is the only other cat that comes anymore. 

I see they have taken rain out of the forecast for the next week. That's good! We have had enough rain for awhile. 

I took the cat food in and now Scruff is back looking for it.

Another 10 Minutes until the CBS news comes on. I haven't had a bit of trouble with my TV this morning. That proves the problem was with Cox...not my Tivo.  

It's almost 8:00AM and I want to try to catch the CBS news. More later... 

I watched the news for over an hour and never had a problem with the TV. Then it began tearing every whip stitch. I called Cox and was put on hold for ten minutes and when I finally reached a tech, she put me on hold to reach a TV tech. So another ten minutes later I finally reached someone who checked out the situation. He seemed to think I had a poor connection to my Tivo. The signal was being split between my internet connection and my TV. They are sending a tech out next Tuesday at 8:00AM to check that out. Since I have Cox Complete Care, the service charge will be free.

I went out to Dollar General and bought some AA batteries to put in my blood pressure cuff.  It's a good thing I did that. My blood pressure was 177/78 and I am not surprised as aggravated as I was over the cable situation. Maybe it will settle down now that I am having Cox out on Tuesday to check that out.

It's 10:53AM and time to turn on "Beyond the Walls".  Actually, they don't come on until 11:00AM and I still have over 11 minutes to wait.

I hope hundreds, perhaps thousands of  people got to enjoy the testimony service of the "Beyond the Walls" church service today from Toronto Canada and the sermon by Apostle Art Smith. It was very thoughtful and my opinion.

It's noon now and I will go eat my lunch. Back to this later. 

I ate my lunch and then went over to visit Nancy for awhile. I read for the rest of the afternoon. At 5:00PM, I took my carpet cleaner over to Nancy's. She spilled coffee on her carpet in a high traffic area. Her caregiver is there now and she can help her do the cleaning. I hope it works, She spilled that coffee two weeks ago and it may be permanently stained. We will just have to wait and see if it will come clean. She may have to hire a carpet cleaner to get it out..if it can be got out at all.

I am supposed to sign in to Zoom in thirty minutes to do the invocation for the worship service or I would have stayed and helped with the carpet cleaning..

After tonight's service is over I will take my bath and go back to the book until 9:00PM..which is my regular bedtime.

More later...