Saturday, March 27, 2021

Saturday and No Plans

I slept well again last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM. I made my bed and myself up and had my breakfast. I am drinking my coffee now. I must remember to call Phyllis this morning about 8:00AM before she goes to work and see if she heard her message about church tomorrow.

I have no plans for the day. The apartment is clean and it's too early to do much of anything else.  I will have my chai soon. It's only 5:25AM though and too early for the cats to be out there. I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" shortly.

If it's a nice day, I may pull that Dusty Miller out of the flowerbed and rake the flowerbed and get it ready for planting. It's too early to plant anything. I usually do that the last week of April after any danger of frost. 

More later... 

It's5:53 AM now and I will get back to this later...

It's 7:31AM and I just tried to reach Phyllis again and she didn't answer again. I left another message  but often she doesn't listen to her messages. I will just try again and if all else fails I will call her at work today. But she may be visiting Sherry in Overland Park. I don't have her cell phone number.

I finally got Phyllis. I also called Laura, Mike's wife, and had a nice visit with her.  Mike will be home this evening. She thinks he will be at church tomorrow and she may come with him. I also reached Billie Jo. She will come next week. She gets her second vaccination shot on next Tuesday.

I started to mow this afternoon but the corners were too wet from the rains we've had this week. I called the girls mom who mowed for me last year and arranged for one of the girls to come tomorrow afternoon and mow for me. Maybe it will be dryer by then. 

I read most of the afternoon and about 6:45PM I took my bath and put on my pjs and robe. I will read some more before I go to bed at 9:00PM or so.  I downloaded several more free books to read from Amazon.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Friday and A Day of Rest

 I slept well again last night...which is beginning to be the norm. I got up at my usual 5:00AM, got myself dressed and made my bed. Then I fixed my breakfast and am now working on drinking my Chai. I may just read today. I think I will clean the apartment and do my laundry tomorrow...we will see. I have been so on the go since Bob died. Having lunch with Gay yesterday and visiting with Nancy last evening was a good break.

It seems so strange not texting Bob every morning. I had done that for years.

I missed Schwan's yesterday so I did not get my order. It will be the 8th of April before I get it now. Next time I go to Walmart, I will buy some frozen meals to tide me over. I will be delivering the cakes on Tuesday and I will drop into the Independence Walmart and buy several.

I will go watch "the weather on the 8's"  now and see what the forecast for the weekend will be. Then I will check out the cat situation. Yesterday evening when I came home from Nancy's, Blondie was waiting for supper  but it was too late to feed him then so hopefully he will be out there this morning. I will see.

I fed three cats this morning. I haven't seen Scruffie for at least a week. This morning was there Blondie, Inky and the neighbor's big yellow cat.  As big and pregnant as Scruffie is I wouldn't be surprised if she is having her kittens somewhere.

More even later.. 

It turned out not to be a day of rest after all.  After the CBS news was on I decided to just vacuum while the commercials were on. So I got the apartment cleaned after all.

In a little while I will go out to Dollar General and get the two or three things I need. In order to bake my cake, I will need eggs. I have the  cake mix and icing but I only have two eggs. I need three and I think that's all I need besides breakfast bars. 

We will have church services in our building tomorrow but we will all wear face masks and practice seating spacing. This is the first time in a year. It's only the 11:00AM hour.

More later... 

I have been watching some TV programs I had recorded. I also had my lunch. I had one of my chicken pot pies. some punch and an ice cream bar for dessert.

It's a beautiful day. I called Nancy to see if she wanted to take a drive but Gina answered and they were just getting ready to take her over to Coffeyville for her second covis vaccination. She had told me that last night. I just had forgotten. But it's just too pretty to stay in. It's 65 degrees. I may walk up to the post office and put my letter in the mail.

It's 1:19PM now.

I went down to Bartlesville this afternoon and bought a new pair of PJ. They were marked $45.00 but I got them for $17.00 and change.  Mine are very badly worn. Then I came back home by 3:30PM.

Dillards is going out of business in the mall and everything is highly marked down. I didn't see anything there that I was interested in though.

