Saturday, April 11, 2020

Saturday and Laundry

I slept fitfully last night  and about 4:30AM I just gave up. I have made my bed but have not dressed yet and am just in my PJs and robe. I am trying to decide whether to wash my hair today or wait until tomorrow. Since I haven't dressed yet, I can make that decision later. I am not going anywhere..I haven't even turned on the TV weather yet.

I may go ahead and make up my oatmeal and coffee. It's way too early for the cats. It's only a little after 5:00AM now.

I did make up and eat my oatmeal and am now working on my coffee. I think I will just wait until tomorrow to wash my hair. I have come in the den and am using the desktop computer so I won't alert the cats that I am up and around.

More later...I will get dressed.

After I dressed Mama cat was definitely ready for her breakfast. I wanted to go out the front door but she was ready to come in so I had to go out through the garage. She gets under my feet  if I am not careful. I don't want to trip. Anyhow, she ate until she was full and then when she left, a smaller yellow cat came too. Both cats are gone now. It wasn't Big Yellow Tom. It is thundering and threatens to rain. I believe we have a 70% chance of rain tonight.

It did rain a bit but I know we are supposed to get more this evening. Funny, every time I went out to get the cat's food bowl, Gray Mama cat would rush over to eat some more or get some water. She obviously wanted me to leave that dish out there,  I took a letter out to put on the mailbox and she was finally gone so I was going to bring the dish in but then Big Yellow Tom came rushing over to eat some breakfast. So I left it out again.. He didn't eat much but I will leave the dish there for awhile.

More later.....

I want to do my towel and underwear  laundry so I had better get it started.

More even later...

I got that laundry done and put away.

I noticed the lights are out on my car's dash and I guess it is a fuse but I don't have a clue how to check that out. I guess the next time I am in Coffeyville I will drop by Gary's and see what I need to do about it. Seems like it's always something.

I have been playing solitaire on the notebook most of the afternoon. It is after 4:00PM now.

My son-in-law was reading this blog and he figured out why the dash lights were so low. When I wiped off my dash I had accidentally tapped the little minus sign - thing that adjusted the brightness on the dash and that dims the dash lights. He had me take a photo of that area and immediately saw what had happened.  Sure enough, I tapped on the + sign and it got brighter.

All I really know about a car is how to drive it, put gas in it, check the battery and vacuum it. When It gets warmer, I will pull the floor mats out and clean them with my scotch guard car carpet cleaner. I do that every spring. I have been trying to keep this little '08 Honda Civic as clean as I can since it will have to be my last car unless I get careless or someone else does.

I have been listening to Kenny Rogers' music on Alexa, my Echo that John and Leslie gave me a couple of years ago for Christmas. Kenny Rogers died a couple of weeks ago. He was 81.

It's past time for the news now So I cancelled her music. Actually the news is not on right now because the Tulsa station has scheduled some other special programming. The CBS News won't be on until 5:30PM  I just turned on the weather channel since there's nothing else on TV that I am interested in right now.

I will get back to this later. I am going to warm up some beans and cornbread for supper. I never did eat lunch.

More later... I ate the beans and half the cornbread. 

I see the small yellow cat is here for dinner too. He/she didn't stay long. The last thirty minutes, I have started to take in the bowls several times but the gray mama cat comes right out from around the hedge and looks pleadingly at me...obviously not wanting me to take the food bowls away. So I have left two of them out there a while longer. Now the small yellow cat is back out there eating from the double dish. He/she is much smaller then the big yellow Tom cat. He/she is the only one of mama cats litter that is yellow like big Tom cat.

I have taken my first shower since moving in here a year and a half ago. I wanted to wash my hair. John came over day before yesterday and figured out how to make it a shower instead of a bath. It was different from the way most showers change from baths to showers.

It's funny. That gray mama cat simply would not let me take away the bowls. She was full and not using them but every time I tried to take them away, she did not want me to do it. But when the young yellow cat came to eat, he/she did and then left and the gray mama cat left too. I wonder if that is why. Strange!

