Saturday, March 20, 2021

Saturday and A Zoom Meeting

I slept very well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. And I  have dressed and had my breakfast and am now having my coffee. 

I heard from my nephew this morning on e-mail. I had sent him instructions to the country church and cemetery where his dad's ashes will be put next to my sister's grave on the 31st. It doesn't appear he will be coming to the services.. I forwarded his e-mail to Diana, his older sister. He didn't come to his mother's services either and she died in 2012. He lives in Rogers Arkansas.

I hope I am wrong and he ends up coming.  His only daughter's husband died in a motorcycle accident earlier and she moved closer to him after that and got a job. He has been helping her with her car payment and has her 20 pound cat at his apartment and that may enter into the equation. I don't know.  

This morning at 9:20AM we have a Zoom meeting with president Veazey of our world church headquarters. He is touching base with many of our congregations because they are all closed worldwide and have been  having services in some places by Zoom. 

I never did get my apartment cleaned this week. I will try to get it done sometime today. 

I am just finishing my Chai now and it is 6:07AM. I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" and then the news but before that, I will check on the cats and get them fed. I miss checking on my brother-in-law Bob. I did that for years sometime before 6:30AM each morning.

More later...Well, I watched the CBS news for whatever that was worth.

I also fed several cats this morning and put away their dishes when they were finished eating.

About 9:20AM, I will log onto Zoom. It's only 8:15AM right now. So I have awhile.

More later...

I was involved with the Zoom conference and almost through it when Joanne called. 

She wanted to talk to me about having a small reception following the services on the 31st and have it at the senior center. I told her I would talk to Leslie and Melissa...Melissa is a doctor. Leslie also talked to Denise about it. Melissa thought it would be fine since the senior center takes temperatures of anyone coming in there and we would wear face masks and keep our distance apart until we eat. We wouldn't know how many to expect to come.

Suzanne came by this afternoon and took me  to the cemetery to pick up flowers she had decorated graves with. Then we walked all around the cemetery. It was exercise I badly needed.Then we went to the local drive in and she bought me a cherry limeade. When I got back home I read again.

Joanne also wanted to make up a collage of pictures of Bob for the service. I spent some time going through my photo albums and taking out photos of Bob. I will take them to Joanne on Monday after my appointment to remove my staples.

It's 6:46PM now and there is no news. The basketball games are still going strong. I will probably watch something I have recorded until after 7:00PM and then take my bath and put my PJs on.

Sometime around 9:00PM. I will go on to bed.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Friday and Staples Out

I slept well last night but was up early anyhow. I dressed and went in to the den to try to get directions to Spring Hill church with my computer.  The cemetery is behind the church. I had only been out there twice after Phyllis died.

I will get my breakfast now and my coffee and get on with the day, I am supposed to go back over to Coffeyville this morning to get my staples taken out of my head at the Urgent Care in Dr. Christensen's office. 

I will go out north of Dearing to be sure of where that Spring Hill church is found. I told David last night that I would send him the directions today. I think the easiest way to find it is to go to Dearing (CR 3900) drive north to CR 3000 and then  turn east on CR 3000 and drive about 7 miles to the church. The cemetery is behind the church.

Then I believe I will come back home and clean the apartment. I sure didn't get that done yesterday. 

So more later. I will turn on the "weather on the 8's" and watch that too. And I need to check on the cat situation too. Scruffie came last evening and I fed her. She is still very pregnant!

There were a couple of cats out there and I just filled all the bowls and they all must have come because all the bowls had been nearly emptied.

After awhile I put them away and put the garage door back down.

The urgent care at the doctor's office doesn't open until 8:30AM so I will leave here about 8:00AM to try to be first in there. It's only 6:50AM now. 

I got over there in time to be the first one served. They looked at the staples and said it was coming right along in healing but it wasn't there yet. I have to go back on Monday and try again.

Then I went out to Karan's and left the newspapers. Next I went out to the cemetery to see what the best way to get there is. I tried Cline but there was the better part of a mile of dirt road. I went clear to 10th street road and that was mainly gravel but it was the best way to drive it. I then washed my car again and got a tank of gas out at Woodshed.  I went to Walmart and bought the three things on my list. Then I stopped by the senior center to leave them a copy of the obituary for their bulletin board. Ford Wulf Bruns has already posted it on their website. Otherwise it would be Saturday for the Journal and Wednesday for the Chronicle. But Janet tacked it on their bulletin board anyhow.

I stopped by Joanne's and visited awhile. She is really broken up. Poor woman. She had him for 3 1/2 years.  I had Leslie send her that picture for her phone. I  have her on my phone but I couldn't find out how to send her that photo without an Icon with her name on it on the face of my phone.

