Saturday, April 10, 2021

Saturday and the Aftermath of Rain

 I slept well again last night and only woke up once to go to the bathroom and take my meds. I got up shortly before 5:00AM, made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day.

I am not sure the yard can be mowed tomorrow. It rained a lot last night and it may be thoroughly soaked. 

Inky and Blondie spent the evening right next to my front door on the new doormat Suzanne gave me, trying to stay dry. When the rain let up, they went back across the street. The next time I go to Coffeyville or Independence, I will have to buy cat food again. It appears I am only feeding three cats at the most. Inky, Blondie, and the light yellow young cat from Scruffie's second litter. The rest appear to be gone for good.

I got most of my dusting finished yesterday, All I lack is the den and that should be easy. There's not a lot to dust in there. ...just bookcases and the computer cabinet and one end table. I can't dust the tops of the bookcases without a ladder and all I have is a step stool so I will not do any climbing on that.

It's 5:40AM now and I may go turn on "the weather on the 8's" to see what is in store for today.  So more later...

I just fed the three cats Inky, Blondie and the light blond cat from Scruffie's second  litter.  That appears to be all the cats left now. Scruffie is still gone...evidently for good.

I watched the weather and it appears it won't be raining here till later next week. 

I read most of the morning, swept off the front door area and  had one of my frozen lunches for lunch. I took a drive in the early afternoon and then dropped by Nancy's. She was dressed and so I stayed a couple of hours. She was just getting ready to do the puzzle I took over to her Friday evening.  She instead went into the den with me and we just visited. I left about 4:30PM and went home to watch the news. Instead the golf tournament was on so I watched it until it was over for the day, I was going to watch "Bull" but it was a rerun. I read again until bath time and then I took my bath and at 9:00PM I went on to bed.


Friday, April 9, 2021

Friday and Dusting

 I slept very well again last night...thank goodness! I got up shortly before 5:00AM and had my breakfast after I got myself ready for the day. I heard from Dean. He has spilled a cup of coffee on his computer and Rod was trying to get it fixed after that fiasco. It was good to hear he was alright though. Ever since he had to have more stints put in last winter, I have been concerned about him. He has been a good friend. I would hate to lose him. I just lost my brother-in-law, Bob, and am not ready to lose Dean too.

And, by the way, Krystal did get one of her girls to mow for me tomorrow. She finally got back to me last evening.

I have had my oatmeal and breakfast bar and am drinking my one cup of coffee now. I will go in the living room and check "the weather on the 8's" now and have my Chai Latte. I will get back to this later. 

I watched the weather and it appears it's going to rain. I don't know whether the yard will be dry by Sunday or not. Krystal's daughter will be willing to mow on Sunday afternoon if it is. I will just have to play it by ear and wait to see.

More later..I will watch the CBS news now. 

I watched the CBS news until it was over. I got a text from Kelly about 10:30AM wanting to have breakfast. He had sent it at 6:54AM but I didn't receive it until 10:30AM for some strange reason. I suggested lunch instead so he met me at Eggberts at 11:00AM and we had lunch instead and a good visit.

I called Nancy after that from in front of her house and she was sick to her stomach again.  On my way home I stopped at the dental office parking lot where there was a huge rummage sale going on. I bought a puzzle and thought I would put it together instead of reading this afternoon. 

It's 12:40PM now and I guess I will go get my card table from the garage. More later...

I worked on the puzzle and got it finished. I had finally found Nancy after Laura left the back door open for me earlier. I went in and stayed two hours and visited with her. When I got back home I finished the puzzle. I had told Nancy I would get it to her and she could work on it next on her dining room table. Laura came back by on her way back over there and I sent it to Nancy with her. By this time it was beginning to rain and storm. Laura told me that David and his wife had decided to employ "Visiting Angels" four days a week to take care of her so they wouldn't have to.That will cost $200 an hour four days a week. That is $3200. a month but that is at least $1,800 less then a nursing home and she can stay in her own home that way.

