Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Disappointing Saturday

I had two offers on my house last night and neither of them was acceptable.

The first wanted me to accept $4,000 less then my price and also wanted me to pay their closing costs of $3500. The second offered $3,000 less then my price and wanted me to pay their $3800 closing costs. I would accept their offer if they would pay their own closing costs.

I told my realtor that closing costs were the responsibility of the buyer and I would not pay them. They can have them built into the loan. Neither of my prospects had any money.

I can't use my equity to pay others closing costs. I have to supplement my social security with the equity from my house. That's one reason I am selling my house. I can't afford the taxes and insurance on it and I need the extra income from the equity. I can only work three more years on this government job training program and the house and car keep costing me money. My savings are nearly gone. But I'll work at Wal Mart before I "give" away my equity in my house.

That's Nonsense!

More later....


If the house appraises out alright, it is sold! The first couple came back with financing half the closing costs and paying the other half. I will need to sign the contract and the house has to be appraised and the financing assured before I can go any further.

I also want to see the inside of the place in Caney where I have planned to move. The manager is supposed to be sending me an application and when the maintenance man finishes painting, I can see the apartment. Perhaps that will be next week. Of course, I will quit my job. I certainly couldn't afford to drive over to Coffeyville every afternoon.

More later!

Carla came over this evening and we signed the contracts. The buyer is pre-approved for the loan so it's just up to the appraiser. Carla doesn't think there will be any problem.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday at Last!

I feel conflicted. I have mentioned here more then once about the co-worker who doesn't scan at all and who saves her documents up until just about the end of the day and then puts them in my scan box or my file box. Well there was a meeting yesterday and it was decided to transfer her to Independence. After all my griping, I feel bad that she is leaving us. We will have a farewell party for her the first of the month.

My realtor reached me by e-mail this morning and it appears she will have an offer on the house for me later today. It will be interesting to see what that offer will be. Anything they want me to come down off my price will be right out of my equity. I cannot and will not give my house away. That would be giving away what I will need to supplement my social security income with for the rest of my life.

I am still packing. I now have about 20 boxes of stuff I don't use regularly stacked in the garage along the west wall.

I didn't hear anything about an offer on the house yet. They did show the house again at 1:00. Bob and I took off and went to Bartlesville and walked around the mall to kill some time. I bought some gas but that's all I bought.

I did check into a couple of rentals today. One was in Independence and it was a dump for $500. The other was in Caney and it may be my choice. It is nice. It's only one bedroom though. I will have to sell my bedroom furniture and give my second bedroom furniture to Billie Jo's granddaughter whose house burned down over the Christmas holiday. I will also sell my three piece wall unit and perhaps my dining room group. It depends on how much room there is in the apartment in Caney and how it's arranged. But first things first. First I have to get a contract on my house.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Packing Again

I have been packing non-essentials for the past couple of weeks. I figure if I don't use it much I can get it packed and stacked in the garage. I went to Wal Mart and bought twenty bankers boxes to pack stuff in. They are strong and have handles so I can handle them without hurting myself. Today I packed the desks and the jewelry armoir in my bedroom. I put away all my sewing stuff. I haven't really sewed for years. I have an antique Singer sewing machine that I used to mend with when the kids were home but it hasn't been opened for years. I have about 15 boxes packed plus all those I put in just plain cardboard boxes. I have labeled each one so I will know what is in it. If and when they sell this house, I will be able to store the ones I won't be needing.

I figure if I get rid of the second bedroom furniture and perhaps my bedroom furniture, there won't be that much to store. I am leaving my stove, dishwasher and microwave with the house and the frig is negotiable. If I can only find a one bedroom, I will use my computer furniture and the daybeds instead of my bedroom furniture. The mattresses on them are better then mine. If I sell my bedroom furniture, which is Drexel, I will just have three rooms to store...and all those boxes.

When and if the time comes, I will have to sort out the books I have listed on Amazon and take them with me if I have to go to Leslie's for awhile.

They showed my house again last the same kids who saw it initially. This was their second look. They want a nicer and more expensive home so I doubt they'll even make an offer.