It's 8:00PM now and at 9:00PM, I will go on to bed.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Friday and Vacuuming

I slept well even though I had lots of arm pain and woke up from time to time. I got up shortly after 6:00AM. Sometime during the night, I broke down and took some Aleve for the arm pain. My right foot toes were also aching. I don't know what's going on there. I took some leg cramp med. That helped but not entirely. Getting old is definitely not for sissies.

I have dressed and had my oatmeal for breakfast and am working on my coffee and Chai Latte now.

I have three hungry cats out there for breakfast. Both grays are there and Big Yellow Tom is out there now too. He intimidates the grays and they move back away from the food and let him eat his fill. He appears to have done that now. He is leaving. Maybe the grays will come back now and eat some more. I don't believe they were finished. I will leave the food out there for awhile to see if they come back. If I leave it too long, birds start to eat on it. I am definitely not feeding birds.

I texted Bob this morning. I told him his suspenders had come yesterday and offered to meet him at Tyro today to give them to him but he wanted to wait and see what he had going today. Strange....but that's o.k. The only thing he usually has going is going over to Joanne's. Maybe he wants to see what she wants to do and maybe come with him to get them. Who knows? He didn't say.

I want to vacuum today and dust.  I got the floors washed yesterday. I got the vacuuming done today except for the den.

More later...

One more of the gray cats came back to eat. I am glad I left the food out there.

More even later...

When I finish the  CBS news I will vacuum.

I see the gray mama cat and one of the yellow cats are back eating again. It's a good thing I left the cat food out there. That yellow is one of mama cat's grown kittens. It's her only yellow kitten. The others were all grays.

I ordered some masks so when I go to the Dollar General or Walmart, I can wear a mask. They should be here in a couple of days.  That should help people to feel safer around me.

CBS is showing the faces of some of the victims of the coronavirus.  Some were famous people.

I didn't eat lunch because I was reading my new book on my Kindle.

I got a text from Bob asking me to meet him and Joanne at Tyro and bring the suspenders I had ordered for him from Amazon. He had told me Dillard's in the Bartlesville mall was closing and he had wanted to get some suspenders. I told him I could order some for him from Amazon. That was Wednesday and they arrived on Thursday. Amazing!

When I met him at Tyro at 2:00PM today I gave them to him and he paid me the $11.99 they cost.

When I got home I stopped about 2:15PM at Sonic and ordered their Kids dinner. It is $2.18 with the tax. Two chicken strips and this time I took fries instead of tater tots with my small coke. It's always good and also cheap!

Then when I got home I sat in the sun in my car continued reading my book.. About 5:15PM I finished the book. Then I peeled a banana for my supper.

Now it is 5:45PM and I am watching  the CBS evening news again. It is mostly about the colonavirus. Pretty dismal!!

Big Yellow Tom cat  is here to eat his supper. So far he is the only one. I put out all three dishes just in case another cat or two come for supper. There is plenty of food.

I will take my bath about 7:00PM and after that about 9:00PM, I will go to bed.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning Day

I slept fairly well last night...probably because I stayed up so late reading. I got up at 6:00AM this morning, had my oatmeal, coffee and will have my Chai Latte next.. I guess I will clean the apartment this morning.

I had two yellow cats here for breakfast.  Big Yellow Tom and his offspring smaller yellow. I haven't seen anything of any gray cats yet. One did jut run down the street but didn't come over for breakfast. At least not yet.

After I watch all the news, I will wash the kitchen and bathroom floors. Maybe then I will vacuum. I bought some more frozen meals when I was over to Coffeyville's Walmart yesterday.

I see the smaller yellow cat is back to eat some more.

Ah, there is the gray Mama cat. They are both eating out there now although the yellow one has finished and just now left..

More later...

