Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday and Breakfast

I guess we're going to breakfast this morning. Bob hasn't said. I don't believe we went last Saturday because of the cold.  Well, it's 10 degrees now so we may not go again.

I have my laundry in the dryer now. I stripped my bed and turned the foam pad that goes over my mattress, I was afraid my body may have made an indention in it. It didn't look like that had happened but I went ahead and turned it anyhow. When my drying is finished, I will remake the bed.

I am going to Keith's funeral this morning at 11:00 and I guess Bob is going too.  He wasn't going to go until he learned I was going.  He was not as close to Keith and Joyce as I was. He had not belonged to the Living the Questions group until after Phyllis died two years ago.

We will have our leftover sloppy joes and french fries for lunch if I don't go to Bartlesville and with this cold, I probably won't go to Bartlesville.

Marilyn called and wants to go to the funeral with Bob and me.  She also wants to take us to lunch afterwards. I think that's very nice of her.  We will take her up on her offer.  She is such a great friend. Everyone loves Marilyn. She never has anything bad to say about anyone.

More even later....

Following the funeral, Bob and I asked Marilyn if she would rather go to Bartlesville to Dink's for lunch. She was agreeable. So that's what we did. She still insisted on buying our lunches.  We all had a real good visit and enjoyed ourselves.

Later, after we got home, I read awhile and went to bed about 9:00. For some reason, I was exhausted.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday At Last

Today is a welcome day. This has been an extremely hectic week. Between the death of Keith, Joyce's husband on Sunday morning, getting the ham sliced and ready to take to her, going to buy toner for the church's print copier, returning  the speaker system, cleaning the apartment, going to the market, doing laundry and fixing meals, I have felt my life was very full this week.  Tomorrow is Keith's funeral and I will attend at 11:00 and then decide if I want to go to Bartlesville afterward.  A lot depends on the weather. It's 23 degrees this morning but that's a vast improvement over the 5 degrees we had yesterday.

I am going to make potato soup for lunch.  We will have cheese and crackers and hot tea with it.

I got most of the DVDs cleaned and repaired yesterday. I think I have a couple of talking books yet to do. I will clean and shelf read today unless Katie has something else for me to do. After Paula, the student helper, leaves I will be checking in and putting away DVDs too. Paula only stays an hour.  So the rest of the afternoon that responsibility is mine.

More later...

The potato soup turned out fine. Bob brought cheese and some neat pickles and we had crackers with the soup. 

What a day at work! We are starting an inventory of all the books in the library. ...or rather I did. Katie brought me a tablet and a hand held scanner and told me to start in the As in fiction and scan the bar code of every book.  I scanned 780 books today....that's one aisle on one side  Unfortunately almost every scan took at least four or five tries as the scanner tried to read the codes. I got as far as into the B's in three hours. Every time I finished a shelf, I needed to "save" the bar codes on that shelf on the tablet.  I had to turn a book sideways each time to keep track of what I had already scanned. By the time I finished, my left thumb was almost numb.  I imagine I will be doing this every day for months. What a mess!

I got home shortly after 5:00 tonight.  I had a yogurt and two cups of Chi Latte and am ready for a bath.  Tomorrow I want to change my bed and wash the bedding before that funeral for Keith at 11:00.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

An Aggravating Thursday

I woke up in the night at 2:30 AM hearing a weird scraping noise.  Finally I got up to track it down. The speakers of the auxiliary speaker system were getting static. I had to physically turn them off. Then the transmitter continued to try to turn them on and it made a noise too. Finally I got back up and unhooked it too. When I got up this morning, I packed up the system and am going to return it today.  It overrides the TV speaker system and the auxiliary speakers are not near as clear and good as the TV speakers. My old system didn't do that. It allowed the TV speakers too and the result was very good. Unfortunately AR is no longer making that set.  These are not AR though.

It's 6 degrees here in southeast Kansas  this morning. Brrrrr.

We are going to have sloppy joe sandwiches for lunch.  It's been awhile since we've had those. I will make some homemade french fries too and we have that Coke that Bob brought over last week when we had chili.

When 9:00 comes I will make that trip to Independence to return those speakers. I will get back in time to take the ham over to Joyce's and also fix our lunch. 

It will be so good to get back to 4 hours at work again. What a grind it has been this past two weeks.  It's just been an extra hour a day and a couple on Saturday but it seemed like a lot more.

More later....

Well, today went well.  First Katie, the librarian, had me prepare some goodie bags for our new state representatives.  I'm not sure "why"... but mine is not to reason "why", mine is just to do or die. :)

I cleaned one entire shelf after I put away the DVDs and straightened the books.  Then I got out the DVD cleaning machine and cleaned and repaired a stack of DVDs. That and a continual job of putting away DVDs and putting the empty cases in the bookcases kept me busy until 5:00.  I am so glad to be back to 4 hours a day.

I stayed up until 9:00 PM and then Missy and I went to bed. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday Another Workday

This is the day my time sheet is faxed in. Tomorrow,  I should be paid. I have a $168.80 electric bill this month for December so I need all the cash I can find.  Thank goodness for the part time job!

