Saturday, September 6, 2014

Back From Branson

We are back from Branson now. Missy, my cat, was very glad to see me again. She must have been lonely while I was gone the past two days.

We had a good time. We found that Silver Dollar City was closed on Friday so we went shopping instead. Then this morning, in a light mist, we went back to Silver Dollar City. It was cool and not bad at all.

I bought a new top at Branson. It was on a $19.95 sale rack. I also bought a pair of earrings and another one at Silver Dollar City.

I have unpacked and fixed the bread for the communion in the morning. 

I am presiding at church. I will print off the bulletin in the morning. Later, after church, I will eat out with the group that eats together. After that, I will do my weekly letters and then watch 60 Minutes.

I haven't heard a thing from Aime so I guess I will go to work at the museum on Monday.

More later...

Some photos from our Branson trip:

 This is Bobby and Karan in our room when we got to the motel.

This is Bob sleep on his bed while Bobby and Karan look on.

Bobby and Karan again. Just lying around in our room resting awhile before the show Pearce Arrow in Branson.

The woman in the earring shop thought it would be funny get a photo of the guys waiting for us to pay for my earrings and join them.

As you can see, when we went out to Silver Dollar City Saturday morning, it was drizzling.  This is Karan, Bobby and Bob.

This is Karan. We went through "Fire in The Hole" and there was a limit on the size you had to be to ride on that ride. I am measuring Karan here. She was just a head tall enough. She's 4 foot 11 inches.

Anyhow, even with the drizzle, we had a real good time.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday in Branson

This fact about 30 minutes from now, we will leave for Branson. We will stop by and pick up Bobby and Karan. They are going with us.  We will go to Silver Dollar City when we get there and then go eat at Olive Garden a little later this afternoon and then go to the motel and check in.  Tonight we will go see Pierce Arrow again. They have changed their show so it will be different. We were going to see the Beatles (imitators)  but their show isn't on yet.  Bob is driving even though his car has been hit on the drivers side front. We were parked across from a driveway when we were over at Maritt's Sunday evening.  When I got up the next morning I noticed his car had been hit. He approached the boy who's pickup was in that drive and he denied hitting Bob's car but we had been nowhere else and we know he did it since he backed out earlier in the evening and the driveway waqs right across from Bob's car.  But the evidence is circumstantial

We will come home tomorrow afternoon.  Missy suspects something. She sees my bag and knows what that means.  I have put her food in a self feeder and given her two bowls of water. That should hold her until we get home.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Long Thursday

I didn't find the time yesterday to blog. I worked my three hours and then came home to make spaghetti for tonight's dinner.  Then I did some laundry and read the paper. Later Bob and I were invited over to Marilyn's for dinner. We had a wonderful dinner there and then stayed until 7:30 and visited.  I came home, took my bath and went to bed about 9:00. I slept really well.

Aime has not yet found me another place to transfer to. She has submitted my resume to two different places but has not heard back from either of them yet. I did not get paid today. She thinks the check is coming in the mail again even though it was supposed to be direct deposited.  She has e-mailed John and Wendy that I have to have supervision or she will have to remove me from their site.  She says it is a $10,000 fine if she leaves me there without supervision.  It is a violation of their regulations.  Aime says she cannot afford a $10,000 fine.

Since everyone there is a volunteer (except me) I can't see that they will comply. John and Wendy are leaving their volunteer posts as curators in December.  The city needs to take that museum over and budget for a curator.

More later....

A volunteer worked with me this morning and Wendy worked with me this afternoon. Maybe they will work it out.

We had the spaghetti I fixed yesterday for dinner this evening with garlic toast and applesauce. Then we had a couple of cookies for dessert.

I will need to pack this evening for our trip tomorrow. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Shorter Tuesday

Today should be shorter if my relief comes in at 1:00. We are in the middle of a huge thunderstorm right now and have been all night. We are under a flash flood warning and I'm not sure how I will get to Independence with the cakes. I will wait until after work at 1:00. Maybe by then the rain and storm will be over.

Yesterday at work was a nightmare (see yesterday afternoon's post). If this was to be another long day, I am not sure I could make it. I definitely ate a bowl of cereal this morning.  I still  have yesterday's lunch in the frig at the museum.

