Saturday, April 13, 2019

Saturday..a Half Day of Conference

We were cold last night and didn't sleep as well. Leslie got up and turned on the furnace so we could get another hour or so of sleep. The worship service, as usual was very special. Many of our international members planned very special services.

Leslie even bought one of their native drums after today's service and brought it home.

John came while were in the worship service and hooked up the RV to take it back to their home. We stopped in Ottawa to have a late lunch.

I got home about 4:30PM or so and unpacked everything and put it all away and then baked my cake for tomorrow. When it is completely cool, I will ice it and take it to church with me tomorrow and put it in the freezer there. Bob will pick it up on Tuesday to take to the First Christian Church here in Independence, Kansas.

I have the message tomorrow and will go over it a couple of more times before I go to bed. It's only 7:15PM now. I have awhile to read my mail and ice that cake before I take my bath and get ready for bed. I am looking forward to my own bed.

More tomorrow.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday and the Last Full Day

We slept well last night even though it got down to 33 degrees.  Leslie left the living room heater on so we were warm and fine.

We got up at 6:00AM as usual and dressed and had our breakfasts. We turn on the NBC news every morning.

I will try to blog this morning but we have a very weak signal and I have no assurance that this will post.

I have  a little more signal this evening so I will try to get some more blogging done. 

We went directly into the Auditorium this morning at 8:30AM.  At lunch we brought Cindy Crown home with us to have our tomato bisque soup with crackers, peach tea and Orel cookies. We went back to our legislative session after lunch and passed a couple more items.  Also Leslie bought one of the African drums that were used for the services by one of the native Africans. She was delighted.

After the session was over, we went out to Walgreens for me to maker a purchase and on the way back we saw a root beer stand and stopped to split a very good hamburger, tater tots and root beers in a frosted mug. Then we came back to watch the news. I do not want to go to the Hymn Sing this evening. Leslie will go on without me. I am just too tired.

We will take our showers about 8:00PM and got to bed sometime around 9:00PM. We are both ready to go back home but we still have another legislative session in the morning. John will be here sometime in the morning to hook up the RV so we can leave after lunch.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Thursday and Another Big Day

We both slept well last night. After we got up and dressed and had our breakfasts, we listened to the news  and later went on to our caucus. There was an awful lot unnecessary discussion. But that's always the way it is.Some people just like to hear themselves talk.

At the legislation session we mostly discussed the Silencing with Reason type of legislation. There was a lot of trying to get the devices to work. Finally the engineer suggested we turn our other devices, such as cell phones and tablets to "airplane mode". That did it. Finally everyone was able to use their voting devices.  We passed the new silencing with reason legislation. Then they recessed until 2:00PM.

At lunchtime, I fixed a large bowl of salad and Leslie went to the laundry and did our laundry.

Time to go back...more later...

We got back to the Auditorium and considered the budget again. We learned this week that there are only 9,000 active members in Canada and the USA only has 10,000 active members although the church has grown again throughout the rest of the world. I have a feeling that between Canada and the USA, we are the main contributors to the budget.

Before we called it a day to the business meeting, we took some surveys. Then we had a hymn and a benediction and were dismissed.

Leslie and I went right over to Clinton's Drug Store and had a turtle Sundae . It was delicious!  I am going to offer to buy John one on Saturday since he did my yard work while I was gone this week.

It's supposed to get cold this evening. It's already 50 degrees. Leslie turned on the heat so the RV would be nice and warm by bedtime.

We are due to be back to the Auditorium at 7:00PM for the worship service.  When we get back, we will take our showers and get ready for bed. We generally go to bed at 9:00PM or 9:30PM  since we are so tired by then.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Wednesday and Hump Day

We slept well again last night. We did wake up once when the wind came up and Leslie got up and set the rocking chairs down so they woudn't blow away. She came right back to bed and we both went back to sleep until 6:00AM when her alarm went off.

After we got dressed and both ate our breakfast, we checked our internet and I tried to access my bank account since my social security had come in. I had to shut down my mail to do that...we have so little bandwidth here.

We need to be at the Temple at 8:30AM for our caucus meeting. That gives us about 45 minutes. Everything is done here. Tonight we have a dinner with the RV group. Last night we had that light dinner with the Mission Center group. We are eating more then we planned. We have only had two meals out. The Friday that John was here and we had fish and chips and the Sunday dinner. at Orphelias are our only meals out that we paid for.

Yesterday John mowed my yard and trimmed my trees while I was up here. I had intended to mow before I left, but it had rained.  It is so good that he got all that done.