I went on home then and read awhile. I called Nancy but could not raise her. Outside of the wind it was a pretty day. I stopped by Sonic and bought a chicken dinner...way too much food. I should have just got the child's serving like I usually do. I put half of it in the frig. I will warm it up in a skillet tomorrow.

When I got home, I went out to Dollar General and bought some sympathy cards. I wrote on them and put them out on the mailbox for Michael to pick up tomorrow.

I tried to watch the news on CBS but they had a basketball tournament on their channel so I just turned it off. I'm not into basketball.

I had two cats come for their supper this evening. It was Blondie and Inky. They didn't get breakfast so I gave them the leftovers.

I have had my bath and will go back to my reading.  I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM or so. 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thursday and Another Busy Day

I slept until 6:30AM this morning and I had slept like a log. A text from Denise was what finally woke me up. I needed to be up anyhow. We will have another busy day. 

We meet with the funeral home at 10:30AM this morning. I am picking up Denise at 10:15AM. I am hoping Denise found his insurance papers when she cleaned his apartment yesterday morning. If not, we will need to go back to his apartment and find them.

I checked the cat situation and found four of them out there..Scruffie, (still very pregnant) Inky and Blondie and the neighbor's yellow cat. I put their food out behind my car and opened the garage door.They raced in and began eating. Of course only one was fed yesterday morning so unless the others found food somewhere else, they would have been very hungry. None were fed last evening since I was gone.

More later...

It's 8:41AM. I will go watch the "weather on the 8's" and the news. Then I will leave for Coffeyville at 9:40AM and go pick up Denise. That's about an hour.

More later...

Denise texted me that she was going to Bob's apartment. She gone there yesterday but had broken down and didn't get much done. I asked her to find his insurance papers. We will need those when we go to the funeral home.  She is at his apartment. I will pick her up there.  

I picked up Denise and we went first to the funeral home to schedule the date for the funeral. It will be outside under a canopy at the Spring Hill Church Cemetery northwest of Coffeyville at 2:00PM on March 31st..a Wednesday. That is located north of Dearing, Kansas (CR 3900) and on to CR 3000 and 7 miles east on that CR. 

(I had been charged $1951.63 for my Bob's cremation. But they are charging Denise $3,292.68 for her dad's. And that's with over a $2,000 discount.) I had arranged my Bob's cremation before he died by comparing charges between the two funeral homes . If you wait to do that after they die, it is always higher.

Next we went to Windsor to see if the Medicaid he used to have Phyllis in Windsor funeral home is going to take everything Bob has left. We learned that Phyllis's account is closed and the kids will owe nothing. 

Then we went to the bank and found the bank will need a death certificate to allow Denise to use his account to pay his bills. The funeral home will get those for her. We were told Denise had needed a durable power of attorney (specifically the medical) and that gives authorization for final disposition of everything. 

We stopped at Eggbert's for lunch and then from there went to US Cellular to find out how to have his cell phone turned off. They said to just let it go until April 7th and it would be off automatically.

From there we went to Bob's apartment to pick up my grandmother Moberly's antique clock that Bob was to give me this Wednesday. 

I left Denise there where her car was and came back home to Caney.

It was a long day but we got everything possible done. 

I called David, Denise's older brother, about 7:30PM and talked to him almost 2 hours.

Then I took my bath and went to bed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Wednesday and A Different Day

 I woke up at 4:15AM this morning with awful leg cramps. Otherwise I slept well. I got to bed so late that may have helped. I took some meds that were supposed to take care of the leg cramps but it didn't work. So about 4:00AM, I just got up and walked it off. I haven't dressed yet. I just fixed my oatmeal and sat and wondered if I was going to be able to go to Coffeyville for my hair appointment this morning at 9:00AM . We are having a very noisy storm....lots of thunder and lightning and undoubtedly rain. It's pitch black out there so I can only surmise that although I can hear it pouring down out there.

What's different this morning is that I won't be texting Bob to see if he is up and around....since he died last night. I have texted him every morning to see if he is alright. I have done that for years. 

About 8:00AM I will call his other two kids.. Diana and David. Right now I will get dressed. So, more later..

I only had one cat that came out in the storm to eat. It was Blondie. He meowed at the garage door as I was filling the bowls. I went ahead and put them out there even though that was the only cat that braved the storm to eat. It has been two days since I've seen all the cats.

More later.... 

I worked on the obit for awhile until it was going to be time for my hair appointment. I left at 9:00AM for my 9:30AM appointment.Toni did a very good job and did not disturb my staples at all. We will wait another week to color and cut my hair to play it safe.

I got back home and will warm up my chili and have it with crackers and cheese and some more of that punch.

More later... 

