Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday and More Rain

I slept fairly well last night. I ate the rest of my Utopiachino concoction last night while watching TV with Missy and it had just enough caffeine in it to keep me from sleeping as well as usual.

I got up after 5:00 this morning anyhow. It began thundering and raining again in the night. Missy was off the bed and lying on the floor beside the bed. She hates thunder and rain.

I had planned to go to the bank this morning to get some more money and then go to breakfast with Bob. I imagine we will still go. Later this morning, about 11:00, I was going to pick up Karan and we were going to Bartlesville to have lunch and go see "Going in Style" a comedy about old men who have one last fling before they die. It's raining now so I am not sure about Karan and my plans. She may want to take a rain check. We will see.

Missy is patiently waiting for her breakfast so I'd better get back to this later....

I got Missy's breakfast and went to the bank to get some money. After I went to pick up Bob, we went out to the Woodshed and I bought my gas.  Then we went to Eggberts for his and my breakfast.  We had a good breakfast. When I got back home, I vacuumed the bedroom and dining room and then mopped the kitchen floor again.

When I finished that, I texted Karan and Bob and asked them if they wanted to go to Bartlesville to see "Going in Style" . Bob didn't want to go. Karan did after some consideration of the weather report. It was hilarious! We walked around the mall first and I bought a couple of pair of crops. Karan bought some too. We ate lunch at McCallisters and then went to the movie. It rained lightly the entire time but nothing to write home about. On the way back to Coffeyville, it rained harder.

Bob came over to watch the news and left about 6:30. I took my bath and got myself ready for bed. I won't go to bed for awhile...about 9:00 or so. First I will go lay down with Missy on the sofa to watch TV.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday and Exercises Again

I slept well last night and have been up a couple of hours and am dressed and ready for the day. I will go to exercise class this morning and then come home to vacuum the bedroom and dining room. Those are the two rooms I didn't do yesterday. I also need to dust again.

Then I will start lunch.

We are having chicken strips, boiled potatoes, a veggie and Bob's jello salad. I will fix pudding for dessert but first I will need to go over to Brahms and buy milk. I also need to go to the bank and get some more money. That great lunch yesterday took my entire $20...especially with blackberry cobbler with ice cream. :)

I texted with Scott this morning.  It was so good to hear from him again. Keith called me day before  yesterday and told me about the updated start date for his new job. 

Missy wants to go back outside so I will get back to this later.

Bob came and we went to exercise class. Afterward we went to Utopia for a Utopiachino and cinnamon roll.  There was a man there from the refinery and he bought everyone's treats. What a lovely gesture!

When we came home Bob checked his e-mail before we had lunch.  Lunch was good and I sent the leftovers home with him. Tomorrow we will finish up the roast.

I went outside with Missy and little while ago and took some photos of my flowerbeds...especially the little yellow rose bush Scott and Ginger sent me for Mother's day. It is beginning to be in full bloom and it is just lovely. I also planted the bulbs Leslie sent me and they are doing wonderfully too.

Here it is from the back. You can't see the roses that are in bloom from this angle. I thought had another one from the east side that showed the yellow roses.

This shows the flower bed I enlarged some this spring.  Some of the lavender has come back for the third year and others didn't make it.

This is my little Better Boy tomato plant. It's still pretty small. Leslie will bring me a tomato cage to church on Sunday. I planted the little hen and chicks Cyndi gave us among the potted plants..including this one.

Here it is...for some reason it didn't download. Here you can see the yellow roses just beginning to bloom.

More later...

Bob came over at 5:15 and we watched the news. After Brooks and Shields went off on PBS, he went home and I took my bath. Missy and I went to bed at 9:00. I was very tired.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday and Bar B Q

I slept until almost 6:00 this morning. How unusual that is. It is cold this morning so I am wearing a long sleeved shirt.

Today I will vacuum the apartment. The living room carpet really needs to be cleaned but there is no longer anyone in the area that does the dry cleaning and I sure don't want water on the carpet.  There used to be a young man that lived over at Tyro that had a dry cleaning machine and it leaves the carpet just like new....and dry. Unfortunately he moved to California. I got the living room, hall and den vacuumed. I will do the dining room and my bedroom tomorrow.