Bob called awhile ago and checked on me. We do that when we're not sure the other person is alright. We are planning to go to Branson this Friday and Saturday if the weather clears up.  Bobby and Karan will go with us.

More later....

It's after 7:00AM now and the rain appears to be moving on.  It's supposed to continue here  until 11:00 this morning. Maybe it will come back again.  Bob came over awhile ago to drink his coffee and visit with me.  He has gone back home to to get his trash barrel out for the pick up this morning. I took mine over last night before the rain began again.

The TV says Bartlesville has 7,000 homes without power this morning.  The company is there to repair them but is waiting for the lightening to move on to climb those poles to repair the lines. 

Even more  later....

I worked until 1:00 this afternoon and then came home and took the four cakes I had to Independence. Bob went with me to help. Then we went to pay our rent and then out to Wal Mart for a few groceries and some printer cartridges.  I only had two customers all morning.

Aime is going to move me after Thursday. She says it is against their rules to work me without supervision since I am a senior. I have no idea where she will move me.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Bad Start Monday

Last night Bob and I went over to Bobby and Karan's for the Living the Questions group meeting. I noticed that someone had parked a pickup in Gretchen's drive and Gretchen lives in  Alabama now so I knew it wasn't Gretchen's. That's all I thought about it though. We left Bobby and Karan's at 9:00 after our meeting. Of course, it was dark.

This morning I took Missy out on the carport and was looking around and noticed that Bob's car had a huge dent in the driver's side front right where the headlight is located.  I went over to tell him about it and he came out and looked at it.  From the location of the dent we surmised that someone had to have backed into the front of his car. I called Karan and she told me the neighbor next door to Gretchen's have a teenaged grandson living with them and he is the driver of the pickup. Bob went over there but he wouldn't admit he hit the car.

I got Bob to call the police to get a police report so he would have one for the insurance companies.  The policeman is here now.

I have to work today...even though it's a holiday.

More later....

The day was horrendous! I had 66 people in the museum today and I was swamped.  I did fine until the last people. I made a mistake adding up a purchase in the gift shop and couldn't figure out how to correct it on that machine. Wendy was running the tours at the Brown Mansion so she couldn't come help me and John was mowing at the Vineyard.  John came to close up for me and finally tried to figure out what the cash register was doing. I was exhausted. What with all that went on in the morning, I forgot to eat breakfast. Then I was too busy with all those people in the museum to eat lunch so by 4:00 I was weak from hunger and shaky. I had no way to even go to the bathroom since I have no key to the place and I couldn't leave the shop when there were people all over the place.  So I had no water all day and no food.

When I finally got home close to 5:00, I warmed up the goulash and Bob had brought over some more coleslaw and we had some more garlic bread.  After I ate, I felt better.

I am not supposed to be left without supervision in this program. John told me my predecessor also worked alone.  I don't think Aime knew that. Everyone who works there is a volunteer except me.

It's a mess!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sermon Sunday

I slept very well last night and didn't wake up until 6:00. I had stayed up and read to finish my latest book.

I have the sermon today at church and it will be a little different. I will share my spiritual/religious journey. It will be interesting to see how it is received.  My theology is not your conventional Christian theology even though I really believe in God. I have had so much nudging from God's spirit over the years, there is no way I could be even agnostic.

We will take up a "special" offering for my niece. It will take her a bit to get some order back in her life and decide whether to get a job.  She had been Terry's caregiver for so many years.

Terry had many serious health issues. He had Crohn’s disease for many years. When he was in his thirties he had lymphoma and managed to recover. Several years ago the VA gave him a test using a iodine type product intravenously which gave him stroke and put him into a coma. When he emerged from the coma, he was partly paralyzed.  Recently he developed cirrhosis of the liver, and lung cancer. He had been under hospice care for the past month or so.  But he was very uncomplaining.

We will eat out today after church.  And then I will do my letters. This evening our Living the Questions group will meet at Bobby and Karan's home at 7:00. It will probably be over by 9:00.

More later...

The sermon went fine. Afterward we ate at Maria's in Independence after church.  Then I came home and did my letters even though they won't go out until Tuesday. I wanted to get them out on the mailbox. Now I have a couple of hours to rest before tonight's meeting.

I work tomorrow.  I really hate being open on holidays but I guess there's nothing to do but do it. I imagine we will have visitors.