Saturday, October 1, 2011


Today I want to go see my sister. I haven't seen her since Monday. My brother-in-law said he saw her yesterday and she was very unresponsive.

He and I will have breakfast this morning at 7:30. We missed last Saturday because of the Mission Center Conference and the Saturday before that because of the garage sale.

I got my lawn mowed and trimmed yesterday afternoon so now all I need to do is clean house. I have a dilemma. I'm probably going to have to clean Leslie's house on Monday because I will be delivering the cakes to the First Christian Church on Tuesday. So I'd better clean mine today. Next week I will also have to do my job search. I'm running out of places to apply though. Coffeyville is a very small town and nearly all the business has gone.

Scott called this morning while being stuck in traffic on the Autobahn. I was still lying in bed at the time. He visited about 25 minutes. It was good to talk to him again. I always have to turn my cell off while I am at work. So that cuts down the visits I can have with him.

Because of Bank of America's new policy of charging for using debit cards, I am going to change my way of taking care of my business. I will simply withdraw enough money each week for that week's expenses and not use it for anything else. The new policy doesn't begin until the first of the year so I have awhile to practice. I will use a credit card for gas and then pay off the credit card immediately. The banks earn billions in profits each year and the new policy is retaliation against customers because of the government regulations on what the banks can charge businesses that use credit cards.

Well, I went downtown to Dalton Defender Days and also out to see Phyllis at Windsor. She was fairly coherent coherent as someone in the last stages of Alzheimers can be anyhow. When Bob arrived and I left to go see Gerry, I said, "I'm going to leave now and go see Gerry. I'll see you later." She said "Gerry Holler?" She actually remembered Gerry's last name.

After that I came home and fixed myself a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and took a nap. I awoke at 1:00 last night and had some trouble getting back to sleep. I ended up taking at least a thirty minute nap. Then I fed the animals and went to Sonic to get a child's chicken strip dinner. That's just about the perfect amount for me and it only costs $3.81.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday at Last

It's Friday at last. Today I will do my work and then my brother-in-law and I will go over to Cherryvale to eat lunch at "Just Us", the buffet over there. We have been saving their coupons and this lunch will be free of charge. I got two last week and gave them to him so he would have his ten too.

I have no other plans except that I may mow again. It warmed up just enough to cause my grass to grow.

An old friend, Betty Moore, from Caney died yesterday. Here is her obit.

A longtime Caney resident, Betty Moore, 83, died Thursday in Union, Mo., where she recently moved to be near her daughter, Suzy Curnutte. She had suffered from Alzheimers over the past two years. Her husband, Dr. Robert Moore, had been in Caney Wednesday and part of Thursday. He and all family members will greet friends on Sunday evening from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Caney United Methodist Church, then funeral services will be Monday at 2 p.m. in the Caney United Methodist Church.

Betty was my daughter's Girl Scout leader in the 70's. We also rented a house from them briefly when we first moved to Caney.

More later...

We went to Cherryvale and had an excellent of charge. This afternoon later, I want to mow. My yard looks shaggy. I should just change my clothes and go do it now.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Swamped Thursday

I came home and made myself a grilled cheese sandwich, checked the computer for e-mail and read my church's website.

I need to go to Braums and the dollar store and get milk, bread, a couple of disposable cake pans, juice and eggs. Monday afternoon I will bake my cakes for take to Independence on Tuesday for the free meal they serve at the First Christian Church.

I went to the dollar store that I use for my market and also to Braums. I buy my milk there and also my juice and yogurt. Then this evening I made some more of my homemade ice cream. It's in the freezer now.

My brother-in-law and I are going to go to "Just Us" in Cherryvale after I get off work tomorrow. We have both saved up ten coupons and will each get a free meal tomorrow. They have a huge homemade buffet. We really enjoy it. We go every couple of weeks.

He called this evening. I had given him my other counter-top ice cream maker and he was making some for the first time. That's when I decided to make some too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Very Busy Wednesday

This has been a day! I should sleep like a log tonight. I worked steadily at work...filing all morning from 8:00 AM until 12:15. They have a terrible mess to contend with at work. The woman who took care of the divorces in the office quit rather suddenly a couple of weeks ago and while they were waiting for authorization to hire someone to take her place, they discovered that for the past four years, she has made a terrible mess of those files. They have tried to unravel her mess for over two weeks now and so far every time they open a file they find more terrible errors.

After work, I drove to Independence, 15 miles north, to get my hair taken care of and after that, drove to Caney, 20 miles southwest to pick up my contacts at the optometrist office. From there I went back to Bartlesville for the last day of the Dillard's sale. I bought several new tops to wear with my slacks this fall and winter.

I got home about 5:00, fed the animals and sat down to watch a special on PBS. I was a huge Peter, Paul and Mary fan in my 20's. Mary Travers is now dead..I believe last year... but Mary Chaffin Carpenter took her part and did an admirable job. I enjoyed it.

I had hope to watch Harry's law but it evidently isn't offered at this Cox site. There was some kind of stupid reality show on NBC instead.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quiet Tuesday

I have nothing planned for today except I will do the invocation at the city commission meeting this evening.

I am thinking of going to Bartlesville. I changed my closets out this morning and I have very few long sleeved tees for fall and winter. Those I do have are very old and not in very good shape. That was fine when I wasn't working but I need to buy some decent tops for winter to work in.

Inky, my black tomcat, has disappeared. I have not seen him since Sunday evening. He's a tomcat so I'm not particularly concerned about it. He's probably just out "tom catting" around.

I may call and see if my brother-in-law wants to go too. He likes to get out of town occasionally too.

More later...

We are both going. He likes an excuse to get out of doing the things he needs to do too. So I will get back to this later.

