Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Morning and Breakfast Out Again.

This soon as it gets light I will take Missy out on the carport for awhile. Then at 7:20 I will pick up Bob at his apartment for our breakfast.

Betty, the property manager,called me yesterday evening to tell me she found a repairman for the air conditioner. Maybe he can fix whatever is causing it to freeze up and overflow when it gets really hot and begins working harder.

Yesterday was really hard for me. Thank goodness Keith has the patience of Job. When I get that tired, I have problems thinking things through. I feel muddled. When I am rested, that doesn't happen. Oh, the fun of getting old.

Missy is being pretty patient  too. She is lying quietly beside my chair waiting for daylight.

We will not go to Bartlesville after all. The repairman  is supposed to be here between 12:00 and 1:00. It's almost 6:00 AM and it's already 78 degrees. We are under an excessive heat warning here.  It will be in the high 90s all next week. When I got up this morning, I found that the freeze had thawed again during the night just like the night before. There was very little water in the bucket. It seems when it really gets hot during the day, it freezes up and after the evening cools down to the 70s, it thaws and stops leaking the condensation.

I have a big weekend again this weekend. In the morning I will fix a meatloaf. We will have a basket dinner after church because of a guest minister that will be with us. Then Monday morning I will fix a green bean casserole for the funeral dinner for the celebration of Judy's brother's life. If I stay for that dinner, I will run late at work. I don't know if I can do that. Mondays at work are huge. Everyone brings back the five DVDs they have taken out over the weekend for each child to amuse them. I usually have a couple of hundred DVDs to put away and the cases to file in bookcases. I will play it by ear.

More later....

The air conditioning man came early at 11:00 and within thirty minutes had it fixed. He blew out the line with an air blower and then added some freon to the unit. He said it froze up because the freon was low. 

Then Bob and I did go to Bartlesville.  We walked around the mall where it was air conditioned, I bought a new top for church and then we went to Dinks to eat lunch.  I bought a little gas at Dewey just to get around Bartlesville and then to go home but waited until we got back home until I bought gas. Sam's Sunshine shop was $2.29 a gallon and Bartlesville was $2.59 a gallon. The difference was worth waiting for. Then we went to our Wal Mart to buy groceries. After that I took Bob home.

Later Bob came over to watch the news and "The Seventies" on TV. He went home at 8:00. I took a shower and washed my hair and also put my PJs on and sat with Missy in the recliner. I went to bed after watching an episode of Forensic Files.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday At Last Again

This will be a tough day. Missy woke me up meowing at 2:30. Because I was concerned about my air conditioner, I could not get back to sleep.  I got up and turned off the box fan Bob brought over yesterday evening.  Now I will see if it's going to start dripping again. I have set a bucket under the leak area to catch it is if starts leaking again. So far... so good.

We will eat the remaining veggie and chicken pot pie for lunch. Bob still has some makings for more salad. I will fix some pudding to have with our cookies.

As I mentioned last night I worked two hours on Bob's HP notebook trying to figure out what happened to his internet. It was updated yesterday and now the entire site does not show any internet routers. It doesn't even show mine. It's ability to get online was evidently closed.   I understand we need an Ethernet cable and then I don't know where to plug it in...the router or the modem?  I will have to call HP support again. He may have to get a tech.

Once again to get my attention, Missy reached up and hooked my arm with her claws. I took a newspaper and swatted her.  She has got to learn that is unacceptable behavior.

Yesterday was another terribly  busy day at work. I put away DVDs and filed the cases until 2:00 and then scanned bar codes over at the children's department for the next two hours. Then I put away another basketful of DVDs until time to leave.  Whew!

I had wanted to go to Bartlesville tomorrow but that depends on a number of things. ...mostly the air conditioner problem.

More later....

Today was another really rough day. Especially since I had been up since 2:30. When I got home I found that the air conditioner had frozen up again and the bucket was half full of water.  I emptied that and put the bucket back under the leak.  I watched TV with Bob until 8:00 but he just had to go home. He was falling asleep in the chair.

I was waiting for Keith to call and me to work on Bob's computer to try to get the Wi Fi working again. I hooked up the Ethernet cable he bought at Wal Mart to get online with the router. I downloaded the program Keith needed several times but Bob's computer would not allow the program from a search engine to download. His Avast would shut down the download every time and his computer would not let me type it straight into the address line...for some strange reason.

Finally we went into Control Panel and Devise Manager and started looking for a problem area in the area that held the Wi Fi. Finally, just as a last resort, I clicked on "update the driver" for the Wi Fi.  The computer searched the internet for twenty minutes before finding the new driver and installing it. Then he had the internet through Wi Fi again! I unhooked the Ethernet cable and the power cable and voila! He was online again with several other local routers showing up on his computer. All that work and worry over a driver problem created by a Windows update. But it was fixed.  I put away his computer and cord and went to bed. But first I emptied another bucket of water. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday Again

The week is winding down again. We are to get rain today.....if it develops. We tend to miss a lot of weather that is forecast. We are the lowest elevation in Kansas. Sometimes the rain or bad weather just bypasses us.

