Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday and a Trip to Joplin

I slept well again last night. I puttered around all morning until 10:00 when Bob and Joanne came to pick me up for our trip to Joplin.

We got there in time for an early lunch. Bob paid for it with his gift cards his daughter and son in law sent to him as a gift. Joanne and I really appreciated that. We had our usual soup and salad...and as usual it was scrumptious.

Then we went to the mall and walked all around there. Bob bought a belt and a shirt and Joanne bought a sweater and a top and later, at J.C. Penney's she finally found a sweatshirt...what she was really looking for anyhow.

I didn't find a thing I couldn't live without so I didn't spend a penny.  I probably would have bought a new top if I could have found any that I liked in my size. They had lots of XL size but few petite smalls.

Anyhow I am back home now and have my registration and check ready for the Dinner Theater bus trip in March in Kansas City.

I will send it in as soon as Bob has his ready to go and can include it in my envelope. Joanne meant to give me hers but she forgot when I got out of the car.

More later...

Bob came over after 4:00 and stayed for the news. He also brought Joanne's registration for the trip too. I put both of them out on the mailbox for tomorrow's mail pickup.

After he left, I took my bath and lay on the sofa and watched TV with Missy.  At 9:00 Missy and I  went to bed.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday and Exercises and Cinnamon Rolls

I slept well again last night.

After I got up and made my bed, I dressed, fed myself and Missy and got myself ready for the day. Bob will drive to exercise class today. I drove Wednesday. Afterward we will go to Utopia for cinnamon rolls. (kind of defeats the purpose of the exercises, doesn't it?) :)

I thought about stripping my bed this morning but I guess I'll wait and do it tomorrow. It seems like with all the Missy bathmat problems I have been doing a lot of laundry lately.

I'm not sure what I will do this afternoon. It's too cold to get out. I bought groceries yesterday.

Missy is in on my bed asleep this morning. I have been leaving the door open to circulate the heat better. She loves to lie on my bed. I have been watching the morning news on channel 6.

More later...

At 8:45, Bob picked me up and we attended exercise class. Afterward we went to  Utopia for cinnamon rolls and Utopiachinos. Karan and I visited about our bad experiences at the radio station where we both worked.

In the afternoon I worked on my sermon and the bulletin for January 28th. 

At 3:00, Joanne came by and picked me up. She had already picked up Bob. The three of us went to tour the new combination fire station and police station. It is very nice!

We will not have breakfast out in the morning. I will just have my usual breakfast here at home. 
Joanne and Bob and I are going to Joplin to have lunch at Olive Garden.  Bob has a gift certificate and is treating both Joanne and me.

I tried to watch Saturday Night Fever again this evening but it was just too sick. I like to watch the dancing but the profanity is a real turnoff.  It is so ignorant for folks to talk like that.

I did watch Brooks and Shields online. I also forwarded it on to to Bob. 

Missy and I will just get ready and just go to bed. It is nearly 9:00.  

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thursday and House Cleaning Day

I am cleaning right now and have two rooms still to go. I slept well again last night and am ready to get this done. I cleaned last week but never got around to the dusting. So I will do that for sure today.

Later, at noon or just before, I will go to the ministerial alliance meeting.  I will need to change my slacks. Right now I have jeans on and I will put on some slacks.

I took my plastic sacks to Genesis, who provide food for the poor.

I washed the bath mats again this morning.  Missy just continues to miss the litter box when she urinates...about half the time.

More later...if I don't dust now, I will not get to it again.

I dusted the entire apartment this morning and then went on to the alliance meeting.  The speaker was ill so we had a report form CRMC, our hospital about a new program they are working on to provide transportation for patients to get to the hospital for their preventive program. I don't have a plan for the afternoon. Bob was going to go out to Haymaker's Furniture and see if he could find a small dinette set without rollers on the chair wheels. He fell yesterday because his present set had rollers on the chair legs.  I haven't heard from him if he found anything.

More even later...

We went out to Haymaker's Furniture this afternoon and found just what he needed. It even matched his kitchen counter tops. Unfortunately, it was $200.   So we went back into town to see what the one he saw earlier was like. It was the same table in a dark wood. He asked Mr. Haymaker to come look at his present table and give him an estimate of what he would be able to do on a trade. Bob took me on home so he would be home when Mr. Haymaker came.

Bob called me later to say he could get that new set for $100. Mr. Haymaker is going to give him $100. for his present set. The only catch was to get that price plus free delivery, Bob has to wait until Mr. Haymaker has another delivery in Coffeyville. Bob doesn't mind waiting. He is going to get the set out on Woodland though because it matches his counter tops.

I came home to stay in the house the rest of the afternoon. It is so cold. 

Later Bob came over to watch the news. After he left, I took my bath and lay down with Missy n the sofa and we watched a kind of cute movie on Amazon.