Leslie came over last evening and install my new speaker system. The only problem I have with it is there is no sound now from the all comes through those two new speakers.  I believe my old speakers also allowed the TV sound.  But I do have sound next to my chair now.

I will go to the market this morning to buy the ham I am going to have shaved for Joyce's family tomorrow. I also will make scalloped potatoes and baked beans unless Karan and Marilyn want to help get that meal together.  Gretchen wants to go in on the ham.

I also need to drop by Service Office and Supply and pick up a toner cartridge for our print copier at church.  I am going to skip exercise class today. It's 20 degrees out there and there is a wind too.  Busy day.

I will go in to work at 12:30. Luckily I have that leftover ham and potato casserole from Monday for lunch today. I also have some of Bob's salad.  We will have a veggie with that.  I will pick up some fruit for dessert with my cookies.

More later....

I got the ham this morning for my friend's family.  I had half of it shaved and half of it sliced for those who do not want sandwiches. I also bought bread for those who do. Karan will do the scalloped potatoes and Marilyn will do the baked beans.   Thank goodness  for great friends. Gretchen, who lives in Alabama now, will go in on the ham.

I also dropped by Service Office and Supply and ordered the print cartridge. They did not have it in stock.  Hopefully, it will be in tomorrow. Phyllis will need it to print the bulletins for Sunday.


I cleaned another shelf at work today and put away and checked in dozens of DVDs. They had me cleaning DVDs today too and I still have a stack to do today.  That's fine. I'm back to four hours a day now instead of five.  I caught up my lost holiday time.

When I got home I drank a couple of cups of Chi Latte and ate some yogurt. I am now out of yogurt. I'll either have to buy some more or have a smoothie for dinner.  I took my bath and went to bed at 9:00. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday and a Hair Appointment

This morning at 9:00 I have a hair appointment in Independence and do it need it! Afterward I will kill a little time before stopping by Big Cheese and picking up a mini pizza for Bob and me for lunch.  I may get a "small" instead so he will have leftovers for dinner tonight.

Bob's cold is on the mend. Now he has gout again. He has been taking a medicine that was supposed to prevent that. Obviously, it didn't work. They are increasing the dosage in hopes that will take care of it. I'm afraid I have little faith in doctors in general.  My experiences with them have been bad.

Leslie is coming this afternoon after work to install my new auxiliary speakers for my TV.  I hope they work. When Scott plugged in the other ones that I had had since 2008, the transmitter went out.  They were 6 years old but I had expected them to last longer then that. I hope these new ones have as good a sound.

I will work five hours today and tomorrow and that will finish making up for the time I lost over the holiday.  Then I will go back to four hours a day until the next holiday.

More later....

The husband of one of my dear friends died today. It was sudden. I need to go see her so I will finish this later.

Back again....

My friend's husband died of undiagnosed leukemia. He didn't even know he had it until Saturday. His white blood count was 200,000 on Saturday. By this morning it was 400,000. It was a very
virulent type of leukemia.....acute myeloid leukemia.  The doctor told my friend that people seldom live a week with it.  What a tragedy. He was 80.

Monday, January 5, 2015

A Cold Monday Morning.

It's 13 degrees out there this morning. Missy thinks she wants to go out but she's not going to get the chance.  I don't even want to open that door.

I got up shortly after 4:00 this morning. I fixed myself a biscuit in the skillet with oleo and jelly. I dread getting out there myself today. I will work five hours the next three days to finish making up the lost hours from the holidays. Then it's back to four hours for five days a week.

I will need to revise my budget. I had forgotten about the raise in my Blue Cross/Blue Shield premium.

I plan to have ham and scalloped potatoes for lunch...with a veggie and Bob's salad. I still have lemon pudding and cookies for dessert.

I did attend the exercise class again. It was good to get back to it and to see everyone again. And I also did work on my sermon for the 25th.

More later...

I was really tired after work today. I came home and ate some yogurt and had a couple of cups of Chi Latte before taking my bath and settling down in the recliner with Missy in my lap. At 9:00 I went to bed.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday and Church

Today is another big day. After church and lunch, I will work on my birthday cards and letters.

Tonight I will watch 60 Minutes if there isn't a football game going first. If there is, I imagine I will watch it first.

Missy wanted out this morning but it's 14 degrees out there. I let her out since she insisted but she didn't stay out long.  I read the paper this morning and did what I could toward the crossword puzzle.  Everything says doing a crossword puzzle is god for your memory. I need all the help I can get with my memory.  :)

I slept well last night. I keep the apartment  cool at night. I sleep better that way.

I had a biscuit for my breakfast with two cups of coffee. That is enough. I usually have a good sized lunch after church.

More later....

After church, three of us went to Sirloin Stockade for lunch . After that, I came home and did my letters and a birthday card for Layne.  I will put them on the mailbox in the morning for the mailman to mail for me.

I watched 60 Minutes this evening and then stayed up until nearly 9:00 before going on to bed.