Saturday, December 11, 2021

Saturday and A Day of Rest

I slept well last night although I woke up a little dizzy this morning. After I got up and around that went away however. I made my bed and got myself dressed and fixed my breakfast. I am eating it now while I blog. I don't really have a plan for today. I think I will just rest today. I cleaned the apartment yesterday and picked up my two prescriptions and read. That kept me busy yesterday.

I haven't heard from Gay in months and I have had her on my mind lately. I think I will e-mail her today and find out what's going on in her life. Her sister, Adele and husband, Stan, moved in with her earlier this year and that was a good thing. She shouldn't be out there in the country all by herself. She has animals to feed and care for..a mule, a jack and a horse and Adele's mule too, Then there was the mowing and the housework too. I am glad they are there to help her and be with her so she won't be out there all by herself.

I have been lonely since Nancy went into assisted living in Bartlesville. Suzanne doesn't come much because she has her sister, Judy, to look after as well as her daughter and grandchildren and even Steve. Leslie and John are busy, busy, busy. So if it weren't for the activity at the senior center each month, I would really feel isolated.

I have an appointment on Wednesday afternoon with the audiologist in Bartlesville at 3:15PM to have my hearing rechecked and pick up the hearing aid that has been repaired. Then that Friday is the $3.00 dinner at the senior center. I pick up one for Marilyn too and take it to her afterward and visit awhile.

It's 6:30AM now and I should go check "the weather on the 8's" and see if the cats are out there hungry.

I did e-mail Gay and also, both cats were there hungry. I am feeding both of them now. Now I will get back to the morning CBS news. 

I watched the CBS morning news and then put together birthday cards for those of the congregation who are having birthdays this week. I went to the post office for more stamps. I have been sending out Christmas cards as well as those birthday cards so I needed more stamps for the class newsletter.

I haven't heard back from Gay. Maybe she hasn't checked her e-mail this morning. I guess I will get back to the latest book I downloaded last evening.

I will read all morning.

So, more even later.... 

I finally got an answer from Gay. They are doing fine and had a great family Thanksgiving.

I also got a funny from Ed Cotner, one of my classmates. I sent it on to the kids and Gay. 

More later...

I've read until 4:00PM and now the Kindle needs charging again and also my Fitnus needs charging again. So I have both of them on charging.

It seems to take a long time to charge that Fitnus.  I will leave it charging longer then 5 minutes and see if that helps. I left it plugged in for twenty minutes and it only charged one digit.

The Fitnus is not charging at all now. I am going to plug it in at the USB port on my desktop computer and leave it plugged in a long time. I think when I charged it at Scott and Ginger's I left it plugged in all night and it was 65% charged that time. It's only three weeks old  and it doesn't appear to be charging much at all. I will check it again before I go to bed. Hopefully it will be charged by then.

The USB port on the computer got it charged to 22%. I plugged it back in to see if it will charge more now.

Now I will go watch the CBS news and get back to this later. it's only 6:03PM now.

It's 7:30PM now and this has not been an easy evening. Suddenly my phone went black and I tried to get it turned back on with the on button but nothing happened. It was charged this evening so that couldn't be the problem. Finally I plugged it back in again and after awhile it came back on. It was already charged to 85% so I don't know what happened but evidently charging it even more helped. At least the last time I looked at it...before my bath, it was still charging. It will be interesting to see if anything else can happen.

At least at this point the desktop computer has stayed connected to the internet this week.

It's after 7:30PM now and I think I will go read some more. I saw the Kindle was fully charged again and the green light was on.

I plan to go to bed sometime between 9:00PM and 10:00PM.



Friday, December 10, 2021

Friday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept well again last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM, made my bed, and got myself ready for the day. Since I didn't clean the apartment yesterday, I will do it today. I like to stay on a fairly regular schedule. I am having my breakfast now...a breakfast bar, oatmeal and coffee and Chai.

I was careful when I flossed my teeth this morning not to pull that temporary crown off. She said to just slide the floss out from between the teeth and that's what I did.

In a few minutes, I will go check "the weather on the 8's" and later...on the cats. It's just now 6:00AM so it's a little early for them. If they come at all, it's usually around 6:30AM. 

Yesterday afternoon I called in for a refill on my two prescriptions. One is refilled at the Medicine Shoppe in Coffeyville and the other at Walgreens in Independence. I will call before I go pick them up and make sure they are refilled. I get a discount on the one at the Medicine Shoppe and also the one at Walgreens.

Both cats came for breakfast this morning and I fed them both. They are still eating out there.

