Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Again

Bob and I went to breakfast at Eggberts this morning and had omelets. As usual they were good! We will hang pictures today. We got the rest of the curtains hung yesterday. He will give the ones we couldn't use to Bobby and Karan for helping us move Bob over into the apaprtment.

Bob's phone would not ring yesterday so we ended up going to Bartlesville where he could get a new battery. Turned out it only needed to be set on "outside". Anyhow, he got a half tank of gas at a good price.

He came over last evening and we watched the news together and had a glass of the good red wine called Roscotto. It is imported from Italy but only costs a little over $12.00. Then he went home and I took my bath and put my PJs on. I went to bed shortly after nine and slept very well for a change.

He will take some things out to the church to store them in the shed out there. He has a six foot aluminum stepladder he will take out there and some other small things.

I will fix Parmesan chicken for lunch. I will throw the leftover potatoes from yesterday into a skillet and brown them and we will have a veggie and a salad. I made cookies yesterday afternoon so we will have pudding and cookies for dessert. We had such a big breakfast we may eat later today. We usually eat at 11:30 but today it may be closer to 1:00.

The rest of the day is up for grabs. He and I registered yesterday for another trip to Kansas City to see George Wint at a dinner theater. It will be held on November 20th...the same day as the Living Christmas Tree we planned to go to in Joplin. Darn. We will have to cancel the plan for that Joplin trip.

I will leave on the 27th for Hawaii to be with my younger son for that holiday. I wil stay a week.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday at Last!

Friday is just Friday. I don't know what I am looking forward to today. I will go to Independence to get my hair done in about 30 minutes and then back for exercise class. I think I will try to hang Bob's cafe curtains after that. I will fix lunch/dinner today. He took me out yesterday noon. We worked all morning to get everything out of the house and shed. Moving is a huge mess.

I slept just so so last night. I awoke at 1:00am after going to bed at 8:00pm. After an hour or so, I got up and warmed some milk and took a melatonin tablet. Then I finally got back to sleep until almost 5:00am. My sleep has gone to the dogs lately. I ache so much I just wake up. I may take a couple of Tylenol this morning. That may help.

I will cook my tuna cakes for lunch. We will have boiled potatoes and a veggie and Bob will bring a salad. I have cup cakes for dessert.

More later....

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Another Big Thursday

This will be another big day. I will help Bob put away things if he wants me to and we will hang pictures. We also need to take down his curtains at the house and hang some of them at the apartment. And I want to label the boxes I put in the top of his spare bedroom closet so he will know what's in them. Yesterday afternoon after the horrendous move, we went downtown and he got the electricity put in his name and got his electricity at the house put back in the landlord's name until the new renter comes in. We also put a change of address in at the post office.

Leslie hooked up the TV, the VCR and the DVD player but the TV would not project programs and there was just a screen telling us there was a problem. It did come on but only with that message. We called Wichita and they said the box was in Bob's name and the account is in the landlord's name so he will have to go up to the cable office this morning and get that changed to the landlord's name.

We still have a little bit of stuff to move from the top of the extra bedroom closet over at the house. When we get that we will run the sweeper and give the keys to the landlord. There is also a sewing box and some odds and ends on the floor in the front bedroom. It won't take long. But he does need to call Atmos Energy and get the gas turned off. The apartment is all electric.

The first thing Bob did this morning was to call the cable company and have them turn on his TV. We had to do it locally since Wichita refused to do it unless we had the landlord here to authorize it.

Then we brought over all the rest of the stuff from the house including the curtains. I got the curtains hung and will have the ones for the bedrooms shortened by Sharon. The material is too slick for me to handle. I was going to do it by hand but just could not keep it from sliding all over the place.

Bob played out and had to have a nap. We will hang pictures tomorrow morning. He will have to go through the boxes and put stuff away himself.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Huge Wednesday

This has been a huge day. It started with exercise class this morning. Then I picked up my daughter's coat at the cleaners after that and came home begin the big move. Bobbie and Karan, bless their hearts, stayed until the last and moved everything but pictures and some little odds and ends. Bob and I will get those in the morning. We did move his clothing from the closet into the new apartment. We still have his out of season clothing from the second bedroom closet to move but we will do that tomorrow. He is exhausted! I left him at 2:00 so he could get a nap.

Karan fixed a lovely lunch for all of us. Marilyn returned my dish from the stew I sent her last week and Karan invited her too.

I went back to Gilliam's get more boxes. We didn't have near enough. We will hang pictures and put things away tomorrow. We also need to get the curtains from the house and hang them in the apartment. I think I can make them fit.