Bob and I have been invited to lunch by Bob's son-in-law and Bob will pick me up at 11:15. He wants to help me avoid being late for work so he will take me to work and we will eat early. I should go get a video for tonight since my DVD has just shipped yesterday. It will take awhile to get here. I'll go get "Marley and Me" We never did see it and I just took it back.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another Busy Wednesday

I filed and scanned all afternoon but I could not get finished. Everything I scanned is now in the file box. I ran out of time. One of my co-workers doesn't do any scanning at all...even her own work. She waits until the scan box is empty and then she puts hers in there. I will have plenty to do this afternoon. First I will file everything from yesterday and then I will begin scanning again.

So far, although the house is being shown, it hasn't sold. It's only been on the market since January 4th. In winter, it may take awhile. It looks selling a house is best in spring when everything is in bloom.

Last night we went to the hospital to have dinner and to hear a presentation on Barrett's Esophagus, which is a pre-cancerous condition caused by continual acid reflux disease. Bob has acid reflux disease. They now have a treatment for the Barrett's Esophagus. They can go down into the esophagus and burn off the stomach type tissue they find there. When it heals, healthy tissue re-forms and at least temporarily the Barrett's Esophagus is under control. Left untended, Barrett's Esophagus becomes cancer. And the cancer has only about a 20% survival rate. The doctor said the primary reason for the acid reflux disease is that half the population is overweight. All people who suffer from acid reflux disease should lose weight and watch what they eat and eliminate spicy foods from their diet.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back to Work Tuesday

Well, it's back to work this afternoon. First, this morning I will go to Independence and have my hair done and go to the bank. My appointment is at 10:30 but I will leave at 9:00 so I can go to the bank and look up a condo I saw advertised in the Reporter. I don't know whether this house will sell or not. It's been shown four times. An Independence realtor showed it yesterday while Leslie, Maia and I were in Bartlesville. But I haven't heard anything. If I should move to Independence, I will ask to be transferred to Independence with my job training job.

I checked out rentals in Bartlesville yesterday briefly with Leslie. What she thought were duplex rentals though were actually for sale. One was $109,000 and one was $60,000. I certainly don't want another house of any kind on my hands. That is why I am trying to sell this one. Taxes and insurance....grrr.

The realtor I spoke to said that rentals in Bartlesville were not very nice. That may be true of the ones I could afford. I need something at about $500 a month. Most of the nice ones are $700 - $800 a month.

This evening after work, Bob and I will attend a dinner at the hospital to hear a presentation on Barrett's Esophagus. Bob has acid reflux disease and that is always a concern with that condition.

So, I won't need a DVD video this evening. Last night we just watched "America's Funnest Videos" on TV. That's alright but I get a little tired of the foolishness.

Yesterday I packed another four boxes of stuff in the den that I seldom use. I stacked them in the garage along the west wall. I had called the number of the manager of the duplexes on Cline Road that I am interested in renting, and learned there are twelve ahead of me. I doubt I will get in there. I did have her put me on the list though.

I may pack some more this morning before I leave for Independence. I have several drawers of stuff I don't use in my bedroom dresser.

More later....

Monday, January 21, 2013

Another Holiday Monday

It's the Martin Luther King holiday today so I do not work.

I e-mailed my realtor yesterday evening and asked how the showing had gone on Saturday. This is what she said, "Margie, Dean (her husband) said the buyers really liked it and are still looking. It looks they are also considering a house on Cortez that is on the market for $129,000. They do like your backyard better than the other one.

There is a man, woman and a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. They also have two Saint Bernard dogs and need your big yard. They are supposed to get with Dean the first of the week and see if they want to look at anything else."

I imagine they will choose the house on Cortez. It is a luxury home marked down because luxury homes are not moving. It was built by a builder who builds fancy homes but on 16 inch two by four centers. I know this because he built our home in Caney. They are reputed to not hold up well over the long haul. We didn't have any problems with ours and we loved it because it was so pretty but then we only lived there four years. A doctor friend of mine has had nothing but trouble with his.

Of course, I must admit I have no idea who built this house. I don't know how sturdy it is either although it was built in 1971 and it seems to have held up pretty well. We put cement board siding on it five years ago so it is in pretty good shape now for sure. We have put a fortune in it fixing the way we want. I'll never get the money out. I had hoped to stay in the house until I died but the taxes and insurance are eating up my savings.

