Saturday, June 8, 2019

Saturday and Dusting

I woke up earlier then usual this morning and finally just got up. I guess I had my sleep out. I notice the grass has grown a lot since I mowed on Tuesday. After it dries, I may mow again when it dries. It's pretty damp from the dew. I will need to mow before leaving for camp next Wednesday...probably on Tuesday. It's only 7:20AM now so it will be awhile.

I dusted the apartment this morning. It had been over a week. I don't have a plan for today except to mow. I am doing my little dab of laundry this morning...mostly towels and underwear. I have that laundry in the dryer now.

I heard from Gay this morning on e-mail. She wanted to tell me she enjoyed our visit on Monday. I always enjoy that drive up there.

The little gray cat has been here already this morning to eat the cat food in the dish. She/he left a little ..evidently for later.

More later...

I went out to Dollar General shortly before noon and bought some some bandages for my leg. I have gone through an entire box of those large bandaids. I ran onto the recliner a few days ago and the soft spot on the recliner gouged a hole in my leg. It is finally getting better now.

Steve and Suzanne, my landlords, came this afternoon and brought two new Venetian blinds for my two front living room windows. Steve installed them. Suzanne helped him by holding a yardstick to keep the brackets steady while he screwed the brackets in to the top of the window. They look real nice!

More later....

I washed up the feeder and mixed up some more hummingbird feed. For some reason, after I changed the feed last time, the hummingbirds never drank from the feeder. That's strange! I have always had lots of hummingbirds. Not here. Before I bought my hook, they were feeding from the fence where I had it propped up.

Monday, or perhaps Sunday evening, I will have to mow again. The grass is very long and I just mowed it last Tuesday.  I would mow today but for one thing, it's way too hot and for another, I am speaking at church tomorrow and I don't want my hair to be a mess....and it would be a mess!

More even later...

I have been reading again and watching some mor eof my recorded TV shows.

I took my bath at 7:15PM and will be going to bed at 9:00PM, as usual.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday and Vacuuming

I slept without Melatonin again last night and got up shortly after 5:00AM. I watched the weather while I had my breakfast of oatmeal and juice and my coffee. After that, I watched a new program on Amazon Prime that I have been following called Autopsy.  It has been very interesting.

Just before I went to bed last night at 9:00PM, I noticed a lot of police lights a block went of my place on 8th Avenue. I haven't seen any explanation for it on facebook this morning. Usually the Chronicle is on top of these things.

I fed the stray kitty again this morning and deadheaded my flowers again too. It rained last night so I didn't need to water them today. I'm sure they got plenty of water.

I finally ran the vacuum this morning. I had done the bare floors earlier this week and also the little dab of laundry I had in the basket.

So, I am not sure what I will do today.  I don't need a thing.

I will be leaving next Wednesday for the church short reunion. It will run from next Wednesday the 12th until a week from this Sunday the 16th ...about four days.

So more later....

I made a quick trip to Bartlesville to look for a new clutch bag to go with my purse. The old one was wearing badly at the corners. I expected to have to pay $ 25 to $30 for it but I found on that matched my purse at TJ Maxx for $9.98. It was originally priced $40. That was a bargain! I looked all over the mall but couldn't find a thing I wanted. I did manage to get Leslie's birthday card and gift though. Her birthday is July 1st.  I even found a card I wanted that said just what I wanted to say. So, that is done.

I got back home by 2:30PM and just in time to feed the little gray cat.  Poor little thing. I think it must be a stray.

I watched another episode of "Autopsy" this afternoon.  Those are interesting.

More even later...

A young man came by to see how satisfied I was with my Cox cable. I told him I was making do. I have the very least I can get since today's programming is nothing I am interested in except for the program "Bull".  Mostly I have that so I can get my Tivo  to record programs I do like such as Dateline, 20/20, 48 Hours and Forensic Files. He wanted me to sign up for Dish but that would require me to use their recording device and I declined doing that with Cox. As it is they are requiring mme to rent their router and modum.

He is going door to door to offer Dish to the people of Caney who are dissatisfied with Cox. I resent not having a cable choice. It is a franchise but that eliminates competition which actually makes it a monopoly. That way they can raise the rates every year. Mine is already over $109.00 for very little TV options....mostly the main networks. I usually end up watching Amazon Prime where I can get a lot more options. 

I ended up taking my bath about 7:30PM and going on to bed at 9:00PM.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Thursday and Another Reading Day

I awoke early again this morning but I could tell I had had my sleep out. I have my breakfast of oatmeal early and watched the weather on the 8's and then went back to my book.

Nancy called about mid morning and wanted to go to lunch so I told her I would pick her up since she was right on my way. And I did that. We went to Eggberts and ate our usual chicken salad and muffin and fruit. We both really like that. There was a very noisy little boy about two years old. Finally, since we could visit there for the noise, we went on to her house. I had intended to buy lunch but she beat me to the punch. I left the tip. Then she wanted me to come in for awhile for a visit, I did that and stayed two hours.