I guess I will go read until the CBS news comes on.

More later...

It's after 6:00PM now and I guess I will go take my bath and read until 9:00PM when I will go to bed.


Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thursday and Lunch with Gay

I slept well again last night although I am a little concerned about the idea of Suzanne and Steve selling the duplex. I am afraid the new owner will raise the rent. Suzanne is also concerned about the renter next door having a dog in his apartment. She is going to inspect his apartment and if he is keeping a dog there, she will ask him to move. I have seen two different dogs in the back yard over the past weeks. The first one was a medium sized spotted one but the one I saw a couple of weeks ago was a large black one. He is in violation of his lease.

I will be going up to Independence about 11:00AM to meet Gay and Adele for lunch at Ana Mae's at 11:30AM. It's been awhile since I have seen them. While I am there I will go by their Walmart and get some more breakfast bars. I have plenty of oatmeal. I think that's all I need. I have had my morning oatmeal and coffee and will get my Chai soon.

And I need to check out "the weather on the 8's" and see if there are any hungry cats out there. So..more later...  

There were only two cats out there...Blondie and Inky. I fed them and checked their water supply too.

It's almost 8:00AM now.  I notice we are supposed to have rain today. It's Spring...I guess I should expect that. I won't be leaving for Independence until 11:00AM. I am waiting for the CBS news now.

So, more later...

Leslie called me this morning and asked me to call the congregation to tell them we will get to open the church again on Sunday. I worked on that until after 11:00AM. I am supposed to meet Gay at Independence for lunch at 11:30AM. I left a little late but still got there in good enough time. Adele wasn't feeling real good so she decided to just stay home this time. Gay and I had a good visit and I got home in time to continue working on my calls. Then I printed off a couple of directories with the changes that happened this last month. Kim got married and moved away and Bob Avery passed away.

I worked on everything until 4:45PM when I decided to stop and watch the news.I will have a banana for my supper. At 7:00PM I decided to go over to Nancy's and take her the rest of the candy I brought home from Game Day yesterday. She shared some of it with Laura. I stayed until  9:30PM and then came home to take my bath and read until I feel like going to bed....probably around 10:30PM or so.


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Wednesday and Another Full Day

I slept well again last  night and was up about 5:00AM. I made my bed and dressed and fixed my breakfast. The laptop computer has been very slow this morning so I have rebooted it. I am hoping that will fix it.

I have a busy day ahead. I will go to the bank to get a week's cash and then to my hair appointment at 9:00AM. I will go out to Denise's to get the clock key and then go get gas at the Woodshed. I will take my Kindle so I can read after that. I may stop at Eggbert's and have lunch. After 1:00PM, I will go to game day at the senior center.

Right now I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" on TV and check out the cats. I won't leave for Coffeyville until 8:00AM or so. I will get gas before I go to my hair appointment. It's only 6:15AM now. 

It's almost 8:00AM now and I am heading to Coffeyville for the day.

More later this afternoon....

I got home at almost 5:00PM after running all my errands in Coffeyville. I talked to  David Hill on the phone today and he got my grandmother's clock running. It will cost me $85.00 to pick it up on Tuesday when I deliver the cakes to the First Christian Church  in Independence. David will meet me there. I consider it a bargain. I intend to leave it to Keith. It is a Seth Thomas clock and is well over 100 years old. Keith is always very interested in anything old like that. Leslie has her dad's retirement clock from Phillips. 

I will eat a banana for my supper. I had a Wacky Pack kids meal for my lunch at Sonic in Coffeyville. 

More later... I want to catch the 5:30PM CBS news this evening.

Suzanne just called. She is going to sell the duplex. I am afraid the new owner will raise the rent. Steve is not up to upkeep any more. I am just making it right now. I was afraid of that. She also told me not to feed the cats in the garage behind my car. She said I could feed them in front of my front door instead again.

More later...

Laura, Nancy's evening nurse caregiver texted me last night to say Nancy was lonely to see me. I told her I had tried to see Nancy at least once or twice a week but that much of the time, She didn't hear the phone when I called and didn't answer the door when I rang the doorbell. There not much else I can do. I did turn off the TV and go over to see her this evening and she came to the door her nightgown and robe. She seldom dresses anymore. I stayed until 9:30PM and then I came home, took my bath and went to bed.