Bob came over last night and we watched Secretariat on DVD. I bought this one out at Wal Mart yesterday. I had seen it several years ago at the theater but it was good to see it again. Bob had never seen it.

Leslie just called and wants me to go with her to Bartlesville to pick up some shutters she's ordered in for their garden shed. Bob will come by and pick up some of the chili we had left from the dinner on Saturday. Leslie is taking her granddaughter, Maia, and wants me to go along to give her a hand with her. I have set the chili out to thaw. Bob and I will have our stew tomorrow noon.

More later....

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Sermon

Believe in Christ

I’d like to share with you this scripture from the Bible John 2:1-10

Jesus Changes Water Into Wine

2 On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding. 3 When the wine was gone, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no more wine.”

4 “Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”

5 His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

6 Nearby stood six stone water jars, the kind used by the Jews for ceremonial washing, each holding from twenty to thirty gallons.

7 Jesus said to the servants, “Fill the jars with water”; so they filled them to the brim.

8 Then he told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.” They did so,

9 and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine. He did not realize where it had come from, though the servants who had drawn the water knew. Then he called the bridegroom aside 10 and said, “Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now.”

It is interesting to note that the synoptic gospels all reiterate that Jesus said “an evil and adulterous generation seeks a sign.” Yet the testimony of John is all about signs.

The story of the wedding at Cana is recorded only in the Gospel of John. It is not included in any of the synoptic gospels. John is known to be a very late testimony and its purpose written at the late date of somewhere between 90 – 110 CE, was to convince the early Christians that Jesus was actually God and was with God in the beginning of creation. And because the Gnostic movement accepted it, it was not fully accepted into the canon of scripture until the fourth or fifth century. The synoptics and Paul’s letters were already long in circulation. However, the writer of John must not have thought them adequate.

The synoptics portray Jesus as a human being although an extraordinary human being. John does this quite differently from the synoptics. He tells none of Jesus’ parables and instead in the testimony of John, Jesus is portrayed in a much different way. John gives the narrative about Jesus in an absolute theological framework.

The testimony of John contains more than a few surprises for those who read carefully. Jesus, his mother, and the disciples are in attendance at a wedding where the wine has run out. This is a serious failure in a culture that values hospitality and the incident would have resulted in shame for the host family. It is not surprising that this would be cause for alarm. What is somewhat surprising is the seeming harshness of Jesus’ address to his mother. While scholars assure us that “woman” is not a hostile or rude address, it is an unusual way for Jesus to address his mother, who is never referred to by name in the gospel of John. This downplays his family connections and highlights that Jesus performs his signs according to God’s will, not in response to anyone’s urging.

In John’s testimony, turning water into wine is the first of Jesus’ signs. In the Gospel of John, miracles are never intended to amaze or offer proof of Jesus’ teaching, but are instead consistently referred to as “signs.” A sign is way of revealing God’s glory. If so, it is another surprise that Jesus’ miracle of turning water into wine was not known by more people. Neither the guests, nor the chief steward, nor the bridegroom understood what had happened. Who, then, believed the sign? Jesus’ disciples. Evidently, just being present was not enough, for only those who followed Jesus and believed witnessed the glory of God revealed in Cana that day. John generally speaks on two levels: the physical and the spiritual. This is true of the story of the wedding at Cana. The introductory phrase, “On the third day” is a clue that John is talking about more than just a wedding that ran short of wine. The wedding at Cana records an abundant gift of wine—the best there is, and plenty for everyone.

Similarly Jesus and his message of love, hope, joy and peace is the best there is, and plenty for everyone.

Central Ideas:

In terms of faith, rather than “seeing is believing,” those who believe will see. It is not Jesus’ signs that should convince us but instead, his message…that of God’s Kingdom on earth, that should be our focus.

It is possible to witness miracles and not fully comprehend what has happened. Every day is a miracle. Yet we often take our days for granted. Especially when we are young and we have much life ahead of us. We take risks we older folks would never take. We are more aware that life is short at best.

Faithful disciples are open to the sometimes-surprising revelation of God. If you’ve ever watched geese fly in formation to their destination in the south, you realize the miracle of their built in GPS system.

If you’ve driven in the country and seen the crops and trees in full regalia, you have seen God’s remarkable gift.

