Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday and Breakfast Out

I slept well last night and only awoke once. I took my med and also some melatonin.  Then I slept until 5:00 AM.

I will pick up Bob at 6:30 and we will go to Eggberts for breakfast.

I don't have a plan for today. It is cold and is supposed to rain. I am not sure when.

I want to go somewhere...perhaps Bartlesville. I haven't been out of town since Tony's funeral when I went to Chanute.

So....more later.

I went to breakfast with Bob A. and will go to Bartlesville in a little while....about 9:00. By the time I get there it will be 10:00.

I did go to Bartlesville and got there in time to stop at Walmart and then on to the mall.  I went to Christopher and Banks and found a new top. I looked around in Dillard but Dillard's has priced themselves right out of my budget. I did see one of my classmates there and visited with her. her husband is fighting cancer and is sort of up and down she tells me.

I came home to thaw out some ground beef patties for a meat loaf I am going to make for the dinner at church tomorrow.  I will also make my coffeecake for the church school class.
It didn't rain. In fact it was downright warm. I took Missy out for a little sunshine. She liked that.

Missy loves to go outside but it's really too much of a mess out there right now what with leaves all over the place, etc. When it really warms up, I will go out and bag up all those leaves.  Then I can take her out.  It's 5:00 now and I may try to watch the news unless there is sports on CBS.

More later...

Sure enough there will be NCAA basketball all evening. Thank goodness for Amazon and the movies.  I won't have to deal with sports all evening.

I will go eat something and then take my bath and then choose something to watch on Amazon..

More later...

I watched "Sully" again. I have seen it before but it's an excellent movie and worth seeing again.

Then afterward Missy and I went on to bed. It was about 9:30

Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday and Exercises

I slept pretty well last night but woke up at 3:30. I lay there until I finally got up at 4:00.

I got myself fed and also Missy. She is back on my bed now...napping.

I will go to exercise class again and afterward I need to pickup my blood pressure med at the Medicine Shoppe. I ordered it yesterday and forgot to pick it up. I still have three but they are only open until noon on Saturday so I had better remember to pick it up today.

I don't have anything else planned for today.... yet. "Yet" is the key word.

So, more later....

I did pick up my meds. Then Bob called and asked if I had any  lunch plans. Joanne was having lunch with her niece. I went with him out to El Publito.  Afterward I went out to church and helped Cyndi and Leslie get the church ready for Sunday. The carpet layers had finished and Cyndi's birthday is Saturday and she wanted Leslie and John to go with Jeff and her to Tulsa to celebrate her birthday tomorrow so we decided to move all the chairs into the sanctuary today.

So I went out at 1:00 and got home at 4:00. But we finished.

Here it is.


I've changed it. This is Leslie's as posted on her facebook page.

I will take my bath since it's 6:30 and watch "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"  on Amazon.  It's an old movie but a good one. I had some of my Brahms yogurt for supper.

I will try to stay up until 10:00 so I can sleep better tonight.

More later...

I did stay up to watch the movie.  It was just as good today as it was then.

Missy and I went to bed at 9:15. I was very tired.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thursday and Laundry and Apartment Cleaning.

I slept well last nigh. I awoke at 12:30 AM and was worried I would not be able to get back to sleep so I took a melatonin tablet. That got me back to sleep. I slept until after 5:00.

This morning I have stripped my bed and am doing laundry. I have fed Missy and myself and am going to clean the apartment this morning. I am really satisfied with my new vacuum sweeper that Leslie bought for me. It really raises the nap on my carpet. I have my sheets in the dryer and the towels in the washer.

I have put a half dozen chicken strips in the slow cooker with a mixture of cream of chicken soup and cream of celery soup poured over them. When I  did the chicken breasts this way last week, they turned out well. I will put some broccoli in the microwave to go with them. I also have two small potatoes I can also put one of those in the microwave. I may make some pudding for dessert.  I also need to bake some cookies.