Now Montgomery County Kansas has 11 cases of the virus and two deaths. The two deaths were caused by a woman who attended a church conference in March and contacted the disease and then came home and infected her husband and they both died.

I appreciate so much that our world church has cancelled all our church services all over the world. People can log onto web sites at various places who are putting their services online for those of us who want to attend a service without putting our lives and others at risk.

More later...

I had one of my chicken pot pies for lunch and an ice cream bar afterward..

Then I put together some newsletters to try to keep our people in touch and share what little news there is while our services are cancelled. I got six out in snail mail and sent the rest by e-mail.I walked up to the post office to mail them. It was a lovely sunshiny day.

It is supposed to turn cold again later in the week. So I'd better enjoy it while I can.

I read most of the afternoon. This morning the Cox mail was down and I had to wait thirty minutes to talk to someone from Cox Complete Care. I finally got a woman who told me their e-mail  was down. The first man I spoke to could have told me that but he didn't.

About 4:00PM or so, John dropped by and figured out how to change my tub into the shower. That will make my keeping my hair washed so much easier.. I really appreciate John thinking of that.

I got hold of Cox Complete Care when my e-mail stopped working again. The young man who helped me tuned up the notebook and it works much faster now.

In about 30 Minutes at 7:00PM I will take my bath and put my PJs on and try to stay up until 9:00PM before I go to bed.

I would stay up and read tonight but I am charging the Kindle. I read so long last night and this morning  that I ran down the battery. I have it on the charging now.

It finished charging so I did go back to my book on it. I read until almost 10:00PM before I went on to bed. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wednesday and Social Security

I slept fitfully last night with foot cramps, very sore arm and just plain listlessly. I finally took a couple of  melatonins and got to sleep. In fact, I slept until 7:00AM which is unheard of. When I finally texted Bob he was getting ready to go out to Walmart for coffee and some groceries.

My social security came in and I will transfer the money I borrowed from my savings account back into the savings account until the next time I need it.

I fixed my oatmeal and coffee while I prepared the cat food. It was so late most of the cats had come and gone. All but the ratty looking gray cat. He must have been very hungry and patient. He waited until I put the bowls down and went back inside and then dug in.  He is gone now. I left the food dishes out there just in case some other other cats checked back in. I finally brought in the dishes so the birds would not eat the cat food. I definitely am not going to feed the birds that cat food.

I don"t have anything planned for today. I could finish going through that bottom drawer of the file cabinet and I probably should finish that project while the spirit moves me.

I have rescheduled my podiatrist appointment for next Monday afternoon and have been having second thoughts about going and sitting in a waiting room with people with some kind of health problem.  I may cancel it until this mess is over.

More later...I want to get my Chai Latte.

I watched the CBS news until 10:00AM nd then I went back to going through my file cabinet and shredding old documents. I got nearly finished until the shredder overheated and I had to stop and let it cool down.

I see by the Fox news online, that Bernie Sanders has suspended his bid for the presidency. That's probably a good idea. the man had a heart attack just as his campaign was starting and after this national health crisis he probably would not have survived his presidency. I only hope the Democratic candidate can beat Trump.

More later....

I shredded until the red light went on warning me that the shredder was too hot to use until it cools down.

So then I ate lunch. I had thawed some beans I had cooked awhile back and also some cornbread. I had a couple of bowls of that and what little I had left,, I saved for a small lunch either tomorrow or Friday.

I finished the shredding of old documents like old tax forms from the house on Catalina and real state stuff that I no longer need to keep. I went through both drawers of my file cabinet. I am sure there are many things left there that the kids will not want when I am gone but I kept things that still have value to me. They can toss them when I am gone if they don't want them.

That is one job I had been saving for a snowy day. Instead I used this "stay at home" day. Maybe this afternoon I can do my trimming. I wanted to get through that file cabinet this morning.

More later...