Jesus’ actions at the wedding at Cana reveal God’s amazing generosity to us. In this world we are the hands of God much as Jesus was the hands of God in his day. His remarkable presence was so unique that godhood was later attributed to him. We know better then to think we are gods yet we each have God’s remarkable spirit within us. We may not all recognize that and respond to it but it is still there prompting us with that still small voice.

So what surprises do we find in the scripture story?

First, Jesus tells his mother that his hour is not yet and she should not involve him. But his disciples are also attending the wedding. This would indicate that he was already into his mission of preaching about the kingdom. His mother ignores him and tells the servants to do whatever he tells them.

Second, no one except the servants seem to know what has happened. Even the bridegroom doesn’t seem to realize that this is not his wine. And Jesus doesn’t bother to enlighten him but attributes the wine to the bridegroom himself.

So, why do people of faith sometimes experience the same events differently? That’s not much of a mystery. Five people seeing the same accident will give slightly different testimonies about what they have just seen.

When has accepting someone’s invitation resulted in a surprising experience of God’s love? Who is missing at the service this morning?

How is God revealed in your life? Why do I believe in God? I find God revealed in the still small voice from within me but I also see God revealed in others.

Have you ever received an outrageously generous gift? After Bob died, I received a sympathy card from many folks. But one of the most surprising ones was from a friend of mine who lives in Tennessee? Evidently, realizing even before I did, that it would take awhile to get the social security straightened out, they sent me a check for $500, which tided me over through that transition period.

Many of you have been more then generous to me. You have repaired my garage door opener, my hot water tank, repaired my mower, and installed my water filter in my refrigerator. You have trimmed my trees and hedge, asked me over for meals, and served me in dozens of ways. You are all the hands of God. You are my personal miracle workers.

I can never be able to tell you how much that has meant to me.

Tex Sample tells this story: A friend of his was caught in a traffic jam in Kansas City on the Paseo Bridge. While he was waiting for the traffic to move, he was unaware that a major drama was playing out on that bridge. A man got out of his car and went over to the edge of the bridge and climbed over the edge of the bridge and down into the substructure of the bridge. He hung on there, trying to get up the courage to jump. A squad of police arrived and lowered one of their numbers on a rope down over the side of the bridge, just far enough away to prevent the man from jumping. As he was lowered, he began talking to the man saying “Sir, I don’t know what has happened or what’s going on in your life, but we’re here to help you. We can help you and we will help ypu.

When he got within a foot of the man, the man jumped. The policeman had timed his dessent so he could leap toward the man while dangling on that rope. He caught the man and wrapped his arms around him and then wrapped his legs around him and they hung there swinging at the end of that rope . The men up above could hear the policeman yelling at the top of his lungs. “If you go, I go. I’m going to hold on to you until hell freezes over.’

That’s the kind of God we worship. A God who shows up in the nitty gritty of our lives and enfolds us in his arms and his legs …until hell freezes over.

Another Sunday

I speak today at church. It's been awhile. I put the sermon together two weeks ago when I first saw the schedule. Now I realize it's pretty short. It needs a story and right now I don't have one.

Yesterday we had a good service, although a small one, at Trinity Memorial Methodist Church. There were 46 that attended. It was held at a white church and the attendance is always better at a black church. The First Church of God in Christ is the one we usually use and is the largest black church in town and it is being torn down so the refinery can be enlarged. They will be building a new church on the west side of the community. I brought home chili and cake. I froze the chili. We had a piece of cake with our herb tea while we watched the movie.

Bob came over last evening and we watched "Cat Ballew", an old movie on DVD from the 60's. It was quite entertaining. After that we discovered there was nothing on TV worth watching and he went home to go to bed and I took my bath and went to bed too.

I suppose we will eat out together with the rest of the group after church. Tomorrow we will have the stew I made yesterday morning. We will have it with biscuits.

I didn't hear anything from the realtor yesterday. I suppose the husband did not like the house. They did show it while I was attending the service. They left a card.

More later... The sermon went just fine. We took a photo of all three new pastors and myself for a story that is to come out in next Saturday's Journal. Afterward we went to El Pueblo to eat lunch. left to right is Johnna, Dr. Melissa, me and Leslie Brooks. I will do my Sunday afternoon letters and then Bob will come back over this evening so we can watch 60 Minutes.