I warmed up that chili and ate it about 3:00PM. Then I ran by Nancy's again and this time I was able to raise her. I stopped and visited with her about 4:00PM and told her about Bob's passing. I called Joanne when I got home and read her the obituary. She was delighted to be mentioned in the obituary as one of his survivors honoring his memory. 

Then I began to think about his sister Betty. I didn't believe anyone had contacted her and she had a cell phone so her number was not listed in a directory. I called Denise to ask her if she had called Betty and she had not either. So I decided I would drive up to her home and discuss it with her. It was getting late but I felt I needed to do that since he had his attack while visiting with her.

She was happy to see me and when I told her who I was she invited me in and I had the opportunity to tell her in person about his great care and who all had been with him that afternoon and evening. Her daughter, Jeanette had seen it on facebook and called her to tell her he had died. Betty was  96, ten years older then Bob. She had been his caregiver after he was born. I stayed about an hour and since it was beginning to get dark, I made my regrets for our loss and drove back to Caney. I left her a copy of the obituary.

I got back home and took my bath, put my robe on and read in my latest book.

I went to bed shortly after 9:00PM. It had been quite a day!


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Tuesday and Breakfast With a Friend

 This will be a little different morning. I am meeting my friend, Kelly, at 8:00AM for breakfast and a chance to catch up. I am just having my coffee and Chai here at home. 

No cats came for supper last night which was strange and different. Of course my neighbor to the north was using a chain saw and cutting down a tree in the yard right across the street. That may have discouraged them from coming.

I will check them out this morning. They may be very hungry this morning after no leftovers for their supper last night.

It's 6:15AM right now so I may go check out "the weather on the 8's" while I drink my coffee.

I got up at 5:00AM or so. I had slept very well. I notice that my head has seeped a little more, but not bad. I am not going to mess with it. It will be tricky tomorrow with Toni doing it for me. She will have to be careful of the staples and the comb. I don't want her hooking them with her comb. I used my brush and a mirror to smooth out my hair this morning.

Back later... 

Only Blondie was here for breakfast...strange. I set all the bowls out there just in case the others come over to eat after they hear the garage door go up.

I am still waiting for "the weather on the 8's" to come on.  

I waited for the "weather on the 8's" until it came on. Then I watched some local channel 6 news until time to go meet Kelly for breakfast. I sat with him and visited after we ate for 2 1/2 hours. We had a lot of catching up to do and I really enjoyed visiting with him. We will both be so happy when church is opened again.

Then I went to Independence to Cantrells and Mr., Cantrell reset my watch to daylight savings time. This time he wouldn't charge me anything. That was nice of him.

Then I went to Walgreen's to pick up my other prescription. She had not checked her voice mail so it was not ready. She wanted me to come back in an hour. I went out to Dairy Queen and had a small blizzard. Then I went to WalMart and got coffee and fruit punch before going back to Walgreen's and this time getting my prescription filled. Then I came on back home and picked up my mail and to put everything away.

More later...

I was fixing myself some lunch when my niece, Bob's youngest daughter, called to tell me her dad, my brother-in-law, Bob, had been taken to the Labette Emergency room in Independence, Kansas. He was at his older sister's home and he had some sort of heart problem and was in pain. She called the ambulance and they took him to that emergency room. They learned he had had a large tear in his Aorta..the large Artery that leads to the heart. It was too large to be repaired. The heart surgeon at St.John's in Tulsa said he would probably not survive the surgery so Bob decided he didn't want to even try. They figured  he would not survive the day. I called Denise' older sister, Diana and brother, David and broke the news to them.  He survived the afternoon but died at 10:45PM this evening. My daughter, Leslie, came and stayed with us as did Melissa and Kelly and on the way to the clinic I contacted Joanne, Bob's long time girl friend, and she came up too. Denise and her younger brother, Dennis, were also there by then.

The hospital called FordWulf Bruns funeral home in Coffeyville to pick up his body and all the rest of us left to go home. Leslie stayed until Joanne's niece came to pick her up to go home with her. It was a huge day. 

I got home about 11:30PM, took a bath and tried to unwind. Tomorrow I will write the obituary and see what I can do to help Denise with the arrangements. He wanted to be cremated so that will also be arranged.

It's 12:27AM now and I will go on to bed. I am very tired. In the morning I will call Diana and David too.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Monday and a Stupid Accident

I rolled out of bed at 3:30AM this morning and my head hit the end table and I got a one inch split in my skull out of it.There was blood everywhere. You would never have known it was just a one inch split in my skull. I had blood on the carpet and a lot of it on my p.js. I dripped it all the way to the bathroom. I grabbed a wet washcloth and mopped it out of my hair so I could see the damage. I don't think I need a stitch or two but I will just have to wait and see if the place finally stops bleeding. I took a photo of it and I sent that photo to Leslie. Maybe she can tell. I feel like such an idiot. It took me awhile to use a cold wet washcloth and get the blood out of the carpet. It dripped all the way from the bed to the bathroom.  

