Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big Day Saturday

Scott and I had a big day today. First we got up and went to breakfast at Eggberts. That was neat.

Then we went to Bartlesville and met Leslie at the mall. We walked around and shopped and then went to lunch at Hot Wings and shared a sampler. After Leslie had to leave, Scott and I went to the movie and saw "The American with George Clooney. It was a very exciting movie. Never a dull moment.

While we were shopping, I bought Sage her birthday card and also her gift. While the sale was on, I also bought Maia a Christmas gift. I am having to start my holiday shopping very early because I just don't have the money any more to do it all in December. But if I am careful I will be able to get it all done before Christmas. Now I have Jeromy and Leslie and John's and of course, Juanita's, gift to buy.

While I had Scott here I took advantage of his trying on jeans to buy his birthday/ Christmas gift. He will be in Europe when those occasions occur.

We came home and went to the antique mall to put out a few more things. After that I took some more photos of Scott and then we went to El Pueblito for dinner. After that we came home and watched TV until bedtime.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Different Friday

Today will be different. This morning after I feed the animals and take the dog for his walk, I will hit a few garage sales. Perhaps I can refurbish my shelves at the antique mall.

Then at noon, I will have lunch with Adam. He is the young pastor of the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal church here and in Parsons. At IMA Wednesday, he invited me. We will meet at noon at the Tavern on the Plaza.

Then this afternoon, I will go to see Gerry. She has to have that procedure redone where they inject some sort of cement into a disk in her spine. She had it done two weeks ago but it was not successful.

I need to get another sympathy card too. The sister of Isabell died yesterday morning. Isabell is a member of our congregation.

This evening, Scott will be coming for the weekend. We will also eat at the Tavern unless we decide to go to Bartlesville tomorrow. We may drop by John and Leslie's home and check on the progress of the ground work on Jeromy and Marlene's home.

Then Sunday, I will speak at Webb City. He will be gone back home by then.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rainy Thursday

Well, it rained all night and I slept reasonably well. I called my brother-in-law this morning to see if he would like to go to breakfast at Eggberts. He did. We had a good visit. It seems my niece, Diana plans to come September 25th. I did not tell my sister when I went to see her this morning. I will let my brother-in-law do that when he is ready.

Phyllis was rather subdued. She visited with me about ten minutes before she fell asleep. I talked to Eloise about her meds. Eloise looked them up in Phyllis's book and they are not giving her any tranquilizers. I thought they might be because Phyllis was just as tired Thursday when I was there. Eloise said they only do that when they get to the place where they can't handle them any other way. I guess Phyllis was very hostile on Tuesday but after some time they settled her down. Those people just have the patience of Job.

I left after about 40 minutes and went to the antique mall. I have recooped my rent now. Anything sold the rest of the month will be profit. This may work out.

I then went to the dollar store to get dog food and a few other things I needed.

I will eat lunch and then do some cleaning this afternoon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Busy Wednesday

This morning I feel quite a bit better. I didn't eat much of anything yesterday. My stomach bothered me most of the day. I ate some yogurt not long before I went to bed and I went to bed at 8:30. I was really feeling lethargic.

I slept until 3:30 and just got up for awhile. I will go back to bed shortly. It's only 4:00.

I will go up to Independence this morning at 9:15 and have my hair done. Then at 11:30, I will go to Ministerial Association meeting at the Evangelical Friends Church. This will be their first meeting of the new IMA year.

After that, I came back home and took the box of odds and ends that I dug out yesterday to the antique mall and found room for it. Some of the shelves had been barren for a few days so I had Cyndi fill them with her things. Elnora was here and I didn't have time to fill them then. So I will filled the left over space.

I still have some other odds and ends to box up.

I will go visit my sister at 10:00 in the morning.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tired Tuesday

I don't know why I am so tried. I didn't do a whole lot yesterday except mow and trim and work at the computer. Last night Missy woke me up at midnight and wanted out. After I let her out, I could not easily get back to sleep. Therefore I am wiped out this morning.

I fed the animals and took Slinky for his walk. We were almost home and I realized I had lost my cell phone. I backtracked and at the second corner (where Slinky had done his duty) the sheriff's deputy who lived there came out with it. He had found it in his yard. I evidently dropped it off my pocket when I cleaned up Slinky's mess. I was so glad to get it back.

I had my coffee but I am off my oats this morning. My lower stomach cramped the rest of the night after I let Missy out. I had intended to clean house this morning but I may not do anything now but rest. I did want to go out to Windsor to see my sister at 10:00 but will wait now until Thursday. I hope I am not contagious. I last saw her last Thursday before Elnora came.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Very Busy Sunday

Today I served communion at church and presided over the service and then eight of us went to eat at Eggberts afterward. After that, Leslie and I and Elnora went to the campgrounds for the Celebration of Life of Bob Harper. They did their celebration much like we did ours. We saw several hundred people who attended.

Then we came home and watched TV and ate ice cream. Elnora will be leaving for Tulsa in the morning.

I will mow and trim after the grass dries tomorrow and also cut up my flowering crab apple tree to have it hauled off.

Then I will go over to see what is left in the booth.

Tuesday I will go see Phyllis, my sister. Her husband, Bob, has been ill all week. His tests should be back on Tuesday and he is to call me when he knows what they found.

The photos are part of the group who ate dinner together after church yesterday . The below woman is Elnora and the man is Jeff C. The woman in the upper photos in the orange shirt is my daughter, Leslie.The crowd is a part of the huge crowd at Bob H's Celebration of Life.