When I got home, I read the rest of my Kindle book.  About 3:15PM the Schwans man came and I paid for my order.  He delivered it. I got my mail and did the crossword puzzle in the Reporter before taking it to Alice.

I think I may vacuum tomorrow. 

More later... I may have something on the Amazon Prime to watch or something I recorded.

I watched  a Dateline show that I had recorded this morning. After that, I took my bath and got ready for bed. It's a little early but I will look on Amazon Prime and see if there is something there I would be interested in watching. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wednesday and Hair Day

I slept like a log last night after doing all that mowing yesterday afternoon and evening.

Today I got up shortly before 5:00AM and dressed and had my oatmeal and coffee. I will be going over to Coffeyville today for my hair appointment at 10:00AM and I may meet Bob for breakfast. I have yet to ask him. Then I want to get gas at Woodshed and also go to the bank and later, after lunchtime, go to Bunco. I have the prizes this month for Bunco.

Then before I come back home, I want to go out to Walmart. I need a few things and I want to get a couple of  Walmart frozen dinners.  I like their sweet and sour chicken and one other that I can't spell. I like Schwan's chicken pot pies and ice cream bars. But their food is really too expensive for me otherwise. Their tomato basil soup is in too large a container for one person. I prefer canned Amy's for that. Then before I come home, I want to stop at Brahms and get my yogurt. I didn't have any for supper last evening.

I have put out food for the little gray cat. I don't know whether she/he has been by the bowl yet but I will go check.

More later....

I went over and picked up Bob  and we went to breakfast at Eggberts.  Then after I took him home, I went to Woodshed and bought gas and then out to Walmart for a few things. I passed on the frozen food because I was not going right back home. I went to the library and read and then went to get my pedicure. It had been awhile. Then back to the library to read again to wait for 1:00PM for Bunco.

While I was at the library, I looked up and saw Maia and Cheyenne and then Marlene, their mother.  We had a nice visit. And then they had to leave and I had to go over to the senior center for Bunco. Marlene is so nice to me...very pleasant. The little girls were happy to surprise me too.

After Bunco, I came back to Braums and bought my week's supply of yogurt. That's what I have for supper every evening.

Then I came back to home and took out my mail from the mailbox and am getting caught up on my blog.

More later...

I read my new free book most the afternoon until I got so tired I knew it must be time for my bath. So at 7:00PM, I took it and later at 9:00PM, I went on to bed. Another big day!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Tuesday and Up Before Five

I slept well last night but woke up very early. I realized I never did remember to put the laundry in the dryer yesterday evening and so I did that and started the dryer. Then I went back to bed until almost 5:00AM.

I got up then and dressed and had my breakfast and watched the weather on TV before coming in here for the blog.  I always wait for the "weather on the eights" before walking away from the TV weather. That gives me a more "local" weather report. Tulsa is over 70 miles away and their weather is usually not our weather.

I am in a quandary about today. I would like to go up to Chanute to see Gay and Adele but I need to be sure of the forecast first and check with them to see if they are available today before I make a plan like that. I may call Gay later on this morning. According to my phone there is only a 30% chance of rain here today but I don't know about Chanute. That's over 50 miles north of here.

Back to this later...

There is great progress on my son and daughter-in-law's new home:

Image may contain: house, sky and outdoor 

Roof on and brick laid. Next stone where paper is and upper wood siding applied and porch floor poured. Most the electric is strung inside and out, with can lights installed. the plumbing is completed. Lighting fixtures, inside wood flooring are ordered and meet with builder Ken Louallen Sr. for following next step(s). — 

More later...

Well, I decided to go to Chanute this afternoon and have lunch with Gay and have a visit. We really enjoyed that.  She ended up buying my lunch. She said I drove up there and she wanted to buy my lunch. You can't beat a deal like that! 

I dropped by John and Leslie's and gave them the garage door opener Suzanne gave me yesterday to give to them....just in case something unforeseen would happen, they could get into the apartment through the garage. Then I went on to Chanute. On the way home,  I stopped again and They gave me three pounds of their ground beef.  When I got home, I put that in the freezer for later use.

Then I decided to mow. I checked the oil and added gas to the mower and then decided the oil might need a little more. When I had my Dixon mower over on Catalina, every once in awhile we had to add a little oil.  

I made a few passes on the front yard and then black smoke started pouring out of the mower. I quickly turned it off and contacted Leslie. That had never happened before. I was afraid it might catch fire. They were going to Bartlesville to eat out so they dropped by here and John looked it over. It was dripping oil (or gas) I couldn't tell which.  John discovered I had put some oil in it and it really did not need any oil so it was sucking the oil into the filter and dripping it from there onto the deck. 

What a mess! He cleaned the filter out with some gasoline and got the mower running again but they were going to drop by Lowe's in Bartlesville and get a new filter for it. After they left and I cooled off a bit, I went back out and finished the mowing. By then I was soaked again so I drank a lot of water and took a bath. The mowing was finished for another week. 