Missy and I went to bed as soon as that was over at 9:00. 


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wednesday and Exercises and Bunco

I slept fairly well last night. I awoke at 2:00 and couldn't get right back to sleep so I got up for an hour before going back to bed and finally back to sleep.  Then I woke up at 6:00.

I will pick up Bob for exercises in about 30 minutes. After that, I will warm up the soup I made yesterday afternoon. Bob will bring his cheese. I have crackers to eat with that too. Then at 1:00 I will go to Bunco at the senior center.

Missy is back on my bed this morning. I have kept that door shut for months to keep her off my bed. I opened it because I understand the furnace is more efficient when all inside doors are open. I guess she won't hurt that bed. She sleeps in there with me at night anyhow.

More later....

The senior center is not open yet. Kay just uses her key to open it for exercises until it officially opens. I don't know when that will be.

So there was no Bunco today. Instead, I made cookies. I warmed up the soup I made last evening and we had that for lunch. Bob brought his good cheese and we had crackers and then for dessert we had the rest of the lemon pudding with two cookies.

Bob was full and he went home to take a nap. I may go out to Walmart again and get my groceries. I have a fair list. It's nothing I need right away though and it is cold out there.

Tomorrow, I have Ministerial Alliance meeting and will have lunch there.   Bob will be on his own.  Maybe he will ask Joanne to have lunch with him. Or maybe he will just eat alone.

Friday we will have the soup again. We plan to go to Joplin to Olive Garden on Saturday if the weather turns nice like it's supposed to do.

More later....

I have been listening to music on Alexa again this afternoon. I went out to Walmart to buy my groceries too. I stopped at Family Dollar for Missy's treats. They are the only place in town I can find them.

Then I stopped at Brahm's and bought more garlic toast.  I have put everything away now and am just waiting for the 5:00 news...which is about 40 minutes away.

So more later...soon the newspaper will come too.

I took my weeper out and swept out my car. It had become dirty since it has been too cold to stop Independence and use the fifty cent vacuum. Mine didn't cost anything but putting up with the cold.

Bob came over shortly before 5:00 to watch the news.  He left after the CBS news. I will finish this up and take my bath and get my PJs on and lay down with Missy on the sofa and see if there is anything worth watching on TV.

If not, we will go be bed at 9:00.  I want to clean the apartment tomorrow before I go to Ministerial Alliance.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Tuesday and Hair Day

I slept well last night again. I got up about 6:00..late for me.

I fed Missy and myself and got ready for the day. I went to the bank to get the correct change for Kathy. I never like to make her use her change for me.

I took Bob out to Betty's for a visit. Then I went on to meet Kathy for my appointment. She cut my hair and fixed it for me for the week. Hopefully, it will last now that it's been cut.

Then  I picked up Bob and we went to Walmart. He bought a new small microwave to replace the one he gave Eric and his family.  I bought some meat for the vegetable soup we will have tomorrow and Friday. I fixed it with stew meat this time.

When I got home I texted John that I was home early. He is to bring me the stamp money and some of the money I spent on ink cartridges. I will not ask for all I spent. I bought some nice paper and all the envelopes too. It took five cartridges of ink and I thought two might do it.

I have the soup on now. I will refrigerate it for tomorrow and warm it up tomorrow. It needs to cook another 15 minutes.

Alexa is playing some Peter, Paul and Mary music now. When I was young, they were my favorite group.

More later...

John came about 3:15 with the check for the stamps and cartridges. There wasn't quite enough but that's o.k. Some other classmates had sent me some money for the letter and I used that.

I went to the post office and bought a roll of stamps and put them on the 75 letters and gave them to the clerk.

Whew! That's done for another year!

When I got home, Keith called and talked to me a long while. He and Esther want me to come to Phoenix in the spring. I may just do that. I have never been to see them and see their new home. They have been personalizing it ever since they moved there.  I told Keith to choose a good time of the year and I would come.  Bob will take care of Missy for me. She loves him. I would only be gone for a week.

Bob came over at 5:00 and watched the news with me. He left at 6:30 and I came in here to finish this blog.  Now I will take my bath and put my PJ's on and get ready to lie down with Missy and watch some TV.  At 9:00 Missy and I will go to bed.

I am already tired!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Monday and A New Year!

I slept really well last night again. I am hoping my sleeplessness is a thing of the past.

It was -2 when I got up this morning and it has warmed up to 5 degrees now. If you can call that "warmed up".