It had been a huge week!

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Tuesday and Breakfast with Kelly

I slept well last night but was up shortly after 4:00AM anyhow.I stayed up until after midnight reading my latest book. It was one I couldn't put down.

After having breakfast with Kelly last week on Tuesday and he treated me, I texted him last night and asked him to have breakfast with me today and I would pay. He was willing so I am meeting him at Eggberts at 8:00AM this morning. I have had coffee and will soon have my chai but no breakfast today.

It has been pouring down rain earlier this morning. I don't know if it is still raining or not. I will check as it gets light out. It's only 5:45AM now and still dark out.

I wrote Gene, Melissa's dad, a letter this morning to apologize for mentioning his hearing problem in our last congregational newsletter. Melissa had told me he was offended. When I was sharing the congregation's news, I could not get him to pick up his phone so I could get his news for the newsletter. Kelly had told me how profoundly deaf he was and I said I guessed his hearing problem was why I couldn't reach him. He doesn't wear a hearing aid. As a person with my own hearing problems, I should have known better. I hope he will forgive me but only time will tell.

More later...I will go check "the weather on the 8's" and also see if any cats are waiting for breakfast out there. If it's still raining, they may not be out there. The cats had eaten because I had left the garage door up all night and they had food in their dish behind my car.

Kelly and I had another two hour breakfast this morning.We really visit and catch up. It's 9:00AM now and we met at 7:00AM after the rain stopped.

I don't know whether we will do it again sometime or not. 

David Hill of Independence called from Marilyn's home. He works on old clocks. He wants to meet me at Dearing to pick up my grandmother's antique clock.  I will take Bob's new glasses to V & S Variety where the Lions Club has  box to take glasses to give to people who cannot afford them. 

Then I  went by Karan's to pick up the Reporter newspapers. We visited for an hour and a half. I also stopped at the cellphone place and had one of them fix my cellphone. It was constantly needing updates and had constant notifications even when no one was texting me.

When I got home, I had at least two cats to feed..Inky and Blondie.

After they finished, I took the bowls back onto the TV tray I have out there in the garage.

I took my bath at 7:00PM and read all evening until after 9:00PM, when I went on to bed.


Monday, March 22, 2021

Monday and Staples Out

Today, around 8:00AM, I will leave for Coffeyville again to get these staples out of my scalp. I hope it's healed enough this time. I dread the pain. Putting them in was bad enough. I have no idea how much it will hurt to take them out.

(It turned out not to hurt at all)

I slept very well last night but still got up sometime before 5:00AM, made my bed, dressed and made up my face. Then I came in here in the den and checked my bank account. It is off $133.52. I have checked  my subtraction with my calculator and it is correct. For one thing, although the church notified me several days ago they had withdrawn my tithing, it doesn't show up on the bank and neither does my purchase at Dollar General from yesterday morning. I will check again later today.

I have had my oatmeal, coffee and breakfast bar. I will drink my Chai as soon as I finish here and look into the cat situation. I see there are four out there.

My Kindle is charged so I can read on my latest book later today. After I get my staples out I will go to the bank to get my durable power of attorney notarized.  Then I will take those pictures of Bob over to Joanne's and drop my latest sack of papers over at Karan's house for the animal shelter. Then I will come back home. I do want to stop at the post office and mail back Shirley's book. Nancy has finished reading it and I want to get it back to her. I think that's all I need to do today.

More later... 

I did all that and then came home. I looked at my calendar and saw that I had agreed to be an escort from 12:00PM until 3:00PM and then  agreed to give my 0 positive blood at 3:15PM. So I hopped into the car and raced back over to Coffeyville to fulfill my duty. Then I was deferred for low hemoglobin again. So I came on back home....again.  I think I will just go out to Eggbert's and eat my honey chicken salad and muffin and fruit. That sounds good! I am just not up to another frozen meal.

