Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday At Last

Well, I didn't sleep much after 2:00 when Missy woke me up to go out. I kept thinking about all I had yet to do for the garage sale. Leslie and Sage finally came about 7:30 and brought a lot of odds and ends that were mostly not priced. I knew if things went as usual with the garage sale, some people would be here early and I wouldn't have time to get that stuff priced then with only me and Bob A. working it. So I finally got up at 4:00 and brought it into the kitchen and priced it and took it to the garage. Then I fixed a pot of coffee and had some oatmeal. I took a few bites and then gave the rest to Slinky. He loves oatmeal.

More later...

Bob A came over at 7:00 AM and we moved the tables out on the drive. People started coming immediately. There was a steady stream all morning. We boxed up the little bit that was left and took it to the mall. We priced everything very cheap. We each made about $35.00. Leslie didn't bring much but she made $7.20 anyhow.

Then I blew out my garage and washed my car for tomorrow. Everything looks pretty nice.

John couldn't come by to get the tables this evening. He will pick them up later. Tonight I will just rest and go over my notes for tomorrow.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Much Done Today

Well, I have got much done already today and it's only half way through the day. I got my animals fed early because I went back to Independence to get my hair done this morning. Then I picked up Juanita for breakfast afterward. After that I went to the market and bought what I will need for the animals and some things for my own grocery needs. Then I went out to South Coffeyville where the gas is 15 cents cheaper per gallon and filled up for my trip to Miami on Sunday.

When I got home I saw that my brother-in-law had been here and left some more of his rummage. After lunch, I will call him to go with me to pick up the dishes over at the mall. Perhaps we can sell them tomorrow at the rummage sale. They haven't sold at the mall.

Now for lunch. I guess I'll eat my other beef and cheddar sandwich.

More later...

I ended up going out to El Pueblito for lunch. That was good Mexican food and a lovely new restaurant.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the garage sale.

I just had some yogurt for supper.

The photos are of the garage sale tables. They are in the garage right now but in the morning, Bob Avery and I will move them out on the drive.

Leslie came a little while ago at 7:30 and brought a few things for the garage sale tomorrow. I doubt she will come to help though. They have Sage, my great granddaughter. She is seven and although she is very good, she bores easily. Her father, my grandson, Jeromy, is building a house after work and on weekends so Leslie has charge of her. Her stepmother, Marlene, went to Topeka for a visit with her parents.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Things Only

Today, I have two things on my plate. I want to get out to see my sister and I want to finish getting the garage sale stuff priced. That should take the entire day.

Tomorrow I get my hair done in preparation for Sunday's trip to Miami to speak. Of course Saturday is the garage sale.

It will be interesting to see if Keith is able to convince the bank of the buyer of Bob's pickup that a Kansas truck title does not need to be notarized. There is no9 place on the title for a notary to sign or even to put the seal. Several years ago, Kansas eliminated the need for a notary unless there is a lien on the vehicle. Bob's truck is free and clear and there is not line for any signature except mine. He went to the motor vehicle bureau yesterday and they confirmed that. Now, he and John, the buyer, have to convince the bank. What a mess!

Next week, thank goodness next week is a quiet week. I need one now and then.

Well, Keith called and so did Scott. Keith has the check for my truck and will deposit it in my account today. Scott is on leave with Becky...his girlfriend.

At least all the news was good.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Preparing for the Garage Sale

Today, after I feed the animals, I will go to town to the bank and get the money for the garage sale. I will also go to the Journal and put our ad in. Then I will need to drop by the city hall and buy our license. One can't just have a garage sale anymore. Now you have to have a license.

I never did get to see Phyllis yesterday. I would like to work that in today too but I have to be in Independence at 11:45 for the IMA meeting. Maybe I can get out to see Phyllis after I get back from Independence.

I also need to work on getting the garage sale stuff out over at the antique mall.

Then this evening we have the wiener roast at church. Busy...busy.

We had a nice attendance at the wiener roast. We all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tomorrow maybe I can get out to see Phyllis. I couldn't work it out today.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy Tuesday

This is one of those days. I need to go to the market sometime today and get the hot dogs and buns for the wiener roast tomorrow evening at church. I also have a board meeting for the clinic at 11:00.

I need to finish trimming the yard too. But rain is in the forecast today.

I didn't sleep too well last night...kept waking up.

I need to take Slinky for a walk this morning too...if it doesn't rain. He didn't get one yesterday.