I took my bath and got ready for bed. Then I watched the weather on TV for awhile and finally began to watch 20/20 but it was interrupted by more weather news on that channel too.We did get a little pea size hail. At 8:45PM I came into the den to work on finishing the blog. I will go on to bed at 9:00PM. The worst of the storm has past....I think.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

 I slept well again last night and was up  shortly before 5:00AM as usual.

I am ready for the day...have had my breakfast and coffee and am now working on my Chai Latte.

Today, while commercials are on TV, I will mop and vacuum my apartment which is my usual way of handling my cleaning chore. I will dust tomorrow.

I have read the Montgomery County Chronicle and once again, my two great granddaughters are on the principal's honor roll.

More later...I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" right now.

I've watched the weather and there's nothing  special going on except wind. I don't plan on going out today anyhow. I will probably just stay in and read besides cleaning the apartment.  

More later after I check the cat situation. They didn't come back for supper last night which is rather strange for that group of animals.

Only Inky and Blondie came for breakfast this morning.  The cats appear to be disappearing.   

I watched the CBS news and mopped and vacuumed while the commercials were on as is my practice. Both the mopping and the vacuuming are finished now.  I will relax a bit.

I had my leftover dinner from Sunday for my lunch. It was still good and I was glad I saved it. 

I read all afternoon and finished another book. The Schwan's man came with my order from last week. I was gone when he came.  Then at supper time I  had a banana and an ice cream bar.

I watched PBS this evening. I complained that I didn't have it and it was on my schedule and after the Cox man told me I was supposed to have it and left yesterday afternoon, I tried channel 11 again and found I now have it. I watched the last episode of "Hemingway" last night.  

Inky and Blondie were the only cats that came for supper tonight. I fed them and then brought the dishes in.

It's 8:25PM now and I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM. That is if I don't drown in my own juices before then. Every pollen I am allergic to must be out now. I have sneezed and blown all day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Wednesday and Bunco

 I slept well again last night and even past 5:00AM. I have dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have even had my breakfast and am working on my coffee. Next is my Chai Latte and I will need to get some more out at the Coffeyville Walmart today while I am in Coffeyville.

I just balanced my checkbook and what do you know! I got my stimulus check! I was about to give up on it! I believe I will transfer it into my savings account. I might need it there for any emergencies.

And now I will go check "the weather on the 8's" and see how many cats came for breakfast. There were three this time...Inky and Blondie and one other little cat from Scruffie's second litter. I still haven't seen Scruffie  in several weeks. I imagine something has happened to her.

More later.....I will be leaving for Coffeyville at 8:00AM.

I got over to Coffeyville in plenty of time for my  hair appointment. I even went out to Walmart to get some of the groceries the new market here in Caney does not carry yet. Then I got my hair done and afterward went to the senior center and took some of the corrected brochures I picked up at the funeral home to them.  Then I read for awhile and finished my book.

I went to Eggbert's and had the chicken salad with the fruit and muffin for my lunch. 

After that, I went to the senior center for Bunco. I had a good time and also enjoyed the fellowship. I ate too much so I won't be eating anything for supper.

I got home at 3:45PM and put away my groceries. I received Kim and Daniel's wedding gift today and got it gift wrapped and ready to take to them on the 24th. The celebration is at 2:00PM that day. I believe Keith and Esther will be gone by then to go to the airport. If not, I will take it to Johnna at church earlier and she can take it to Kim and Daniel that day.  Leslie is on call that weekend and can't attend the celebration.

More later....
I talked to Karan and she will let me ride over with her. She is also going to ask Phyllis. Phyllis may work on Saturday but she may be able to switch with someone.

I haven't seen any cats come  for supper....that's strange.

I watched the CBS news and then turned the TV off. I am not interested in the Oklahoma news or even the Tulsa news..too much violence.

It's a little after 6:00PM now. In another 30 minutes I will take my bath and just read some more. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.



Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tuesday and a Kindle Problem

 I left my Kindle plugged in overnight like I always do to charge it when it tells me to do that. This morning the yellow light was still on. When it is charged, the light turns green. Evidently the battery did not take a charge. The libraries have been closed during the pandemic so I have constantly read from my kindle. Now how will I read? Oh well...

I slept well last night and got up this morning at my usual 5:00AM. I went to bed shortly after 9:00PM last night so I had plenty of sleep.

I have had my breakfast and am drinking my coffee now. I don't really have a plan for today. Tomorrow is my hair appointment in the morning at 8:30AM and Bunco in the afternoon at the senior center at 1:00PM. I always look forward to that fellowship.

The only cats that came for breakfast this morning were Inky and Blondie. I believe someone around here has got rid of the other cats.  There used to be four and Scruffie was very pregnant. I haven't seen her in weeks.

More later...
I have been watching TV and the picture has been tearing again from time to time. I was talked into increasing my internet signal a month or two ago and that added to my cost and of course the internet signal had nothing to do with my TV picture anyhow. So I called Cox to see why the picture tears. They are sending a tech out to check it out this afternoon between 4:00 and 6:00. In the meantime, they gave me to a tech with an accent to help me go back to my original internet speed. I started out last year with the cost of $109.27. Now it's up to $137.64 with the increase in internet speed. When I asked to have the internet put back to the speed where it was when I got the TV hooked up in 2019 when I moved here, I was told the cost now would be $126.65. Why, I don't know. I have the very basic package called the TV starter package. That was quoted to me in 2019 at $109.27 and that included my Cox Complete of Care of $9.99 a month.

The tech came and checked everything out. He put a newer connection on the Tivo and spent an hour here working on the connection at the pole as well as all the connections on the TV. He couldn't figure out what else it could be except the Tivo was an older model and might be causing the problem. I had hoped he was right. The TV is nearly new and so is the DVR. I seldom use it since I have Amazon Prime. While I was talking to the tech online he told me I should have PBS on my Starter package. I told him it had been dropped from the starter package but when the young tech left my apartment here, I changed to channel 11 and I did have PBS now. That's good because I really like PBS on TV and NPR on my car radio.

After he left  and I was watching channel 6 (CBS ) news, the picture tore once again. I guess I will just have to live with it. Luckily it doesn't happen very often.

I have had my bath now and it is a little after 7:00PM. At 9:00PM or so I will go to bed. Until then, I will read. There's nothing I am interested in on TV. I watch the news,  Bull, Lucky Dog, and that's about it. Now that I have PBS again I will watch some of their programming.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Monday and Car Business

 I slept well last night and only woke up once. I got up at my usual 5:00AM. I have had my breakfast bar and oatmeal and am working on my coffee.

I have a load of laundry in the dryer now..mostly underwear, towels and my PJs. 

I will go to Bartlesville this morning and get my tires rotated and the oil changed. I have a coupon that helps.The oil change will be $14.95. The tire rotation will be free. I will get those things done at Tate Boys where Leslie bought my tires a year or so ago. We charged them on a Tate Boys credit card where I had six months to pay them off interest free. She paid for them.

Then I need to go to Walmart there and buy an ink cartridge for my printer, some Chai Latte and melatonin. I can't get those things at our new market here in Caney. I will go by Hobby Lobby too and see if I can find some kitchen towels with an apple design for Kim and her new husband.

It's 6:17AM now and I will go see what the weather will be like this week. I know they are predicting rain on Wednesday when I go to Bunco at the senior center. I hope to get my antique clock this week too.

So more later... 

The tire rotation and oil change was not quite as cheap as I hoped. The oil change was to have been $14.95(plus tax) and tire rotation free.They charged me $26.95 for a "needed" air filter. $16.40 for the "oil filter service". The oil filter itself was $3.50...the oil $12.05 (minus the $20.00 discount). That came to $41.40. $4.71 for the "shop and supplies"and $4.20 sales tax. So with the $16.40 oil and filter "service" the total then was $50.31. with a "free" tire rotation.