By the way, Inky showed up a little while ago and is catching up now on his food. It is probably as I suspected, he has been out "tom catting" around.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Confusing Day

Well, it started out pretty good but deteriorated from then on. One of our members called early this morning to report that she had lost a brother last night. I did some calling for that. Then I went to the store and bought a couple of sympathy cards and got those in the mail.

Then I spent an hour making sure the congregation was on the same page with making cakes for the First Christian Church in Independence. They need them on Tuesday October 4th. Our women agreed to provide 12. The First Christian Church provides a free dinner every Tuesday for anyone who needs a place to eat...the homeless, the lonely...whomever.

Then I went out to see my sister at 10:00. She was sleeping so I went to see Gerry. Gerry was in the bathroom. I stayed a while and waited but it appeared it was going to be awhile so I went back to see my sister. This time she was awake and having her physical therapy. So I stayed about thirty minutes until she got sleepy and went back to sleep and then I came home. The mail was here by then so I brought it in.

It was a package for Scott. It was mashed beyond recognition so I made the person who delivered it stay while I opened it. The contents were not damaged but I had to find another box to send it on to Scott. I took it over to Dearing where the postmistress is so helpful. By then it was noon and she was gone. So I went up to our post office where they are really difficult. I stood in line for 15 minutes only to find I had to fill out another form. They sent me out of line to do that. It took me a few minutes and when I got back in line I was back to number three.

Finally I got back to the window. By this time an hour had past.

I got back home to check the mail again and found a re-certification letter from SER-SCEP, the agency I do my job training through. It said I was to appear at the courthouse in Independence on November 15th to be re-certified. I was to bring proof of social security and a letter from my pastor saying I lived here alone. I AM the pastor. It said I could have a relative that did not live with me write a letter saying that I lived here alone. So I wrote my daughter and asked her to do that. I searched my file cabinet for my benefits letter but could not find it. I got the telephone book to look up the number for the Social Security agency in Independence but was never able to find the listing. Finally I looked online and found it. I called to get another benefits letter and (you guessed it) I got an automated clerk. It took me ten minutes to get verification that I will receive another benefits letter (in two weeks). We will see.

Then I e-mailed Aime, the director, and asked in what room I was to appear. She got back with me and asked me what room I was going to be in. I e-mailed her back and told her I had asked her that question. The phone rang. She called me and said I was confused. She said the meeting would be in Coffeyville not Independence and would be held at my work site. I read her the letter that plainly said Independence at the court house. Also she said I would be working that morning. I told her I worked Wednesday through Friday but that date was a Tuesday. She told me to arrange to work Tuesday through Thursday that week. I really don't think I was the one confused.

So we will meet at my work site November 15th from 8 until 12. It's now 2:10 and I haven't had lunch yet.


Monday Again

We had a big attendance at the Living the Questions group last night. Bobby cooked out for us and we all brought a dish. There was a wide variety of food. I picked up Gary and later on took him home again. Gary is single and pretty lonely so he really enjoys these things. As a matter of fact, so do I.

I'm not quite sure what I will do today. I probably should do some cleaning. It's been a week. First I will take Slinky for his walk though. It's the highlight of his week. As I was getting up this morning and making my bed, he barked to let me know he was hungry. Inky did not come home for supper last night and he did not show up for breakfast this morning either. I hope he is not hurt or been hit by a car. He's my affectionate cat. Missy hates him (and everyone else). She tolerates me because I feed her. Slinky is in the kitchen with me right now. He gets lonely out there in the back yard and wants to come in first thing in the morning. I am washing his bedding this morning. He has two old rugs I gave him to sleep on on my chaise lounge. He wads them up and makes a "nest" out of them. Occasionally, perhaps once a week, I throw those things in the washer and dryer. They get grubby.

Yesterday I gave one of my small ice cream makers to my brother-in-law. I had bought a new one when I couldn't find the old one after I brought everything home from the mall. I used my "points" from my Amazon VISA. After I received the new one and started to put it away, I found the old one. So I told him I would give him the new one. The company also sent me a new instruction book after the one I had with the ice cream maker was taken at the mall. So now we can both make soft serve. This is one of those ice cream makers that you put the tub in the freezer. It uses no salt and no ice. It's pretty neat.

I want to go see my sister this morning about 10:00. Since we were at Springfield this Saturday, I didn't get to see her.

Tomorrow evening I am to give the invocation at the City Commission meeting at 6:30. Wednesday after work, I get my hair colored and cut, and that's about all I have scheduled for the week unless something else comes up.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Morning

Well, it's Sunday again. It will be big day. I have church this morning and I preside today. I will print off the bulletins after we get to church. My brother-in-law always comes to pick me up about 9:00. He called last night to report that my sister had a haircut this past Friday. We thought she would have a fit about it because she does not like to be "messed with". But Denise, my niece, said she handled it quite well even giving the beautician instructions about how she wanted it done. That's amazing! She ordinarily is very unresponsive. I will go see her tomorrow. We missed yesterday because of the conference in Springfield.

My younger son called this morning at 5:00. I was delighted to hear from him. It had been a week. But he seems to be doing well....well as can be expected. He and Becky seem to be at a standstill. I am always glad to hear from him. I usually only e-mail him instead of calling.

This evening is a cookout with the "Living the Questions" group at Bobby and Karan's. I will get my beans this afternoon and get them fixed and baked while I do my newsletters.

More later...

I got my beans done and also the newsletters. Then I fed the animals and then looked for something to watch on TV until time to pick up Gary for the cookout. I looked for something to watch on TV while I waited for time to leave. There was nothing...absolutely nothing. TV is awful since they decided to "save money" by doing "reality shows". They are terrible. If that's thanks!