After I finish my Chai Latte, I will start in on the bathroom and kitchen floors. Then I will vacuum the carpet.

If I get everything done, I will go out to church and see how the carpet layers are doing.

More later...

I have everything finished except my bedroom. Missy is sleeping in there on my bed. I will get it later.. I have left the vacuum out and in there.  It's only 7:40. My chicken strips are in the slow cooker.  I hope they turn out alright.

More even later...I need to run out to Walmart now.  I need several things.... including my oatmeal.

When I got back from Walmart and put everything away, I took Missy out for a little while. It was really too cold for her old bones so I offered her some treats to go back inside and she complied. She loves those treats!  She is here behind me now on the daybed. I have eaten some of my slow cooker  chicken and had some broccoli with it. That was enough to fill me up.

I got my bedroom vacuumed while Missy was down from the bed. 

Scott, my younger son called a little while ago. He has a job now in Nashville. He will be an administrative assistant in the internal revenue office in Nashville. That will be something new and different for him. It pays well though.

Now I guess I will read awhile.

I had a good time at Bunco and next Wednesday is Bingo at the senior center.

So, more later...

I read awhile and then I decided to bake cookies. It's been a couple of weeks since I did that. I had to buy some cupcakes at Country Mart to take to Bunco.

Later, after 6:00, I took my bath and lay down with Missy to watch something on Amazon. I cancelled my audio on Amazon. Alexa doesn't have much expression in her voice to read aloud. :)

I watched a video about Ava Gardner but couldn't find anything else I was interested in seeing. I am still waiting for "The Post" to be released on video. I saw it at the theater but would like to see it again...without commercials. I think I will make a list of movies I would like to see and put them in the search engine, and watch them that way.

Finally at 9:00, Missy and I went on to bed.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wednesday and Lenten Luncheons and Bunco

I did not sleep well last night. I went to bed too early and woke up at 2:00 AM and it was apparent that I was not going to get back to sleep.  So I took a Benedril capsule and slept well the last four hours. I did wake up kind of dizzy. That's undoubtedly because of the Benedril.

It's almost time to leave for exercise class so I will get back to this later.

I did go to exercise class and will also go to the Lenten Luncheon and later to Bunco at 1:00 at the senior center. That will be over at 3:00. That should take care of my afternoon. I might go out to the church to see how the carpet laying is going. They will work on that tomorrow and Friday too  The chairs are here and stacked in the all purpose room until the carpet is down. We will all meet out there on Saturday at 10:00 to get everything set up for Sunday church. The pews have not yet sold so they will line the walls in the all purpose room until we can get them sold.

Here is what they look like;

We have ten to sell. If anyone wants all ten they will get a discount. They are $50.00 each individually.

More later....

I decided not to go to the Lenten  Luncheon. I really didn't want beans and cornbread or vegetable soup. That's what they were going to have.  I went to Arby's and had a roast beef sandwich with a coupon.

Then after that, I went to Bunco at the senior center.

When the newspaper came, I read both of them and then took them over to Marilyn's mailbox.  I read after that.

This evening I watched a movie/video from Amazon. It was "Serena". It was entertaining and starred Harrison Ford.  About 9:15 Missy and I went to bed.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday and A Cake and Hair Day

I slept pretty well last night, but did wake up at 3:00 AM to go to the bathroom.  I did get back to sleep until 5:00 AM which is my regular time to get up.

I dressed and fed myself and Missy.and sat down to watch the news. Once again, I have the old bath mats I keep to put under Missy's litter box. She misses the box and wets on the mat about two or three times a week. I have two of them in the dryer now. It's aggravating but after all, she is 15 years old. On one occasion  I didn't have a clean mat to put under it and she wet on the bathroom floor. Since that, I at least put an old towel under it.