Bartlesville's Walmart didn't have the Chai Latte. I'll have to get that Wednesday at Coffeyville. I couldn't find the "Apple" dish towels for Kim either.

When I got home, I took some of my broccoli Cheddar soup over to Nancy. I stayed a while but needed to get home and get something to eat myself. I had a Healthy Choice dinner.

Then Suzanne called and we chatted for awhile.

It's 3:21PM  now and I have not done another thing today. Maybe I should read. It's been a laid back day. 

I read in my latest book until news time. It's 6:25PM now. I have had my banana for my supper and chased with a breakfast bar. In another 30 Minutes, I will take my bath.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter Sunday

 I slept well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM.  I am in the process of eating my breakfast now. 

Soon I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" on the weather channel. 

Then I will check on which cats are waiting to be fed.

It's Easter Sunday and I will also need to bake my coffeecake for those who come to church at 10:00AM for the Easter Sunday program...including and especially the little great granddaughters.

I have finished my breakfast and watched "the weather on the 8's" and the coffeecake is in the oven baking. It has another 40 minutes to go before I cool and ice it. Now I will check on the cat situation.

Blondie and Inky were the only ones out there this morning. I don't know where all the others are. But outside of Scruffie, I don't miss all the others. I haven't seen Scruffie in weeks.  

The coffeecake is out of the oven now and cooling. When it is cooled, I will ice it with the glaze. Now I will go back and watch the CBS Sunday news.

About five after 8:00AM, my TV went off. (Thanks Cox) I called Cox and while I was waiting to be connected to someone that could help me, it came back on. The Tivo recording device had to reboot too. I would so love to have reliable TV. Lord only knows Cox is not it... regardless of the overpriced basic service.  

I got the glaze onto the coffeecake. It's ready now and it's only 8:39AM. I will leave home at 9:30AM for the 10:00AM Easter service.

I saw on CBS news that 50% of people today say they have no religious affiliation. That's tragic but it explains the violence and hostility in today's world.  

I left at 9:20AM to go to the Easter service. I should have left a little earlier. I got there just in time to give the little girls and John some coffeecake. Then it was time for the service. The girls, Melissa and Leslie, and Kelly on the computer, did a good job. The service was different but interesting. Afterward I put several pieces of coffeecake in plastic bags and gave them to Kelly and some of the others. Then I went out to El Publeto for lunch with the other five. Karan was also there. John bought my lunch too. Then I went out to Woodshed and filled up with gas.  I brought two pieces of coffeecake home for Nancy.  

I will read this afternoon.

Tomorrow early, I will go down to Tate Boys, where Leslie bought my tires, and have the rotation done free of charge.. I will also have my oil changed for $14.95 on a special they sent me in the mail.  The Honda Agency wants $40.00 to do that anymore. And the Honda Agency always finds something else expensive to try to get me to allow. They may have just lost my business.

About 2:00PM, Leslie contacted me to remind me of a worship service with the resident of our church in Independence, Missouri. We watched it and so did Karan Maritt. It was very good.

I tried to call Nancy this afternoon to share my coffee cake with her but she never picked up the phone. That happens a lot. I will try again later...

I texted Rick and Carmen...We missed them today. Between family concerns and Rick's work they missed the Easter service but said they would be there next week. They are usually very faithful attenders.

It's a little after 4:00PM right now. I will go watch the news..if it's on.

The news was not on. So once again I tried to reach Nancy and this time she picked up. I took the two pieces of coffeecake over to her and stayed until 5:45PM and then after that I came home. I took my bath and watched my recorded 60 Minutes. Then I came in here to finish this blog. In the morning, I will take my car to Tate Boys in Bartlesville to get the tires aligned and the oil changed.

Now I will read for awhile until my eyes get tired and then go to bed.