I am watching the news now.  So, more later... 

I got the apartment cleaned and vacuumed and the vacuum cleaner cleaned up and put away. The filters are washed and drying overnight. I will put them back in in the morning when they are completely dry.

I am having problems with my right eye this morning. The contact, no matter which one, burns my eye. So I took them both out and am wearing my glasses today until the problem clears up. When I go over to Coffeyville to pick up my prescription, I may drop into the Dobbins office and see if she will take a look at it.

After wearing the glasses for awhile, the eye cleared up and I was able to put the contacts back in before I left for Coffeyville.

It is raining now. I don't think that was forecast. I watched "the weather on the 8's"  and I don't recall rain being forecast...but I checked and it was raining.

More later...

First I drove over to Coffeyville to get the medicine at the Medicine Shoppe and then up to Independence to get the one from Walgreen's. I stopped at Dairy Queen there and bought a blizzard and then I came on back home.

I went to the Caney market and got the ingredients for Bob's Waldorf Salad and then I bought chicken, corn and mashed potatoes and gravy from their deli. They gave me a biscuit. That's what I had for lunch. I saved half of it for another meal.  We may eat out after church on Sunday but I can always warm it up in the microwave for tomorrow noon.

I also sent the 2022 Class Newsletter to the desktop computer where I could eventually print it off. That computer is the one the printer is set up on and I tried it out just to make sure it would work. The laptop no longer prints. And so far, the desktop computer is staying hooked up to the internet. All my messing with it last week must have fixed it.

I read all afternoon and finished my latest book. Now it's 4:49PM and almost time for the CBS evening news. It's at 5:30PM, if I recall correctly.

I watched the CBS evening news and then read awhile and finished that book. The Kindle needed to rebooted so I did that and managed to download still another free book.

It's a little after 7:00PM and I took my bath a little while ago. I guess I will go back to the book until I get sleepy and go to bed. Probably between 9:00PM or 10:00PM.

So, perhaps more later...

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Thursday and a Crown Prep.

 It's 5:30AM now and in two hours I will go to the dentist for a crown prep. I hope she doesn't get into the nerve and cause  me to have to have a root canal. A bicuspid is too small a tooth to have a root canal done in it. And I don't want to lose another tooth. I've been down that road before and it was a catastrophe. I lost a very expensive bridge over it and later...a tooth. There doesn't seem to be an alternative to the crown except to lose the tooth. I will just have to trust that she will be careful.

The entire experience has taught me not to crunch ice cubes. 

I have had my breakfast now and am drinking my coffee. I will go turn on the "weather on the 8's" and see what is forecast for today and the rest of the week. In an hour I will check on the cats.

Both Blondie and Scruff came for breakfast this morning. I took their food out and they are eating hungrily. It is 6:23AM now and in shortly before an hour I will go to the dentist. 

I went to the dentist about 7:20AM and got in and didn't have to wait long. 

It took three hours to do the crown prep...primarily because there was an emergency during that time too. It did well though and she didn't get into the nerve. I paid for it when they finished. I wrote a check because if I had used my debit card the bank would have charged them a service charge. I paid it in full by check. The appointment to seat the crown will be December 30th...again at 7:30AM.

When I got home, I read until 1:39PM when my Kindle needed charging again. It's on the charge now. I will read the latest book I downloaded on it earlier when it is charged later today.

I will find something for my lunch now. When I got out of the dental  office, I went by the Sonic and got a Mocha Crunch Blast. I get one of those about once a week. I had a frozen meal and am full now.

The Kindle is charged again now and I will read in my latest downloaded free book from Amazon. I have watched the CBS evening news and taken my bath. I hope to sleep better tonight. Maybe I won't be apprehensive since the crown is prepared and she didn't get into the nerve.

Blondie came back for supper this evening. Scruff didn't come. 

I didn't clean the apartment today so I will do that tomorrow morning.

 Perhaps more later...

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Wednesday and Hair Day

I slept very well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I made my bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I am having my breakfast now and my coffee. Today I get my hair done over at Coffeyville at 9:00AM or so. I heard from Janet last night. There is no game day today. Tomorrow at 7:30AM, I get my crown prep. I hope she doesn't get into the nerve. My experience with root canal has been disastrous.... especially on a bicuspid. In order to do a crown on that tooth, she will have to build it up with much of the tooth is gone. The entire distal side of it broke off....filling and all.

It's 6:06 right now and I will go try to catch "the weather on the 8's" and see if there are any hungry cats out there.

The weather is overcast and chilly so I will wear a hoody or a jacket today.