They dropped back by after they had dinner and John put the new filter in it.

Leslie told me she had intended to finish the mowing for me and then discovered that I had done it myself. Those kids are a blessing! I don't know what I would have done without John.  He knew exactly what to do after he figured out what I had done. I am such a dunce when it comes to anything mechanical!

Anyhow, I am ready for my hair to be done tomorrow.

I have had my bath and have my pjs on and it is 8:40PM. In a little while I will go on to bed. It had been a big day.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Monday and Late Sleeping

I slept until 6:17AM this morning and I hadn't even taken melatonin. Amazing!

I got up and dressed and had my oatmeal and coffee and am now working on my Chai.  Suzanne will be by sometime today to pick up the rent.  I have it all ready to go. She wants to have coffee sometime this afternoon. She and Steve have been gone to Branson too. I don't know when they got back. She said she was helping her cousin with a garage sale this weekend.

I don't have an agenda for today. I may do some cleaning. I missed getting to do that on Thursday since we left for Branson then.

Back later...

I washed all three bare floors this morning and watered the flowerbed in the back. I deadheaded all the flowers. Everything looks neat.  I probably will wait until Thursday to run the vacuum cleaner. I saw the little gray cat come to eat some of the cat food I put out this morning. I haven't seen the larger yellow one since yesterday afternoon.

I had one of my chicken pot pies for lunch today and I will meet Suzanne out at Eggberts at 2:00PM for coffee. I will take her rent check to her then. Alice can't come this time. She is closing on her house this afternoon. I will miss her when she moves to Edna. She has been a good neighbor.

I did some trimming of the grass in the back yard this morning.

I got the last book we are going to use for Church School class this morning. The name of it is "We Make the Road by Walking" by Brian McLaren. We have studied several of his books. His books make you think and thinking is always good for us.

More later...

Suzanne, my landlady, came by and picked me up for tea this afternoon. We sat and visited at Eggberts for an hour or so. Then we went out to Dollar General. She needed to pick up some things. Then she brought me home. She gave me the extra garage door opener to give to John and Leslie.

More even later...

I spent the afternoon going through old bank statements and shredding anything older them 2019. It will take me awhile but I hope to clean out the file cabinet of anything unessential.  I may work on it some more tomorrow.

I also did a small load of laundry of towels and underwear. 

Finally, I knew I needed to give the shredder a rest or chance burning it out.  I went in and watched some of my Amazon Prime programs. I was out of yogurt so I had an ice cream bar and a cookie for supper. (very unhealthy) While I am in Coffeyville on Wednesday, I need to stop by Braums and get some more yogurt.

At 7:00PM, I took my bath and at 9:30PM  I went on to bed.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday and Church

I slept pretty well last night. Woke up a little earlier then usual but still got plenty of sleep. When I dressed this morning I saw that the mosquitoes had eaten on me while I mowed last evening. I have three big bites on my chest. I may have to use some anti-itch ointment. I may have some on my back that I can't see but it feels a little itchy. With all this rain, I guess that goes with it.

I have dressed and had my oatmeal and coffee. As soon as I finish this part of the blog, I will go start the coffeecake. Leslie has the sermon and communion this morning. I am up next week.

We are forecast for a week of rain. It will be interesting to see if that develops.

More later....I'd better get that coffeecake going.

O.K. The coffeecake is in the oven and the icing is in the mixing bowl. I am ready to leave for church at 8:30AM or so. It's only 6:15AM now. I am ahead of the game. :)

So more even later...

The coffeecake is out of the oven and cooled and iced.

I see the little gray cat is back eating the cat food.

 Image may contain: indoor

I haven't seen the larger yellow one for several days.

More later....

For some reason, Leslie had traded Melissa  for the morning sermon. She hadn't told me so I had advertised the wrong speaker in the Church Brief in the Journal.

Bob and I went to "Just Us" after church for lunch and I ate more then I should have.  I got home about 2:00PM and started working on the newsletters. I got them out on the mailbox for the mailman to pick up tomorrow. The ones that go out by e-mail went out today.

I called Nancy after that and she had missed church again with an upset stomach. I suggested she take some tums and see if she could get to feeling better. We visited awhile and then I let her get back to getting dressed. She had been in bed all day. She really needs to go to the doctor and find out what is bothering her stomach. I have told her I would take her if she wanted to go...any day but Wednesday. I don't know why she doesn't want to find out what is wrong with her stomach. If it isn't vomiting, it's diarrhea. She has it sometime almost every week. You can't force people to go to the doctor though. It has to be her idea. She knows I will take her if she wants to go.

More's 3:40PM now. So far, no storm.

It didn't look like it was going to rain so I got out and took Nancy the coffeecake I have saved for her.  Then I went to Dollar General and got some aa batteries for my Flawless shaver. The batteries finally died.

I came home and took my bath at 7:30PM and watched a couple of recorded TV programs until after 9:30PM and then I went on to bed.