Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday and Home Still

I slept well last night again but I was up at 5:00AM as usual. I stayed up until 10:00PM last night watching "Dateline".

I was up twice in the night using the bathroom after drinking a lot of water after I got home from the Food Pantry. I was only out there thirty minutes but at 100 degree temperatures that was enough. I was beginning to feel the heat and had to leave.

I have had my breakfast this morning and fed five cats/kittens too. Scruffie and her two kittens came and Big Yellow Tom Cat and one of the yellow adolescent cats too. They probably need more food in their dishes. I only put out the double dish and the two blue bowls. They had to share and they are not great with that.

I am watching CBS news this morning. They have a tribute to House Representative  John Lewis who died last week at age 80.

I have watered my plants and also checked my mail. I did get the book I had ordered before lost my ability to get on Amazon. So I guess I will go read in it. I have been playing FreeCell for awhile on the laptop.  I guess I will go check and see if the tribute is over now. I watched it for quite awhile. It is 1:16PM now and as usual, I am bored. I am so tired of staying home again. There is just so much you can do staying home. The house is spic and span and the flowers have all been watered. I have had my lunch and ordered some more frozen dinners from Schwan's. They will be here on next Thursday.

I got my mail and received the book I have been waiting for. It is the book by Trump's niece called "Too Much and Never Enough" by Mary Trump. She is a psychologist with a Doctorate. She seems to have the family problems down pat.  And she is qualified to do that. I am about half through the book. I may finish it tonight or wait and read again tomorrow.

More later...It is 6:10PM now and I am watching the CBS  news.

I stayed up until 10:00PM and finished the book. She has his number alright, The diagnosis she makes of him is right on. He came from an extremely dysfunctional family, She should know..she and her dad (Trump's brother) and mom and her brother lived in the mansion with them a good deal of the time. 

Anyhow, after I finished the book, I took my bath and went on to bed at 10:00PM.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Friday and a Good Night's Sleep

I slept well last night and got up shortly before 5:00AM. I dressed, made the bed and had my breakfast and fed four cats. Scruffie is always sitting outside the front door anything after 5:00AM. I only saw the yellow kitten this morning and not the black one. One of the adolescent cats came too.

I have been watching the Channel 6 news. CBS News comes on at 8:00AM. I will watch some of that before starting my dusting this morning.

I have watered my outside flowers and deadheaded them.  I will water them again this evening before I go to the food pantry.

I polished the furniture in the bedroom, dining room and den and it really shines. I did the living room last evening.

More later...

I went out to Sonic and got a small Blast. It had been awhile since I had one. And I needed to get some change for the mowing on Sunday. I won't want much for lunch now...that's for sure. I will forgo my usual ice cream bar too. The mail will be coming within the next hour. I am hoping my book will come soon. I am out of anything to read and without my Amazon account, I can't order a free Amazon book.

More later...

I finally heard from Nancy. She called and wanted to go to lunch so I went over and picked her up and we went to Sonic and picked up a hamburger and french fries and root beers. We took the food home and ate it at her kitchen table. We had a nice visit and then  Sandy came and stayed at least an hour. I really needed to get back home because I have to be at the Food Bank at 5:30PM and that is only two hours away.

It was obvious Sandy wasn't going to leave so I decided I needed to leave and get something done this afternoon before I go to the Food Bank. I will get home sometime after 7:00PM and take my bath and wait until 9:00PM to go on to bed.

I didn't last long. They had me counting families for each vehicle. I made it 30 minutes until the heat began to get to me. I told them I didn't realize I would be working outdoors and I couldn't  handle the heat. They  understood completely. I came home and got the water and started drinking it. I am sure going to need that bath tonight. After I cool down I will go take that bath. Right now I will watch an episode of "Dr. G". Then I will take my bath.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Thursday and Vacuuming

I slept well again last night and got up around 5:00AM and dressed, made my bed and had my breakfast.  It's five minutes until six o'clock now.

When I opened the door this morning Scruffie and her yellow kitten were waiting for their breakfast. Now the black one is here too. They are all eating. When they finish, as usual, I will bring in the bowls. One of the older yellow cats is out there now eating so it may be awhile. The little critters generally only come to eat once a the morning. Some times Scruffie comes again. later in the morning... close to noon. They seldom come back in the then it's way too hot to be out there.

I will mop the bare floors and vacuum this morning after the news is all over.

The Tulsa news is on now on Channel 6. I'm not all that interested in their news but soon the CBS news will be on and I am more  interested in the national news.

More later...

I got the apartment vacuumed...all except the dining room. I also got the bare floors washed.  I fixed myself a frozen dinner and had an ice cream bar too. Then I finished that little dish of watermelon Suzanne brought me.

The I watched several episodes of "Dr. G". That's pretty interesting.