I only had one cat come for breakfast and the was the neighbor's male cat. He ate and left but Scruff didn't come at all. I don't know where she is eating.

Now I am watching the CBS news.  It's only 7:30AM and my appointment isn't until 9:00AM or so. I will leave here at 8:30AM. ..a little over an hour from now. 

 May be an image of 3 people and indoor 

 Me and my kids on Thanksgiving.

I read most of the afternoon and went out to Eggbert's and had lunch about noon. Diana, my niece, called me wanting this picture of my kids and me. I had to edit it to get rid of some of the extraneous material in the photo but that worked. I couldn't figure out how to send it to her by my phone. 

Here is the photo I took at Thanksgiving dinner.   

May be an image of 8 people and people sitting 

Left to right:Scott, Keith, Esther, Ginger. Ruby, Jerod, Leslie and John. I am not in the photo since I took the photo. Scott's daughter, Ashley,  was not there. She is a nurse and probably had to work.

 No photo description available. 

This is Scott and Ginger's new home.

Now, back to my book. 

I read until bath time and I have just had that.  My dental appointment is at 7:30AM in the morning and I want to be prompt. I won't waste a lot of time in the morning.

I will go back to my reading until 9:00PM or so when I will go to bed. It's 7:27PM now.



Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tuesday and a Visit to Nancy

I did not sleep well last night. I probably went to bed too early. I sleep much better when I stay up and read later but my Kindle was being charged so I didn't have anything to read last evening. 

I was up before 5:00AM this morning and dressed and am eating my breakfast now. I plan to go down to Bartlesville to Green Country Assisted Living and visit Nancy about 10:00AM this morning, I also have some reading material to take to her. Afterward I may stop at Copan Truck Stop and have their small salad for lunch. 

Tomorrow I get my hair done and also I think it is also game day at the senior center at 1:00PM.  I will need to call Janet there to find out for sure because if it is, I will need a treat to take.

Then Thursday is my crown prep at the dental office at 7:30AM.

It's almost 6:00AM now and I want to catch "the weather on the 8's" next. 

It looks like the weather is going to be o.k. today and the rest of the week but not great. Too windy to be great.

Only Scruff came for breakfast and she didn't stay long. I brought the food in after she left. 

I finally did hear from Scott that they are alright. I saw on the weather that Tennessee  had tornadoes and was concerned that I didn't get a response from my text asking about their welfare.

More later...It's nearly time for the CBS news. 

I went down to Bartlesville and left about 9:30AM to visit with Nancy  again this morning.I stayed until they came to get her for lunch and then left. I stopped at Tyro Truck stop and had my small chef salad. I had bought Christmas cards and have been working on them all afternoon. It's after 3:30PM now and I have just put stamps on them and put them in the mailbox and put the flag up so the mailman will pick them up in the morning. 

While I was visiting Nancy and her friend there, I told them about the Christmas cards I had bought and they both wanted a box of them too. They were on sale so they were a real bargain. So next Tuesday, I will take them each a box and stamps. Nancy is still not happy there but has resigned herself that she will not be going home again. She needs to make friends and then she can be happy. It is a lovely place..neat as a pin and very well run. They both say the food is excellent.

I guess I will go read now. So more later... 

I read until 6:00PM and then I took my bath. I charged my watch again. The instructions said to charge it for 5 minutes. I did that but it's only 30% charged.  I don't know whether to plug it in again or not. I think I ought to. 30% isn't much of a charge.

I plugged it into the USB port on my laptop computer. I will leave that plugged in for awhile and see if it charges any more. 

I will go back to my book now for about 15 minutes and see if it charges any more. It's only 6:30PM now. I will leave it plugged in for 15 minutes and see if that helps.

It's 40% charged now. That's somewhat better. But not fully charged.

It's nearly 7:00PM now. I guess I will read awhile again. I won't be thinking of going to bed until at least 9:00PM maybe later.

Leslie just texted me that we are having church services in our building this Sunday! Hooray!!


Monday, December 6, 2021

Monday and Laundry

I slept well again last night, I was up at 5:00AM and stripped my bed, remade it and did some laundry. I just put it in the dryer. When it's dry I will fold it and put it away. It's 6:30AM now and I just finished my breakfast and am soaking the dishes. Since I no longer have a dishwasher, I Heloese them. I fill the sink with very hot water and put the dishes in it to soak until everything is soft or dissolved and them I rinse them off. I leaned that years ago from a column in the paper called "Hints From Heloese". She had a lot of tips on how to make your  housework easier.  She's probably long gone now. I was young when I read that column.