I had intended to go over to Coffeyville later this morning to the jewelers. I want to see if he can advance my smart watch an hour. I never did figure the thing out although after messing with the microwave for an hour, I finally did get that advanced. 

Needless to say, this day has not started very well. It's almost 5:00AM now and I guess I will take my pjs off and soak them in cold water to get the blood out of them. Then I will fix my breakfast.

I have had my breakfast and am working on my coffee now. The blasted place is still seeping. Oh well, maybe if I stop messing around it will eventually stop. I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" and sit down for awhile. Eventually I will check on the cats. I didn't feed them their leftovers last night so I imagine they are all hungry.

More later....

I think that place has finally stopped bleeding. I looked out for the cats and Inky and Blondie were the only ones there wanting breakfast. I put their bowls down behind my car, filled them and opened the garage door. Then I came back in the apartment and left them to eat.

I was blogging on the notebook and suddenly it said an  error was happening and it would reboot, Needless to say, I hadn't saved what I was in the process of blogging. So I lost all of it.

I had intended to change my bed today but after the mess I made of the morning, I will just do it tomorrow.

Back to the news now. 

I texted Bob and told him about my accident. He asked if Leslie had called and I told him she was not easily troubled by my idiocy. About the tme I told him that, she called.She thought I should go to the urgent care at Dr. Christensen's office. So I called and learned their hours and went on over. She offered to take my but I told her it wasn't that big a deal. I wasn't dizzy and didn't have a headache. So about 9:00AM, I left for Coffeyville. 

When I got there they had me fill out an accident report for Medicare. Then they took my back and took a look at my head. They said it was very deep and they would put some staples in it. The nurse cleaned it up and ended up putting seven staples in it. She told me to tell the hairdresser to be careful of those staples when she shampooed my hair.

From there I went over to Karan's and left the newspapers for the shelter and then out to wash my car and run it through the dryer. After that I went out to Denise's and left her that book I told her I would give her. We had a nice visit and I left to come back home.

Suzanne brought me some homemade chili and I had crackers and cheese with it. It was very good. Then I went out to Sonic and bought a medium cherry limeade slush.

I went by Nancy's and rang the doorbell several times but could not raise her. So I came on back home. I had put the laundry in the washer and dryer and so I took it out and folded and put it away. It's 4:24PM now and so I guess I will go watch the news. 

More later...

I tried several times to call Nancy and she just doesn't answer her phone or her doorbell.

I downloaded another two or three free books from Amazon to read and started one of them. The news was the same old stuff so I turned off the TV and read until bath time and then read some more until bedtime.

About 8:00PM or so my friend, Kelly, texted me and invited me to breakfast tomorrow morning at Eggberts. It will be good to visit with him. We will meet there at 8:00AM. I wanted to give him time to get his chores done. He has cattle to deal with.

I went on to bed after reading awhile longer. It had been a trying day,


Sunday, March 14, 2021

Sunday and Daylight Savings Time

 I slept well again last night and when I woke up this morning I reset the clocks...all but the microwave and my smart watch. I followed the microwave clock directions but nothing I did changed the time. I even pulled the plug and attempted to start from scratch but nothing worked at resetting that clock. I will get the directions to the smart watch and see if I can figure that out.

But first I need to fix my coffee and oatmeal. So more later.... 

I have had my breakfast and even texted Bob but I haven't yet heard back from him. He may have slept later because of daylight saving time.

I couldn't figure out the smart watch either. Tomorrow I will take it to the jeweler again and see if he can set it up to daylight savings time.   It's extremely aggravating!

I finally was able to get the notebook to find my blog. The battery is so low I can't use it until it finds this blog. I need a new battery. I e-mailed Keith to see if he could bring me a battery when they come next month. I sent him the needed information. I don't have a tiny enough screw driver to open the case where the battery is. 

More later...enough frustration... .

I had four cats come for breakfast this morning. I fed them and brought back the bowls in the garage.

I read until my Kindle battery needed charging again. 

Then I turned on the Beyond the Walls church service and watched the service on my desktop computer.  After this, I will fix my lunch.

So more later... 

I had a frozen Schwan's meal for my lunch with a ice cream bar for dessert.

At 2:30PM, I went out to Leslie and John's and took Maia's birthday gift and card. I stayed about an hour. Then I came home.

When I got home I spent some time on the phone with my niece, Denise.

Then I read in my latest book.. downloaded free of charge from Amazon. 

It's 4:53PM now and I will work on this awhile until time for the Mission Center worship service at 6:00PM. I just had my banana for supper.

After the worship service, I will take my bath  and read some more in my book after that until bedtime. I finished my book at 11:15PM and went on to bed.