I may drive by Nancy's and see if she is home now. I tried to call her earlier but there was no answer,

I drove by Nancy's, stopped in front of her house and called but there was no answer. She must have been out at Dale's house.

Well, I will just watch some more TV. That's about all there is to do.

More even later...

I heard from the Food Bank today. They desperately need workers for the evening time tomorrow. I will work from 5:30PM until 7:00PM. I will wear my face mask during that time. It will give me something useful to do instead of just sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

I am watching the Channel 6 news now and waiting for the CBS news at 5:30PM this evening,

I cannot get into my Amazon account today. They have locked me out of it. It wouldn't accept my password the day before yesterday and again today. I tried to log on so many times they locked me out for the day. I will try again tomorrow morning. I need another free book and cannot get one while I am locked out.

More later after the news...

I watched the news  and then a couple of  "Dr. G" episodes from Amazon Prime. Then at 7:00PM, I took my bath and played some games of Free Cell on the laptop computer in the den.  I also dusted the living room with my new dusting cloths.  At 9:00PM or shortly thereafter I went on to bed. I will dust the bedroom tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Wednesday and Game Day

I slept well again last night and was up at 4:00AM to go to the bathroom and then went back to bed until 5:00AM. I dressed then and got myself ready for the day. I ate a little oatmeal even though I will go to breakfast with Bob at 7:00AM. I have had my coffee and will fix my Chai Latte next and not have a breakfast bar today.

I opened the door at 5:30AM to find four cats/kittens waiting for their breakfast. I couldn't get out the front door so I went out through the garage to take their food out. Scruffie is out there with her two remaining kittens and one of the adolescent yellow cats. So this morning I am feeding four.

I will take the cherry pie I bought for the game day treats and send it to the senior center with Bob so Janet can put it in the frig there. Then I will go on to my hair appointment at 9:00AM. After that I will see about getting a  pedicure before getting my gas at Woodshed.

I may get a bite of lunch at Sonic.

At 1:00PM I will go to game day. That will be over between 3:30PM and 4:00PM. It will be a full day. That will be good for a change. Between my trip to Chanute yesterday and game day today, this week will be different from the usual boring alone time.

Steve is supposed to come while I am gone to spray for spiders. I have killed four in the last month.  I left the key to the front door for him.

I will wash the bare floors and vacuum tomorrow and dust Friday morning. Then if she remembers, Nancy and I will go to lunch Friday noon. She is supposed to call me when her cousin and his wife leave after they check on her Friday morning.

More later...

I had a big day at Coffeyville today. I  got over to pick up Bob at 7:00AM  and we went to breakfast. After I took him home, I went to the bank and got some more money. I wanted to get a pedicure after I got my hair done. First I took the pie to the senior center for Janet to put in the frig. Then I got my pedicure. I looked around a bit in the Country Time mall but there was really nothing new in there and so I went to the Dollar Tree and looked around there too.

I got to the senior center at 12:45 PM and we played cards until 3:00PM. Then I came on back home. I had a piece and a half of the cheery pie left.

While I was there, I got a voice mail from Dale, Nancy's cousin. He is determined that Nancy not go to a restaurant. I called her after I listened to his voice mail and told her about it. She still wants to go on Friday so we will see. I think if we wear our face masks and just take them off after our food comes, we would be fine. They are practicing separation of tables and disinfecting everything between customers.

Scruffie came for some food when I got home. I set a bowl out there for her. She is very skinny again. She must be finished nursing those kittens. When she was finished, I brought the bowls in. I am not feeding ants.

I bought a new yard flag and put it on the front yard stand when I got home. I bought it at Liebert Brothers in Coffeyville.

Now I am watching the news on TV.  It is 4:25PM.

More later...

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Tuesday and a Trip to Chanute

I slept well last night and got up about 5:00AM. I have dressed and had my breakfast. I have also fed five cats/kittens. I have had my coffee and am just now ready to start my Chai Latte.

About 9:30AM I will start my trip to Chanute. This time I will go on 169. The last time I went I took highway 400. I think the 169 highway is finished now and would be shorter. I will use my odometer and see. I hope it doesn't rain on my trip.

I see  one of the yellow cats is back and eating. I brought all the bowls in except the double dish. I don't want them to have to share their food with ants.

More later...

I went out to water my outside plants and noticed my neighbor had trimmed his yard yesterday and once again, he left his clippings all over my patio area. I had to take a broom out and sweep his clippings back under the gate and onto his own patio. I trimmed yesterday but swept my own clippings back on my own grass.

Pretty inconsiderate of him.

I had a nice visit with Gay and her sister, Adele, at lunchtime. I got home at 2:00PM. They had taken Gay's dogs to the groomer to be groomed and had to go pick them up after lunch. So I came back home. I got home about 2:00PM and went to Dollar General to get oatmeal, cat food and milk.