I don't have much of a plan for today except for the laundry. I was going to go back over to Coffeyville today to cash the check John Wade sent me from the classmates account but I will be going down to Bartlesville to visit Nancy tomorrow and I will get my hair done Wednesday in Coffeyville and that may be game day too at the senior center so I will just wait until Wednesday to cash the check. Thursday is my crown prep here in Caney. I dread that. I hope she doesn't get into the nerve so I lose another tooth. The crown will cost me $1353.25. That's with a 5% discount for cash. I will pay for it on Thursday so I will get the 5% discount. They plan to seat it on the 30th of December. I hope all goes well. It will be a busy week.

I didn't get any more classmate news in the e-mail this morning so I may address Christmas cards today and get them ready to go out later next week or next. It depends on how much news I have by then to work into the classmate newsletter. So far it's only three pages and it's usually seven. Of course, it's only the 6th of the month.

I guess I will go watch the weather and the news and check on the cats.

So, more later...

 May be an image of tree and grass 

My neighbor got the siding on their new master bedroom and the house looks a lot better!

More later...there were no cats out there. Of course, it 7:33AM and they may have given up on me. 

So far the internet is holding on the desktop computer. :) 

I did go over to Coffeyville to cash that check and also go to Wal Mart for some things I can't get at the Caney Market. I was also going to get my pedicure but found that place was closed. I hate that. I really enjoy a pedicure every couple of months. So after I got my errands run, I came back home. It is 10:54AM now and everything I hoped to get done...that I could get done. Now I will read until lunch time. I may go out to Eggbert's here for my lunch. It has been several weeks since I have done that. I have been eating frozen meals.

I did go out to Eggbert's at noon and had a senior meal. It was very good and quite cheap. But it was just right for me.

It's 3:15PM now and I have been working on the class  newsletter again. I got a Christmas card from a classmate who shared some news for the newsletter. I will go back to reading now. 

So again..more later...

I didn't read for long! I began working on my Christmas letter and got 11 of them done. I still have others to do but will need to buy some more Christmas cards before I can resume doing that.

It is 5:50PM now and I am missing the news.  I may have recorded the evening CBS news.  If so, I will go watch it now.

So, more later... 

My landlord dropped by to see if I wanted him to put the other two bags of leaves in his dumpster. I let him do that. Michael is very nice and so is his wife. He only stays here once or twice a week since they still live in Owasso. He has been painting next door where they will live eventually. 

 May be an image of 4 people, people standing and indoor 

I found this photo on Leslie's facebook and copied it off. That is me..the old woman in front. Behind me is Sarge (their dog) and Ginger, Scott's wife, Leslie, my daughter, and Esther, Keith's wife. Somebody, possibly John, took this photo. It was taken Thanksgiving.

At 7:00PM I will take my bath and I plan to get to bed at 9:00PM again. Until then, I will go back to reading.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sunday and Church Online and Zoom

 I slept very well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I am having my breakfast now at 6:00AM. I have checked my e-mail and found another classmates' message for the class newsletter and added it to the newsletter. It's up to 3 pages now and usually it's at 7 pages but it's early yet. I hope to get it off after Christmas. Many of my offline classmates send their contributions in a Christmas card. I now have six classmates that have contributed.

I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" and check on the cat situation. Only Blondie showed up yesterday.

Both cats showed up today. So I took their food out to the front door. It is raining in Coffeyville according to the weather but it's not raining least not yet. 

 More later...

I watched the weather and we are forecast rain for today but so far I haven't seen any of it.  I read for awhile and then watched TV for awhile. I watched "Face the Nation" too. Then I turned off TV to come in and see if I could get the church service from Ontario Canada on the laptop computer.I used to watch it on the desktop computer but I have no assurance that it won't lose the signal. So, I'll try the laptop.

More later...

For some reason, the desktop computer stayed online during the entire service. It's 3:45PM now and the connection has stayed on all this time. I hope it has been fixed after all the time I ran the fix. So far, so good!

It's almost 4:00PM now and the desktop computer is still connected to the internet. I hope it is fixed!

It's 5:20PM now and I am waiting for our Mission Center worship service to come on Zoom.

Our building is closed due to another surge of Covid19. So we are taking this one week at a time about staying closed. 

I got on zoom on the laptop and the desktop appears to be staying online. But I am not complaining.

I watched the worship service and was deleted from it during the fellowship time.

It's nearly 7:00PM now so I will take my bath and later, after I read awhile, I will go to bed.