I got half my trimming finished and ran out of string. Try as I would, I could not squeeze together the buttons to release the empty string cartridge. Finally I called  John to see if he was home and would do that for me. Luckily he was home and was willing to help me. So I drove out there and he got the job done. I immediately came back home and finished the trimming. John was a huge help.

Now I am very tired again. I guess I will read my new book on Kindle. I get one free book on Kindle every month because of my Amazon Prime.

Which reminds me. I had an e-mail from Amazon this morning that his suspenders, which I ordered yesterday.would be here Friday instead of Saturday.We will see.

The food pantry is open again this afternoon and I hope to get some bananas. I will go by and get what I can. If I can't use what they give, I can always take it to Sycamore Landing and leave it on the "free" table  Friday. Those folks always use everything. I hope I can get bananas this afternoon  though.

More even later...

I took what I couldn't use to Coffeyville to Sycamore Landing. I also slipped some magazines under the door at Bob's apartment. I went out to Walmart too and bought what I couldn't find at our Dollar General store here.  I got some bananas too at the Walmart store there in Coffeyville. They didn't have them at the Food Pantry here.

I am watching the CBS news now. At 7:00PM I will take my bath and try to get to bed at 9:00PM.

That didn't work out. I got involved in my Kindle book and read until 11:15PM to finish it. Then I went to bed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Tuesday and Sheet Laundry

I slept well but not very late. I was up at 5:00AM or shortly before. I stripped my bed and will start the laundry in awhile.  Right now I am having my breakfast...oatmeal and coffee and am now working on my Chai Latte and reading my e-mail. I tried to log into Keith's new facebook-like site but it wouldn't accept my password.

Anyhow, I have fed myself. It is only 6:00AM so maybe the cats aren't up and around yet. I will check that out before I get any further here.

The little scraggly gray cat was there waiting for me to open the door.  I went ahead and put out the two blue bowls too... figuring it won't be long and some of the others will be here too.

I may as well start the sheet laundry while I am blogging here.

Well, that is done. I started the washer. I really like my new washer and dryer. The washer automatically fills to the proper level for the size of the laundry. It senses the weight evidently.
Sure enough...two more cats came for breakfast. They must have slept in later then usual :). 

My cell phone is updating  now. I hope that doesn't take long. I usually text Bob around 6:00AM-6:30AM to see if he is alright.

I texted him now but I haven't heard back from him yet. He may be in the shower.

More later...

Bob finally called and told me he was going to Independence to see his 95 year old sister, Betty. Out of 11 kids, they are the only two still living. Who knows how long he will have her.

My laundry finished and I got it dried and folded out and put away.

I think I will go out to Sonic and have their kids meal....two chicken strips and an order of tater tots and a small drink for $1.99 plus tax. Or you can have french fries if you prefer.

I have had about all the frozen meals I can stand for a day. No sit down restaurants are one thing I miss the most...for a change of pace. I do have beans thawed and also have frozen cornbread. I may thaw that in the microwave and heat up those beans.

I left the cat food out a little longer today and although it is almost 10:00AM, Big Yellow Tom just came and ate his late breakfast. I have been having to run the birds off the food.  I am glad there was still some out there for him.

More even later ...

I did go out to Sonic and get their $1.99 special from the Kid's meals. With tax it comes to $2.18. Two nice sized chicken tenders and a small carton of tater tots and a small coke. It was enough to fill me up. And I had an ice cream bar from Dollar General to top it off after I got home.

When I got home I called and visited with Nancy awhile. She is as bored as I am with all this.It was 1:16PM and she was still in her nightgown. I told her the food pantry would be open from 3:00PM until 6:00PM so she was going to get her clothes on and go out and get some groceries.

After that I filled the mower with gas and decided to mow. I made two rounds around the front yard and was exhausted. Maybe I should have started earlier in the day. I realized I was not going to be able to do it this week. I was just too tired. I called Krystal Vanetta and asked her if one of her daughters would want to mow it and she said "yes" she would. It will be the 14 year old that did it two weeks ago. Her dad will bring her over to do it at 5:00PM. How aggravating! I did it last year but I am not sure I am going to be able to do it this year. The girls just charge me $25.00 each week so I may just have to bite the bullet and have them do it. Next time, I will start earlier in the day and see if that makes a difference.