It's nearly 4:00PM now so I will go watch the 4:00PM news.

More later....

I watched the news and the CBS news and then took my bath. I will read until 7:00PM and then go to bed.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Monday and Trimming

I slept very well last night and got up after 5:00AM and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have had my oatmeal and juice and am working on my coffee now.

When I opened the front door this morning there was no Scruffie nor either of her kitten...just two yellow cats. I took the food out for them and they ate their fill and then Scruffie and the yellow kitten were there too. I don't see the black one. When I see Scruffie I almost always see the kittens too.  I wonder what has happened to the black kitten now.

I have an e-mail from Gay this morning asking me to to call her when I have the time to visit. It was sent last night after I was in bed asleep. It's too early now at 6:30AM but I will call her in an hour or so.  I have just texted Bob but have not heard back from him yet. Yes, I did. My notifications are not working for some reason.

I charged the trimmer yesterday evening. Krystal offered to trim for me but the charge was down. I plugged it in and later that evening it was charged but by then it was too dark to trim. I will do it after a while. The yard looks nice after Kaylie, Krystal's youngest daughter,  mowed yesterday afternoon.

I have watched the news until time to call Gay back. She wants me to come up for lunch tomorrow and since it's been awhile since I have done that, I will go up to Chanute tomorrow.  I had nothing planned for tomorrow anyhow and I always enjoy her company.

I want to trim (edge) the yard when the grass dries.

More later...

I got the hedge trimmed and swept it up and the edging finished too. Now I am exhausted. And my back hurts. I had better sit down with a drink of peach tea and rest.

More again later.

I had a frozen meal and an ice cream bar for my lunch. Then I sat down to watch TV and rest. I watched several episodes of "Dr. G, Medical Examiner" and rested and recovered. It's 90 degrees out there and I probably should have waited until evening to do those  chores but now they are done and I am rested and fine now.

It's 1:37PM now. I may get back to my Kindle book. That's one of the ones I get free from Amazon with my membership.

I am going to Chanute tomorrow to visit my friend, Gay. That's what she wanted when she contacted me.

Marilyn Rutledge texted me about game day on Wednesday and I told her I planned to be there. I plan to pick up a pie at The Shed at Tyro on my way over there Wednesday and use that for my treat for the group. There are usually only four of us for game day.The Amish bake those pies and they are terrific. I have bought them on several occasions for other occasions...usually Thanksgiving or Christmas or just for a dessert for John and Leslie and me when they have me out for lunch.

More later....

I took my bath at 7:00PM and plan to go to bed at  9:00PM or so. I will read for awhile first.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Sunday and Online Church

I slept very well last night. I got up at 5:00 AM as usual and got myself dressed and ready for the day. I fixed my oatmeal, juice  and coffee and then opened the front door to find Scruffie and both her kittens and Big Yellow Tom waiting for their breakfast. I took out the double bowl and both blue bowls and they all had something for their breakfast. They are mostly finished now and soon I will go get the bowls and bring them in.

Now the adolescent female cat is out there eating. She just had to wait her turn. I will wait  until I am sure she is finished before I take the bowls in.later.

I will water the outside plants in a little while. In this heat they need lots of water.

I am having the yard mowed later this evening. It really grew this week. I hope Krystal does the mowing again. She does a very neat job.

At 11:00AM I will watch the church service from Ontario, Canada. 

I got the bowls in and they had eaten all the food. They are really hungry mornings since they don't come in the evenings anymore...way too hot in the evening. I also got both plants watered.

Scott called this morning and visited with me for awhile. I always enjoy it when the kids call.

I am so bored. I miss real church so much.

More later...

I did a load of laundry while I waited for the church service to begin. It was an excellent service. Danny Belrose was the speaker and he is one of the best!

I don't believe Krystal will be coming until later this afternoon  to mow so I will go to Walmart's in Independence and get some more frozen meals. I am out.  I just heard from her and she will nor be coming until I get home.

So, later this afternoon......

I went over to Coffeyville and took the papers I had saved for Karan to take to the animal shelter. Then I went to the bank and then out to Walmart to get some frozen meals. From there I went to Eggbert's and had lunch.

Then I came on back home and put my frozen meals away.

Then I went over to visit with Nancy. I would have taken her with me to Coffeyville but when I called there was no answer.

We had a nice visit and agreed to eat lunch out next Friday.

Krystal texted me she was ready to mow so I came on back home just in time for her and Kaylie to come to mow.

After that I watched the PGA golf game until 60 Minutes came on and then I watched that until it was over.

I took my bath at 7:00PM and put my pjs on, watered the outside plants and  I played FreeCell until bedtime at 9:20PM