I want to go see Phyllis this afternoon too. I didn't go yesterday since I worked on cleaning the garage yesterday. I was so sore yesterday evening. All that getting down on my knees and stooping and stretching, I guess. I just sat and watch TV. I watched God in America on PBS. Very interesting. It goes on tonight and tomorrow night too.

I will need to find time to do the minutes after the board meeting too.

I hope Keith gets my car title today. It always worries me to send such things in the mail.

More later....
I did get Slinky walked.

Then I left about 9:00 to go pick up my contacts at Caney. I had intended to go on to Independence from there but Susie called while I was on the road to ask me if I was home. After I told her my plan, she said she had mislaid my minutes from September and asked if I could bring my copy. I had not printed it off since she often makes changes. So after I picked up my contacts, I came back home and sent them to her by e-mail. Just in case...I printed off a copy. Then I went on to my meeting in Independence. Sure enough, she had not checked her e-mail. I was glad I had a copy.

I called Leslie about 12:20 to find out where she was eating lunch. She told me her new lunch hour began at 12:30 so I asked if she would like to eat with me. I picked her up. Then after I took her back after lunch I went to the market to get the things I would need for the picnic tomorrow evening. Then I went to the church and unloaded the groceries. After that I came on back home. Bob Avery was waiting for me and told me about his visit with Phyllis this morning and then brought in his rummage. We visited a little while and then I came on in to try to get my minutes done. I still hoped to get out to see Phyllis. I finished at 4:50 though...too late to go see Phyllis.

Perhaps tomorrow....

Monday, October 11, 2010

Very Busy Monday

I trimmed up my hanging plants this morning after I had a bite of breakfast. I did not take Slinky for a walk. I got started getting stuff out that I want to put in the garage sale and started pricing it. Then I started cleaning the garage and setting up tables. I have my scrapbook table and I got it out and there was a large tabletop in the garage so I got it out and jerry-rigged a stand to lay it on. I gave the saw horses to Jeromy, my grandson, and I could have used them. But I only have a garage sale once a year and my brother-in-law has saw horses so he will bring them.

The more I cleaned in the garage the more dirt I found. Spiders and their webs were everywhere and I got the shop vac out and vacuumed and vacuumed. I even vacuumed under the work bench and found boxes of stuff that was full of dirt. I got some old rags and cleaned off the tools and vacuumed out the dirt. Finally I thought of opening the shop vac and seeing how much was in there. It was packed. I don't believe that shop vac had ever been opened and cleaned out. I could barely find the filter. I didn't have a new one so I got some plastic bags and proceeded to clean the vac and filter as best I could. I got an entire sack full of debris out of the vac itself. And half a sack out of the filter. When I finally got it all put back together again, I was amazed how well it worked. The garage was always Bob's domain so I just left it to him to keep it clean...or not!

Well it's clean now and I will keep it that way. I worked from 10:00 this morning until 1:45 this afternoon.

Leslie thought I had started too early to get stuff out but I know it will take me awhile to find everything I want to get rid of too. When the mall opens on Wednesday, I am going to bring some of that stuff that is not moving to the garage sale and see if I can get it moving from there. I am not going to put clothing in this time..just junk and things I want to get rid of. I am going to bite the bullet and really clean out stuff this time.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Morning

It's 3:00 AM on Sunday morning. I am having problems sleeping again. I will try to get back to sleep because I have quite a bit to do today. I will bake brownies and a casserole dish for the dinner after church. I will be serving the communion during the service. We have a guest minister coming today. I hope a lot of our members show up. Last time she came, it was pretty sparse.

I will also try to get my letters done this afternoon and then this evening I will go to Keith and Joyce's home for Living the Questions group. It will be another busy day.

This desktop computer has been having problems and I have not been able to fix it thus far. The dreaded blue screen keeps occurring. I worked on it yesterday but wasn't able to get it fixed. Maybe I will be able to fix it this afternoon. I also washed my car by hand yesterday. It looks pretty good for an old car.

For now...back to bed.

I slept until 6:00 after I went back to bed. I got back to sleep by doing my meditation. Take a couple of deep breaths and then repeat your meditation word. Mine is sleep.

I got myself ready for church and then baked my brownies. Then while they were baking I took Slinky for his walk. he was so excited! I didn't get to it yesterday.

I got home in time to get the brownies out of the over and then put the chicken casserole in. Now it is out and I am ready to leave for church school and church.

I want to see my niece before she leaves so I will go over to my brother-in-law's home this evening at 4:00 for hamburgers out. Then I will go to "Living the Questions" at 7:00.


The service went well and so did the dinner. My brother-in-law says my sister is unresponsive now. She has another (the third) urinary tract infection. I hope they are medicating her for that now.