I talked to Bob this afternoon. He went up to Independence this morning to see his 95 year old sister. He should do that more often. One of these days he may not have her to visit anymore.

He was telling me he heard that Dillards was closing in the mall in Bartlesville and he had wanted to get some suspenders to help him keep his pants up before they closed. His bottom has all but disappeared, he says. :). He asked me if I could order some for him on Amazon and I assured him I could. After he hung up, I got online with Amazon and looked over the selection then I called him back and told him what they looked like and what they cost. He had me order some blue plaid ones for $11.99 plus tax. They should be in on Saturday. He wears mostly jeans so they should work out fine for him.

At about 3:15PM I went out to the Food pantry and got some groceries. I will keep the plums and the blackberries but the green beans and other veggies will go to Sycamore Landing for their "free table".  They will have groceries again tomorrow and perhaps they will have bananas then. That's really what I really want. I have one every evening for supper.

It's 4:00PM now and I want to see if the news is on or if the president is going to take it over again.

Great, it is the local channel 6 news.

More later...

At 5:30PM John and his daughter showed up and in no time at all the 14 year old had the entire lawn done. I gave her $25.00 and she was delighted.. I will go out tomorrow and trim. For $25.00 I don't expect her to trim too. I can do that.! She did a good job mowing.

Image may contain: tree, grass, plant, outdoor and nature
This is the west side yard that the 14 year old girl mowed for me. This the largest side.
This part of the back yard

Image may contain: grass, house, plant, tree, outdoor and nature
This is the front yard all finished. I will only need to trim tomorrow.

Image may contain: tree, grass, plant, sky, outdoor and nature

It's 7:00PM and I will take my bath and get back to this later. Google has taken over this blog and it is different to post on now. I hope to be able to get into it tomorrow to post.

I watched a lecture by John Hamer pastor of the Toronto Canada congregation on the historical background of the passion account in the Bible...especially by Paul and Mark.. By then it was nearly 9:00PM and I decided to go on to bed.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Monday and Another Boring Day

I slept very well last night. I even slept until 6:30AM this morning. I got myself ready for the day and fixed my oatmeal and had my juice and coffee. Now I will fix my Chai Latte.

Then I noticed three cats out front waiting for their breakfast. Both yellow cats and the scruffy looking gray cat were there. I took them out their food.  Later, after they were finished, Mama gray cat came too. So that was four of them altogether. They are all finished now.

I am not sure what I will do today. I had intended to strip my bed and wash my sheets but I lost interest in doing that today. I will do it tomorrow instead. Today, I may read. Last night I was a little dizzy for some reason. I am fine this morning, I think.

More later...I want to watch the CBS news.

I went up to the post office to return the stamps I had ordered in the mail. I ordered them and in the meantime, I ran out of stamps. So I went to the post office and they gave me stamps and when my receipt came in with the stamps I had ordered, I returned them this morning. They gave me another order form and told me they would try to remember to just put my stamps with the local deliverable mail instead of letting my order go all the way to Wichita just to be sent back to Caney. That took three days.and that was over the weekend.

I guess I will vacuum the den today and perhaps then go through my file cabinet and shred some old documents. That would be something productive to do with all this free time.

More later...

Well, it's 12:30PM now and I have spent the morning going through the file cabinet organizing the stuff I have saved there and shredding non the top drawer. I never did find my passport. I just hope it is in the bottom drawer somewhere. I have shredded nearly everything unimportant except what has my new address on it in the Mdicare folder.  I will eat some lunch and then get back to it. I also want to vacuum the den. If I don't run out of energy, I may go ahead and strip my bed and do that laundry.

So more later..