At 11:00 I will pick Bob up and then we will pick up Karan and will drive over to Sedan to eat lunch at Buck's Bar B Q. My Bob and I used to go over there every month and take Leslie to lunch. That was when she worked as the accountant at the greenhouse over there. I have only been there once since he died.

I don't have a plan for the afternoon so I may read my book.

More later....

We had a great lunch at Buck's in Sedan, Kansas. Karan and I had the small Bar B Q Ribs plate. Thanks goodness it wasn't the large one!  We also had dessert. I have blackberry cobbler with a dip of vanilla ice cream and Karan had a piece of chocolate caramel pie. Both were excellent! Bob was wise. He had the chicken strip special. It was very good too. They were huge plates though.

More later...I am going to go check my mail!

No mail today!

I lay down with Missy to watch TV this afternoon and fell asleep off and on. I did take her out later but it was too chilly for her. At 5:15, Bob came to watch the news with me and when he came Missy and I came back in. He left at 7:00 and I took my bath and lay back down with Missy for awhile until I found nothing to watch on TV except the weather channel. I will play Freecell Solitaire until 9:00 and then take my Zyrtec and go to bed. It was a big day.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday and Exercises and Games

I slept really well again last night. Taking that Zyrtec before bed makes all the difference in the world. 

Today will be another busy day. I will go on to exercise class this morning but right after it is done, Before I leave I will put the roast on to cook in the slow cooker. Then after exercises I will leave for Independence again if it is not raining, to balance Juanita's checkbook. She wants me to come at 10:30 after her cleaning lady leaves. After that I will come right back home to eat lunch and then go to game day. I hope I can coordinate all that. I missed Bunco this month at Asbury Village. I will take some of that pineapple upside down cake to Juanita.   I had better go and get that roast on now.

The exercise class was fine. There was a fine mist coming down but I braved it.

I made it to Juanita's in good time and it only took me an hour to do her bank statement and write her check. I got back home by noon and we had our roast beef, potatoes and carrots. Bob brought a salad and we had some more of the pineapple upside down cake for dessert. . 

So more later...

Dinner was very good! We have a little left and we may have it warmed up Saturday afternoon.

I made it to the game day and we played Skip Bo for two hours and had some dessert treats. I took a dozen cookies and brought four home.

I ordered a new pair of summer PJs on Amazon and also another shoe rack to put on the bedroom closet floor. They have both been shipped.

I got home in time to lay on the sofa with Missy for awhile. She wanted to go outside but it was just too cold for her old bones and she came back in after a short while. Soon about 5:30,  Bob came to watch the news and left at7:00. Then I took my bath and put my PJs on. Missy and I watched Nature on PBS. We will watch TV until 9:00 and then we will both go to bed.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday and Hair Day and Juanita's Doctor Appointment

Today will be another busy day. I will take Bob to his sister's house and get my hair done just before  9:00 or thereabouts.  I will pick up Juanita at 9:15 and take her to her doctor's appointment. After I take her home I will write a check for her car insurance and take it to the post office to mail it off. It's due on the 2nd of May. Then I will pick Bob up and we will go to Great China for lunch. After that, he wants to go to their Walmart Superstore to get something he can't find at ours.

It was another good night's sleep. I have been taking that Zyrtec before bed. That keeps my sinus' dried up so I can sleep.

This evening I offer the invocation at the city commission meeting at 6:30. I will stay for the entire meeting and see what's going on with the city and to see if they conduct themselves like professionals. Sometimes they get downright rude with one another. That's a shame.

More later...

I took Bob to his sister's house and then got my hair done. After that, I went to Juanita's and wrote her insurance check. Then I took Juanita to the doctor...that took awhile.   Wee sat in the reception room for 45 minutes for a 9:30 appointment. Then we sat in the operatory for After all, she is 95 years old. They should not keep her waiting that long.

I picked up Bob at 10:50 and we went to Great China to eat. I did not have time to balance her checkbook. I will go back up after exercise class in the morning to do that.