Today for lunch, we will have chicken pot pie with salad. I have some more peaches and cookies for dessert.

A couple of issues  today/

First, Missy woke me up at 4:00 wanting to go out.  I ignored her for awhile hoping she would just go away. When I didn't respond, she decided to scratch on my mattress next to my side of the bed. I pounded on the side of the mattress to drive her away. She withdrew to the floor at the foot of my bed but continued to "mew" wanting me to get up.  When I finally did get up (realizing I wasn't going to get any more sleep) at 4:30, I got myself ready for the day.  I went to the closet where the blower is located to get the litter for her litter box and discovered there was water on the floor there and in the top of the litter box. The box sits on a black plastic bag on the floor of that closet and that was wet too. Luckily, the litter box plastic bag with the litter in it was closed over the top of the box but it was setting in water on the floor and some of the hall carpet was wet. When I opened the box about a pint of water poured out onto the bathmat. I don't know what the deal is. It could be condensation but that carpet getting wet in the hall next to the door is not good because it could cause mold.  I'd better contact Betty about it today.

The chicken pot pie went well and was good.We will finish it off tomorrow.

The day went fast because I spent two hours putting away DVDs and two hours scanning bar codes in the children's department.

I got home after 5:00 and Bob came over shortly after 5:30. Ashley called me again but I had to cut our visit short because he came over.

I spent the evening trying to get his computer online. After HP updated it yesterday, it no longer had the capability of getting onto the internet.  I need an Ethernet cord to get that back according to HP.  Bob will get one tomorrow and I will call HP back.

In the meantime, I have a lot of water coming through the furnace filter where the hose is plugged up and overflowing. There is water all over the floor in the furnace closet.

Nothing ever happens one thing at a time.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday Again

It's unbelievable how fast the weeks rush by. When I was young, they drug. Now they speed by.

I slept well again last night and got up about 15 minutes until 5:00, which is good. I get a lot done between 5:00 and time to start lunch. Bob wanted to have the Sloppy Joes again today so that is what we will do. That way I will finish the potato salad too.  I will try to get cookies baked this morning before lunch and also try to make up some lemon pudding. I ran out of time for that yesterday.

Missy troubled me to go out until I swatted her with a newspaper.  Then she quieted down. At 6:00 I took my second cup of coffee out and took her out on the carport. She wanders but I follow her around and make sure she doesn't go far. At 7:00, I brought her back in. She was not a happy kitty but now that I'm in the den using the desktop computer she is lying here on the floor beside my chair being good. While we were out, that cat that looks similar to her came out and we watched him carefully. he's a stray and probably has all kinds of stuff besides fleas. ...maybe parasites and heart worms.  Who knows. I use expensive topical meds to keep Missy clean.

I still haven't heard from the college. I just keep plugging away at the DVDs and books at the library and occasionally doing some scanning.  We've had so many DVDs lately, I haven't had time to scan. That's good. My fingers are swollen and sore from messing with the DVDs anyhow. And my knees are bruised from being down on them putting away both DVDs and the new fiction books.  The only good thing about all this is I no longer have to worry about my weight. I get plenty of exercise.

I'd better get busy with those cookies. We ate the last of them last night.

More later...

Well, I got the cookies baked. Now I need to go to the Dollar Store and get a couple of things before lunch.

We had lunch and I gave what remained of it to Bobby and Karan.

I had a very hard day at work. I don't know...I am trying to decide if I can afford give up my work. I come home so tired after a day like this and my hands swell and my knees are bruised after I have to get down on them to reach bottom shelves. It's tough to decide if I can do that. I will be automatically retired September 30 of 2016.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday and Another Hair Day

Today, even though it is raining, I will go to Independence at 8:15. My appointment is at 9:00. Then I will go over to Juanita's and balance her checkbook and visit a bit. Juanita is 94 and mostly blind with macular degeneration. I will come home to have Sloppy Joes for lunch.  I have leftover potato salad from Sunday evening and I want to use some of that up. We will have pudding for dessert.

Missy is quiet this morning. She hears the thunder and lightning and is not as interested in going outside to that.

I had a good visit with my daughter yesterday morning. I seldom get to really visit with her. She is so busy. She did bring me three pounds of ground beef. I use quite a bit of ground beef in my cooking...and theirs is all grass fed. She has a very busy life. Every other weekend she is on call. And she has her grandchildren every weekend too.

I'm doing a load of laundry too. I'm low on underwear and I am doing my towels with that.

It may be slow at the library if the rain continues. If so, Katie will probably have me continue my scanning in the children's department. One of these days, the college should be calling me for an interview.  Then Aime may move me there.

More later....