I get my hair done this morning at 9:00. I think Bob intends to go with me to visit his sister, Betty. Then we will eat out somewhere. It's the week for "Great China" but they are closed for a month so we will either try the Chinese buffet across the street or just go to Big Cheese.

I need to load the cakes into my car's trunk so I will get back to this later....

I picked up Bob and we went to Independence  to deliver the cakes and also to take him to visit his sister, Betty, before I got my hair done.

After that, I picked him up and we ate at Big Cheese. Then we came on back to Coffeyville and I took him home.

I read most of the day.

Later that evening, we watched TV (Amazon) where they are showing biographies of various movie stars. Missy and I went to bed at 9:00. I was exhausted .

Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday and Exercise Class

I slept well last night and got up shortly before 5:00. I dressed and got ready for my day and fed Missy and myself. Missy was almost completely out of food and was completely out of water. I refilled everything before I had my breakfast.

I will go to exercise class this morning at 9:00. Then this afternoon I want to go out to church and make copies of the church school material for the next two weeks. I will pick up Bob's  second loaf of banana bread. He accidentally left it there after church.

I also want to bake cookies after I bake my cake for the First Christian Church in Independence.  I am out of them. I try to eat one or two with hot chocolate in the evening. I don't eat supper so a couple of cookies won't hurt me.

So, more later...

I did go to exercise class and Bob picked me up for that and then afterward he brought me on back  home. I went to to the Dollar General Store to get a few things I needed. After that, Leslie called me and said she was going to be in town and  asked me to go to lunch with her. I accepted immediately. We had a nice visit and a good lunch.

When I got home I baked my cake for Tuesday's dinner at the First Christian Church in Independence. While it was cooling I went back to the Dollar General store with a return. I had picked up what I thought were two magnetic picture frames like I use to put on the side my refrigerator to post photos of my family.  It turned out they were not the magnetic ones so I returned them.

Then I stopped at Country Mart and bought some more canned icing for my chocolate cake.

More later...

I iced the cake.  Then I took my bath and put my pjs on to watch the news.

Bob was supposed to have come by for some icing for his cake but he forgot and went on over to Joanne's house. I went ahead with my bath and turned on my Amazon program after the news.

Missy and I were watching "Biography" when Karan came with her cake. Then after that, Bob finally came for the icing he needed.  About 10:00, Missy and I went to bed.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday and Church

I slept very well last night. It was almost 6:00 when I finally got up.  I did get up in the night but got right back to sleep. That's great!

Bob will be driving this morning to church. Phyllis had gone to Overland Park to visit her daughter and grandchildren. We will probably eat at "Just Us" after church.

My daughter texted me yesterday that we have received the new chairs. The new carpet will be laid next week.  We will need to move the pews into the all purpose room after church. The new chairs are there now. I will not be able to help. I am not supposed to lift more then 10 pounds. Those pews are heavy. We still have them for sale and no one has offered to buy them. We only want $50 each for them and they are in pretty good shape. We have ten for sale. Leslie may have to put them on Craig's list.

When I get home from lunch, I will do my newsletters and send them out to the congregation. I usually just have to put two or three in the snail mail. Many of our congregation have e-mail.  That's good since stamps are now .50 each and I buy the stamps.

More later....

It was a good service this morning and afterward we all moved all the pews out of the sanctuary to make rtoom for the carpet people to lay the carpet.

After that Bob A. and I went to "Just. Us" for lunch.

Then he brought me home and I did the congregation's weekly newsletter and got it ready to go out in the morning's mail.   Most I sent out in e-mail.

This evening I watched a show called "Biography" on Amazon. When I got ready to go to bed and turned to put the remote on a table, I accidentally touched one of the buttons on the remote that caused the picture to start to jerk around.  I called Esther for advice as to what to do and she suggested I unplug the Tivo and then plug it back in and see if that will restore the picture and stabilize it. It took awhile for it to reboot but it finally did and that did fix the problem. Thank goodness!

 So about 10:00, Missy and I went to bed.