Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday At Branson

Today, in fact in thirty minutes, we leave for Branson. We will be back on Saturday afternoon. Bobby and Karan are going with us. I will get back to the blog when we return.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday Doctor's Appointment

This is the day I go to Bartlesville to see my dermatologist. I am interested to find out what he may say about my erysipelas. It appears to be mostly gone. Later I will post what the doctor said here. I have not had any meds since Saturday morning. If Bob goes along, we will eat at Dink's Bar B Q. It's been awhile since we've done that.

I finally cleaned house last evening. It had been well over a week...maybe two. It's hard to see how dirty it may be but I know there has to be cat hair everywhere. So I vacuumed and dusted.

I am reading my church's new church history. It is slow going and I get very sleepy reading in the evening. There was nothing worth watching on TV last least nothing I had not seen before. "The Dust Bowl" was on again last night on PBS. I had seen it at least once....maybe twice.

More later....

Well, I saw the doctor this morning and he said my erysipelas seems to be gone. The red area on my face is soft and the erysipelas would be hard and tough. The redness is very light now. He did tell me to take my meds with me just in case it comes back. Once you have this disease, you tend to get it over and over. He did say the fact that my face peeled the week after it appeared meant for sure that it was the erysipelas they had diagnosed it to be.

Bob and I went to Dink's Bar B Q for dinner/lunch and then to the mall to walk awhile. Then we came back. This afternoon I will read awhile. I am still reading the new church history of our church.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another Busy Tuesday

It will be another busy day. I will take the Coffeyville cakes to Independence at 9:00. Bob will go too. I have a hair appointment after we deliver the cakes and he has a haircut appointment then too. Then we will eat lunch at Big Cheese. After I get home, I need to clean my apartment. I have done another load of wash this morning.

Missy woke me up at 1:00 this morning. She wanted me to clean out her litter. What a cat! I like to never got back to sleep but when I did, I slept until nearly 6:00.

Tomorrow I will not make up my face. I will see Dr. Eslicker in Bartlesville at 11:40. he needs to see what I have left of the erysipelas and see whether I should continue taking the medication. I will probably eat lunch in Bartlesville. Bob just went to Bartlesville last Saturday so i don't know whether he will want to go or not.

Thursday we leave for Branson again. We are taking Bobby and Karan with us this time. And we will stay two nights this time. We are attempting to go to Silver Dollar City while it is NOT raining. It is supposed to rain there on Friday. We have made reservations at our motel and also reservations at two different shows. Missy will be unhappy to be left alone again and this time with no one to clean out her litter. That cat is so spoiled!

I notice it has been raining here. It rained last night at least. My patio is wet.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Busy Monday Again

I came home yesterday afternoon to find a lot of mail and papers. My brother-in-law had taken care of my cat, Missy, but she was angry I had been gone. When I am here, she doesn't let me far from her sight. She meowed pitifully. She hates being left alone.

My church passed legislation allowing same sex couples to be married where they are allowed by the states and to have covenant relationships recognized by the church where they are not. They will also be able to be ministers in our church if they are called. The legislation was passed by 79% of the delegates. The bulk of the conference membership evidently recognized that Jesus accepted the marginalized of his society.

The Conference was nine days altogether. Three days was the USA National Conference. The other six days were the World Conference.

I am presently baking two cakes for the dinner at independence at the Disciples of Christ (Christian Church) tomorrow evening. We supply several.

I still need to vacuum and dust. I started to do it before I left but decided I wouldn't be here to enjoy the clean house and Missy would just get her hair all around so I will try to get that done this afternoon.

Bob brought over some soup he had fixed while I was gone and we had that for lunch. It was very good. Tomorrow we both have haircut appointments in Independence after we deliver the cakes and we will eat at Big Cheese after that.