I have the Sloppy Joe's done and in the frig for now.  The buns are thawing.  The potato salad is in there too. I will fix the pudding later.  It's still dark out so Missy is not giving me any problems. She doesn't like the thunder and lightning. ...let alone the rain.

More even later...

All I got done at work this afternoon was  putting away DVDs and the new fiction books. I am exhausted. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday and Another Workday

Today I thought I would attend another funeral at 11:30. Judy's brother died last week and for Judy, I want to attend his funeral. I knew him slightly when he was manager of our Pizza Hut.

I awoke at 2:30 and really didn't get much sleep after that. I got up about 4:35.  I have not been sleeping well lately. Between the sore hands and just being tired, I sleep fine at first but if I wake up, I have trouble getting back to sleep.

I took some photos of our Living the Questions group last night. I will post them here.

This is Howard and David. David is the new Methodist minister here at Trinity.

This is Joyce's daughter with her new baby. and she is talking to Marilyn.

This is Karan at the far left, Becky (sitting) Richard A., Richard B and his sister in law Martha. In the background are  Bob A., Richard B's brother and the bearded one is Patrick.  There were 18 there but I didn't get photos of everyone.

We had a good discussion but there were really too many there. A good small group is from 8 to 10 at the most. I had counted on 9.  I knew Mona was in Egypt visiting her relatives and didn't expect her family to come. I didn't know Richard's brother was here with his wife and I knew Richard no longer drives.

More later....
 Well, I ate a bite at Arby's early then went on to the church only to find the funeral was NEXT Monday. It had run wrong in the Independence, reporter and I didn't see the correction.  They were really relieved at the church.  What a mess!

Anyhow, afterward I came back home and will wait another thirty minutes before leaving for work.

Leslie came this morning and sure enough confirmed that the TV is not a smart TV. I really don't care. I'm not a huge TV watcher anyhow. Mostly I watch the CBS news, PBS and perhaps Forensic Files.  I used to watch the Big Bang Theory but they must have changed writers this season and in my estimation they are no longer very funny. My TV has a great picture and wonderful sound..thanks for the Bose system Scott gave me too. I'm perfectly satisfied.

More even later...

I spent the afternoon putting away DVDs. I got three basketfuls stacked double deep put away by 3:00 only to find another basketful waiting for me to put away and file the empty covers. I put those away and then there were more. That's about all I got done besides filing the library slips for those books and DVDs that are being borrowed by other libraries. The last thirty minutes I searched out books for Adrian and found most of them. While I was looking for those books and DVDs, Ashley, my youngest granddaughter called. I hadn't heard from her in a long time but I follow her comings and goings on facebook. It was good to actually talk to her though. After that, I went home.

Soon, Bob came over and watched the news with me. There was nothing to watch that we were interested in seeing so he went home and I took my bath and did my usual routine. I went to bed at 9:30

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday and Church

I will go to church this morning about 9:00. I need to make my coffeecake to take and also soon take Missy out on the carport for awhile. She is complaining constantly.  I will get back to this after that.  First...the coffeecake.

O.K., the coffeecake is in the oven and when it gets light, I will take Missy out. Right now she is meowing and meowing...wanting to go out.  Darn cat!

Today I will speak at church. Afterward some of us will go somewhere to eat.  I need to stop at the bank and get some cash for lunch and my hair appointment on Tuesday. Leslie and Sage will be going on to Topeka to meet her mother, Chelsea, to take Sage back home to Manhattan so it may just be Phyllis and Bob and me. I don't know whether Bobby and Karan will want to eat with us or not. 

This afternoon, I don't have a plan. Tonight is the Living the Questions group at Marilyn's. I have the DVD and book with the questions and discussion topics. We will eat at 6:00. Luckily, I made the potato salad yesterday. I will take some wine too. I think there will just be nine of us. I called Gary yesterday but he wasn't interested in getting out in this heat. He has COPD.  I can't blame him for that under those circumstances.

I read all afternoon yesterday and I hate to just stay home again this afternoon. I do have my letters to do and that will keep me busy for awhile. I got my Cox bill online this morning and already scheduled it's payment online.

Missy has quieted down.  I will take her out in about five or ten minutes.

I took her out for two hours.  She seemed gratified.

At 8:45, I left to go pick up Bob. The sermon seemed to go well. I took the coffee cake to church and they ate all but two pieces.  I just finished my newsletters for the congregation.

More later...

I picked up Bob and went to the group meeting. Where I thought there would be nine, there were 18. It was very noisy and late getting started.  I didn't eat much of anything. I don't like to eat in the evening.  I brought home potato salad. Many brought chips and nibbled on them all evening.

We will try to work in lunch but it will be iffy. I thawed ground beef for sloppy joes to eat with the potato salad but have a 9:00 doctor's appointment and the funeral of Judy's brother is at 11:30.  I don't know when we'll eat lunch. I have to be at work at 1:00.

I wish I had gone to Topeka with Leslie instead. 

I went to bed at 10:00 after my bath and some TV to wind me down.