I will get back to this later. Leslie is ready to leave in just a few 8:00AM.

We spent the caucus time talking about Non Violence and what and how to combat Violence time it. We will consider that in Legislature time on Friday. In today's Auditorium time, we began with a worship service and another offering. Then we discussed the budget and the funding of the Bridge of Hope (the funding of the church's retirement fund).

We had ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch at the RV. I got another text from John. He had picked up the rest of the limbs he took off the trees at my apartment.  I am not going to know that place when I get back. He has done so much work for me while I am gone. That's great!

We have a thirty minute break before they began discussing the concept of silence of priesthood.

After that, the session ended and we went back to the RV and got ready to attend the RV Association's dinner and business meeting.

Following that we came back to the RV and watched TV until time to take our showers and get ready for bed. It was another big day.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Tuesday and a Hairdo Day

Leslie and I both slept well last night and got up at 6:00AM. We got ready for another busy day and had our breakfasts. Then we dressed and got ready to leave at 8:00AM for our caucus meeting at the Temple at 8:30AM. That was over at 10:00AM. We had to be over at the Auditorium for the legislative session at 10:30AM. That broke up at noon and then both Leslie and I got our hair done at a place called Deb's. It felt so good to have clean hair.  Then we came back to the RV and had Schwanns personal pan pizzas done in the microwave, some cookies and Lipton peach iced tea.

Then we got back to the Auditorium for another legislative session at 2:00PM. That broke up at 4:30PM. and we left immediately for Sandra Ferguson's home for a light dinner of deli sandwiches, chips and some other goodies, including chocolate cake for dessert . We had a good visit with our Mission Center delegates. While there, Leslie learned from one young tech type man there that google play is not compatible with the Windows on her Android tablet.  The woman in the middle sitting in the chair is me. 


Then on the way back to the RV, we stopped at a Hi Vee where Leslie bought some more tea and yogurt and some pistachio nuts to eat while we watched TV.

We found that Jody and Woody had been here and brought John and Leslie some new RV folks T Shirts.

Now we are watching "Justice", a true detective program out of Canada.  It is nearly 8:00PM now and soon we will take our showers and get ready for bed. There were no worship services this evening. ...just some ordination services.  We didn't attend those.

It's been another huge busy day!

Monday and Another Huge Day

This was another huge day. We went to our legislative service after spending the morning at the Temple in our Elder's caucus. We discussed a number of issues.

In the legislative session, we mostly just took care of housekeeping issues. The real work should be from now on. This is our Peace Temple. Leslie and I are elders and the elders hold there caucus meetings there.

 Image may contain: sky, night and outdoor

In the evening, before the church service, Leslie went down to the laundry area to try to get a better signal for the Wifi. She was very disappointed that she was not able to download her updates on her tablet. While she was gone, I watched a rabbit eating grass in our yard. I sat very still so I wouldn't scare him away. Leslie got back just in time to take his picture.

The church service was special with the youth playing some wonderful music and a great sermon by another young woman. It all happened while five artists painted some beautiful pictures. All in all, it was very different and beautiful. Awesome!

We did make an appointment for my hair. I imagine, as short as it is, I could just wash it in the shower and use Leslie's dryer to dry it. I am considering cancelling the hair appointment.

We watched some TV in the evening after church, took our showers and tried to figure out what is wrong with our feet. Leslie's heel is swollen and very painful and my ankles both swelled up terribly. I imagine mine is from too much sitting.

We went to bed at 10:00PM, both very tired.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday and A Huge Day

We slept well last night and I only woke up once and then got right back to sleep. I ate oatmeal and grapes with Chai Latte for my breakfast but Leslie just had some grapes and Chai Latte.

We went to the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper service early at 9:00AM because Leslie had to be there early for her "serving the communion" practice.  I sat and watched.  Then the actual service began at 10:00AM. It was was a fine service with much lovely music. The chorale sang some of it but the huge congregation also sang some great music. The minister had a great sermon too. It was based on the woman at the well.

After lunch at Orphelia's we went back to the Temple of Peace for the Elder's Quorum meeting.  There was quite a bit discussion over the change in the procedure of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. When that was over we went out to the ice cream parlor for one dip of ice cream. Now we are back at the RV bringing everything about the day up to date and will leave in fifteen minutes for the Auditorium to attend the evening worship service at 7:00PM.

Perhaps more later...

The worship service, as usual, was very good!

We were exhausted although we did find an ice cream parlor after the service and had a dip of very good ice cream.

We then came back to the RV, took our showers and went to bed. We were both very tired.