I had chicken pot pie for lunch along with some of my juice.

It is 2:10PM now and I have spent several hours going through the file cabinet and shredding old files. By noon, I had the top drawer finished and this afternoon after my lunch, I started on the bottom drawer. I am about half finished with that. I have three grocery sacks full of shredded material. Still haven't run onto my passport. If I ever go anywhere where I would need it, I will have to get a duplicate done. I don't anticipate doing that however. I have no idea what might have happened to it. It should be in that file cabinet somewhere. Everything else certainly is. I am very tired and won't get anything else done this afternoon. Sitting on the floor sifting through all those documents was exhausting!

This evening I want to watch TV. "All Rise" is on at 8:00PM  and  "Bull" is on at 9:00PM. I want to watch both although I will be recording them both just in case I can't make it that late. Those two programs and one on Saturday called "Lucky Dog" and two on Sunday morning are about all I care about on TV except the CBS news. TV is just worthless anymore. Way too much violence and sex. All that is very unhealthy for our society. And then some wonder why our society is so violent anymore. That ought to be evident!

More even later....

I took my bath at 7:00PM and then looked at my calendar. I thought my doctor's appointment was Tuesday and it turns out it was today. Now I will need to call tomorrow and find out if I am in trouble with that podiatrist.

Oh well, it's always something! It's 7:45PM now and I have an hour and 15 minutes at 9:00PM before "Bull" comes on. I may just have to watch it tomorrow as recorded. I am very tired. I thought I might mow this afternoon but all that shredding wore me out. I just couldn't do it.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sunday and Laundry and Church Services

I slept fairly well last night and got up about 5:00AM to wash my hair. My arm was barely sore last night. I will not have  a beautition until all this is over. Luckily she gave me  a very short haircut and I was able to wash it in the tub (I never did figure out how to change it to a shower) and I blew it dry and it looks fine. That's a savings of $13.00 a week. I wear it so short that she only charges me that much.  The problem will be in three weeks when I will need a color touch up and haircut. I may just let it grow out white if she cannot be back in the salon by then.

I have dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have had my breakfast of oatmeal and juice and am working on my coffee now.

I will do a load of laundry this morning. Tomorrow I will strip my bed and wash the sheets. I do that on Mondays.

I noticed too late that Keith wanted to have a Zoom meeting last night with Leslie and Scott and me. I missed that. I don't even know what time they did that. He e-mailed me and should have either texted me or called.

Oh well....

I will watch the church service at Toronto Canada at 11:00AM this morning and watch the Springfield Missouri service this evening at 7:00PM. It isn't the same as being in a congregation but better then nothing at all.

I was watching the news last night on Channel 6 (in Tulsa) and they announced they were broadcasting from their Oklahoma City studio since someone in their Tulsa studio had contracted  the virus and they were cleaning that studio thoroughly. I don't know which staff member has it. They didn't say.

More later....

I watched the Worship service in Toronto Canada and was very impressed by their professionalism.Michael's music enhances the service too. everyone did a nice job.

At 2:00PM, I will try to use my new Zoom and make contact my kids that way. I hope I can figure it out. I have a shortcut on my desktop and hopefully that will connect me just fine.

The worship service from Toronto was very good. Michael's music was exceptional. I participated in the communion service as well.  I had my bread and grape juice ready.

More at 2:00PM when I try to connect with my kids.

Leslie and I face timed with the boys and their wives at 2:00PM and that is the only way we will be able to see them.  Keith and Esther had to cancer their trip here in May and Leslie and John had to cancel their cruise to Alaska. I am sure a lot of people have had their plans for the spring and summer.

At 7:00PM, I watched a worship service from Springfield Missouri which is our Mission Center headquarters. It wasn't as well done as the one we watched at 1:00AM from Toronto. But they are just learning how to do it.

I watched TV the rest of the evening, took my bath at 7:00PM and watched my recorded program of 60 Minutes until 10:00PM, when I went on to bed.