Bob wanted to buy some new blades for his electric shaver. Neither Walmart store had them. They said we could buy them online and not pay any freight if we ordered it shipped to the store. When I logged on to their website though, it said any order over $35.00 was free of freight if shipped to the store. That's NOT what their advertising says nor what the store clerk said. That is false advertising!

More even later...

We went to the city commission meeting this evening and it was a joke. Our commissioners,  all but one, perhaps two, are simple minded. They have no decorum in their meetings and they are simply embarrassing to watch.  Two of the five voted not to fund Four County Mental Health because they would rather give the funds to "prevention" programs.   Luckily, the other three voted to fund the program but not before they grilled the program director embarrassingly.

We got back home shortly before the storm hit and we had lots of rain but no hail.  I went on to bed and even though she was frightened, Missy soon came in too and hopped up on the bed. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday and Exercises Again

I will go to exercises again this morning. I will pick up Bob at 8:40 and then afterward we will go to US Cellular and see what they can do about his phone...which will no longer hold a charge.

I want to do some housework this morning before lunch. I vacuumed the living room last evening and also took the leaf out of my dining table making it a small round table again. We will have our leftover soup for lunch. I have plenty of pineapple upside down cake left from yesterday for dessert. I also have sharp cheddar cheese and crackers to eat with that soup.

I'm not sure what I will do this afternoon. I am anxious to find out if my flowers and the tomato plant  survived last night. I understand it may have got down to 30 degrees last night. I also want to clean and wash out Missy's litter box and change the litter in it. I've got a few chores to do alright!

The flowers were fine and so was the tomato plant. I want to go over to Orchelon's and get a cage for it. Leslie forgot to bring me one Saturday. She had a lot on her mind.

More later...It's daylight now.

I picked Bob up for exercise class and afterward we went to  US Cellular and he bought a new phone. He is now trying to get used to it.

He came for lunch and after that we tried to figure out how to use the hemming tape to hem up his new pajamas. We finally just called Karan to come show us how it works. The directions were just too confusing for us. Lol. She got it done with just a little help from me.  I hope it stays done when those are washed. We will see.

Keith called this afternoon. He starts his new job on May 15th. I hope this works out for him. He has been with his present job almost ten years. He and Esther may come to see John and Leslie and me on the 11th and then go back to Phoenix on the 14th.  They will try to work it out tonight and call me later with any decision.

I am doing a load of towel laundry this afternoon and I want to vacuum the den later today. There is white cat hair on the daybed cover. I laid down awhile with Missy earlier this afternoon. I think I took a short nap too.

More later...

Bob had a time trying to figure out his new flip phone.  I couldn't figure it out either. We ended up going up to US Cellular and having the tech explain it.

It is working out better now. She was able to explain to us what the small instruction sheet did not.

Bob came over to watch the news  at 5:15 and when he went home I took my bath and watched TV with Missy until bedtime. Then both she and I went to bed.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday and A Very Busy Day

Today will be exceptionally busy. First I will bake the coffeecake for the Church School class at church and then later in the afternoon, after lunch at "Just Us", I will do my newsletters and then finally, I will bake a pineapple upside down cake.  I will also need to find a free moment to vacuum the living room again.

The Living the Questions group will be here at 7:00 and I will also need to get some ice cream at Braums for those who think they need something gluten free and won't eat anything with flour in it. I will go pick up Gary at 6:40.  Bob will be here by then to let the others in.

All in all it will be very busy.

So, more later....

The service was good today. We had a small congregation but numbers never count.

The class went well. I will be presiding next Sunday and Karan will be speaking.

I got the newsletters out and the ones that had to be printed and sent by snail mail are out on the mailbox.

I got the upside down cake finished and it worked out fine. I had a lot more then I needed tonight so will have to give some of it away. l will have it for dessert following our soup tomorrow and then give some of it to Marilyn R. too.

I never did get to Braums for the ice cream though. So Joyce had nothing but water. I hated that but she waved it off. Everyone else ate pineapple upside down cake.

I got Gary delivered back home. I am concerned abut him. His COPD is so bad I don't know how long he will last. He struggles to even walk.

I will not be up for long. I am utterly exhausted tonight. It has been a huge day!