I got all the class newsletter envelopes printed day before yesterday and  then began printing off the actual newsletters. I got half of them finished yesterday and today and now I am letting the printer rest and cool down. I sure don't want to lose my printer. I have 75 six page letters to print off. I bought a double color cartridge at Walmart yesterday and have gone through one of them already. If I go through the second one before I am finished, I will have to go back out for another. I need to check the receipt and see what I paid for them. John, our class treasurer, is supposed to repay me for the expense from the classmates account.  I buy the envelopes and paper but the class pays for the cartridges and stamps.  He said he would bring me the money tomorrow when the bank is open. Then I will get them in the mail for those who are not online. I already sent off the ones that were online when I finally finished the letter. I just attached it to e-mail as a Word document.

Missy and I have had a misunderstanding this morning. She wanted up on the daybed behind me to watch what I was doing. I carefully lifted her up (she can no longer jump that high) and she hissed at me. I started to pet her and she swiped at me with her claw out and opened a deep place on my finger. It bled like a stuck pig. I grabbed a hanky and a newspaper and swatted her with the newspaper. I scared her but I am sure it didn't hurt her at all.  It took her awhile to get over the trauma though. When I lifted her up there this time, she was cautious. She seems to be all right now though.

We will have the rest of the goulash for lunch today. I have some more garlic bread and Bob will bring some coleslaw. That and tea will just be it. I am out of green beans. That's the veggie I put with it the first time. There's a lot of tomatoes in the sauce so that will have to be our veggie this time. It's only 10:30 so I don't start warming it up until 11:00.

Tomorrow we will go to Independence so I can get my hair done and cut. While I do that, Bob will go visit his sister, Betty. Then at 11:00 we will go to Big Cheese for lunch.

I hope to get the newsletters finished tomorrow afternoon and in the mail for another year.

More later...

I took this photo off my daughter's facebook page. Those little critters are growing like weeds!

 Image may contain: dog

This is just one of the nine. He is one of the rare three colored ones.

More later...

We had some more of the goulash for lunch and it was good. I had garlic toast to go with it. Then I  made some lemon pudding for our dessert. We still had some of the goulash left over and it was too good to throw away so I took it to Karan for her lunch. I also gave her the leftover garlic toast. I had already given Marilyn some of the goulash and garlic toast the first time we ate it.

Then I spent the afternoon working on printing off the class newsletters.  There were 75 without e-mail and there were 6 pages to print in each one so you can understand why it took five ink cartridges to do the job. Plus I had printed off the envelopes first. It was a big job but it's done for another year. I have assembled it and sent it out for 20 years now. There were four of us that have done it for several years each. I think I have had it the longest. Dean started it right after we graduated. Then a woman from Oklahoma City did it for several years. She passed it on to Shirley and I got it from Shirley.
It's 4:20 now and I have worked on it since 1:00.

It's almost time to turn on the news. I have had the TV and even Alexa quiet all afternoon.

More later...

Bob came over shortly after 5:00 and we watched the news.  He left at 6:30 and I took my bath and put my PJs on and watched TV with Missy until almost  8:30. It had been a grueling day with all the trips to Walmart and printing off 75 letters. I think Missy and I will just go to bed.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday and No Church

It's 11 degrees this morning and is forecast to be -5 by tonight so the pastors cancelled church. Other churches in our area have cancelled too. We old folks don't really need to be out in this cold....especially those in poor health anyhow.

I call call "Just Us "after while and see if they are going to be open for lunch. Bob and I may drive over there anyhow for lunch. It doesn't seem like Sunday with no church.

They are open for lunch so I made our reservations.  I am not afraid of cold weather. I will take my heavy jean coat. We will take Joanne B. with us.

I slept well again last night. Maybe my sleepless nights are over. I hope so. More later...

I watched the news until time to go pick up Bob and Joanne.  Then we went to "Just Us" and had a real good usual.  We had a good visit too. Joanne is a pleasant person but I think Bob is right. She has a little crush on him. :)

I came home after taking them to their several homes and then went out to Woodshed to get gas. I had a little below a quarter of a tank left.

When I got home, Missy was glad to see me. She evidently had been sleeping all morning while I was gone.

I may go over to the Antique Mall and look around awhile. I see they are open.

More later...

I went out to Walmart and bought two ink cartridges and some premium paper. That paper made all the difference in the newsletter. 

So, instead, I began printing off newsletters. I got twenty or so finished and some in the mail with my own stamps.  John W. called to tell me of another classmate that had died and he would be bringing me the money for the ink cartridges and stamps on Tuesday after the bank is open again.  I added the classmate he told me about to the list and sent the list off to the online classmates.

Bob came over shortly after I finished.  We watched a football game in progress and then part of another before 60 Minutes finally came on. It was primarily a recap of the year's best stories. I had seen most of them. he left before they were finished.   I tried to watch some other programming but I am just not impressed with the stuff I am able to get. In fact, I am not impressed with present day TV at all. That's why I gave up the cable.

It's only a little after 8:20 and I would like to stay up until 9:00.  I am tired of dealing with the newsletters so I will just play solitaire or free cell until bedtime.