I had my Honey Chicken Salad supper and it was really usual.

I texted Kelly and we are having breakfast again tomorrow. He is such a neat guy to meet an old gal like me for breakfast at 8:00AM. I get a huge bang out of him.

So more later... No CBS News this evening..again. So I will watch the NBC news. Then take my bath and read until bedtime.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Sunday and Online Church Once Again

 I slept well last night but I woke up sometime after 4:00AM thinking about that durable power of attorney, specifically the medical. Richard at FordWulf Bruns said I would need that when my time comes because that gives authorization for final disposition.  So I woke up early thinking about that. I may need to see an attorney to get that taken care of. I have a will in my "important papers" folder that was signed by two non relatives but it is not notarized and I don't know if that is adequate or not. I may need to check with the bank. 

Even though Leslie is on my checking account, Denise was on Bob's but they wouldn't allow her to write a check for his discover bill until she could bring them a death certificate. Richard also told Denise that when she called Discover they would just forgive the balance because he had died. He said Discover was the only card that would do that.

So all this was going through my mind early this morning so I just got up and dressed and got ready for the day. I stripped my bed and did my laundry too. I have it in the dryer now. Luckily, I don't owe any credit cards. I will put my pin number for my debit card on my budget list on the frig so in case of an emergency, Leslie can get to my checking and savings accounts. 

I will just stay home today for a change.  I will be going over to Coffeyville tomorrow to have the staples out of my head and I will take the pictures I found of Bob over to Joanne while I am there. Then I go back Wednesday for my hair appointment. I won't be meeting Bob for breakfast on Wednesday for the first time in years.

We don't do cakes again until the 30th, the day before his service. We will only have three this time. Bob always baked one.  I am baking a second one for Joanne's reception at the senior center that next day right after the service.

Kelly texted me last evening to see how I was doing. I told him I was busy but fine. I will miss texting Bob again this morning and I will miss meeting him Wednesday for breakfast.  It was nice of Kelly to inquire.

I will go in now and watch "the weather on the 8's" and check on the cats. 

I watched the weather and then checked the cat situation.There were two at first. I put all the bowls down and the when I went to take them in the garage , I saw Inky had been there too.

I began to watch TV and there were just too many commercials as usual. 

I started my cleaning and finished my laundry and put it away. I still have to dust but that's not a big problem. I will start and go room to room just like I vacuum....during the commercials.

A letter I sent to our local newspapers today:

Want to know why pharmaceuticals are so expensive anymore?  I watch the “weather on the 8”s” and the CBS news each week…no real programming except “Lucky Dog” and “60 Minutes” and  “Bull”. I watched it for one week and counted 31 different pharmaceuticals being advertised in just those three hours a week…and on various networks. Can you even imagine what cost they add into the medicines to cover the advertising? And this is something that cannot be bought over the counter. Those prescriptions have to be prescribed by a physician.  There ought be a law against that!

When I was selling advertising back in the 70’s and 80’s  physicians and dentists were not allowed to advertise. They were supposed to be professionals.

It's 9:10AM now and  pretty much everything else is done. I will have church at Toronto at 11:00AM so I have a while to finish.

I will probably go back to reading after I finish the dusting.

More later.... I got the dusting finished and read awhile. One of my Coffeyville friends called after she noticed Bob had died. She must have seen his obituary in the Coffeyville newspaper.

I watched the worship service this morning and will try to log on next Thursday at 9:00PM for the social hour. I missed last week.  

More later... 

Leslie sent me the medical Durable Power of Attorney form I needed and when I go to Coffeyville tomorrow, I will drop by the bank and sign it and have it notarized. 

It's almost time for the evening virtual worship service so I had better call it a day until afterward.

I finished the  worship service and had recorded 60 Minutes and was going to watch it but most of it was pre-empted by basketball. That is one of three actual programs I watch. Wouldn't you know!  I watched golf this afternoon because it was either golf or basketball  so I just took my bath at 7:30PM and planned to read after that until my 9:00PM  bedtime. Unfortunately the Kindle needed charging...again.

So I plan to just go on to bed at 9:00PM.