I got a good night's sleep last night. I went to bed at 9:30 and awoke at 1:00 and couldn't go back to sleep. I got up at 3:00 and took a Benadril tablet then I slept until 6:05. Benadril does wonders to make one drowsy.

Leslie will come this evening to put his TV together again. Then he will have entertainment.

More later if there is more.....

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Rainy Tuesday

I went over last night to Bob's new apartment. The cleaning lady had been there but it wasn't as clean as I wanted it to be before he moves in tomorrow. So I worked on it an hour or so. Unfortunately I didn't sleep well again last night. I awoke at 3:00 and never really went back to sleep. I got up at 4:00 and made a pot of coffee and browned a biscuit. It rained last night and is supposed to rain all day today. We can pack but probably not be able to actually move much. Moving day is tomorrow. Hopefully the rain will be finished by then.

I will take the cakes to Independence at 9:00 this morning and then go look around at Goodys and Wal Mart until time to meet Leslie for lunch. We will meet if she can get away. That's always iffy.

When I get back home I will try to get the boxes I packed yesterday afternoon moved over and put away.

Tomorrow is exercise day and also moving day. Bobby has agreed to help us with the furniture with his low trailer. he is such a good person.

More later...

I worked at moving Bob's kitchen stuff almost all day. About 3:30 I came home to try to get a nap. I had not slept well last night. I think I got a small nap.

Bob's TV had been turned off during the night. So he came over and watched the news here this evening. But he was exhausted so after that, he went home to take a shower and went to bed. Dennis came after his work and helped Bob to move part of his furniture. Bob didn't sleep well at all last night. I think this move has worn him out and also worried him. By this time tomorrow though, he will be moved into his new apartment. We will have his curtains to hang but after that he should be all moved in.

In the morning, Bob will take his car to have the oil changed and be late to the exercise class. I will take my own car. Bobby and Karan will come afterward and we will get Bob all moved in.

My daughter, Leslie, will come after her work and hook up his TV, VCR and DVD player.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Again and Exercises

It's Monday again. This time I slept well. Thank goodness! Today Bob and I will go to exercises at the senior center. We do that Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The cleaning woman is to come today to clean Bob's new apartment. I hope she does a good job. I wanted to move the stuff from Bob's kitchen tomorrow because he wants to move the furniture and everything else on Wednesday. It's supposed to rain today and tomorrow. That may put a crimp in our plans. We will just have to wait and see.

I also need to bake two cakes today for the First Christian Church in Independence. I will take the Coffeyville cakes up in the morning. I hope it will not be raining but it may be.. It's forecast.

Then when I get home, if it's possible, I will start moving his kitchen stuff. If that bathroom isn't clean to our standards, I will clean it first.

I will also fix lunch/dinner today. I intend to fix tuna cakes and boiled potatoes. We still have some of Bob's jello salad and I will fix some veggies. I have some pudding for dessert.

I presided yesterday and chose hymns from the new hymnal that were familiar. The lyrics were familiar. Unfortunately the music had been changed. None of us knew the new music. We only have two people in the congregation that can read music. We plan to have a period each Sunday morning before the worship service to practice the new hymns. We did that twenty years ago when the last new hymnal came out. But we had only had the new hymnals for a week and a half. So we had not started the practice sessions yet. The worship service was awkward because we did not know the hymns. I was embarrassed but nothing could be done about it at that point. Luckily, the sermon was good and the serving of the communion went off flawlessly.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday and the End of Daylight Savings Time

I awoke at what I thought was my regular time this morning just to find I had forgotten to turn the clocks back when I went to bed. So what I thought was 4:30 turned out to be 3:30. My body said it was time to get up though so I spent the next few minutes turning all the clocks back.

We met Keith yesterday at Eggberts and had a good breakfast before the sale. Bob had sold nearly everything out by noon so we closed up and came home and put the few things remaining in his storage unit. Then we went to Arby's and had a sandwich and curly fries. We both went home after that and took a nap. I stayed up until 8:30 last night and finally just went to bed. I hadn't done much but was really tired.

Today I preside at church. It's communion Sunday at our church (the first Sunday of each month) and I have that all ready to go too. I don't know where we will eat lunch after church.

Tomorrow the woman who is to clean Bob's new apartment is to come and it will be interesting to see if she really does clean it. The bathroom really needs a good cleaning. The landlord and his son did some cleaning day before yesterday but they didn't clean the bathroom and the shower doors really need some help. The tub has mildew in it too. If scrubbing it doesn't help, we will try some bleach. I also bought some foam Barkeepers Friend online and it seems to do a good job too. I can't imagine the previous occupant leaving it that way.

I took stew over to Marilyn's house yesterday. She called last night to say she had eaten some of it and thanked me for it.

More later...